Associated Press image Rise of the Moors highway shutdown
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“We are not anti-government. We are not anti-police, we are not sovereign citizens, we’re not Black identity extremists.”

— one of the people with the group Rise of the Moors, in a broadcast to social media from Interstate 95 in Wakefield, Massachusetts during a police standoff at around 2:00 AM on July 3rd. Story and quote from the Associated Press. More info at CBS Boston.

Needless to say, when media outlets heard of an “armed militia group” — 11 men dressed in military/tactical style uniforms and openly armed with long guns and handguns — in a standoff with police, there were murmurs of some right wing bitter clinger types. Turns out that doesn’t describe this group at all. Frankly, I’m not entirely sure what does, but this is how they describe themselves:

“Moorish Americans dedicated to educating new Moors and influencing our Elders.”

Apparently they’re “American nationals but not US citizens,” hold a “Moorish Sovereign Ideology” that does not recognize US laws, and fly a Moroccan flag.

It’s all quite fascinating.


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  1. Apparently they are also did not check into gun laws along their routes of travel and did not familiarize themselves with the finer points of the FOPA. If they had they would likely have avoided this whole incident.

    • Didn’t the whole thing start because they ran out of gas? Don’t run out of gas, especially if you are dressed in a way that invites attention and may be possessing stuff not in accordance with the state laws. Fly under the radar..

      • Who the heck stands guard with long guns while refueling? It’s not like they’re in Baltimore.

    • They could have been dressed that way playing airsoft and gotten the same result from the Massachusetts storm troopers

    • Those moors told the cops that they were going for training. Is there any training facilities in that area/direction? And/or….who would the moors seek out for training?

  2. What I find quite fascinating is that anywhere something happens at anytime, the associated press is there to twist the story. They are treated as though they are the gods of information. To the point where the world takes their word for it when THEY select the American president. Everyone acts as if the AP knows all and sees all as some sort of omnipresent being watching over humanity. If you think there is a liberal bias or bent to major media, this is probably the reason why and the source of such anti-American hate filled lunacy. The AP will shape the narrative so that you think what they want you to.

  3. Right wing Moorish red necks with guns?

    Might be they were innocent possum hunters the cops rail roaded.

  4. Imagine that – they triggered law enforcement and were arrested because of unconstitutional laws in the state of Mass. It could have happened to any family headed out for a weekend of hunting. Or any gun club with a scheduled event. Or any militia group. They had GUNS!!

    Rise of the Moors? OK, to be fair, that “triggers” some questions. Just as Rise of the Vikings or Rise of the Latinos would trigger questions. Do they have some subversive doctrine, or are they just a bunch of guys out for a weekend of fun and training?

    It’s long past time that the Supreme Court struck down several shiploads of gun control laws. If/when someone commits a crime with a gun, THEN you go after him. Any time you go after a person or group just because they have guns, it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!

    I’m kinda surprised the FBI didn’t rush in, and plant some pipe bombs, like they seem to have done on Jan 6th in Washington.

    • Given the ethnicity involved this might be a primo case for SAF, GOA, and/or other gun rights organizations to use to strike down Massachusetts unconstitutional BS. If the courts don’t strike the gun laws down then they are racist. Imagine watching the leftist justices at the Supreme Court squirm when they have to choose between being anti gun and being racist.

    • The same at the LV Metro standoff off with the NBPP and ANTIFA Kneeling BLM Party planted Pipe Bombs on the Boogaloo boys standing with OathKeppers that day,I bet the same FBI who lied about the Route 91 Oct 1, 2017, who was behind it all conspiracy investigation Massacre in LV, NV and the one who sist in the NV Carson City Mansion today was Steve Sleezscat DemoRat Impeachment Party Goer, Trump-hating S NV Clark County wanted The Bundy Family Put in Prison, Commissioner, who used that tragedy to Campaign and was Treated to Bloomberg Donations to be NV 1st Gun Control Governor and his Message was The NRA and your AR 15 going down on his watch and The F Carptbagging Dems scum who moved here Put him in office and now we know how Cheating the Dem Elec Voting system!

      • Give it up, cloven hooves Bundy was a welfare cheat who was stealing from the taxpayers of America.

        He had lost his attempts in court to steal thousands of acres of public lands and was violating multiple federal court orders.The judge in these federal cases found that Bundy did not own the land and was grazing his cattle illegally. And the judge in question was a United States Air Force veteran SAC pilot who was appointed to the bench by Ronald Reagan.

  5. We’ll get to these ornery islamacists, eventually.

    The Constitution and the books of Mo’ham’and’mud are polar opposites in ideology.

    If they aren’t muslims, choosing the term “Moor” to don themselves was a big mistake.

    • “The Constitution and the books of Mo’ham’and’mud are polar opposites in ideology.“

      Same for the Bible and Talmud, etc (Wow, that word actually does have ‘mud’ in it).

      • The Talmud is a collection of rabbis’ comments on the Torah.

        All of TTaG awaits your explanation on how they are polar opposites.

        • All of the archaic texts claiming to be works of divinity uniformly insist that man swears allegiance to their particular sky daddy and follows those Commandments upon pain of eternal damnation.

          The constitution clearly states that governments are derived from the consent of the governed, not some imaginary being beyond the stars.

          In fact, the constitution decrees that there will be no religious test for any public position of trust under the constitution.

          And you do not believe that is diametrically opposed to the commandment “Thou shall have no God before me“?

        • Fck am I moron.

          “The constitution clearly states that governments are derived from the consent of the governed, n̶o̶t̶ ̶s̶o̶m̶e̶ ̶i̶m̶a̶g̶i̶n̶a̶r̶y̶ ̶b̶e̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶b̶e̶y̶o̶n̶d̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶s̶t̶a̶r̶s̶.̶ AND the separate and equal Station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them…”

          Sorry about that all…

          …did I mention I LOVE chickens?

    • “Skip the ads…”

      Why are you still using google?


  6. Not a US citizen, flying the flag of another nation? You have no 2nd amendment rights. Many news stories say they conducted constitutional discussions, it’s not your constitution.

    I would’ve had some sympathy for any group of proud American citizens who’s rights were violated by Massachusetts, no sympathy for these people.

    • 2A is an extension of unalienable rights to life and property, they exist regardless of the CONTUS and the COTUS merely enshrines and affirms the rights.

    • “Not a US citizen, flying the flag of another nation? You have no 2nd amendment rights“

      The constitution enumerates those rights for the “people”, not just the citizens.

      But only citizens can occupy the office of President.

      • STF Up some ran off into the woods a real American would not Run!

        Any Outfit would not be BD up just in Camo fatigues and Boots if it was or was not a training mission, they were up to no good period.

        In MAIN No one knows of any private Traning Ranges that I know of Commercially?

        In 2015 under Obama Somalians?? were Given Asylum with Syrians to come to America after the Obama ISIS Raided Syria see 60 minutes

        If you’re going to schedule a non Commercial emergency fuel stop then find a Pull out of the Line of Sight

        WE have Asylim Sudanese living in S NV now thanks to a Corrupt Black NV Dem Rep of Congress making deals to come to America

        A Caliphate is coming ask Judicial watch and the white hats in the FBI

        So my support goes out to the MA Troopers I support!

        The MA State Officers were right to be suspicious!

        Corrupton is a Human Condition Called SIN

        • “A Caliphate is coming ask Judicial watch“

          And remember judicial watch needs your contributions, keep those cards and letters coming so they can fight the good fight!

          Jade Helm is REAL!!!

        • Fake Miner, or should I call you Tom…

          Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so I am thrilled that you’re using my handle to post your propaganda but you really should’ve paid more attention to the world around you rather than your delusions.

  7. You don’t recognize our laws but then tried to use the 2A. I’ve dealt with these guys for a few years and they are nothing more than a dumber version of sovereign citizens which is really an accomplishment.

    • See Arc’s comment above. They are unalienable rights. Don’t need any government’s blessing.

      • I don’t need to see the comment. THEY tried to use the 2A specifically. Don’t go quoting it picking and choosing which laws you recognize.

      • Who gave them their right? They don’t believe in God, America or the laws and it isn’t in their doctrine so where did y’all pull that out of? If you don’t recognize that then how do you have it ?

        • “They don’t believe in God”

          Yes, they do, and it’s the same Abrahamic sky daddy that you swear allegiance to, imagine that!

          And how American it is of you to suggest that they should not get any rights because they have a different religion than yours, are you familiar with the bill of rights?

        • You see, my arrogance level is such, that I will assume I know all about their and your religious preferences.

          That is while I worship a certain fella that was cast out by that “sky daddy” I mock so freely and intensely.


        • Fake Miner, I am not mocking any sky daddy, they are imaginary so that would be ridiculous.

          I am mocking the deluded humans who continue to place their faith in imaginary beings.

  8. And you miss the biggest point of all: Imagine the wall-to-wall media coverage and outrage if these folks had been some “good ole boys” from the country. Every person in America would know every detail. Once they discovered the demographic didn’t match the desired narrative, POOF, story gone.

    • Of course it would have been used by every major news outlet to prove their false premise of white supremacy being the most urgent threat to this country.

    • Another missed story is how the left has said for months that black protesters armed with ARs would not have been tolerated. Somehow a bunch of armed black guys had interactions with police and no one was shot.

  9. AP: “Two suspects were hospitalized, but police said it was for preexisting conditions that had nothing to do with the standoff.”

    Two out of eleven in the group had to be hospitalized for preexisting conditions? How weird is that?

    • Fear and exertion will trigger some pre existing conditions.

      If the sight of a blue uniform puts you in that much stress maybe you need to not be in a ‘militia’.

  10. How does one become Moorish? Oh tell me more. There must be somewhere to call or click today. Do I get a free gift if I join, like free ammo?

    • It’s easy. Just say, “I identify as a Moor.” Wanna be a girl Moor? Try “I identify as a girl Moor.”

      Isn’t life grand these days!

      • I don’t want to be a girl Moore said Sam I Am, I do not want to be a girl Moore.

        It’s funny you said the girl thing. A few days ago I was talking to my neighbor and she said her nephew who comes over with his kids and wife for holiday gatherings and such suddenly pulled over and parking with his wife and didn’t say anything for a while, then said he had something important he had to say. She thought he was going to say he wanted a divorce. Instead he told her he wanted to live his life as a woman.

        Needless to say for me who’s very happy as a male, that’s pretty much over my head for any comprehension. Sure glad she told me because if showed up in a summer blouse, I’d be floored.

        • Well I bet that made the wife happy because housework ain’t no vacation.
          After listening to a woman in a bar one night describe what she’d like to do with another woman I decided I’m a lesbian too.

    • “How does one become Moorish?”

      Sometimes by invasion, many ‘white’ Europeans do indeed have ‘moorish’ blood.

      “Clifford Worley : It’s a fact. Yeah. You see, uh, Sicilians have, uh, black blood pumpin’ through their hearts. Hey, no, if eh, if eh, if you don’t believe me, uh, you can look it up. Hundreds and hundreds of years ago, uh, you see, uh, the Moors conquered Sicily. And the Moors are niggers.
      Coccotti : Yes…
      Clifford Worley : So you see, way back then, uh, Sicilians were like, uh, wops from Northern Italy. Ah, they all had blonde hair and blue eyes, but, uh, well, then the Moors moved in there, and uh, well, they changed the whole country. They did so much fuckin’ with Sicilian women, huh? That they changed the whole bloodline forever. That’s why blonde hair and blue eyes became black hair and dark skin. You know, it’s absolutely amazing to me to think that to this day, hundreds of years later, that, uh, that Sicilians still carry that nigger gene. Now this…
      [Coccotti busts out laughing]
      Clifford Worley : No, I’m, no, I’m quoting… history. It’s written. It’s a fact, it’s written.
      Coccotti : [laughing] I love this guy.
      Clifford Worley : Your ancestors are niggers. Uh-huh.
      [Starts laughing, too]
      Clifford Worley : Hey. Yeah. And, and your great-great-great-great grandmother fucked a nigger, ho, ho, yeah, and she had a half-nigger kid… now, if that’s a fact, tell me, am I lying? ‘Cause you, you’re part eggplant.
      [All laugh]”

      • True Romance..The Classic Sicilian Offense Scene…as in piss off the Capo to the point that he kills you before he and his crew torture you until you tell them where your kid is and THEN kill you…
        Way to go out on a high note

        • “Way to go out on a high note”

          You really believe I am going to show some class?

          After years of race baiting?

          Not when I can…

          Cut, cut, cut and paste some “rayciss” dialogue.

        • Fake Miner, you completely missed Mr. Dupont’s point. He is suggesting that Dennis Hopper’s character was a brave man who manipulated the capo into killing him rather than successfully interrogating him and learning the location of his son.

          In fact, Dennis Hopper’s character used the Sicilian’s racism against him, demonstrating the inherent weakness of racist thought.

  11. My only real knowledge or interaction with the “Moorish Science Temple” types comes from how popular it was among a good subsection of blacks in the federal corrections system. From what little I saw it seemed like a similar flavor of wingnut as the Farrakhan Style Nation of Islam garbage but with a something like a Messianic Judaism flavor in lieu of Islam.

    some light reading for those with time and braincells to burn on this stuff:

  12. Armed standoff shuts down I-95 in Wakefield, MA? Shee-it, a little rain would have done the same thing.

  13. Have dealt with these guys. They are absolutely sovereign citizens, it’s just that they happen to be a particular name brand of them.

    Even nuttier than the general sovcit population, if that’s possible, because they have to inject weird ethnic\racial stuff into it.

    • “I can’t even right now…. “

      “Can’t speak a word when you’re full of ‘ludes
      Say you’ll be all right come tomorrow
      But tomorrow might not be here for you… “

  14. In my world if your not an American citizen you do not have the rights of an American citizen.
    In my world when you become an American citizen you drop the flag of Katookie and fly the flag of America. You learn English, you adopt America because your now an American citizen.

    Disregarding what the media portrays, it’s okay to love America and be proud of our great country.
    So these guys ain’t citizens, going to practice paramilitary training, carrying the flag of a foreign country. And they have a right to be armed ?

  15. 11 heavily armed men in military attire confronted by police. No shots fired, no injuries. Imagine that.

  16. If they were white they would have either been gunned down or arrested. Now that it’s known they were not white the media will sugarcoat there existence.

    • “If they were white they would have either been gunned down or arrested.“

      Are you unaware of the fact that all 11 were arrested by the police and incarcerated pending a bail hearing?

      • I like to ask nonsensical pointless questions already mentioned in the story.

        If it makes me look snarky and superior.

  17. Does no one out here understand the difference between an “American State National”, a “United States citizen”, and a citizen of the United State of America”? Wake up and educate yourselves people.

    A “United States citizen” is a “Municipal” citizen of the foreign jurisdiction known as the “District of Columbia”.

    A “citizen of the United States of America”, note the lower case “the”, is a “Territorial” citizen of any of the territories of the United States of America such and Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, Guam, American Samoa, the northern Mariana Islands, etc. These are US Territories and not a part of America, the 50 (several states) that make up America.

    Anyone born in any one of the 50 states is an “American State National” as born, period.

    The “United States, Inc” is a legal fictional dead entity running the Municipal Government of “Washington, District of Columbia” that is wholly owned by the Vatican.

    The “United States of America, Inc” is a legal fictional dead entity running the Territorial Government of “Washington, District of Columbia” that is wholly owned by the “UK”.

    Both of these fictional entities are just that. They are private corporation with Laws, Statutes, Codes, Regulations, etc. that only apply within their respective corporations and not to anyone outside their jurisdictions, which stop at the borders of the “District of Columbia”, any Military Posts, Forts, Magazines, National Parks, or any areas ceeded to them by the several states.

    If you are not in the Military Service, I was in Viet Nam, working for the “Federal Government” or contracting with them and receiving “income” from them none of their Laws, Statutes, Codes, Regulations, etc. apply to you.

    If you believe otherwise you have been fooled by those who control you.

    You are all “American State Nationals” first and foremost if you were born in one of the 50 independent Nation States. See the Ninth and Tenth Amendments. The Federal Government has one set of responsibilities to provide for us and that is found in Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution, the 18 enumerated services we hired them to perform on our behalf plus the Preamble, making a total of 19 enumerated services. That is it, period. They have way overstepped their bounds.

    If you think of yourself as a US Citizen or a citizen of the United States you had better look up the definition of each of those.

    Wake up America, you were born greater than this.

  18. Sad you can’t travel free anymore in the land of freedom!

  19. This wasn’t an “armed standoff” and it’s pretty disgusting that you classified it that way for clicks. Shame on you. These people were exercising their constitutional rights and were being violated and abused by the state. Every gun owner should be appalled at the way the media and the police treated them, and equally appalled at your headline.

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