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By Larry Keane

President Joe Biden spoke for more than an hour to a limited Joint Session of Congress for his first major speech since his inauguration. It was during a three-minute stretch near the end, though, that the president got plenty wrong about firearms, the Second Amendment and the record number of diverse Americans who purchased guns during the last 15 months.

No Matter How Many Times You Say It…

President Biden talks big about “taking on the NRA.”

“I’ve done before and I’ll do it again,” he repeats again and again. “In the 90s we passed universal background checks. A ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines that hold a hundred rounds…that can be fired off in seconds. We beat the NRA. Mass shootings and gun violence declined. Check out the report over ten years.”

The NSSF did, and that’s not what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report tells at all. In fact, it says the opposite. Others caught the president in his lie too.

According to the CDC report, the “Assault Weapons Ban (AWB), which also restricted magazine capacity, did not reduce crime rates.” The kicker is that since the 10-year-ban expired in 2004, the violent crime rate in America dropped steadily while ownership of modern sporting rifles (MSRs) rose dramatically. Today there are more than 20 million MSRs in circulation.

Making It Up as He Goes

President Biden referenced his Rose Garden gun control executive actions, including banning so-called “ghost guns.” “Anyone from a criminal or terrorist could buy one of these kits and within 30 minutes have a weapon that’s lethal,” the president claimed.

These so-called “ghost guns” are unfinished firearms and the unassembled parts that are popular with hobbyists and gunsmiths. They have been legal since before the founding of our country. They are time-consuming and expensive to assemble and they’ve become a gun control calling card especially for certain blue state governors.

Again, the president is on the wrong side of the data, which shows there is no evidence that ghost guns are commonly used by criminals to commit their crimes.

But President Biden wasn’t done stretching the truth.

“I don’t want to become confrontational, but we need more Senate Republicans to join the overwhelming majority of Democratic colleagues and close the loopholes on background check purchases of guns.”

Fact-checkers, including even CNN and the Politifact, recently called out the president’s false claims of background checks at gun shows. Every firearm transfer from a licensed retailer, whether at a store, gun show or initiated online, must be completed in a face-to-face transaction, signed background check forms and a verification through the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS).

As far as his claims of widespread gun control support, it’s cratering. Even Newsweek admitted it.

Wrong on Facts, Wrong on the People

President Biden’s address to the American people lasted more than 60 minutes but in the three minutes he spoke about firearms, he got a lot wrong. He’s also wrong on what the American people want.

“I think this is not a Democrat or Republican issue. This is an American issue,” the president said while urging Congress to pass more gun control. But the people have spoken.

More than 21 million people from diverse backgrounds passed a NICS check to purchase a firearm in 2020, including more than 8.4 million first-time buyers. The pace hasn’t slowed so far in 2021 either and public interest in more gun control has dropped dramatically over the past several months, to the lowest levels in years.

On firearms, President Biden needs to get his facts straight and get a better read on what the American people want.


Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.



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    • He is a gun control zealot. Facts are ineffective in persuading zealots that their version of the truth is false. Biden is what we call a FUDD: hunting guns and shotguns are OK but “weapons of war” should be banned. What he and the rest of the zealots refuse to accept is that the Second Amendment was included in the Bill of Rights to assure that The People had (owned) weapons of war in the event of invasion (which happened not that many years later) or the need to curtail a tyrannical central government.

      • BINGO, Mark N. Classic Saul Alinsky “Rules For Radicals”…..tell a big enough lie often enough and the Useful Idiots will believe it as if it is truth.

        A politician with a law never stops a bad guy with a gun.
        He only controls the good guys which is his true agenda.

        Because Leftists fully comprehend the intended purpose of the Second Amendment, the Xiden/KamelHo/Pigloosi/Slummer/FineStain Gun Violence Prevention Plan in a nut shell is all about protecting Libturd/Socialist anti-America tyrannical politicians’ asses from American Patriots with AR-15s and “high capacity” magazines……self preservation for their intended destruction of America.

        • Joe Biden, who I voted for, does not want more gun control.

          Trump is the one that wants more gun control,

        • Biden, does not want more gun control?

          I didn’t watch the Rose Garden executive order “thing” OR last nights puppet show, but every clip and soundbite I’ve seen and heard today sure enuf looked and sounded like old Braindead… So you’re saying “TRUMP” is the puppet master?

        • Enuf….Enough with the meds you must be ver taking. Dry out and go watch almost any of Sleazy Senile Joeys videos to see him advocate gun control. Just because Joey said “Bullshit” when a union member called him on his gun control history and current stance, doesn’t mean he is truthful. It’s painfully apparent that you would be a Xiden voter. Enuf, the Useful Idiot Government Plantation Dweller. Shaking head, rolling eyes, LMAO……

    • At least before they would just make vague statements about gun control, now it’s part of the state of the union to outright manipulate Americans and lie about “reports”.

      Absolutely stunning. The only thing liberals have left is “feelings”, and those same feelings continue to cause the chaos America saw during the plandemic.

      Outright manipulation… That’s the democratic party. I’m not even a “republican”, but the shit these Dems push and blame republicans for is fucking ruining America.

      Top it all off with the highest spike in taxes ever seen, a massive increase, in case 37%+ of your income wasn’t enough already, so more people can do nothing and hold their hands out for free shit. Get a fucking job, America. Entry level work pays shit, always has – always will. You want more? Fucking earn it. Then you can pass it on to your family too instead of criticizing “the rich”. You stay entry level, you earn entry level. You don’t deserve shit else.

      Oh, and…

      Come and take them.

      • When they get away with the grand lie that there is “systematic racism” in the country then lying about gun stats is a walk in the park.

        • The country is systematically racist therefore we must enact laws that restrict the liberty of certain people based on class to combat it.

          Back in the day they used racist imagery of rappers your nice white kids listened to (fears stoked by none other than such Democrat stalwarts as Joe Lieberman and Tipper Gore during the lefts assault on music) and overlaying it with glamour shots of Cripps and Bloods waving around their scary Tec-9’s and MAC-10’s to manufacture consent among the racist dems in the ‘burbs and cities.

          They must sacrifice a lot of innocence to the devil to be able to get away with so blatantly decrying the very thing that is at the core of their own values.

        • “fears stoked by none other than such Democrat stalwarts as Joe Lieberman and Tipper Gore during the lefts assault on music”

          How times have changed. Now the Left is all in on promoting the degradation of our society, or at least portions of it (there’s a reason for all things). Go watch celebrated artist Cardi B’s performance at the Grammys. That was the FIRST person that was granted an interview with presidential candidate Joe Biden. Think about that.

    • No, he isn’t.
      He IS, however, an elderly man in the throes of senility, with all of the inherent and inevitable failings of old age.
      He is also a 50-year master politician, a chameleon capable of giving all due respect to the Klan and the NAACP at the same time; He has been able to be ‘tough on crime’ while locking up uncounted minority men for possessing, using, or dealing in DRUGS!!! that other people seem very willing to buy and use, and at the same time has convinced those same minority men and their baby-mamas that he is their Lord and Savior, come to rescue them from the Evil White Men (a not-very-exclusive club to which he, too, has belonged for going on 79 years).
      That’s no idiot.
      At worst, he is just a sick, senile old man that is allowing himself to be used as a token in the great Chess Game of Washington politics, under the illusion that he is Doing Good by proxy.
      Sad, really.

      • Joe sold his sole to the Dem Devils just to get the Presidency. He isn’t calling the shots, someone behind the scenes is. Just the other day he told reporters he would get in trouble for going off script and answering a question about India and the crisis there. Who is he going to get in trouble with if he’s in charge?

        • he told reporters he would get in trouble for going off script and answering a question about

          That’s not the first time he’s said that and recall how during the debates he would suddenly just shut up or get real nervous like and call times up before the moderator even started to call him out… This thing was set in stone before it even started, can’t wait to find out how much Bernie and Pocahontas were paid to throw it in, we already know what Knee-pads Kamala was promised and Buttjug got a cushy Cabinet slot… The rest had no chance… Haven’t heard squat from “Sparticus” Hmmmmmm….

        • Can’t comment on whether he sold the bottom of his foot….sole. But, his soul has been sold out for 40+ years. He is a soulless, corrupt snake determined to destroy America. Although, at this point, he isn’t making the choices. During his speech, several times I thought I saw a glint of light flickering off his puppet strings, and occasionally one could see Laughing Hyena’s elbow as she manipulated her hand up his butt to work his mouth. Can’t comment on where her mouth was.

    • But a useful idiot to the puppeteers.
      Joe and the truth have never met, and likely never will.

      What I would really like to see is the MSM actually look at the rate of Federal prosecutions for gun crimes under a Republican versus Democratic administration. In the past prosecutions under Democrats have fallen every time. One can only assume that they want these crimes to occur to push the gun control agenda, when in fact there are multitudes of existing laws that would address the crime rate.
      Isn’t it ironic, that with all these Democrat cries for defunding police, they are at the same time having local prosecutors release these violent criminals repeatedly back on the street. They are causing this crime wave, and yet they want to use it to take away your ability to defend yourself at the same time. Its all about power and control, not crime. A disarmed populace is a subservient populace.

    • the governor of Louisiana said “the 850 000 citizens that voted for Joe Biden (a lifelong racist and liar) was a good move forward”. Yet any other racist is fired from their job for saying the same thing as he? hypocrats & demoncrites (and vise versa)

  1. “Biden Talked About Guns for 3 Minutes Last Night…and Got Almost Everything Wrong”

    “Repeat a lie often enough, it becomes truth.”

    An actual fascist, Joseph Goebbels…

    • To (the article’s author) Larry Keane,

      Please, please, please…for the love of all that’s good on God’s Green Earth…stop referring to AR platform guns as “modern sporting rifles”. I personally do not know a single AR owner who purchased or built his for sport. Theirs (and mine) are purely for the purpose of defending against a tyrannical government usurping it’s constitutional limits, which I genuinely hope never becomes necessary.

      • Larry carry on, the yellow dot is a moron.

        “which I genuinely hope never becomes necessary.”

        Yes we watched how fast you ran.

        • You are not a genuine person. You are here to stir things up. Are you paid to do this or are you a crusader? Your comments are meaningless

      • Haz, do you really think an AR is adequate to take on what the U.S. government would bring into play?
        100,000 AR’s would not be enough is what I think.

        • Ask the Afghans, who stalled the Soviet Army for 20 years, armed with only AKs, IEDs, and goats…

          Please, possum, I hope you never tell us you’re of the “We Have Nukes” mindset…

      • Haz, you obviously have a very narrow contact sphere. ARs are routinely purchased primarily or sport…..hunting, paper punching, kid and new shooter training, and just plain fun plinking……..and don’t forget the keyboard commandos’ tacticool (who will abandon their AR and run to Mommy’s basement should the 2A ever seriously be implemented.) True these are all merely practice for the foundational intent of the 2A. But, these sport purposes are the motivational purpose for most AR/MSR purchases.

        • I am associated with instructors, LE, and those who regularly train. I would not at all define my sphere as “very narrow”, but I *would* certainly accept that it may be different than yours.

          The problem with widely applying the term of “MSR” to the AR platform is that it lends credence to the Left’s attempts to narrow down the 2A’s purpose to only sport and hunting. The 2A is written primarily for defense of liberty, not paper targets, although it *is* all-encompassing to include sport, or any lawful reason.

          I think it’s absolutely fantastic that so many AR owners have been brought into the fold via the avenue of “sport”, and I have no argument against it. In fact, if I didn’t already have a couple of .22LR target rifles, I would have built an AR for long range plinking. But again, that is a secondary purpose, not the primary.

          We must be on guard to protect the definition of the 2A in its original meaning. That’s what I meant.

        • You imagine people will run away into basements if 2A is implemented? You clearly have never traveled to a state that has Constitutional Carry.

        • Joey,

          In my experience, an AR is kinda the “go to” firearm for controlling predators (not bears, of course) or hunting wild hogs. For VERY solid practical reasons. And I use mine all the time to punch pretty holes in paper. The AR platform is a very functional platform. I admit to a degree of prejudice against the anemic “poodleshooter” 5.56 round, but the AR with .224 Valkyrie, 6.5 Grendel, .300 Blackout, or a variety of others, is a VERY functional weapon. For target, for hunting, for competition . . . oh, my goodness, those are ALL ‘sporting’ uses, aren’t they?? Oh, and also quite useful for self-defense.

        • Dave, reading and comprehension are supposed to be learned in grade/junior high school. Go back and read again, trying hard to comprehend. I wrote that the “keyboard commandos’ tacticool (who will abandon their AR and run to Mommy’s basement should the 2A ever seriously be implemented.)” Individuals who have never been trained and experienced actual life and death combat scenarios will be shock and awed. and scared shitless when the real SHTF.

        • Haz…re your reply to my comment on your comment….try typing that… 🙂 :() OK, you are right, calling ARs by MSRs is wrong, non-productive. We should correctly term them as Socialist/Libturd/Marxist/Elitist/One Worlder lead injection, ventilating apparatus. Shall be so deemed ever more. There fixed it for you. 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • a weapon like the AR was needed in Amerika since 1865, when the republic was destroyed, by a lying tyrant, sold as a good Christian man (that was married to a nutcase) named Abraham Lincoln.

    • Not one report about “teleprompters” either.

      Democrats are turning America into a science fiction novel, which we all know is a pre cursor to science fact.


      1984 was supposed to be fake.

    • LarryinTx, Senile Sleazy Joey was not talking to Patriots/Conservatives and was not trying to deal in reality. He was delivering his puppet message of lying propaganda designed to manipulate the masses of Useful idiots, aka Government Plantation Dwellers, in supporting gun control a la the following. Classic Saul Alinsky “Rules for /radicals”……tell a big enough lie often enough and the masses will believe it as truth (paraphrased).

      The new agenda for humanity requires that no one will have the capacity to fight back. It has been said: “Our Task of creating a Socialist America can only succeed when those who would resist us have been totally disarmed.” No other explanation is possible.

      History has repeatedly demonstrated that disarming good people in the name of making bad people harmless only eventually facilitates politicians shooting their own countrymen. History…learn from it or be doomed to relive it.

  2. What about this lie:

    “From the very beginning there are certain guns, weapons that could not be owned by Americans. Certain people could not own those weapons ever.”

    Absolutely false! There were ZERO limitations. Before we had a Navy, privateers ( private citizens) had Cannons on their ships which were used in the revolutionary war. Cannons – the weapon of mass destruction on the 1700s.

    • Jim Crow Gun Control joe was correct…Those certain people were called, “chattel slaves.”

      • Which is why today’s equivalent should be too…

        Nukes and other explosives.

        If they own it, we can too. It’s hard to criticize another government – even North Korea and Iran, for simply wanting to level the playing field.

        • you absolutely can’t blame them. my interests include maintaining the upper hand however. and that’s very similar to our current governments interests, with the difference that they become traitors.

  3. Also, let’s put to bed the stupid “fire in a crowded theater” falsehood. For one, it’s not the correct quote. Two, it was never binding law, only a dictum. And three, even if it was binding law, the case it was based on was overturned by the Supreme Court in 1969.

    • John Galtwell,

      Actually, there is a far simpler and far more compelling argument about yelling fire in a crowded theater.

      We all know and agree that falsely yelling fire in a crowded theater is an intentional act with the desired outcome of harming people, not saving people. Such an act, with immense potential for harm, is thus illegal. Now, since falsely yelling fire in a theater is illegal and has significant potential to harm innocent people, is society therefore justified in forcing everyone to put on (and keep on) a muzzle when entering and inside a theater? After all, we want to err on the side of caution, right?

      • Note: forcing people to wear a muzzle before they have actually used their voice to harm people–allegedly because they could use their voice to harm people–is what we call “prior restraint”. We would be restraining people prior to them actually doing anything dangerous/harmful.

        If you oppose prior restraint on voice (forcing people to wear muzzles inside theaters before they actually used their voices to harm anyone), then you should also oppose prior restraint on self-defense (forcing people to disarm inside theaters or anywhere else).

        • Is that similar to forcing people to wear stinking cloth wadding over their mouths and noses on the off-chance that they just MIGHT be carrying a disease that just MIGHT infect somebody else at some future date?

          Come to think of it, if Government can demand THAT, then it surely can demand that all theatre-goers wear those muzzles you mention, to protect us all against malicious, false calls of ‘FIRE!’

          Think of the children!

  4. Biden is a democrat! Democrats will look you in your good eye and lie to you and think nothing of it! Biden is nearly as good at lying as was his old boss! This is why they keep Joe in the basement instead of allowing him to run around loose. Are you beginning to enjoy your democratic socialism! Note; the goal of socialism is communism!

      • Yea right.

        It was a red wave this year and we saw what happened.

        Yet the capital still stands…

        • Patience, young padwan. When Trump starts pounding the podium in support of strategic GOP seats leading up to next year’s midterms, he’ll undoubtedly put the spotlight on the Dems’ fortification of the Capitol against its rightful owners, the American people. The NG, fencing, and concrete barriers were only supposed to be a temporary interim measure, but now they’re there indefinitely.

          No guns for you, but please don’t mention our guards and barbed wire. Move along, move along…

        • It was a red wave this year and we saw what happened.

          They only needed key areas in a few states in the General… To much risk of exposure in a Nationwide election… They won’t try to mess with the House but they might try pull a “Georgia” in those key Senate races… We’ll know the moment a “water pipe breaks” or they shut down at 3 AM and the trucks roll in at 3:15…

        • “They only needed key areas in a few states in the General… To much risk of exposure in a Nationwide election…”

          Exactly! What the useful idiots don’t realize is that they only won by about 40,000 votes in three states. They’re not only fighting tooth and nail AGAINST every single election integrity measure, but they’re freaking out over Arizona having an audit. How do the useful idiots not see how dishonest their masters are?

    • Creepy Joe lies to himself, so lying to the people is nothing. His speech was classic disinformation.

    • Biden is nearly as good at lying as was his old boss!

      You can’t lie if you don’t know what you’re saying… They put old Braindead in front of a prompter and tell him to recite words then they lead him away and feed him drugs til the next time they need him… Technically he’s just REPEATING the lie ,not that he’s above lying, the asshole has only told the truth about 5 times in his adult life (he is a lawyer after all) but lack of cognizance would get him off in a court of law…

      • Technically, it is also not a ‘lie’ if you truly believe that what you are saying is actually the truth.

        It also must be clearly understood that ‘truth’ should not be mistaken for ‘fact.’

        • ‘truth’ should not be mistaken for ‘fact.’

          The Big Guy DID address that… “We choose truth over facts” I assume he meant HIS truths which have absolutely nothing in common with any known facts…

        • John in AK, truth is truth. There is no truth for each individual. Just because you believe something is the truth doesn’t make it so. And just because you believe the truth is a lie also doesn’t make it so.

    • “Note; the goal of socialism is communism!”

      And the goal of both is tyranny. The useful idiot mob is cheering it on.

    • In Florida the governor signed a law where if we protest for our 2A rights, if 3 people out of thousands break a law, we can be guilty by association. So if three Antifa cause break windows during a Pro-2A rally, everyone Pro-2A can be jailed and tried and convicted. Florida is a crap-hole state but 35 other states (mostly Southern) plan on voting for the same law. Florida doesn’t care about your 2A rights. Kiss your 2A rights goodbye people because in Florida you wont be able to assemble for your 2A rights and your state is next.

  5. No he doesn’t need to get his facts straight. Everyone knows he’s a liar, let him keep on keepin’ on. His lies will bury him and his handlers.

    • They should have already.

      This is what happens when we allow vote manipulation and the ones who fought against it to be tried as criminals.

      We are criminals, to any government. The sooner FREE AMERICANS accept it, the sooner we can end this lie of limited freedoms, big government, and worst of all – manipulation of the entire system by auctioning off viruses and false votes.

  6. It’s hard to believe that 81 million people with above-room-temperature IQs voted for Skeletor to become the Supreme Douchebag. Maybe that’s why I don’t believe it.

    • It’s hard to believe that 81 million people with above-room-temperature IQs voted for Skeletor

      It is isn’t it….

      • I voted for Harris/Biden.

        Trump was for open borders, soft on China, used the Justice Dept to go after his political enemies, hated our democracy and wanted to destroy the republic.

        • …but the fact that Donald Trump is a Vietnam War hero and morally upstanding self made man more than makes up for those flaws!

        • Enuf, since I ran across you “comments” for the first time on this blog, I have had, shall we say, scant regard for your alleged intellect, but good sweet baby Jeebus on a pogo stick, you’re “comments” today, in this thread have set new records for prevarication and mendacity!

          You mentioned three subjects that Trump was supposedly worse than the senile nitwit, Biden:

          1. Open borders;
          2. “Soft” on China;
          3. Use of the DoJ against political enemies;
          4. Hated our “democracy” (we are a pertially-democratic limited Constitutional Republic, numbnuts); and
          5. Wants to “destroy the republic” (which is it, moron, a democracy or a republic??)

          Trump is not my cup of tea on any of those issues (to the extent that nos. 4 and 5 are actually “issues” and not partisan hyperbole), but Biden’s own words (or at least the words his handlers put on the drooling moron’s teleprompter to attempt to recite) unequivocally prove that Biden is worse than Trump on all fronts, and only a partisan or a lunatic (but embrace the healing power of “and”!) could try to argue otherwise.

          I am beginning to understand the rather total LACK of regard your commentary is held on this blog. You’re not even a convincing moron.

        • “…but the fact that Donald Trump is a Vietnam War hero and morally upstanding self made man more than makes up for those flaws!”

          Your hero, Puppet Joe, received five student draft deferments and a medical exemption. Trump received four student deferments and a medical exemption. They were both young athletes. So what’s the difference here? Joe got one more deferment. The media and the useful idiot mob only talks about Trump because they (and you) are hypocrites.

  7. Hmmmm. A “Family member” lied TWICE on his application for a firearm purchase.
    1. Question: Are you now, or have you ever been addicted to (Illegal) rugs?
    2. Was your discharge from the military less than an Honorable Discharge?
    A “Yes” to either, or both of these (Paraphrased) questions is instant disqualification to purchase a firearm.
    A “No” answer, being a lie, would subject one to prosecution, jail, etc.
    Would love to see the ATF, DOJ do their job…….

      • “Administrative Discharge” is code for “Yeah, he is a piece of scum and it is a Dishonorable Discharge, but he’s connected to a lifetime politician.”

  8. On firearms, President Biden needs to get his facts straight
    and get a better read on what the American people want.

    And why is that? Why does the President or the Democrat Party care about facts or what the people of our nation want?

    Newsflash: the Democrat Party’s only concerns are what their big donors want and what the actual Democrat Party members want. Facts are irrelevant. What the people of our nation want is irrelevant.

  9. I would expect nothing different from Biden.
    Pravda would be so proud!
    This whole administration is a sham. A flim flam. A paper tiger.
    I would even dare go so far as calling it illegitimate!

  10. Is the inference of the article’s title that if Sleepy spoke longer he might have gotten something right about guns? He could’ve droned on for 36 hours and still missed everything…

  11. Politicians don’t “get almost everything wrong.” They are “intentionally deceptive.” There is a huge difference.

    • RPG….It’s classic Saul Alinsky “Rules for Radicals.” Paraphrased, tell a big enough lie long enough and the Libturds’ Useful Idiots Government Plantation Dwellers will believe the lie and vote you more power, control, and wealth.

  12. They passed “universal” background checks in the 90s? Then why do they need to pass it again now?…

  13. 80% guns cost a lot more than many off the shelf models. Criminals are lazy. They won’t save up a bunch of bucks to buy something they have to put effort into just so they can have a gun with no serial number. Especially, when a gun they stole isn’t traceable to them anyway.

  14. 80% guns cost a lot more than many off the shelf models.

    Well, you can CHEAP an 80% AR into the lower end of the price range, IF you want to waste your time and effort on an unreliable POS… I have spent more on a trigger assembly than some “cheap” ARs will cost…

    • Nope, before the elections you could get complete polymer 80 Glock kits for $400. And you can really put them together in a half hour with simple hand tools. Likely a hour for your first one, so I will give you that.

      • Hell before the covid bs you could BUY a Glock 19 for $399.99 @ Palmetto State Armory… and a 9mm hipoint was about a third of that

  15. Sloppy Joe is sloppy with facts. No surprise, being 50 years in government will do that to you.

  16. theBiden can be wrong or it can be right. Doesn’t matter.
    It can’t be impeached or voted out.


  18. Joe & The Hoe do not care about facts, nor do they care abut what the American people want. THEY want to disarm Americans (and even go so far as to shoot us if we do not comply). After all, they cannot effectively enact the full-on-Communism they have such a hard-on for, when the “serfs” are well-armed, and could possibly shoot back.

    • “Who needs a 100rnd magazine to shoot a deer.”

      Actually who needs to hunt at all, there’s USDA approved meat in every grocery store. And if you can’t afford it there’s always commodities and food stamps.

      • Well hell, with that line of thinking (and I hope that your comment was sarcasm), who needs guns and the Second Amendment at all, when we have such a “caring”, “loving” government who wants to protect us from those big, bad, scary-looking weapons of war (insert more sarcasm). After all, they will protect us, right (more sarcasm)?

      • Possum……True, one does not need a 30 round, or 100 round, magazine/drum to hunt deer. But, our Founding Fathers did not write the Second Amendment because a Patriot was crying “The deer are coming!!! The deer are coming!!!! (Borrowed and paraphrased from a captioned picture noted elsewhere.)

    • DING, DING, DING, Shadow is a winner.

      The new agenda for humanity requires that no one will have the capacity to fight back. It has been said: “Our Task of creating a Socialist America can only succeed when those who would resist us have been totally disarmed.” No other explanation is possible. Welcome to “common sense” gun control. It’s all “common sense” to protect their own Socialist/Libturd/Elitist/One Worlder asses, for what they are doing to America, from Patriots with AR-15s and “high capacity” magazines finally saying “ENOUGH!!!!”
      History has repeatedly demonstrated that disarming good people in the name of making bad people harmless only eventually facilitates politicians shooting their own countrymen. History…learn from it or be doomed to relive it….or die by it.

  19. Doesn’t matter what he SAYS to the people, cause it doesn’t matter. it what influence he can muster with the votes in congress to pass what he wants. The Voice of the people Doesn’t matter what so ever. People can stand up and scream he’s a liar all day, and it’s just a fart in the wind. What matters is the votes on CONGRESS that can be the deciding issue. Without the large companies that hold contracts with city and federal governments that can speak out against it, THEY can have Their voice heard if they speak together, will they? Nope. They are powerful together, jointly, but they won’t endanger their contracts.

    • i agree with Peter, The dems have an agenda, to radically transform America. His stance on taxes is simply a scheme for wealth redistribution. Why tax the rich, Don’t be fooled, he is lying saying they don’t pay their fair share. His agenda is to make everyone dependant on government. Why do they want to be in charge of your health care, it’s not because they care about you, it’s about control. The same applies to firearms. They also want to be in control of energy, windmill genterators, Really? Each windmill costs 1.3 million, It’s a joke. Do the math, the cheapest and most reliable and safe is Hydro-electric hands down, followed by Nuclear. Quit watching CNN and pick up a book.

  20. Reminder of what Khrushchev said ~62 years ago….”Your children’s children will live under communism. You Americans are so gullible. No, you won’t accept communism outright; but, we will keep feeding you small doses of socialism until you will finally wake up and find you already have Communism. We will not have to fight you. We will so weaken your economy, until you will fall like overripe fruit into our hands. The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not” It was September 29, 1959, when Nikita Khrushchev delivered his prediction for America at the United Nations. Remember the television coverage of him banging his shoe on the podium? At that time, just the word “communism” was feared throughout our nation. Remember this. Socialism leads to Communism How do you create a Socialist State? There are eight levels of control:
    1) Healthcare – Control healthcare and you control the people. As Obummer was about to proclaim ObummerCare had been passed into law, Sleazy/Senile Joey was caught on open mike saying to Obummer, “This is a big fucking deal.”
    2) Poverty – Increase the poverty level as high as possible, poor people are easier to control and will not fight back if you are providing everything for them. aka Government Plantation Dwellers.
    3) Debt – Increase the debt to an unsustainable level. That way you are able to increase taxes, and this will produce more poverty. Joey’s handlers are proposing multi-trillions …..which as before “won’t be shovel ready.” The more money in play, the more opportunity for politicians o skim, scam, squander and buy votes with We The Little Peep Productive Citizens’ hard earned money.
    4) Gun Control – Remove the ability to defend themselves from the government . That way you are able to create a police state.
    5) Welfare – Take control of every aspect (food, housing, income) of their lives because that will make them fully dependent on the government. another angle to Government Plantation Dwellers.
    6) Education – Take control of what people read, listen to and take control of what children learn in school. Aka as free pre-school and free college propaganda…er, education.
    7) Religion – Remove the belief in God from the government and schools because the people need to believe in ONLY the government knowing what is best for the people.
    8)Class Warfare – Divide the people into the wealthy and the poor. Eliminate the middle class. This will cause more discontent and it will be easier to tax the rich with the support of the poor. Divide and Conquer by any segment possible…..gender confusion; skin color; press 2 for Illegal; on and on and on…..Joey the Great Divider.
    ALL EIGHT of those levels are already being implemented by Democrats.

    The list of 45 communist goals contained in the ~1958 book “Naked Communist” was read into the Congressional Record (Appendix, pp. A34-A35) by U.S. Congressman Albert S. Herlong, Jr. of Florida, on January 10, 1963. This is the plan to overtake America without firing a shot. As Russian Premier Nitka Khrushchev once said, “……America will fall into our hands like over ripe fruit.”
    List is no longer a “TO DO” list, but, today, is a “DONE” checklist.
    -Take over one or both of the major political parties. DONE
    -Take over the media. DONE
    -Take over the entertainment industry, DONE
    -Take over the educational system, DONE (Lenin said, Give me the children and I will transform the country.)
    -Destroy the family unit DONE (1960’s Johnson Adm began welfare to mothers with dependent children…….with the stipulation that there be an absence of a male figure in the home. Goodbye Father; Hello Baby Daddy.)
    PLOP….like over ripe fruit.

    “There is no difference between Communism and socialism, except in the means of achieving the same end:
    o Communism enslaves men by force. Mao noted “all power comes from the barrel of a gun.”
    o Socialism, by vote…(hence, the term Democratic Socialism.)
    Merely the difference between murder and suicide!” ~ Ayn Rand
    In the beginning, Socialism is merely Communism Lite.

    Socialism is to Communism as Stage III cancer is to Stage IV

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