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LA residents line up to buy, yes, guns. (AP Photo/Ringo H.W. Chiu)
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Uh oh, there could be a glitch in the matrix. Based on the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll, it appears that all the agitprop that’s been dished out by the gun control industry, the administration and their media stenographers has been…wrong. Yes, yes, that’s difficult to believe, but it seems that 90+% of all Americans don’t actually support enacting stricter limits on gun rights.

Who could have possibly seen that coming?

The last time this same poll was taken in 2018, not long after the Parkland shooting, 57% of respondents indicated a preference for more gun control. Now, however, three years later, the percentage in favor of more gun control laws has dropped to 50%.

abc news/washington post poll gun violence control laws
Courtesy Langer Research Associates

A lot of water has gone under the bridge since 2018. A lot of guns have been sold and a lot of Americans have decided that firearm ownership is actually a really good idea. The biggest news here, though, is in the opinions of young adults.

The decline is sharpest among 18 to 29-year-olds, from 65 percent to 45 percent; Hispanics, also down 20 points, to 50 percent; rural Americans, down 17 points to 30 percent; and strong conservatives, down 17 points to 11 percent.

Gosh, it’s almost as if living through a year of pandemic, riots, increased urban violence, the proliferation of zero bail policies and defunded police departments has had an effect on the American public. Maybe those 8.4 million first-time gun buyers’ opinions are being affected by their status as new firearm owners and that’s being reflected in these results.

Maybe those new gun owners just aren’t buying the party line that the best way to DO SOMETHING about violent crime is to disarm law-abiding gun owners and limit their ability to defend themselves and their families. Crazy, huh?

Not that a little thing like public opinion will deter President BidenHarris or Democrats in Congress from doing their level-best to ram through as many limits on Second Amendment rights as they can while they still have (at least marginal) control of both the House and the Senate.

In fact, look for the President to call on Congress in his speech tonight to outlaw “assault weapons,” enact universal background checks, limit magazine capacity, and repeal the PLCAA. We’ll see how much of that they can manage to push through, even as more and more people come to disagree and lots of them are deciding that they will not comply with whatever gun control laws are passed.


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    • Never going to reach the Babyboomer progs. They will keep financing the demtards and voting multiple times. They got feelings (and pot).

      • Don’t think you’re talking about boomers, I am a first year boomer (1946) and everyone I knew as a kid and every contemporary since, with few exceptions, have been conservative both socially and fiscally. If Dems had to count on me or my friends, they’d be done.

  1. As 8 million new owners last year alone and who knows how many this year, the percentages will go more in favor of the 2A rights. What can we do as gun owners? Get to know your neighbors, talk to them. You may find out you more around you that own guns or are looking at ownership.

    Two women who live in the house behind me asked if I owned any guns last year. I showed them my collection and they liked some of the smaller handguns. 3 weeks later that had gotten a S&W Shield 380 EZ. Then the neighbor next to them got one as well a few weeks later.

    I showed them how to take it apart, clean it and reassemble and directed them to the range down the road for some basic training and safety. Other neighbors around me also were adding to their collections and we get together to look at the new items we have purchased and occasionally go to the range together.

    If we as gun owners welcome new people into our groups, help them get confident with their firearms these numbers of pro 2A people will go even higher. You would be surprised on how many people are or want to be gun owners. Get to know them and help them out where needed. The radicals running the government cannot overcome those numbers.

    • This!!! Change begins at the Grass Roots Level and takes time. Be strong in your efforts and resolute in your goals. It took my state a solid decade to move from a Democrat controlled Anti 2A state to one of the most deregulated in the Nation. Keep Your Powder Dry.

    • What Darkman said.

      Super turbo titanium *this*^^. The best weapon against ignorance is education. And it appears you’re doing your part, Gersh.

    • That’s right tell all your neighbors you have guns. That won’t get you on the government’s list 🤡🤣!

      • If you buy a firearm through a dealer or gun shop you are already on the list. Every background check you do has a record. I’m not worried on who knows what I have as they all were lost in a tragic boating accident.

        • I have trued to respond to this several times, everything seems to work fine but the response does not appear. Really strange.

        • You’re right, it should be my choice if I want to be on a list or not. Unfortunately our government through the years has chipped away at our rights. We have no choice if we want to stay within the legalities of the system at the moment. Hopefully we can chip back those rights. Everybody has the right to gun ownership until they forfeit it due to crime or mental impairment. I should not have to have the government give me permission to exercise a right.

  2. If you are BidenHarris this scares the crap out of you. Not because of all the guns, but because it foretells their political future. Lookin’ pretty dim ain’t it, B&H?

  3. I bet we have David Hogg to thank. Plastering his obnoxious face everywhere could have only helped. Women would never touch him and men would rather die than be him.

    • Hogg boy has already lost his virginity. He lost it to Buzzcut Girl with a strap on.

  4. Ummm…BlackLootersMurdering,Antifools and a tyrannical Dim led guberment makes you a mite skeptical of the Feds. Even young skulls full of mush I see in the LGS’s don’t buy what they’re selling. As an aside the City of Chiraq is suing Westforth GS in unincorporated Gary,IN for bearing “responsibility” for all the guns in Chiraq. A LOT of their customers are black. I have personally seen them turn down buyers on a 4473. They are STRICT. And incredibly busy. Can’t wait to hear what slow Joe is going to do tonight😞😒😣

    • How dare Chicago blame Gary Indiana for guns!! Chucks gun shop in suburban Dolton has been the gun boogey man for 50 years.

  5. As the great Roger Daltry once said, ‘The kids are alright.’ Which might have been less true of his generation than any other since.

  6. That’s the Martin B. Retting gun store in Los Angles (in the picture). One of my old favorites, glad to see they’re still plugging away.

  7. I’m pro gun but is the “90+%” figure in the first paragraph accurate? None of the other data in the article points to such a supermajority. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

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