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After a year of defunded police, prosecutors who don’t prosecute, jails releasing inmates and zero bail laws, crime has, well, skyrocketed. It started early in the pandemic last year and then escalated after the death of George Floyd. Go figure.

The problem has become pervasive enough that crime was a big issue in yesterday’s New York mayoral primaries, where a former cop got the most votes on the Democrat side and Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa won the Republican nomination. Both ran on restoring law and order.

Oh, and Smith & Wesson’s sales more than doubled to over $1 billion in its just completed fiscal year. It’s an impenetrable mystery why that might have happened.

Those anecdotes, along with many others, mean crime is officially a hot topic in America again after historically low violent rates since the early 1990s. Videos of sidewalk executions and people being dragged from their cars and murdered tend to have an effect on average citizens’ behavior and voting habits.

The skyrocketing crime rates around the country have finally become enough of a problem (read: an significant political issue) that elected officials — specifically, the BidenHarris administration — now feel they have to be seen as doing something about it. Hence grumpy Grampy Joe’s scheduled speech today announcing a national effort to fight violent crime.

Where will the administration direct their efforts? We’ll have to listen to what he reads from the Teleprompter today, but from details that have already been leaked by the White House, it appears he’ll use this excuse to further target — wait for it — the gun business.

From Roll Call . . .

The Justice Department will announce a new “zero tolerance” policy to revoke the federal licenses of firearms dealers who willfully violate gun laws, senior administration officials said. That includes actions such as selling a gun to someone who is prohibited from possessing one, failing to do a background check on gun purchasers or falsifying records.

And the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives will focus limited resources on inspecting those gun dealers who need it most, the officials said. That effort will employ crime data and closer connections with local law enforcement and community leaders who can point out problem dealers.

Definitely. “Rogue gun dealers” are the reason serial recidivists, who take gleeful advantage of so many cities’ revolving door justice systems, are shooting up America’s urban dystopias.

“Bad apple FFLs” are why New York City’s violent crime rate has doubled in the last year. It has nothing at all to do with cutting $1 billion out of the NYPD’s budget and releasing repeat firearms offenders back onto the streets to shoot and kill again.

Skipped background checks are why Austin’s murder rate has doubled. Cutting the police department’s budget by one-third and allowing homeless encampments to pop up all around downtown and the surrounding area (including in front of city hall) were just unfortunate coincidences.

The truth is you can count the number of gun retailers in this country who fail to do background checks or falsify records on your fingers and toes. They’re a tiny minority of gun retailers that have no appreciable effect on the crime rate. Attacking FFLs is simply misdirection, attempting to blame the gun industry for a series of bad political decisions in Democrat-controlled cities all across the country.

The way President BidenHarris sees it, though, this is just another good opportunity to shiv the gun industry a little more and hopefully shut down a few hundred FFLs (who may have unknowingly sold a gun to a straw purchaser or whose records aren’t completely in order) in the process. That’s a win-win in their book.

President Joe Biden’s fiscal 2022 budget request included more funding for ATF to add gun dealer inspectors across the country, but these policies allow federal law enforcement to take action before Congress gets through the appropriations process, likely in late September.

We’ll have to wait and see what other anti-gun tidbits the President announces today. But you can bet they will likely 1) burden the lawful sale of firearms and civilian gun ownership, and at the same time 2) have virtually zero impact on the violent crime rate.

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    • ” It is not because things are difficult that We do not Dare… It is because We do not Dare that they are difficult”. Seneca

      • There in lies the rub…Where is the need to do anything publicly. Why let ones Enemies know of their demise.

        • “Where is the need to do anything publicly”

          because you can’t succeed alone. 3 men may fight 97 if the 97 will oblige the 3 by fighting alone one at a time.

    • Right. When that Federal SWAT team shows up at zero-dark-thirty you’re going to tell them “I’m not bothering with bullsh*t laws” and go back to bed? We can’t ignore the laws when the Feds show up in force to take you away. Start writing your congresscritter and urge your friends to do the same – but just not on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media that will shut you down for doing so.

      But this regulation is going to be used to shut down FFL dealers regardless of whether they have disobeyed the law or kept it exactly. It will be up to falsely charged dealers to prove their innocence at great expense, if they’re allowed to at all.

  1. As clueless as always these gun grabbers are. No gun dealer in their right mind would break the rules and risk their business and lively hood and wish to be sent to prison.

    The guns are coming from thefts which are then sold on the streets. Maybe they should go after the criminals and start prosecuting them and stop with all the BS they have been pumping out for the last several years. Crack down needs to happen in all these major cities and against the certain populace that seems to enjoy the daily gunplay.

    It sure the hell is not the white supremist doing these shootings.

    • There have been a very small number of FFLs skirting the law intentionally. Those have almost always been caught and dealt with harshly.

      This new push is really about using the ever-growing list of regulations (not laws made by Congress) to find dealers with illegible handwriting on 4473s or a missed required field (like Ethnicity) to shut down FFLs that work hard to follow the laws but missed a mistake.

    • Implied in your comment is the view that this is about fighting crime. That’s a pretense. The reason for the law is to put a mechanism in place to shut down FFL dealers regardless of whether they’ve broken the law or not. The underlying purpose of this is to cut off the sources of legal guns to law abiding citizens who might resist the government taking everything we have.

    • “Maybe they should go after the criminals…” They fully believe that they are. In their minds, WE are the criminals.

    • There is nothing in the OP that suggests that there is anything new to comply with by anybody.

      Apparently THIS is confined to enforcing the law as it exists with respect to FFLs. Given the number of FFLs, there must be a few who are sloppy about doing their paperwork. These guys are simply foolish or arrogant and would sooner-or-later annoy the ATF enough to lose their licenses. It will just happen faster.

      The guy in your neighborhood MIGHT be such an FFL who will lose his license. But, that’s not going to be any medium or large operator who knows he must be scrupulous about his paperwork. These guys are just going to have to take some extra care that there won’t ever be a single ‘i’ not dotted or ‘t’ not crossed. But, they can do that more easily than have a fight with the ATF. So, they will do so.

      The impact will be limited to the PR that Biden takes for “cracking down” on something that was never much of a problem to begin with; nor does it have any material impact on the sudden rise in crime.

      This is a NON-event. We shouldn’t let THIS distract us from more serious threats.

      • “Apparently THIS is confined to enforcing the law as it exists with respect to FFLs.“

        Correct. No confiscation, no registration, no expanded background checks.

        Truly a nonevent, and we all want better enforcement of existing laws, right?

        Oh wait, this is all supposed to be a tragedy, and we’re all supposed to go to Civil War over this action because it’s Marxism!

        In other news, the sky is falling!

        • “we all want better enforcement of existing laws, right?”

          dude. every bureaucrat knows that how the law is enforced can change its entire character and effect.

          knew a deputy who, when he was short his ticket quota for the month, would go down to a local street where u-turns where prohibited. he’d sit and wait for someone to park, go in and do their business (maybe for an hour), come out and pull out in the opposite direction in which they’d parked, and he’d cite them for the u-turn.

    • “They can’t hang us all”

      no, they can’t. but what they can do is confiscate your bank accounts and investments, turn off your credit and debit cards, turn off your net and cellphone, cancel your drivers license, and direct your local utilities to cut off all services. any individual, any group, any city, any county, any individual or number of individuals, by name or by category, minute by minute as they see fit.

      • Yeah take away everything and leave a person fuming angry and with nothing left to lose. Great plan.

  2. “The Justice Department will announce a new ‘zero tolerance’ policy to revoke the federal licenses of firearms dealers who willfully violate gun laws…”

    You mean the ATF has been tolerating such FFLs all this time before now? Golly gosh.

    • Including the 8 years he was VP and he and Obama didn’t enforce the law, it appears.

    • It’s about finding the smallest irregularity on the forms and using that as the big stick. Forgot to dot an “i” in your name? FFL revoked.

      Can’t read the customer’s name or the signature doesn’t quite match for the same transferor across two forms? FFL revoked.

      • Probably why my kitchen table FFL moved to software based 4473 so it reduces the chance of him messing up or leaving something undone.

        This is one of the most weak, lame, and do-nothing publicity pony shows of gun-grabbing in quite awhile. It’s as impotent at the president who signed off on it. Pretty laughable.

  3. “That includes actions such as selling a gun to someone who is prohibited from possessing one, failing to do a background check on gun purchasers or falsifying records.”

    “…or falsifying records.”, eh?

    Translation – Weaponize even minor paperwork errors.

    Looks like the Biden administration is gonna do to ‘brick-n-mortar’ gun retailers what Clinton did to the private ‘kitchen table’ FFLs during the ‘Clinton Regime’… 🙁

    • Here in my neck of the woods in northern L.A. County, we had a local brick-and-mortar FFL store that had been a staple for many years. I bought my first guns there in the early ’90s. Unfortunately, after the “Clinton AWB” of 1994, the ATF and CADOJ began this very scheme of scrutinizing FFLs to the point of absurdity (so I was told by those who were subjected to it. Our local FFL finally had enough and simply closed the doors for good.

      We now have two other FFLs that opened up shop beginning a dozen years ago, but they also get probed excessively. The proprietor of one recently told me he has to make sure every tittle is dotted or crossed properly to avoid fines or worse.

      • Is there a particular example one could read describing this “scrutinizing FFLs to the point of absurdity (so I was told by those who were subjected to it.”?

        • The Leftist Scum (your people, ‘minor’) favorite tactic is to make the process the punishment.

          Example – An accusation of lying on FFL paperwork. The *point* is to make the process of defending yourself legally to be so onerous and expensive the FFL under scrutiny just gives up and shuts down.

          That’s the bullshit your people do to people exercising a civil right…

        • I am just asking for a specific example of an ‘absurdity’ regarding the enforcement of FFL regulations.

        • I’ll give you an example. The gun information was moved to the front page of the 4473 so they are easier to scan to create that illegal gun registry database. If the transferor writes an abbreviation in the gun model (S&W instead of Smith & Wesson or P.C. instead of Performance Center) that can qualify as an infraction that is really an ‘absurdity.” If the text from one box bleeds into the next because the customer has messy handwriting or writes larger letters than average, that can qualify as an infraction that is really an ‘absurdity.’

          If you’ve never worked in the audit industry, you have no clue as to what regulators will look for and “find” to create fines and worse penalties.

        • Okay, here’s one he told me:

          He said whenever the ATF comes by his shop for any reason, they require him to close doors and remain unavailable to customers for the duration, which is sometimes a couple of days. That’s business lost. And he said he doesn’t always get an advance notice. I’d say that’s absurd.

          Imagine any other place of business whose operations centered squarely on an enumerated right (how about a church, or a debate academy, or a journalistic newspaper) being given surprise “audits” of their activities and forced to shut down for the duration.

    • You can’t have kitchen table FFLs. If you sell two guns you need an FFL license (but see above, you can’t get one unless you are in the business). All private sales and transfers must go through an FFL. Ammo sales should also go through an FFL. Btw, we are shutting down all the FFLs we can. Oh, and we told the banks to stop lending to the FFLs. And we want to add extra requirements to FFLs to store records forever. And… Let’s shut down FFLs, there is a pandemic going around!

      What do you mean, you can’t buy a gun, that is strange, can’t figure out why not?

      • “You can’t have kitchen table FFLs. If you sell two guns you need an FFL license…”

        No shit, Sherlock.

        “Kitchen table FFLs” *had* a legitimate FFL license issued by the BATF. They did small-time gun buys from the distributors for themselves and their friends, primarily. ANYTHING a gun store could order, they could order.

        The Clinton DOJ saw that there were 10s of thousands of those people and directed the BATF to put onerous ‘conditions’ for being issued an FFL.

        The end result was, you had to pretty much have a brick-and-mortar retail location to simply qualify for an FFL, and to maintain it in good standing with the Feds.

        All this happened thanks to Clinton… 🙁

        • Naw, that shit was happening in the mid-to-late ’80s (shutting down kitchen table FFLs), Clinton wasn’t elected ’til ’92.

      • To be a gun dealer requiring a FFL, you must repeatedly buy and sell guns for profit as a livelihood. Selling multiple guns from your personal collection does not require a license.

        • Define ‘repeatedly.’ Then, define ‘multiple.’ Then, define ‘personal collection,’ and ‘for profit.’ BATF can do so, but their definitions are a little, ah, ‘flexible.’

          If you buy one gun, with the intention of promptly selling it at a profit, and you DO sell it promptly at a profit, YOU, Sir, are a ‘dealer.’ It is improbable that BATF will take notice, being so deeply involved in taking guns away from inner-city Yutes of Color, but they could. What would be even MORE likely to draw their attention is your sale of ‘multiple guns’ from what you claim is your ‘personal collection.’
          Whether or not you are a ‘dealer’ depends entirely upon whether or not you ‘intend’ to make a profit, and how many or how often you sell. Even if you should end up taking a loss on your sales, if you intended originally, using the ‘reasonable person’ standard, to make a profit, you’re a ‘dealer.’ And BATF gets to decide for you.
          Isn’t this fun?

  4. That includes actions such as selling a gun to someone who is prohibited from possessing one, failing to do a background check on gun purchasers or falsifying records…

    So, just how many “Bad apple FFLs” (or FFLs period) are there in New York City?… I’ve got say, If there are FFLs out there doing all that stuff anywhere they need to lose their licenses AND go to jail… But, somehow, I think there will not be a rash of FFL closures and prosecutions in the near future… (unless the “Chimp” gets confimed and writes up some petty little Super-Secret rule that he won’t disclose until he busts a bunch of FFLs for violating it)…

  5. The purchaser commits perjury by claiming to be actual transferee/buyer on the 4473 and somehow the seller is guilty because they should have known this. That sounds like the currently criminal justice system alright. Release the felons! Jail the innocent! Obama supporter Bill Ayers is probably dusting off his plans for concentration camps in the southwest where the Left’s political enemies will be sent to be ‘re-educated’.

      • Unless you’re in a Blue state with a recently raised minimum wage, I doubt most FFL clerks make anywhere near $15 per hour.

    • “Bill Ayers is probably dusting off his plans for concentration camps in the southwest where the Left’s political enemies will be sent to be ‘re-educated’.“

      Right! The tunnels under the abandoned Walmarts are being prepared by FEMA, ready for the cattle cars to deliver citizens to their cells where they will be forced to study the Koran and engage in a gay wedding while swearing allegiance to Zeus.

      Jade Helm is REAL!!!

      • Well the military industrial complex is real. We were warned about it by an outgoing President. Well over 1.3 million children (since 1983) are murdered every year under the euphemism of “abortion”. We are living the nightmare.

        Do really think that Epstein killed himself?

    • dacian knows the whereabouts of the super secret facility where 1.3 million felons caught lying on the 4473 are incarcerated…. STILL waiting for him to reveal that location to the rest of us….. chirp, chirp

      • There are many locations, when they get full, there is another forest fire that get blamed on global warming. See how all this works to explain it to the masses?

        • dacian’s mom … ” honey, don’t start playing with your new imaginary friends, you need to come upstairs and take your Lithium and Ritalin. After lunch if you’re a good boy, we can go to ProgWorld and you can ride the Unicorns.”

      • I certainly would like to see better enforcement and consequence for those who lie on the 4473, they should not be able to just hang their head and wander off to purchase a gun on a street corner.

    • They probably better keep the locations of those concentration camps pretty secret, there might be a problem of drive-bys, particularly during shift changes.

  6. Cop or no cop ny does not need another damned democRat at the helm. Curtis is hands down the best man for the job and frankly the only hope ny has.

    • “Democrats are pro-crime”

      no, they seek to destroy the existing order to replace it with their own. they support crime to accomplish this. once they are in total power they lock up and/or execute all the criminals who worked for them.

  7. Democrats rile up raging mobs with horror stories about the “crime bill” to elect author of said “crime bill” who, in response to riled up raging mobs, proposes new “crime bill.”

    Gotta love Democrats.

    • “Gotta love Democrats.”

      It should be legal to “Love them to death”… 😉 *snicker*

  8. Huh! Almost like this was the goal from the get go!! Phony phuks! Encourage more violent crime, don’t punish criminals, then blame it on us, what could go wrong?

    • “what could go wrong?”

      for them? nothing. nothing at all. everyone always buys it and never notices them.

      (but occasionally it does go wrong, and then everyone hates them, and they feel sorry for themselves. “in every generation.”)

  9. Gov’t agencies don’t typically like to shut down their license holders because it reduces the need for employees to do the oversight. I don’t think the ATF administrative law judges will have a particularly good view of shutting down FFL’s for simple or unintended mistakes.

    The Biden announcement is all fluff and show for the drive-by media.

      • Because they are going directly for the jugular – mainly your ability to buy a gun legally from a licensed dealer. This is the end game, only you are too blind to see it.

        • I have all the guns I and my children will ever need, that will accomplish them nothing. Don’t kid yourself, they will never stop until they have come for the guns I own now, and I have killed them for it. *THEN* they will quit.

        • . *THEN* they will quit.

          But you won’t live to see it, hopefully you a contingency plan to get your kids out before the killing starts…

      • Sure if you ignore the ATF current attempt to ban without grandfathering brace stocks, ignore the constant shrilling by Democrats for “Universal Background” check claiming people support it (until you explain uninformed people what it actually is), and ignore Resident Jiao Bi Den’s continue calls to ban weapons of war (whatever that is).

        At least the Democrats are open about it I guess.

      • Because an ATF apparatchik will go through el Presidente’s wish list and realize it is being done already.

  10. “Maybe they should go after the criminals”

    they’re going after the united states. setting criminals free and arresting the citizens is all part of the same plan.

  11. Typical democrat bullshit. When in doubt blame gun owners and scream for more gun control like a toddler.

    I was reading about what Xiden is going to earlier today, and supposedly In another part of this speech he’s going to announce federal funding for police to pay for LEO overtime checks and recruitment of new officers. Pathetically sad. The left and media are the reason LE is now in this position.

    I have personal experience in this topic. No amount of throwing money at the situation is going to fix what’s going on. LE is leaving the job at a rate unseen before now and departments can’t hire anyone to save their lives. No amount of money is worth constant overtime due to staffing shortages that leave you with no time for your family or hobbies. I know because I’m one of these LEOs that recently left for a job in the private sector and I honestly couldn’t be happier. I will never work for the government ever again. The pay, benefits, and even the pension can all kiss my ass, it’s not worth it.

  12. In other news, liberal justice leads Supreme Court in decision to strengthen citizens fourth amendment protections:

    “The Supreme Court ruled Wednesday for a California motorist who said a police officer violated his privacy rights by following him home and then into his garage, where he was given a ticket for drunk driving.
    B a 9-0 vote, the justices overturned his conviction and said the 4th Amendment usually forbids the police from entering a driveway or a home unless it is true emergency or they have a search warrant.
    In Lange vs. California, the high court reversed the opinion of California state judges who said police may follow a person if they are in “hot pursuit,” even if the suspect’s offense is a minor one that could a yield a traffic ticket.
    In this case, a California Highway Patrol officer decided to follow Arthur Lange because he was playing loud music on his car radio.
    Justice Elena Kagan said the case did not involve pursuing a fleeing felon from the scene of a major crime. Lange was charged with a misdemeanor.“

    • Your point? You think this somehow proves liberals are superior when this was a 9-0 ruling in a conservative dominated court?

      You are just a flat out stupid person.

      • My point is that even liberal justices can support constitutional rights.

        And thanks for the ‘stupid’ remark, it just confirms your level of civil discourse, or actually lack thereof.

        I’m glad you are out of law-enforcement, you seem to be one of those officers who has difficulty maintaining a polite conversation with citizens.

        • And what do you do for living? Sit around and get paid to troll here? I’m sure you’re real proud of yourself and think you’re some kind of liberal hero 🙄

        • No they only support rights when it benefits them. Unfortunately all politicians including supreme court justices to this. The amount of stupidity that comes out of your mouth is pretty much non stop.

  13. “speech today announcing a national effort to fight violent crime.” This is not what was said. “speech today announcing a national effort to fight gun violence.” Wording we should all fight against. Gun violence has not increased out of proportion to overall violence. But when it’s framed as only gun violence has risen its totally misleading stupid people that only guns are the problem. Something that we need to change the focus on. Every time someone says gun violence has risen remind them no violence has risen overall guns are just a very small percentage of that.

  14. Well I frequented 4 gunshops this morning in Indiana. One is under siege already-Westforth in rural Gary. The store had a good crowd for a Wednesday morning as everyone but my buddy & I was a black male. Some with their pants sagging very low. My point? Groot/Beetlejuice of Chiraq blames Westforth and Chucks in Riverdale,ILL for their crime. They are both quite strict with Chuck’s being pricks. I’ve seen black background checks rejected at Westforth too. Dunno what they can do but get lawyered out of business…

  15. …And their focus on “Rogue FFL Dealers” will have Zero Effect, because the Libtards are focusing on a problem that really isn’t a problem. It’s a problem created by the Libtards.

  16. “The Justice Department will announce a new “zero tolerance” policy to revoke the federal licenses of firearms dealers who willfully violate gun laws, senior administration officials said.”

    If that’s the case, expect the ATF will be resolved any moment now…

    • Sorry meant “dissolved”. Stupid Auto corrected to that word for some reason and no edits allowed.

  17. We used to be on our “soap box” to attract attention to things that needed changing. Then politicians stopped listening so we had to start using the “ballot boxes” to vote out those who didn’t change things that needed changing. Now they have hi-jacked the ballot boxes and unless they fix that, listen and change things, we will have to resort to the “cartridge boxes” we have stored up since the government made up excuses to procure as much ammunition as they could to keep it out of the hands of “We the People”. After that, we can go back to the “soap box” way of life.

  18. If red flag laws are a thing democrats approve of they should red flag Biden. This guy has the go button for the largest arsenal of nuclear weapons in the world and is clearly not rational enough to be in control of those or the most powerful military in the world. If it’s good for the goose, it’s good for the gander.

    The man is a menace and so cognitively dimished he’s a danger to the world.

    • I got a nickel says he does *NOT* have the keys to America’s nukes, tho I’m sure he thinks he does.

      • tho I’m sure he thinks he does.

        They gave him a ring of those big multi-color plastic keys that you give to toddlers to bang around and make noise, then they cautioned to NEVER put the red one in his mouth… Now he walks around all day with a stupid blank grin repeating over and over in his head “I’ve got a secret nannanannabooboo” of course he only has two functioning brain cells so that pretty much rules out room for ANY cognitive functions…

  19. The focus on FFLs is stupid. Everyone knows it’s the scary rifles locked away in my gun safe that are the real reason violent crime is rising in places I don’t live.

    Or so Biden would have me believe.

    • “Everyone knows it’s the scary rifles locked away in my gun safe that are the real reason violent crime is rising in places I don’t live”

      you don’t understand. in their minds, that they don’t control you and that you are armed at all, is the crime.

    • Or so Biden would have me believe.

      Actually they don’t CARE what you believe… They want YOUR neighbor to believe that and maybe they can convince your neighbor to turn you in for improperly storing your garbage cans or some other dumb shit to give them a reason to knock on your door…

      • You’re just jealous–that he at least has an inch, and a wife. And what, precisely, is a ‘cootus’?

    • That’s not it.

      The truth to the matter is that your EBR, locked away in your safe, is still emanating Evil energy–very much like the Ark of the Covenant in Raiders of the Lost Ark–that is subliminally commanding you to take it out, load up several high-capacity clipazines, and take it to the nearest Gun Free Zone to randomly gun down babies, puppies, and minorities for no particular reason. It’s only a matter of time.
      Although multiple murders with handguns are taking place every day in the inner cities, and the number killed with all kinds of long guns is statistically insignificant, your EBR poses the greater risk, and is the easiest to deal with, because Reasons.

      I thought you knew.

  20. Who or what is it that winds Biden up strikers me as a very unfortunate, but all to legitimate question. Answers please.

  21. Once again democrats cause the problem and then claim to have the answers to solve the problem (which they do not)
    Dem agenda caused the high crime rate and then they plan to solve it by banning AR15s, and going after FFLs and law abiding gun owners ,none of which have anything to do with the problem they themselves created. About par for the course for democrats wouldn’t you say?

  22. I’m still waiting to hear someone explain how “gun violence” is the cause of “crime”. I mean, somebody downtown shoots several folk dead, that has never caused me to rape or carjack anyone, not even a bit of pickpocketing. I mean, if they claimed that “gun violence” *IS* crime, I could get along with that, but in my iggorunce I is not seeing how anyone with two brain cells to rub together could claim it *causes* crime. Looky here; so I shoots Mofo in the head 2-3 times and get out without bail, Mofo ain’t goin’ do no more crimes, so I can’t see how me innocently shooting him a little is causing any crimes! Meanwhile, they are making it clear that “gun violence” is not ITSELF any manner of crime, just high spirited Democrats in mostly peaceful protests.

  23. More proof AGAIN that Biden doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about. FFL(s) are what’s going to enable his unconstitutional and illegal gun registry. I sure as hell am glad this poor ignorant bastard didn’t become a doctor, dentist, or pilot.

    • I sure as hell am glad this poor ignorant bastard didn’t become a doctor, dentist, or pilot.

      Why? Any of those professions can only wreck the lives of a few hundred people, this ignorant, braindead bitch is out to destroy an entire country of 350 million… OBTW, Wilson had a PhD… Eisenhower, both Bushs and FDR were pilots… There are a couple of Dentists and several Doctors in both Houses of Congress, so NOT being an Attorney does not exclude you from YOUR shot at fuking up the country… They can always replace local FFLs with a local Fed run ATF gun registry site…

      • They can also die while trying. Everybody is expendable.

        You seriously need to get back on your meds.

        • What the fuk are YOU talking about? I merely pointed out that being a Dr or a pilot WOULD have been a preferable career choice for old braindead (might have kept him from politics) AND getting rid of FFLs does not stop the FEDs from ATTEMPTING a National Registration… And YOU go straight to a PERSONAL attack? BTW, who the fuk are you going to kill? You must be one of those “Special” kind of morons… Stay in mommys basement, you’ll be safe there

  24. MADDMAXX June 26, 2021 At 09:52
    BTW, who the fuk are you going to kill?

    I didn’t say I was going kill anyone. I meant they can try forever and not succeed.

    And … nothing personal but you really do need your meds adjusted. You’ve flipped again.

  25. really do need your meds adjusted. You’ve flipped again.

    Trying and failing is not DYING while trying… And sorry to disappoint but at 71 the only meds I take are a couple of multi-vitamins and an occasional Advil… Oh and sometimes a Xanax when I go out to be able to deal with idiots like you in public… You on the other hand need to have your Ritalin adjusted…

    • STOP the Xanax …. it has long-term compromising side effects. Use the ignore button. It never fails.

      I refuse such meds. Don’t even want the scripts in my record. Sooner or later the guvmint will be able to get all those records too.

      My apologies if I read wrong.

      • Xanax …. it has long-term compromising side effects.

        I only use it when I need to go “shopping” twice a month at most… There is no “ignore” button when the idiot is standing next to you at the mall or in a grocery store….

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