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Note that Michael Bloomberg’s Texas Gun Sense civilian disarmament advocacy operation (which is described as consisting of “mostly gun owners”) was only too happy to enhance the Xinhua News Agency’s anti-gun narrative with some disinformation about automatic weapons.

The U.S. state of Texas may return to its Wild West past, or even worse, predicts an advocate for responsible gun ownership and opponent of the so-called permitless carry law signed by Governor Greg Abbott on Wednesday, which allows Texans to carry handguns without a license or training starting Sept. 1.

“There weren’t automatic weapons or 100-round magazine capacities in the guns 100 years ago,” said Gyl Switzer, director of Texas Gun Sense, a nonprofit group of more than 7,000 mostly gun owners who lobby for improved methods of gun control.

The permitless carry law isn’t within Switzer’s ideas of ensuring responsible firearm safety, as indicated by Texas Gun Sense’s press release Wednesday within an hour of Abbott’s fulfillment of his promise to sign the Republican-backed legislation.

“We are very concerned and disgusted that Governor Abbott has signed HB (House Bill) 1927 today while Texans are still fighting for their lives in Austin area hospitals from the most recent of Texas mass shootings,” the release stated. “(The bill) allows the permitless carry of handguns in public by people with no background check, no training in laws and safety and no demonstrated proficiency in shooting.”

Under the previous state law, Texans had to be licensed to carry, openly or concealed, a handgun. To obtain the handgun license, applicants had to submit their fingerprints, receive 4 to 6 hours of training, complete and pass a written exam and a shooting proficiency exam.

— Betty L. Martin in New permitless carry law big blow to gun control in U.S. Texas





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  1. Yes it’s so bad here I’ve issued weapons to my 3yr old grandkids 😂
    Or it’s just another day like all the others and nothing changed as we’ve been at it a while

  2. I was gonna ask, why is this any of China’s business? Then I remembered they own half the country and most of our “representatives”!!

  3. Chicoms and Marxist Democrats both want Americans to be disarmed so it will be easier for them to control us.

  4. Yes, the other 20 states or so with constitutional carry de-evolving into Mad Max 24-7 Purge Nights should have been a warning to us *rolls eyes*

    Oh and f***k China

    • Well NYC is the shining model of order and civility so you rowdy peasants better get in line. Doublethink is everything with those who want power.

  5. Who gives a rat’s ass what china thinks about our rights. Oh wait – the head demotator looks to them for direction of how to screw our country. 🤬

  6. One hundred years ago, the M1921 Thompson Submachine Gun was available, with a standard 50 round drum magazine. Just sayin…

    • Yeah, but what’s this about a “mostly gun”? I haven’t heard about that one, yet some guy knows the likes and dislikes of 7000 owners of “mostly guns”? Are they full auto? Are they made cheap in China? Can I get one by mail order?

    • Yeah, and who voted away our rights in 1934? Oh, right, it was a democrat-controlled Congress, and a democrat president who signed the law…. We are on the verge of history repeating itself…

  7. Meanwhile 4000 Texans die every year in auto accidents yet a drive for a state wide 55mph maximum speed limit has failed to gain traction.

    • Gov, that’s because speeding isn’t the main cause of traffic accidents. It’s not even in the top 4, of 8 identified by the NHTSA. Speeding laws are an excuse for shoddy police work, allowing officers that should be policing for things like Karen being on Pintrest in the left lane doing 55 because her gaudy suv has “braking assist”. They shift the blame from people who can’t be bothered to pay attention for more than a few minutes while driving their 2-3 ton death machine, and onto people who actually pay attention to the laws regarding things like blinkers, right-of-way, attentive driving.
      Bottom line, our current driving laws pander to the lowest drivers, the ones who actually cause wrecks.

        • The NHSTA website says you’re wrong.

          That you “Joe”? It’s actually the NH-T-SA National Highway TRAFFIC Safety Administration, another bloated, totally unnecessary bureaucracy like the “AFT”.. Now let me check my list to see who I’m allowed to call on next, I sure don’t want to get in trouble with “THEM”…

        • Being as Gun Powder was invented in China the nitwit with his panties in a wad over 100 rounds today should know about Black Powder and how it was used by the citizen militia to make bombs back in the days of muskets.

          Not only are Gun Control Zealots up to their eyeballs in an agenda rooted in racism and genocide they also have proven themselves to be pathological liars.

        • As my ol man used to say about firecrackers, “them Chinese don’t care if you’ve got three fingers or four.”

        • “Gun Control Zealots up to their eyeballs in an agenda rooted in racism and genocide”

          which race are they trying to genocide?

      • Not throwing stones here, I’ve tripled the speed limit on a few occasions (in my wild youth). Yes, distracted driving is by far the leading cause of accidents. But to a wider point, there’s posters in TX rest areas lamenting the fact that it’s been over 20 years since a day went by without a fatal accident in TX. If you live in TX you know that someone (probably 10 or 12 people) are going to die today there, and scores of others horribly maimed, yet we all jump in our cars and think nothing of it. We worry about being victims of mass shootings when we’re more likely to be beaten to death with fists.

        Worry about your (and other’s) driving. Worry about your cholesterol or blood pressure. Get a colon cancer screening. And enjoy the time you’ve got before your squished like a bug by a Peterbilt.

        • I’ve tripled the speed limit on a few occasions…

          So, just curious, was that 90 in a 30 mph zone or 200 in a 65 (or are you talking about KPH, big difference there)… If the latter I say Kudos to you because I’ve been chasing that 200 mph dragon for 50 years and my resources and (relatively) limited funds have only managed to get me to 186 (on a closed course) in a highly modified 66 Mustang coupe…

        • trebling the limit in ~your~ youth means 210mph.
          i don’t think i would have survived the cliff drop…
          downhill with a tailwind?
          or was your superbird slightly optimistic in it miscalibration?

        • max, that stang must be faired something like a torino talladega.
          i get the personal satisfaction part, but a ‘busa hands it to you for under 10k.

        • but a ‘busa hands it to you for under 10k.

          When’s the last time YOU ran 200 MPH on two wheels… Your 10k “Busa” will be lucky to pull 180 and you won’t stay THERE very long… My little Mustang was built under the old “California Modified” rules, ran 186 at Ontario Motor Speedway in 1977 in the Winston Cup Black Gold 250…

        • I’ve personally done a little over 170mph (gps verified) on a mostly stock 2000 Hayabusa (full exhaust and a tuner) and it was still pulling HARD in 5th with one gear to go. I have zero doubts that bike would’ve shot right passed 180 if my better judgement hadn’t finally caught up with me. 200 is a little doubtful, but I bet it would have come within a gnats hair of it. All for the kingly sun of $4500 used.

        • 55 55 55=165
          1994 Kawasaki ZX9, 2005 Yamaha YZF R1
          Speedo error (typically 7% /-) accounted for.

          Tripling the limit on a rural TX 2 lane hwy. would be quite a feat.

        • Had a KZ-1000 in 76 that would roll up 160 with ease but then the common sense side starts through a check list of what ifs and the right hand starts rolling back the other way…

        • My speed addiction really took off the day after my lawyer handed me a moderately fat check for a bike wreck a year before and I bought that ZX9 brand new off the showroom floor. Six surgeries including skin grafts, ankle screws and the permanent loss of one of the 2 major ligaments in my left knee didn’t slow me down nearly as much as turning 40.

        • had my Sunfire running 120 just the other day. Got a little shake at 80 but it smoothed out.

        • Guv, I haven’t ever been killed in an accident in TX during the past 30 years, never mind 20. And you’ll rarely find me below 55 on a highway. I am not certain the sky is falling, regardless of signs posted in rest areas.

        • I’ll bite, 165 on 2 lane TX roads dozens of times, 1993 Honda CBR900RR, bone stock, not a scratch on it when I traded it for a Jetski just before my 49th birthday in 1995. When I drove the speed limit, once, out of curiosity, for a tank of gas, it got 65 mpg.

      • In my neck of the woods, on the in-town interstate, if you’re not doing at least 8 over the limit you might cause an accident. This because you’re bottling up a bunch of people behind you that want to go 15+ over and chaos ensues with close shave lane changes etc..

        I’ve always driven great handling vehicles. When I see someone driving “recklessly” my thought always is “that’s not the right vehicle for that kind of driving….” Utility vans, pickup trucks, old Japanese cucarachas with skinny tires dressed in red primer, etc.

        I love pickup trucks. Unfortunately they give some people a false sense of security while wheelbase, height, weight distribution and mass all work against you. In terms of maneuverability it’s like comparing airliners and fighter jets.

    • How about we start a push for a statewide 75 minimum speed on Interstates for the right lane, 90 for the left lane. With a fine of $1000/mph under those speeds. Interstates were not built to save lives, they were built to get you there quick. If you’re worried about traffic accidents, ride your horse cross-country. At 55, my BMW does not like shifting into high gear, thus wastes gas.

  8. A larger concern is with the Leftist community in Austin arming up. They seem to believe simply disagreeing with them is cause for violent action. If Democrats ever got the sort of control they so desire and were able to disarm the population it would allow them to rid the nation of their political opponents, some 40 to 50 million. One leading Leftist has even proposed concentration camps in the southwest for this purpose. Recall the internment of Americans of Japanese descent after the attack on Pearl Harbor and how their assets were ‘liberated’ by Democrats. This would be done for much the same reason.

  9. There weren’t automatic weapons or 100-round magazine capacities in the guns 100 years ago

    The Austrians introduced the world’s first machine pistol, the Steyr Repetierpistole M1912/P16… It fired the 9×23mm Steyr cartridge, with a full-auto rate-of-fire of about 800 to 1,000 rounds per minute (RPM). It weighed about 2.6 pounds. Introduced in 1916… That WOULD be 105 years ago…
    If China is so concerned about full auto firearms in civilian hands why are they selling ILLEGAL cheap ass knockoff full auto conversions for Glocks in the U.S… As far as capacties? That has been increasing since the invention of the cartridge and if potential adversaries didn’t have access to those “high capacities” I Wouldn’t need them either…
    I guess the REAL questions here is WHY does China care what kind of gun I own OR how many rounds it carries AND why should I give a fuk WHAT China thinks about it?… OBTW, hey China, WHY do YOU have all those Submarines armed with NUCLEAR capable missles? Certainly, nobody NEEDS hundreds of nuclear weapons…

  10. Largest standing Army in the world is Texas gun owners. Come on over China, we’ll show you you’re no match. These idiots forget we saved their asses from the Japanese army 80 years ago…

    • These idiots forget we saved their asses from the Japanese army 80 years ago…

      The WORLD is full of forgetful (ungreatful) countries whose entire cultures have been “saved” by Americans, money and power has that affect on people…

      • And it’s too bad we didn’t nuke the chinamen at the Yalu river in 1950. I guess it was better to a dim president that American soldiers die. Seriously china can go to he!!

        • Really should’ve nuked the Chinese PLA during the Chinese civil war so the Nationalist Chinese forces would’ve won the war. Communism would’ve been completely contained to the Soviet Union and the cold war would’ve been a completely one sided affair that only effected Eastern Europe. The Soviets would’ve been completely humbled and beyond paranoid with a pro US China in Asia and NATO in Europe.

    • A girl I dated in high school’s Dad was a marine at Chosin Reservoir, he told me they stacked up frozen dead Chinese soldiers like cordwood and mowed down more from behind the bodies. I knew he was tough, but only later did I realize how tough.

  11. Yep, the lefties are horrified that innocent Texans will be able to carry a gat for self protection without having to beg for permission first. Even worse some of the bail reform released repeat felons are likely to get smoked before they can even come up for trial, horrors!


    • Rusty….. Being a citizen of Texas, I took my handgun training then was told that I would have to get a mug shot and fingerprints to send in with a completed form to get a LTC. Since I have a clean record and have passed every background check , even for working in sensitive areas on military bases, I made the decision that the Second Amendment already gave me this right and not to be treated like a criminal with the mug shot etc. Now we have Permitless Carry.

  12. Next year, five to six months out from the midterm elections, Republicans need to create commercials showing Chinese concentration camps while narrating how Democrats and the CCP are both in complete agreement that Americans should be disarmed.

    • …. and where are these commercials going to run ?? Lamestream TV, Faceplant, one of the other lib -controlled media options …. by the mid terms, we may well be back to smoke signals.

      • Ever heard of Fox News? They have the most viewers and they reach far more middle-of-the-road voters than CNN or MSDNC.

        It would be a waste to target far right or far left zealots that don’t care about facts either way.

        • Ever heard of Fox News?

          You mean the LATEST addition to the ever popular “fake” news family of foriegn owned influence peddlers? FAUX died when Disney bought them out and put Paul RINO on the board…

        • You’re right, reaching the most people you would want to influence during an election cycle would be dumb…..

  13. The Ughyurs are China’s slaves. Kept in concentration camps and forced to perform labor for the CCP.

    China doesn’t like it when anyone mentions the Ughyurs or the genocide that they are actually committing against the Uyghurs.

    The CCP still has nuclear weapons aimed at us. We have the same aimed at them, unless Biden has that changed as well.

    China is the enemy we seem too happy to support buying their cheap goods made by forced labor.

    If China thinks we should have more stringent gun laws, then I think they should emancipate all of their slaves. We can compromise, free your slaves and we will keep out arms.

  14. joe xiden. miner49er. dacian. All agree with the fascist chinese .gov. And yes, they gave up communism and went full fascism quite some time ago. They just haven’t changed the stationary.

  15. I have been to 11 Trump rallies in the past 12 months. The enormous turn-out of well-organized Chinese-Americans at Trump rallies, all carrying signs decrying the CCP, organized motorcades with billboard (not just signs) mounted atop every vehicle, people handing out pamphlets describing the crimes of the CCP, all of this evidences that Chinese-Americans are well-aware of the threat the CCP poses to this country.

    These Chinese protesters take big risks; many have family and friends still in China or they know people here, in the USA, that are being forced to spy for the CCP under threat to themselves, family, and friends. I know this because three times I have been interviewed by Chinese television stations (I think they pick me because of my Stetson and my open carry) and have had some extended conversations with the reporters.

    China’s Premier may not like that we are armed, especially because he knows the number of armed Chinese-Americans is rapidly growing, but the fact is that our arms are an obstacle to tyranny.

    BTW, the same is true for Korean-Americans. There were not as many of them at the rallies as the Chinese, but they were always there, carrying their Korean and American flags, carrying signs, leading cheers, and making speeches.

    God Bless them and all of us.

    • True, many of the rally’s I have personally been to had some prominent Chinese dissident or individual that fled the Chicoms and don’t want Communist leftist ideology here.

      Most of my family have left Hong Kong and reside in Canada and the U.S., but even so, I would say less than half are automatically pro-leftist because of identity politics or critical race theory.

      • Sorry about Hong Kong, mate, it was sure beautiful in 1987! It’s the world’s loss, not just yours.

        • in uniform walking up mount victoria in 1987 or so. passed a double column of several hundred young schoolgirls coming down. the first one waved and said hi, the one beside her joined in, I waved back, the second two felt they should repeat it, the third two joined in, and the entire line in sequence from the front to the end all waved and said hi while I waved and said hi back to all of them, the escorting teachers were laughing and the entire line was laughing. took about a minute. great memory.

  16. It isn’t like Texas was the only state to do this.

    Why would it matter to China anyway?

  17. China doesn’t like it because they take a long term view on world conquest. If more people can legally carry, it becomes commonplace and that means it will be that much longer before they can buy out most of the US and try to put us under subjugation. A compliant population is what they want, they do not like people that stand in their way.

    • They can’t simply buy the US, despite all the times I have heard that poop in the past 20 years or so. It has been done to many countries, by many countries, when they get onerous you just declare that all their holdings now belong to the US government, and suddenly they have “bought” nothing. Thank you and bye-bye!

  18. Question from a non American: what about carry a legally owned machine gun (in Texas or some other State)? Is there small print that forbids this in constitutional carry States? Or can you carry your Uzi or Repetierpistole M1912/P16? (not talking whether this is good idea or not, probably not 🙂 )

    • In most gun rights friendly states it’s likely legal, for example in Georgia the law states “any legal weapon”, when it comes to hunting or carrying. But yes, probably not a great idea to tote around something in access of 30 grand and risk it being confiscated after having to use it.

  19. They are not “concerned” with it in the slightest- this is simply more political agitation

  20. I bet if America would lift the gunm bans Norinco would sell us anything we could afford.

  21. this is a tell
    why would they care unless they have plans to put their troops on our soil

    • That causes them no concern at all, they have 1.4 BILLION and wouldn’t mind a few hundred million dead and another few hundred million replacing the American dead.

      • because of their one-child policy china has 40 million young men who will never be able to marry a chinese woman. they would gladly park all of them, fully armed and equipped, in california as soon as governor newsome requests outside assistance from his fraternal socialist brothers across the pacific.

        • because of their one-child policy china has

          The one child rule has been lifted… The decision to allow families to have two children was designed “to improve the balanced development of population” and to deal with an aging population, according to the statement from the Community Party’s Central Committee carried by the official Xinhua News Agency…

  22. Free Hong Kong.

    Taiwan is a sovereign nation.

    The CCP is committing genocide / mass democide (again). The PRC as a nation holds the record for most people killed by their own government (60-80 mil just while Mao was still in power).

    • Mao, or as he says it – ” Mayo “, is dacian’s number 2 hero, right behind Soros at good ol’ #1… Maybe he’ll chime in after he’s back from an afternoon at ProgWorld. ( After his nap and taking a bath to get Unicorn glitter off his crotch from the rides )

    • I think Taiwan is going to be focus of big trouble within 10 years, hope Biden’s gone first or it will be short and ugly.

      • what will be really ugly is that taiwan is the leader in microchip tech. if the chinese communist party ruling class families get ahold of that their return to world power will be complete.

      • China learned from Tiananmen. They need 20 years after doing something controversial for the attention to fade. 20 years later they were hosting the Olympics.

        To have the world join the celebrations for the 100 years of the revolution anniversary, they know they have to sort their problem with Taiwan by the end of the decade.

        Also, taking Taiwan puts China firmly in control of the global semiconductor industry. Where do you think most of the manufacturers are based and designs are created?

  23. Well, who really cares what China thinks? If we had never stopped carrying guns we wouldn’t have these political problems today.

  24. Why is the title of this – China’s state-run news agency disturbed by Texas constitutional carry…… and then nothing about China’s problem with it? The quoted text seems to be from the Texas anti gun group and even that doesn’t mention China?

    When I read the title of the article I expected to read about China’s issues with law not the opinion of Texas Gun Sense groups opinion.

    I was looking forward to reveling in China’s upset feelings but got an article without anything to do with China. Anytime China is upset about something in the US it’s a good day, so where’s the scoop Dan?

  25. The wild west, even as misperceived via Hollywood, was infinitely safer than living under the murderous self righteous communist dictatorships.

    • indeed it was. all of the frontiersmen would have been appalled at the present murder rates in great american cities such as new york and chicago and boston. then they would learn that the slaughter was almost entirely black-on-black and would ask “why did you give up segregation?” and they’d say that what was happening was the white man’s fault, because it’s certainly not anyone else’s.

    • oh they’ll show up by the hundreds of thousands, looking for a safe place to put their money outside of china. then they’ll set up an embassy looking to import their entire extended families.

      look at a map of china. that entire southern region is where the vietnamese and laotians and cambodians used to live.



    • You thought Trump was authoritarian? Buddy meet the new guy who feels you have too much freedom and you should give it all up to the State.

      Trump was an ass who said a lot of hurtful things if you had a weak mind and will. However I found nothing authoritarian about him especially when his record is placed beside the current President and the members of the Democratic Party.

      China seemed to be butt hurt by Trump, since he was putting us first. This new guy, the CCP loves.

      If Trump hurt your feelings, grow up. The world is a cruel place and Trump was pretty minor leagues to many I know.

  27. Never gave a damn about China or the Chinese and sure as hell don’t care what they think of our gun laws. More reason for them to stay out of Texas.

  28. Don’t know, don’t want to know, and certainly don’t give a 💩 what the PRC’s state-run ‘news’ agency is ‘disturbed’ by, or thinks about ANYTHING. Molon Fucking Labe.

  29. The ChiComs remember full well the admonition that Japanese Admiral Yamamoto gave to Japan’s leaders in 1941 when they asked him about the feasibility of invading America. His response is famous: ‘In America, there will be a gun behind every blade of grass’. They dropped the idea of invading America. Hitler also decided against invading Switzerland, for among other things, the same reason. Gun control is people control Dictatorship 101- Control the guns, control the people. The Democrats know that to.

  30. Texas NEEDS to return to the old West way of doing things. We should begin with those corrupt souls that sell us out each legislative session. Plenty of Live Oaks here.

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