Pulse nightclub shooting
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By Larry Keane

President Joe Biden marked the anniversary of the tragic terror attack at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Fla., by peddling a gun control narrative and cover-up for the failures of the Obama-Biden administration to stop radical Islamic terror attacks.

It’s the latest in the Biden administration’s push for the most far-reaching gun control that has ever been forced on the American public. It spans the entire spectrum, from President Biden’s nomination of David Chipman, a paid gun control lobbyist who testified he would twist the 1934 National Firearms Act to create government watchlists and ban entire classes of commonly-owned firearms, to the lingering H.R. 8, a bill that would lead to a national registry of every gun owner in America.

President Biden marked the grim anniversary by repeating his gun control mantra.

Joe Biden
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“It is long past time we close the loopholes that allow gun buyers to bypass background checks in this country, and the Senate should start by passing the three House-passed bills which would do exactly that,” President Biden wrote in a statement.

What was missing from the statement was an acknowledgment that Americans were killed at the hand of a radical Islamic terrorist.

Perpetuating Failure

The tragedy wasn’t a gun control failure. It was a failure of President Barack Obama and then-Vice President Biden for not safeguarding Americans from terror attacks. President Biden perpetuates the cover-up that was begun when President Obama issued a statement in the wake of the terror attack and misguiding the American public when he wrote, “This was an attack on the LGBT community.”

The Biden administration is attempting to distract from past failures to push an agenda that leaves Americans vulnerable – especially those in the LGBT community. This misdirection was not an oversight.

CNN reported immediately after the deadliest terror attack since Sept. 11, 2001, that the murderer who killed 49 pledged allegiance to ISIS. NBC reported two years later that a thorough examination of the evidence showed the murderer randomly chose his terror target. Even the progressive-liberal publication Vox admitted it was a terror attack, not an LGBT hate crime.

That makes it a failure of the Executive Branch – President Obama and then-Vice President Biden – to detect and halt terror attacks on the American public.

President Biden is doubling down by chasing failed gun control policies. Time magazine reported the murderer purchased his firearm legally after the same background check the president parrots as a cure-all. In fact, the FBI investigated the murderer twice before his horrific crimes for possible terror ties and then-FBI director James Comey defended the bureau for closing the investigations and not following through.

President Obama’s first instinct was to blame guns and demand gun control. Five years later, President Biden has learned nothing and is repeating the same discredited lies demanding the same gun control.

Illusions, Delusions of Safety

Smokescreens like these make Americans less safe. They make at-risk communities even more vulnerable. Calling for gun control that would disarm law-abiding citizens and refusing to recognize radical terrorists and criminals that prey on innocent people is beyond immoral. It emboldens the attackers.

Chris Cheng of The History Channel’s Top Shot fame, spoke to Congress about this at NSSF’s recommendation. He brought his perspective as an Asian-American and a member of the LGBT community. He was recently profiled by RECOIL Magazine, shattering stereotypes that people in the communities he associates with are willing to be stripped of their rights and play the role of “willing victim.”

“I testified in front of the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee to speak against a number of the gun control measures currently facing Congress,” Cheng explained. “The backdrop was with the 149% rise of anti-Asian-American attacks over the past year, there are Asian-Americans flocking to gun stores in droves for personal protection. Some of the gun control measures would increase the time and difficulty for responsible citizens to acquire firearms.”

Asian-Americans purchased guns at a 43 percent higher rate in 2020 than they did in 2019. African-Americans saw the highest increase of gun purchasing during that time, a 58 percent increase and Latino-Americans increase gun purchases by 47 percent. There was a similar rise in gun purchases by those in the LGBT community, according to news reports.

It is dangerous for the country when the President of the United States refuses to acknowledge the problems of terror and unchecked crime. It is dangerous for the people who would be left defenseless by enacting his failing antigun policies over facing stark realities.


Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.


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  1. Progressives and banning the private ownership of firearms:


    • there is much evidence that the homosexual community is ripe with mental illness and crimes against nature. “We the People” will never see this evidence. The commies will cover it up.

  2. joe xiden is just following his handlers script. I doubt he knows what day of the week it is.

    On a side note. Am I the only one that has has trouble accessing ttag the last couple of days?

      • None here using smart phone. The elf bee eye has got your number jwm, when you access ttag it takes them awhile to get their spy sht going. LOL

        • What’s more disturbing? The fbi spying on me or a possum with a smart phone?

          I don’t fear the fbi. They’re barely able to walk and chew gum at the same time.

          But a marsupial that has mastered human tech? Next thing you know he’ll be building a neutrino device.

      • are the (yankee) FBI agents still sleeping with each other? What is the black guy’s name that shot Ashli Babbitt? It’s been 6 months….

  3. “Biden Lies”?… I am absolutely shocked… OBTW, Dickhead purchased BOTH firearms used at Pulse “legally” and passed the required background checks in spite of being investigated by the FBI… TWICE…

  4. At this point I’m not sure Biden knows what he is says when he says it. If he ever did. His “Handlers” are trying to limit his exposure to the Media. Even when they are able to provide him with copy to read on a TelePrompter he has a habit of wandering away and speaking in gibberish or complete fabrications. As many people with Dementia and other mind limiting afflictions tend to do. At some point the Media will begin to interject the plausibility and need to invoke the 25th Amendment. In support of the Biden family so they can take the necessary steps to care for Joe. Thus handing over the Presidency to Kamala, which was the sole intent of placing her on the ticket. It was always the plan to give Joe his time as President because those in Control thought he could be Handled. Now it seems that was a bad assumption and desperate times call for desperate measures. The only question is. How much longer can they let the farce continue before even the “koolade” drinkers begin to wonder if they made a bad decision and realize that votes really do have consequences. Especially when you vote against your own best interests, because you believed “The Lies”. We shall see…Keep Your Powder Dry.

    • Has anyone ever witnessed Biden actually finishing a sentence? Seems a masterful method to avoid damaging quotes, when you never even finish a sentence, much less a thought.

    • If Kameltoe wants her maximum term, she has to wait 2 years and a day into President Joe’s current term before invoking the 25th. That way she gets the rest of his term plus 2 terms of her own. Otherwise she just gets the remainder of the current term plus 1 term of her own.

      • karamala will NEVER be elected POTUS… Her only shot will be Beijing Biden stepping down… And then she’ll be impeached for incompetence…

        • MADDMAXX,
          I guess you weren’t paying attention in 2020. The democrats will just make up whatever number of votes they need to get her in. If Camel Toe is the one the elites actually want.

        • YOU need a link? It’s in the Constitution… If the VP finishes 2 years or more of the current POTUS term then they are only eligible to run for one full term… One day less than two years and they go for two… 22nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America, ratified Feb 27 1951…

      • “That way she gets the rest of his term plus 2 terms of her own.”

        That’s no given. Even the Leftist Scum aren’t exactly happy with her performance so far.

        Harris is beatable in a race for POTUS…

      • There is nothing I can find supporting the idea Caramel has to wait two years in to replace the current (p)resident just so she can get her own. A term is a term, regardless of circumstances or time.

        • No one said she could not serve a full term following her completing Bidens term however the 22nd Amendment (yes there are more than 10) says that if she serves MORE than two years of Bidens term she will only be eligible to serve ONE full four year term (not two)… Not that hard to find..

      • CP: I guess you have not been paying attention to what is happening in 2021… Many States where questionable activities took place in 2020 are currently “fixing” those problems that allowed large scale manipulation of their votes… To many people were asleep at the wheel, that won’t happen again at least in the RED states… Karamala will NEVER be “elected” President of the United States…

    • Yay Americas first female president, by default.
      theBiden has no plans for a second term , so the threat of being re elected is out the window.

    • Yep. Gerald Ford even predicted that was how thee first female US President would take office. As a VP assuming the role.

    • a senile old racist and a prostitute are the best the demon-rats have? When will you all wake up and secede from this evil empire? I can give thousands of reasons to leave. You can’t give me one reason to stay, except, that you really enjoy the abuse…. how pathetic is that

  5. The democRat Party clings to Gun Control because it is their remaining key component of slavery and without it means no slaves. It’s a necessary evil they must maintain to inch their sicko agenda forward. The poor Ratbassturds cannot help it…It’s a Jim Crow Gun Control democRat Party Family Tradition.

    • Ahhh…now there’s the Debbie we all know and love.

      – Jim Crow
      – DemocRats
      – Slavery
      – Evil
      – Ratbassturds

      All we’re missing is ‘enuf’ to make it a party.

        • N O B O D Y

          We even cleansed ourselves of Miner49er, and Vlad. Miner popped up randomly here and there for a while, but the more actual gun stuff gets shared, the less politics, the less reason he has to be here. Probably went back to reddit.

        • I do enjoy the gun articles, and I only comment when I notice someone post falsehoods or deceptive content.

          Remain at ease, I’ll be in the area all day.

        • *Official Miner49er business*

          I need to add to the above statement

          As a hypocritically self-righteous and condemnatory rainbowfart with a sanctimoniousness smug moral superiority derived from how incredibly virtuous I am…

          …I do enjoy the gun articles, and I only comment when I notice someone (obviously morally inferior to me) post falsehoods or deceptive content.

          Remain at ease, I’ll be in the area all day.

          FIXED IT !

      • everyone misses the SCOTUS ruling in 2003, when minorities were considered 4/5ths a person to get into college (Michigan) and affirmative action was needed because they were inferior, not equal, couldn’t compete on a level playing field with “whitey”. Not one savage complained

  6. National Gunm Registry. Hows that different from running a 4473 everytime you legally buy a gunm.
    A gunm registry won’t stop black market sales and probably most black market gunm buyer’s have some kind of criminal history anyway (criminal history: speeding ticket). gunm laws only effect the law abiding.
    theBidens slot for BATFE said it, anyone owning a gunm is a potential criminal. What Chip wanted to say was anyone owning a gunm IS a criminal and hes damned sure he’ll make that happen.

    • The difference is that with a registry you just look up in the database who has what, by searching either who or what, and go right to them.

      With the 4473s (before BATFECES started digitizing them), if you had a crime gun, you had to contact the manufacturer or importer. They would tell you what distributor it went to. Contact the distributor. They will give you the shop it went to. Contact the shop, they will dig through their old 4473s and let you know who they sold it to. Then you go talk to that person to find out they are a democrat voter, er, I mean deceased. Then you do some investigation and find out the gun went to their grandkid. You contact the grand kid and find it out he pawned the gun 10 years ago. Check the Pawn Shop he thinks he sold it at and if it is right their 4473 gives you the next person it was sold to. Visit this person and find out that the gun was stolen 3 years ago, and there is a police report. That’s where it entered the underground economy where it’s been floating around for several years.


      Go out to the rows of shipping containers full of 4473s that have been sent in from retired, deceased, and out of business FFLs and dig through them looking for the one for this particular gun.

      If you want to know all the guns some particular person has, well, your just shit out of luck.

      There are some good documentaries on the old process. Unfortunately it’s been about 15 years or more since I started hearing BATFECES was scanning 4473s during inspections at gun shops. So there probably is more of a database now, even though it doesn’t officially exist.

    • Same deal with the Riverside attack—you remember, right? The Christmas party that was attacked by the husband/wife jihadi duo. Yeah, that was deemed workplace violence too. Because…narrative. Clearly NOT radical islam.*

      * Do I really have to point out the sarcasm?

  7. Lets ask the question of who was protecting the people who died at The Pulse that night. It sure as heck wasn’t the police waiting hours for people to bleed out.

    • It sure as heck wasn’t the police waiting hours for people to bleed out.

      Or the off duty cop at the door that “retreated” as soon as he realized he was outgunned…

        • Please, help me!” – victim

          Yeah that’s been going on ever since that night… But it didn’t stop the club owner from making a few million off of it… And they haven’t signed the movie deal YET… Coming to a theater near you just in time for that Holiday we celebrate every Winter, you know the one that’s a week before Jan 1st…

  8. Trump got it wrong as well, but no one mentioned that in the article, interesting…

    “A few days earlier, presidential candidate Donald Trump said at a rally, “A radical Islamic terrorist targeted the nightclub, not only because he wanted to kill Americans, but in order to execute gay and lesbian citizens, because of their sexual orientation.”

    • but in order to execute gay and lesbian citizens, because of their sexual orientation.”

      That is ACTUALLY the way it was being reported at the time… The prevailing theory based on comments made by the wanna-be jihadi about homosexuals was that the shooting at a “GAY” nightclub in Orlando WAS a hate crime against Homosexuals/Lesbians which he AND his religion consided to be an abomination… So Trump was only speaking on the prevailing narrative AT THAT TIME as opposed to making shit up as some people do…

      • in either case you’d be ‘tarded (ahem…) to think that a slamic does not have utter disdain for those practicing peepee touching.

        • Well you know, it’s not just the Islamists who are very upset about peepee touching, the fundamentalist Christians claim gods word requires that if a man lays with a man as he lays with a woman, they shall surely be put to death. And God is Love.

    • Yeah, and Ann Coulter has parroted 85% of media lies on Charlottesville too. So what? The propaganda of the lame stream media is spread far and wide and deep. Countering it would be more than a full time job. Look how misinformed you are Minor69er. Even with all of the people here trying to shed some light on things for you you still persist in your ignorance.

      • Well don’t just cast stones, and then run. Do you have a specific complaint about the content I post? Please, share with the group…

  9. “…a terror attack, not an LGBT hate crime…”

    Why argue over which one it was? It might as well be both.

    If the establishment propaganda is that it was an attack on the LGBT community, leverage it. Make it damn clear to LGBT folks that you, a normal person who just happens to be gay and just trying to live your life, are the specific target of an evil, anti-gay, anti-American ideology.

    And point out exactly what this incident means — that the government can’t and won’t save you. Some murderous bigot is always going to slip through the cracks. And when it happens, you’ll be all alone. No police or politicians will be there to save the people who are staring down the barrel of that gun. Or, if we go the way of the UK and France, a big-ass knife.

    But the politicians WILL stand on your dead body and use you to sell servitude to everyone else, you can count on that. If that doesn’t burn your biscuit, nothing will.

    Hit that sucker with both barrels. It might help separate a few of the less mush-brained LGBT folks and assorted “liberals” from the idiotic idea that Daddy Government is going to take perfect care of everyone.

  10. Wasn’t the attacker’s dad a known terrorist supporter the Obama admins let run free for “intelligence” purposes?

    • Wasn’t the attacker’s dad a known terrorist supporter

      WAY more than a “supporter”… Seddique Mateen is the self-appointed President of Afghanistan and an FBI informant… was also being investigated for money transfers to Turkey and Pakistan…

  11. Lobotomy Joe, a new symptom of being a democrap full of brains all of his life!


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