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From Rock Island Armory . . .

Rock Island Armory has announced the addition of a striker-fired pistol to its long line of 2021 product introductions. The STK100 features a solid frame that gives shooters the advantages of metal for the price of polymer.

It comes with an aluminum grip to make it more durable and give it enough added weight to give it a smoother feel with less felt recoil. There’s also less flex in the gun for improved accuracy.

Chambered in 9mm, the STK100 has 17-round capacity. It also boasts an extended beavertail that’s angled more like a 1911 to provide a more natural point of aim and greater control. An optics-ready slide makes it easy to mount accessories and the firearm is compatible with after-market parts.

“We think shooters are going to be excited about the STK100,” said Armscor President and CEO, Martin Tuason. “It really does give shooters all the advantages of metal for the price of polymer. It’s perfect for recreational shooting, self-defense, and even law enforcement, which makes it incredibly versatile.”

For more information about the RIA STK100, visit




MSRP = $599



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  1. I like the idea of it. I would really like to see ambi slide & mag release though. I’m also very curious to see if it will be compatible with current Glock holsters. If the pistol performs well, that last item would be a huge sticking point for most prospective purchasers.

    • It’s plastic, and looks like a glock. I’m disappointed. If I wanted plastic that looked like a glock, I’d just go buy a glock. I already know glock takes glock mags. I’m already going to know that a glock is going to accept glock accessories. They are literally offering nothing with this design.

      I like the new ideas coming out of kel-tec. I hate their plastic clam-shell toy looking style however. It makes me want to puke and then not buy it. Sig has some new designs, which are… okay. Anything innovating the ATF destroyed, and Sig gave up on by not appealing.
      There are some new and small companies producing new stuff. No creativity anymore it seems.

      • Okay – I take it back. It has an aluminum frame. That’s something. Something more than what Glock is offering at least. So that is worth considering.

      • I like the new ideas coming out of kel-tec. I hate their plastic clam-shell toy looking style however.

        I agree completely. It just so happens that I read your comment during a break in between trying (failing) to put those clamshell abominations together!

        Except for the Nerf construction, the RDB would be an absolute game-changer / standard setter for PDWs: full carbine performance in 24.5″ (collapsed) with a great trigger, ambi bottom ejection, and negligible recoil. If they molded the lower in one piece, and made the upper take AR barrels, I’d pay ludicrous amounts of money for one.

    • “I’m also very curious to see if it will be compatible with current Glock holsters. If the pistol performs well, that last item would be a huge sticking point for most prospective purchasers.”

      Very interesting.

      An aluminum-framed linear-hammer (thanks, Ashley A., for that tid-bit!) that takes Glock mags and fits Glock accessories would be *huge*, especially if the internals mirrored Gaston’s gun.

      That’s something I would take a serious look at, since Florida carry involves a high humidity environ…

  2. “Trigger Pull: 3-7 lbs.”

    Not understanding that. Is this a SA/DA pistol or DAO?

    Other than that, it’s a nice-looking pistol. I hope availability of extra magazines is better than the Shield Plus which are unobtainium.

  3. Well that’s interesting…no sign of a price on the website. Or here. Reminds me of a Turkish clone. IS IT?
    I’ll stick with my Taurus G3 which runs great.

  4. What possibly is the motivation to introduce yet another striker-fired handgun?

    Are they so ridiculously cheap to design and build that it’s a no-brainer, business-wise?

    • Pretty much, yeah. 3rd Gen Glocks are becoming the AR-15 of the pistol world, where every manufacturer makes their own version with slightly different features. This, the OZ9, PSA Dagger, Lone Wolf, Faxon, P80, etc

    • GeoffPR,

      “What possibly is the motivation to introduce yet another striker-fired handgun?”

      I was thinking the same exact thing.

      What they should have done is made that hammer-fired–a competitor to the venerable CZ-75 line of outstanding handguns. What’s not to like about a hammer-fired handgun which you can fire in single-action OR double-action mode? That you can carry in a half-c0cked safety mode and instantly fire via double-action–or rapidly bring to bear in single-action with nothing more than pulling the hammer back with your thumb?

      • For those of us of a certain age, traditional DA/SA is the “standard” action for handguns- it’s what makes the most operational sense.

        It appears that a lot of folks of less than a certain age find traditional DA/SA to be “confusing”, and somehow operationally inferior.

        The good news is one can purchase a handgun with the operational action you prefer- SA, DA/SA, DAO, striker fired, etc.

        To each their own.

  5. I like it. I always thought there should be more aluminum framed guns. I’m going to buy this one just because of that.

        • Aluminum is dirt-cheap to mold…

        • I got the idea once to scratch-build an AR lower. A lower-size block of 7075 (if you can even find it; most available 7075 is roundbar) costs significantly more than an 80% lower. If you molded it you’d have to heat-treat and anodize it as well.

          6061 is significantly less expensive, but no decent aluminum is ever “dirt-cheap”. It looks like a block is $113 (more than either of the 80%s I found, even in today’s crazy conditions).

          I tried [twice] to post earlier this morning (critical comments, but respectful, and the same as those posted later by others) and my post just vanished. Not even held up for moderation – just evaporated.

        • RIA has figured out how to do it so it prices out comparably to polymer guns. Maybe part of that is labor costs in the Philippines, but aluminum seems like a good compromise between steel and polymer.

  6. Aluminum frame … mmmmmmm. Just picked up a Beretta 92X. The only 9mm squish pistol I’ll keep. Tack driver.

    • The most recent training course I took a few weeks ago had 34 students. Nearly everyone had Glocks and Sigs, and only one person brought a 92. When asked by one of the instructors of his opinion of it, the man replied (I was standing next to him when he said this), “I just got it last year. Starting to wish I never bought it.”


  7. Wrong caliber. 29 oz is a good weight for shooting though, about the same as my EMP, which is mucho fun to shoot. Wonder what it weighs with 17 rounds on board? Oh wait..still 29 oz. There are no 9 mm rounds!

  8. That grip angle appears to be quite conducive as a natural pointer for me- I look forward to handling one. It would be very nice if offered in .22 TCM.

  9. Looks slick… no I mean look at the grips, they look slick. At the price they’re asking it’s an interesting pistol, but with what I’m assuming are non-replaceable grips, they look biased for concealed carry, rather than competition/action shooting. Kind of an odd choice, since I’d assume most rational individuals who are concealing a pistol against their skin where an aggressive grip texture is a negative, would also prefer a plastic frame that is going to be lighter, and more thermally comfortable than a metal frame.

    Wake me up when they make a model with bolt-on grips so we can install some aggressive G10 grips like LOK.

    • I got a chance to handle one yesterday. The knurled panels cast into the sides of the frame are very sharp and aggressive, which I really liked. And there’s always grip tape if it’s not grippy enough already. The trigger was somewhere north of twelve pounds, though.

      I liked the balance. I don’t like a plain black rear sight, because plain black gets very difficult to see very quickly when the lighting isn’t perfect. I don’t care for all the speed holes in the slide, either. It’s like the engineers said “This is too reliable, we need to open up some pathways for foreign matter to get inside.” I would have been more enthusiastic if it had a plain vanilla box stock Glock 17 top half, plastic sights and all.

  10. Okay, so about 10 ounces heavier than my G19. Sorry but no, I don’t believe it is any more reliable than a Glock, prettier yeah maybe if you care about that; but the last thing I want is for someone to see my carry gun anyway.

  11. I originally came here to trash yet another 3rd Gen Glock clone, but then I saw the specs. Aluminum lower, optics ready, 1911 grip angle? At least they’re offering something different than all the other manufacturers. At a pretty good price point and (presumably) compatibility with most aftermarket 3rd Gen Glock parts, that’s a pretty good starting point for a modern general purpose handgun

  12. It’s NOT an aluminum frame. They molded the Aluminum Grips into the frame. I’m kind of funny and like metal frame with NON metallic grips

    • Correction, someone has a review up. The frame is two pieces screwed of aluminum together. And it uses Glock magazines and Glock sights. Cut for an optic. Would like to see how it feels in hand.

  13. Ya know, I told them I’d buy a stainless double stack 1911 in 10mm with a 4.5″ barrel, and they didn’t respond. Striker-fired, in 9mm not so much.


    • So a major company is supposed to produce an entire line of hand guns because one random dude demands it?

  14. WHEN RIA WHEN??? You tease us so routinely with new releases, we get to see Hickock 45 play with new stuff along with all these other people that say a few kind words on your behalf get to play with the new stuff!!! SCREW them I say, and move the pistol out to the populous, we are the true proving grounds not them, I want to formulate my own opinion. Do not need to be told how flawed, or perfect it is by someone that may or may not have any idea what we/I like. Get them on the shelves before the ammo runs out. The frame material will be good when we have to tie poly cord to the trigger guard and spin them around to beat off the bad guys because the ammo is all gone.


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