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Fort Smith, Arkansas (May 15, 2021) — a disturbed 26-year-old man with a semi-automatic rifle went on a brief rampage at an apartment complex. Standing on the common area lawn, he repeatedly, urgently yelled for residents to exit their apartments. Apparently worried that there was a valid emergency, Lois Hicks, 87, went outside. The gunman shot and killed her.

At this point, unable to talk other residents into stepping outside, the shooter began firing into the apartments.

Thankfully, though, one resident chose not to stay inside. Hearing the gunfire, he grabbed what appears from KFSM’s video to be a Mossberg MVP Predator, dropped down prone on a concrete slab, and quickly ended the situation. The shooter was dead before he was able to hurt anyone else.

From KFSM 5NewsOnline’s story:

Some say they are grateful for the one neighbor who stepped in and put an end to the shooting.

“If he didn’t do that, who knows how much worse it could have gotten,” says Lane.

We know that police arrived to find the shooter’s body laying outside. What we don’t know is how long it took for the police to respond; how long after the shooting was ended in its tracks.

The average response time to critical emergencies in Fort Smith appears to be about four minutes, according to city reports from 2018 and 2019 (though due to staffing shortages of late, response time may be longer).

If the shooter were given three, four, five, 10 additional minutes wandering around the apartment complex shooting through doors and walls and perhaps escalating in other ways (breaking down doors, leaving for another location, etc.), is there any doubt that this would have been a mass shooting incident if not for the armed neighbor correctly acting as the complex’s own first responder?

Whether it’s police with guns or an armed citizen with a gun, we see over and over that the actual (as-in, absolutely not proverbial) good guy with a gun is what ends these situations. The only real question is whether it ends in a few seconds or a few minutes. Or many, many minutes (or hours).

In an event like this, minutes are lives.


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  1. The resident with the super deadly sniper rifle, it has a bolt handle which goes up and a look thruey thingie, may have saved the responding officers a loss or two. Who can say how many residents he saved.

    Good on him.

  2. “Some say they are grateful for the one neighbor who stepped in and put an end to the shooting.”

    And who were the others? I hope they could not be reached for comment, because they were kissing his ass.

    • Yeah, that statement leapt out to me too. I suspect the others are bleeding hearts who abhor violence (at least when it doesn’t involve them).

      • Same with me. My immediate thought was “so who were the wretched morons who WEREN’T grateful? “.

        And….its truly ok, and even preferred, to abhor violence. Where the liberal mush-brains fail, is in realizing that there is righteous violence, that saves and protects the innocent from the other kind, which is unrighteous violence, or just plain evil.

  3. This is going to utterly confuse the gun grabbers. A politically correct, bolt action rifle that can accept 30 round magazines doesn’t conform to their criteria of political correctness. Imagine the heads exploding if the good guy had armed himself with a Mossberg Shockwave shotgun.

    • Darn! You beat me to it!!

      “A politically correct, bolt action rifle that can accept 30 round magazines doesn’t conform to their criteria of political correctness.”


    • No, they’ll just say “see. you don’t need anything more than a bolt action rifle to protect yourselves with”.

  4. Man, you made that crap up… There is no such thing as a “Good Guy with a Gun”… I was told ALL gun owners are POTENTIAL felons (actually read it right here)… Was the shooter actually “targeting” Mr (good-guy with a gun) bloodthirsty killer? Now that guy will probably wind up shooting up a Walmart or a Church having gotten the FEEEEL of the kill….

  5. Cant wait for the “see, what do you need AR15 for when a bolt action rifle is just as effective.”

  6. I put the Mossberg MVP rifle on my list of firearms to get. But the Predator version does not come with iron sights. But I do like the 30 round in 5.56 or 20 round in .308 magazines.
    Put this one in the record books. A scoped long range rifle saved the day!! Used by an experienced good guy. A civilian with a gun. The deer hunters are good guys with guns!!

    • I have the MVP L.C. in 7.62 NATO. You will Not be disappointed. Since it is my Reach Out and touch something choice. Iron sights were not a prerequisite to effect that accomplishment.

    • I have the MVP Scout 7.62. I like the option of the peep sights that come with it. If you want the scout scope, put it on. If you want a regular scope, put it on since the rail extends far enough to the rear to mount it. The rifle works just fine. You might loose a little long range accuracy with the short barrel but I live in the mountains so that isn’t much of an issue for me.

  7. Is there any doubt this would have been a mass shooting? Well, that all depends if four or more would have been killed, not just shot, right?

    • Not anymore. The left is trying to turn EVERYTHING into a mass shooting. They’re claiming over 220 mass shooting this year already. The funny thing is that they destroy their previous narrative that all mass shooters are white males when they do so.

    • Mia Farrow does, however, think that the human species is perfectly well suited to molesting the underage Asian adopted-daughters they purchase for virtue-signaling purposes.

      We should give a lot of shits what Mia Farrow thinks about things. Because… reasons.

    • Maybe she thinks that Planet of the Apes is a playbook for the future…

      Mia Farrow – another Hollyweird has-been screaming “Look At Me” in a world that has long forgotten her.

  8. Checking CNN’s site now for the details on this hero-shooter saving lives. Popcorn hot and buttered!

  9. I read this article, and went to the news site, where did it say he dropped prone and shot the guy? Could this be a Fudd with a gun…

  10. How dumb to stand on lawn and demand people exit so they can be shooted.
    Set an appartment on fire, they’ll all come running out.
    Humans ain’t very smart.

  11. Outside an apartment complex in Fort Smith Arkansas? I’m surprised and disappointed that bullets didn’t come down on him like rain.

    • The one photo with the rifle and the cop looks like daytime. Maybe all the combat aged adults were out at work? The one victim was 87.

      Maybe others were of the mindset displayed frequently here on these comment sections. ‘My gun is for me and mine only.’

  12. It takes a real pathetic pos to gun down a helpless elderly woman. The good lord wasn’t liking that so he sent a good guy with a gun who knew how to take care of business. Well done.

    • Lazy spree killer. Too much work chasing down your victims.

      Potential suicide by cop or citizen?

    • The same kind of pathetic POS that guns down the defenseless in other places. Notice these whack-jobs never attack a police station? There’s a reason 98% of mass shootings happen in “gun-free” zones.

      Personally, I avoid “gun-free” zones as much as humanly possible; I don’t like being a law-abiding sitting duck.

  13. Stopped by a fully semi automatic hunting rifle?
    No news here.

    Real talk, if that were my grandma, I’d find a way to end this man’s life a second and a third time. If for whatever reason he survived, I’d find a way to “serve justice” and probably end up in prison for it. No remorse either.

    • Stopped by a fully semi automatic hunting rifle?

      Actually it was a fully semi-automatic “BOLT ACTION” hunting rifle (fires a round every time you pull the trigger AFTER you manually cycle the bolt ejecting the spent cartridge and chambering a new bullet) with a 30 round clipazine, a bring em closer “sniper thingy” and some other “stuff”… But it was most likely NOT black… Just one more addition for “grab em all” Feinstein’s list…

    • had it been my prussian nana he would have been fed 7.63 first (grandmauser) and then been stuffed with the dog’s barley. broomhandle cleanup, natch.

  14. In Baltimore City, nothing would be done.
    In the rest of Maryland, the good guy would be arrested and prosecuted! (persecuted)

  15. Never never, I mean never leave home without a pew pew contraption of some sort! The life you save maybe yours! Even the FBI reports guns are used a minimum of 500,000 times and as many as 2.5 million, because a lot are never reported to them directly!

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