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By Larry Keane

If there were any mistaking the significance of the final two U.S. Senate runoff elections in Georgia, it’s now crystal clear. President-elect Joe Biden knows it. He can’t carry out his gun control agenda by executive overreach.

Georgians began casting early ballots this week ahead of the Jan. 5 election. Polling margins are close and with a 50-48 Republican advantage in the upper chamber, firearm supporters have almost no wiggle room to protect the Second Amendment from the antigun platform championed by the most antigun presidential ticket in history.

Itching for Gun Control

President-elect Biden has the itch to implement severe gun control policies. In early 2020, he called the firearm industry “the enemy,” warning, “I’m coming for you, Period.”

He was talking about repealing the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA) that protects manufacturers from harassing litigation brought by activist lawyers trying to tie criminal misuse to the companies that produce lawful products. President-elect Biden said he’d name former U.S. Rep. Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke his gun grabbing sheriff after O’Rourke shouted, “Hell, yes we’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47!”

The president-elect would criminalize private firearm sales by requiring every transaction to be done through a licensed firearm dealer and also use the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) to crack down on firearm retailers for even minor clerical errors.

He’s got no shortage of ideas. He’s got a shortage of senators who will give him an open door to get it done.

First Georgia, Then America!

There’s nothing President-elect Biden and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) want more than for Georgia Democratic challengers Jon Ossoff and Reverend Raphael Warnock to sweep victory. Sen. Schumer proclaimed, “Now we take Georgia. Then we change America!”

That would put him in charge of running the Senate with Vice President-elect Kamala Harris breaking the 50-50 tie for Democrats and opening the floodgates on gun control policies. That means the right to keep and bear arms is on the chopping block and legislation to bankrupt the firearm industry gets a green light.

Ossoff embraced the gun grabbing policies of Everytown for Gun Safety and garnered their endorsement. These ideas include banning modern sporting rifles (MSRs), of which there are more than 20 million in circulation. He’s also called for a ban on standard capacity magazines. Don’t expect a public explanation of these ideas. Ossoff tried to trick voters on his true antigun stances but was caught red-handed.

Rev. Warnock’s gun control platform matches Ossoff’s step-for-step, but he’s gone afoul of law enforcement by calling police officers “gangsters, thugs and bullies,” saying they’re “a threat” to children. He said this at the same time he was demeaning law-abiding gun owners in Georgia for exercising their Second Amendment right while violence in Atlanta soared.

Hold the Line

The respective races are close, but the incumbents are both in strong positions and are steadfast supporters of the right to keep and bear arms. Republican Sen. David Perdue, facing Ossoff, has a long track record of fighting for the Second Amendment, saying the God-given right “to bear arms is enshrined in the Constitution.”

Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler is facing off against Rev. Warnock. Her Second Amendment bona fides are unquestionable.

“I’m a strong Second Amendment supporter. I’ve signed on to several pieces of legislation to not only protect the Second Amendment right, but also protect due process for veterans and make sure that we’re advancing this across all areas where gun rights come into play,” she told supporters at a rally.

In Georgia, every vote will matter in these decisive senate races to protect the Second Amendment for all Americans. NSSF’s #GUNVOTE® campaign educates America’s gun owners and Second Amendment supporters so they don’t risk their rights, including more than 19 million Americans who purchased firearms in 2020, and more than 7.5 million first-time buyers.




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  1. Biden COULD lose GA period, they finally started a state wide physical signature match on mail in ballots…

    • But have they allowed bipartisan oversight yet? Lin Wood had a good idea. In order to get rid of the suspicion in GA, have an outside CPA firm audit the signatures.

      • Count is being done at University of GA don’t know about oversight BUT I believe state law mandates observers from both sides for recounts….

        • Dunno about UGA, but story is that most university campuses don’t allow conservatives past the guards with guns.

      • I wouldn’t trust an outside CPA firm! My CPA is an ex-USAF pilot but, I ran the computer center at a “Big 8” firm (that dates me) and, I wouldn’t trust many of them with a signature audit! The firm hired about 250 recent graduates of “state run liberal indoctrination centers” per year. We called them “audit weenies” and I issued a computer to each of them. The firm got rid of most of them over the course of the year (“placed” them with clients) and hired 250 more the following spring…. I didn’t see many that would qualify as “conservative”. These are the guys & girls that actually do the grunt work. You want them verifying signatures in an election this important?

        • In person ballots have serial numbers, and there’s a book that shows which voter that serial number was issued to, and there’s a pile of signature forms the voters filled out.

          But auditing that would be time consuming.

  2. As slow as Joe and his handlers are, they HAVE to know we’re gonna start pushin back! Of course, that may just be the game plan.

    • I think it’s clear that the people will make the right choice in Georgia and reject the Wall Street insiders, billionaire Kelly Löffler and millionaire David Purdue.

      But just to be sure, it seems the evil vote-stealing conspiracy has now recruited Lou Dobbs!

      I’m sorry that I can’t reveal publicly the exact nature of the ‘persuasion’ but I can assure you that it was a substantial emolument.

      I have no reason to believe that video of farm animals was not involved, absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

  3. Biden doesn’t know his butt from a hole in the ground and couldn’t find either one without GPS. Maybe kameltoe can navigate for him.

  4. Why is Georgia in play with commies running for the Dems?


    Please comment @ link below about this infringement & tell all ur friends too!

    Objective Factors for Classifying Weapons with “Stabilizing Braces”

    Comments are due 01/04/2021 at 11:59 pm

    • “Why is Georgia in play…”

      Because Trump is a literal moron and the GOP is running corrupt (unindicted) criminals in the senatorial election. The former said that a virus that has killed 300,000 people would magically go away and the latter went off and made tons of money off insider trading when they learned he was full of shit thanks to intelligence briefings.

      Georgia will still probably go republican. But if it doesn’t, it won’t be because Biden\dems won- it’ll be because the GOP lost so very badly. Just like what happened in 2016 when the democrats were stupid enough to run Hillary.

      But at least they didn’t invent a flat-earth theory of national voter fraud to explain their lost.

      • It wasn’t ‘national’.

        They kept their fraud to several carefully selected counties. It didn’t need to be nation-wide…

  5. There are methods of death from a thousand paper cuts and potentially some form of an executive order.
    He’s calling it a national emergency even though it’s not.
    I think the US will go to war if he tries to confiscate the black rifle. At the end of the day, it’s the Harris Administration, not the Biden Administration.

  6. I’ll say it again

    Go ahead do away with Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA)
    you will regret it all right after the first lawsuit VS a gun maker is settled!

    Because you ask?

    because…it will be open season for any attorney to use the SAME argument on Booze, car, planes, medication, you name it….the flood of lawsuits will be epic and ruin the nation!

    • “it will be open season for any attorney to use the SAME argument on Booze, car, planes, medication, you name it…”

      That’s why it won’t survive constitutional challenge…

    • Most politicians are lawyers from big firms, they like floods of lawsuits, it is good for business.

  7. “Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke his gun grabbing sheriff after O’Rourke shouted, “Hell, yes we’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47!”

    Come get some @zzwipe!

    • You got girlfriend “VIETNAM”, me love you long time, me fucky sucky, 15 dollar you pay me, I’ll trade you some ARVN rifles never shot and only dropped once, ok 5 dollar you pay me, we need a batting order chief, Beto you’re out of the lineup..

  8. Ehhh…even with a senate “tie” there are senatecritters who might go pro-2A like Manchin. He may yet switch parties.

    • yeah I think there will also be pushback on “packing” the Supreme Court and doing away with the 60 vote rule… There has been much grumbling about the 51 votes for judges since Trump and McConnell took full advantage of that little Harry Reed screw up and they really don’t want to risk opening up EVERYTHING to a simple majority vote….

  9. How about we go into overdrive to make sure we at least hold the Senate? We need the governor, the one who can’t seem to stop voter fraud at the Presidential level, to step up for these two senate seats. What to do? Call out the State Police and secure all counting sites before the election, to include searching the entire facility for hidden ballots…….and to make sure that no counting is done without Republicans on site and actually part of the count. We need civilians….outside the counting sites and following ballots to the counting site, they need to man the doors, windows and sewer drains around the building 24/7 and there needs to be immediate access to the Governor by phone, with state police available, with orders to stop forced removal of republican count watchers, for when the democrats order republicans removed, or they try to move ballots into the counting buildings after hours….We need judges sitting next to the governor the entire night, so that when the calls come in about fraud or removal of count watchers, the judge can issue an immediate court order to stop it…..we need an emergency response team so that when the democrats try to have the republicans removed by force…. we can assemble immediately to refuse to comply. Everything else is just pointless if we don’t protect the count…..

  10. “Hell yes we’re going to take your AR’s and AK’s”., Them dumb bastards are going to start a war

    • Long overdue. Nobody wants it, but at this rate, their agenda is not going anywhere. America needs it.

      • they made the sale and purchase of these type of weapons illegal in the past…leading to much confusion…

  11. There is a 0% chance the democrats will lose Georgia. They have learned there lesson and will have refined there system of fraud. They WILL win both seats. And you know what? When 2022 rolls around the democrats will win EVERY race. EVERY SINGLE one. Every single sporadic senate and house race will have a 100% democrat victory. EVERY governorship as well as literally ever single solitary state house and senate race. And it is going to keep happening until the dems have a permanent supermajority. And in the extremely weird circumstance that the Republicans actually at least win one of those Biden can simply use an executive order banning the future sale of all semi-auto rifles if not the out right ownership of them with confiscation and SCOTUS won’t do a damn thing. SCOTUS WILL NOT hear any gun cases. They have been intimidated and compromised. At this point when the democrats ban all gun ownership and mandate the extermination of the entire population of the United States that owns firearms as well as The entire population of United States and opposes the extermination of all gun owners SCOTUS will not do anything.

    The day of when the mandated extermination of the entire population of the United States that opposes the democrats is coming. After all these people are communist. What do communists do? Kill everyone that opposes them. The Soviet Union killed 70 million people in the Soviet union during their entire existence. The Democrats want to exterminate over 80 million Trump voters in the next four years. however I don’t think the leader ship of the Soviet union hated the Soviet Union, hated the Soviet union itself, and want you to kill the entire population of the Soviet union because they hated the population of the Soviet union. Democrats hate America, they hate the people of the America any want to kill as many Americans as possible to make way for our replacements from other countries. They would love to kill every single solitary United States citizen Because it makes room for our replacements.

    • You’re delusional and a coward.

      Go fight on a hill if you actually believe this nonsense. Or stop pretending.

  12. actually he probably can regardless of the outcome
    theres enough rinos in the senate and im not sure scotus will stop anything he wants to do to “keep weapons of war off american streets”

    • Not the real Deborah.

      You’re a lazy impersonator, boy.

      Worse, Deborah is more man than you will ever be, and more woman than a fuckwit like yourself will ever get… 🙂

  13. I have to say, the “Republicans” in Georgia are trying very, very hard to lose. Not just the outright traitorous Gov, Lt. Gov and AG, but the Senators themselves. Who says the uniparty isn’t real?

  14. I live within a stone’s throw of Georgia. It takes me about 20 minutes to drive to one of my favorite quail plantations. The political ads are bombarding us. As is the news coverage. This one is going to be very close.

    • Georgia resident here. I’m getting at least a half dozen texts a day from various organizations encouraging me to get out and vote. It’s annoying as hell.

  15. Regardless of how Georgia turns out the fight is far from over. Biden can issue any EO he wishes for any reason on any subject and play the long in the Courts. Not having the “Authority” to do so is irrelevant to the Cause. The use of EO’s has long ago reached a plateau of Tyranny on both sides. Supporters have begun to expect EO’s for the things they support as long as they get what they want. Congress plays along because it works in their favor too. They each get what they want and don’t have to shoulder the blame. The average citizen who really doesn’t care as long as they win something once in a while. Society has become exactly what Big Brother intended, so caught up in their struggle to survive they can’t be bothered with the details….”We the People” no longer exists…and I Fear Ours will the last generation to remember what it felt like. Keep Your Powder Dry,

  16. There is a 0% chance the democrats will lose Georgia. They WILL win both seats.


    ++ On these points … Yes there’s little doubt about it. DJT haters will soon get all they deserve and voted for. Gun grabs and bans and ammo taxes, and so much more… By 2024 most with any sense will long for the good’ol days of 2016 to 2020. But those days are gone and by 2024 the USA will be so far gone/left that nobody will be able to fix it. Not even DJT… Hope you will like all of your new Mexican friends.


    These 76000 registered new-georgia-voters most 30 tears old and younger and from out of state. No mystery what’s going on here.

    w w

    Influx of new voters could swing US Senate runoffs in Georgia

    The number of new registered voters in Georgia jumped by 76000 … enough to make a difference in the U.S. Senate runoffs / voter registration list purchased from the secretary of state’s office by The …

    Also just before election day many of these cancelled registrations will be reinstated by the judge appointed by OBAMA.

    Suit says thousands in Georgia illegally removed from voter rolls …

    Dec 10, 2020 … In the lawsuit, the plaintiffs claim that “199,908 Georgians had their registrations cancelled for allegedly moving (out of the state) when, …

    Pro-DJT group to challenge 364,000 voter registrations in GA …

    This is too little too late and is likely to fail anyway.

    Too many, way too many, liberals in GA now. Yankees get the FUCK out and go home. Or at least back over the line into North Carolina … They screwed North Carolina in no time.

  17. 30 tears, err… 30 [y]ears old and younger and from out of state mostly …

    Funny[?] with the anti-Warnock commercials often times the GD part of Rev Wright yelling GD America does not get ‘bleeped’ for a time on the radio. Young kids, very young, will be saying GD everything, soon enough, as a result. Maybe that’s the least of our problems.

  18. Georgia resident here. I’m getting at least a half dozen texts a day from various organizations encouraging me to get out and vote. It’s annoying as hell.

    ++ $$$ for you voting for the Dems > Don’t doubt it’s happening > For two C notes most will gladly go along > BIG $$$ working and in play here > Holiday ‘get together[s]’ keep it on the down low.

    ++ So many $$$ from New York and California with no place to go > even small town radio stations are making a bundle running all the political crap > dirtiest election in history without a doubt > worst of all too many come to know GA is the best state of the 50 by a wide margin-if you leave out ATL and Fulton county. They come in as a temp just to vote but don’t want to go home. Get the F out.

    ++ Thanks for all the space to be able to tell it like it is with no push back. On to the next thread of any interest. TTAG sure seems less active, on the # of commenters, these days.

  19. Except that’s a lie because the gop is half democrats and half cowards. Did they pass a single pro-gun bill while they had control of the entire government? No, but just last week they start leaning into amnesty. Again. These people are not on our side, they do nothing for us. Fuck them, fuck the run off, fuck McConnells precious majority.

    • “Did they pass a single pro-gun bill while they had control of the entire government?“

      No, they wasted the two years of complete control and Donald Trump even issued the order to ban bump stocks. And his ATF is now going for a pistol braces.

      Contrast that with Obama’s first two years with a Democratic majority in both houses of Congress, did not ban any guns whatsoever. In fact, expanded your gun rights to hundreds of thousands of acres of federal lands under the CARD act.

      Oh yeah, Republicans will protect your gun rights… Tell me another good one, something like Donald Trump is a great businessman or some other fantasy.

      Remember when he said he was going to lock Hillary up… What prison is she in now?

        • Please forgive me if you were offended, but it is my patriotic duty to post the actual historic facts here in order to refute the alternative histories being presented by many.

          I understand the truth may annoy many on this list, and I sincerely regret that their feelings are damaged by having their illusions dashed on the rocks of reality but I believe we owe a debt of honesty and patriotism to our country.

  20. FUK all GOP cowards I went from Dem to GOP because of Regan my dad lifetime DEM almost voted for him too since then just a bunch of cowards and mixed up internationalsts the difference between one side and the other Zippydodah nothin’ they keep on complanin’ bout the slide to the left look in the mirror cowards you finally got a business man president like you always wanted he strightens things out despite tremindous OPFORS tells you dummys this elections going to be a fraud then you all stand around going “is this really a fraud maybe what I saw was illusion”DUH DOUCHBAGS YA THINK or maybe not.

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