SB15- AR-15 Pistol Forearm Stabilizing Brace close-up (courtesy Alex Bsoco)
The original pistol stabilizing brace design (courtesy SB Tactical)
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Statement from the National Association for Gun Rights:

The rogue and anti-gun ATF has released a notice of their intention to turn millions of Americans into criminals overnight by arbitrarily banning AR and AK pistol braces. Their full rule will be published tomorrow, December 18. The National Association for Gun Rights will begin collecting and sending petitions to the ATF once their final rule is published.

“The timing of this whole thing stinks to high heaven. If the ATF thinks they can ram this through over Christmas and New Year without us noticing, they are in for a rude awakening,” said Dudley Brown, NAGR President.

Rest assured, the National Association for Gun Rights OPPOSES this and any action by the ATF to regulate or ban pistol braces. We will use the power of our 4.5 million members to lobby President Trump, demanding the Department of Justice stand down and abandon this unconstitutional rule which violates our right to keep and bear arms.

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  1. I literally just finished reading that mess of double talking bullshit at… Talk about opening a can of worms… So now a pistol is “whatever” THEY say it is…

    • We have to unite and send them the message LOUD AND CLEAR, and that message is that WE WILL NOT COMPLY! with any “mandate” or “law” that is 100% UNCONSTITUTIONAL, and make them aware that if they try to prosecute us based on any ruling that is unconstitutional, that we are willing and ready to stand up and protect our constitutional rights at any cost, from all enemies, both foreign and domestic.

  2. Here we have the atf with all sorts of weapons for them and they want to bark at people with a lowly brace. If I was a member of such a bunch of hypocrites I’d resign. Unfortunately the nazi ss is in control and content to follow der fuhrer’s orders.

  3. When will they rule on whether pistols are “sharp” or not? This could have an effect on how they are designed and manufactured.

    “The kids in Bristol are sharp as a pistol,
    when they do,
    The “Bristol Stomp.”

    • “The kids in Bristol are sharp as a pistol,
      when they do,
      The “Bristol Stomp.”

      Wow ! A blast from the Wayback Machine.

      Cool, Dadio.

    • Seriously? Do you think Trump was able to eradicate all the swamp critters in all the agencies? Especially since so many are career Civil Servants and essentially fireproof.

    • “Hah, and it came from Trump. And you still voted for him.”

      This arm brace ban and the polymer 80 raid didn’t happen until after the election, moreover, this didn’t start happening until after the ATF agency heads had met with Biden and his transition team. This happened under the Trump administration, but not because of the Trump administration. The ATF is already eagerly working for and on the behalf of the Biden administration, the ATF couldn’t even wait until January to get started on this. Everything you are seeing happening now immediately after Biden’s win in 2020 would have started happening immediately in 2016 if Hillary had won. Trump getting elected in 2016 actually gave us time to prepare for this, and I hope that you did.

    • No, it came from rogue Democrats embedded in the government by the Obama regime. Wake up. These traitors are all over the government.

    • There’s a rather long joke/story about that.
      Starts off with a farmer who wants one of those

  4. The ATF has always wanted a blank check to do whatever they want. The incoming Biden/Harris admin has handed it to them post dated to Jan 21, 2021.

    If it’s time to bury your guns, it’s time to dig them up.

    • I’m afraid that War would be lost by “us”, but it’s getting to the point that I just dont give a fck, win or lose, them guys are pissing me off and I want blood.

  5. A few years ago I showed a good long term friend my amo stash. He asked if I was expecting a war. I said, well, yeah. If I’m too old for that stuff, I can still shoot and I generally hit what I’m aiming at. The lightest rounds I have are 556. They go up from there and some really hurt to shoot; recoil…ouch.

  6. im not registering my 2 pistols
    no matter what
    ill take the braces off
    and wrap the buffer tube in some foam
    and put a tennis ball on the end
    still 100 percent shootable for shtf
    some company will come out with a kit for 20 bucks

    • Well, I have a legally registered SBR and suppressor, if they demand those I’ll comply, it was a risk I took deliberately. I have nothing else registered or that I will register, and if they must be surrendered the SBR will be the registered lower only, I have other lowers which will work fine (tho not legal) with the 9″ upper.

  7. We’ve had congressmen and senators telling the ATF “make guidelines”. Congratulations, they’re not good, but we’re getting what we asked for.

    The fact is, the stabilizing brace part of the AR Pistol community has been wandering out farther and farther onto the thin ice for years now. The ATF is calling us on it, and until we can get the NFA repealed or overturned, guidelines are better than nothing.

    That said, these guidelines are rough. Send in suggestions for improvements, or call them crap, but don’t fail to respond.

    • “Thin ice”? “Guidelines are better than nothing”?


      If you want guidelines, move to China.

  8. I initially thought that photo was a new type of pistol brace carved out of butter to meet new ATF guidelines.

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