President Joe Biden talks about the mass shooting at The Covenant School in Nashville, before speaking about jobs during a visit to semiconductor manufacturer Wolfspeed Inc., in Durham, N.C., Tuesday, March 28, 2023. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)
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The latest step in the Biden administration’s war on guns will be the establishment of something called the federal Office of Gun Violence Prevention. As Politico is reporting . . .

Stefanie Feldman, a longtime Biden aide who previously worked on the Domestic Policy Council, will play a leading role, the people said.

Greg Jackson, executive director of the Community Justice Action Fund, and Rob Wilcox, the senior director for federal government affairs at Everytown for Gun Safety, are expected to hold key roles in the office alongside Feldman, who has worked on gun policy for more than a decade and still oversees the policy portfolio at the White House. The creation of the office was first reported by The Washington Post.

This is payback to the gun control industry and a (probably vain) attempt to shut them up after years of harping by everyone from Brady to Giffords to Everytown about how much more the Biden administration could be doing to limit gun rights. And if Biden isn’t going to man-up and issue an executive order outlawing “assault weapons,” this is the least he can do.

Since Biden’s election, gun groups have called on him to take this action, which activists see as a concrete step beyond his unanswered pleas for an assault weapons ban and universal background checks. Activists have argued that such an office will help the administration coordinate on gun policy issues across the federal government, while also allowing the president and Vice President Kamala Harris to show leadership on the issue.

Kamala Harris. Leadership. Hilarious.

This seems to be the new hotness for gun-grabbers. In its never-ending desire to be at the vanguard of the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex, the state of California established its own Office of Gun Violence Prevention last year under Attorney General Rob Bonta as yet another way to absorb extra taxpayer dollars to little or no practical effect.

Look for the federal version to be every bit as effective as California’s version at a minimum of ten times the cost.

And that’s actually the good news here. When politicians want to be seen as doing something about a perceived problem without really doing anything, they appoint a commission to “study” the matter and make recommendations. This is pretty much the same thing, but on a bigger, more expensive scale.

“A White House office of gun violence prevention would build on the already tremendous record of President Biden and Vice President Harris on gun safety,” said Peter Ambler, executive director of Giffords. “This has been a top priority of ours for years, and it would provide an important center of gravity for leadership across the administration as the President and Vice President implement the historic Bipartisan Safer Communities Act and continue to push Congress to pass legislation to save lives. The hiring of Greg and Rob would show how seriously this administration takes its responsibility to address this crisis.”

Yadda, yadda, yadda.

For the same cost, the BidenBots could spend these dollars on targeted law enforcement in America’s 20 most violent cities and make an almost immediate, measurable impact on gun crimes. They could focus on gangs, illegal gun trafficking, and well-known, recidivist violent offenders who commit — by far — the majority of violent crime in this country.

But that would be both boring and politically problematic. It would involve enforcing laws that are already on the books and that’s just not sexy. It would also mean prosecuting and incarcerating an inconvenient number of people from what are euphemistically referred to as “diverse communities.”

Far better then to throw the gun control industry yet another bone, spin up a new bureaucracy, and staff it with anti-gun advocates, academics, and gun control organization type. They’ll then be overpaid with your tax dollars and mine to think about the issues, write white papers, preach gun control on cable news, and ultimately…do little to nothing. It’s what government — particularly at the Federal level — does best.

So on the one hand, while this bureaucratic abomination is in existence, it will probably mean little to nothing in terms of gun rights on a practical level. That’s a very good thing.

We can, of course, hope that one day, a President is elected who isn’t beholden to the gun control industry and the billionaires who fund it, is willing to take the inevitable political outrage and media heat that will result and…actually decommission this atrocity.

We can also hope for the return of 10-cent 9mm ball ammo, delicious calorie-free ice cream, and a winning lottery ticket.


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  1. If it’s anything like any of joe’s other projects it will flop.

    All he seems to be able to do is sell guns.

    • He’s pretty good at paying his cronies off while cranking up the misery index of the working class. Never forget that he tried to spend trillions more than the insane amount he got passed. Trillions. None of it was necessary.

      That happened when it was obvious that inflation was imminent. The Puppet and Janet Yellen looked us in the eye, and said there wouldn’t be inflation so they could pass their spending bills. Then inflation would be “transitory.” Are they liars or incompetent? Why don’t Democrats care?

      It’s amazing how that’s been overlooked. The press is such a joke. They used to talk about St. Obama blowing one trillion. The press has gotten much worse since then.

  2. “Rob Wilcox, the senior director for federal government affairs at Everytown for Gun Safety”

    Rob Wilcox is the EveryTown guy that, in the background, created the current unconstitutional and APA violating ATF ‘pistol brace rule’.

  3. …and in other news: Montana’s biggest resident asshole, Ryan Busse, has announced that he likes having power over other people and the money that power brings him. He announced that he is running for Governor of Montana on an Anti-Gun platform under the aegis of the Democratic People’s Party. I’m sure that DNC Dark Money will flood the State with goodwill advertising and lies for this POS.

  4. Do not for a moment believe that this new Office will have little to no impact on gun control and Second Amendment protected rights.

    This Office will lead the entire Federal government effort to impose ever more gun control. It will be busy creating ideas, rules, and regulations for every part of the Federal bureaucracy. Expect more ATF regulations. Expect more things like Dept of Education saying schools cannot have gun and bow safety classes. Expect more CDC “studies”. And every other department of the Fed GOv.

    That’s what this is all about. Someone to lead and coordinate the efforts of the DC Establishment to disarm those pesky folks in flyover country so that they can get on with the business of globalization and socialism

  5. What a horses ass Biden is. Is this new Gun Control bunch gonna team up with the new Climate Corps to confiscate guns and incandescent light bulbs at the same time when they kick your door in? Will the ATF still get to shoot your dog?

    • Not Biden…He is nothing more than a Manchurian Candidate. His handlers in the democrat party are making all the decisions and using him as the front for criticism. As long as those in control of the liberal/progressive democrat party are allowed. Their attacks on the 2nd Amendment, will NEVER cease. They are No different than the British Crown was in 1770s Colonial America. Of which the Founding Patriots dealt with accordingly and removed their Tyranny from the country.

    • Good one!

      Hey wait a minute, you got a permit to own a dog, gunny? The Federal Czar of Doggydoo is cracking down on unlicensed dog owners.

      • Sorry, I forgot to add the IRS to the team. They’ll be in charge of confiscating everything of value that you thought you owned. They might even be allowed to shoot your other dog.

  6. Clamoring mob of the lowest common denominator: “somebody should do something!!”

    Government: “I’ll give close allies and friends cushy six figure jobs with full benefits you could only dream of!!”

    Clamoring mob of the lowest common denominator: “Yaaaaayyyyy!!!!!!”

    • Not if it is part of the White House staff. They just use the WH budget to do it. It won’t be a Cabinet position of any sort, just another Senior Advisor to the President with a bunch of staff

    • “Doesn’t there have to be an appropriation made by Congress for this dog and pony show?”

      Not unless its funded, then it needs congressional approval. This is basically a ‘publicity stunt’ rights removal conspiracy-generator with a fancy title to give it an appearance of ‘legitimacy’ it doesn’t actually have. There is no provision constitutionally or legally for an ‘authority’ for this ‘office’.

    • Did slow Joe ask any of us if he could wage a proxy war with Russia?!? Didn’t think so🙄🙃

      • We need to send Ukraine more money and stuff. Hmm… Hey it looks like that stuff we already sent them was worth less than we said it was…as in $6.2 BILLION LESS! Presto! Now, like magic, we get to send them another $6.2 BILLION! Remind me. Who got fired for making a $6.2 billion mistake? Oh yeah, it’s the federal government. They got a promotion. But we couldn’t scratch up a few billion for a permanent border wall during a time of peace and low inflation. Yeah, okay.

        • But it seems like we could find over $6 billion to pay Iran as ransom for holding hostages. At least much of the money we send to Ukraine will only end up buying mansions, expensive cars, and hookers for Ukrainian Oligarchs and their arms suppliers. The money we printed and sent to Iran will sponsor international terrorism.

        • They’re gonna need those trils to feed all them unskilled uneducated unmotivated eeleegals they “set free”. I’m sad to think what this glorious country is gonna turn into but I’ll hopefully be ded by then

  7. I hope we get some people from a pro gun group in on the next Republican presidency.

    Hijacking these offices would be great.

  8. Once this is created it will never be defunded.
    Government never shrinks.
    If a republican ever gets elected he needs to create a Federal Office on Liberty Protection whose mission it is to identify and decommission/kneecap other Federal Offices that limit our freedoms. If you can’t decommission these leftist offices then reassign the office to the most dangerous and s-hole inner cities which would promote people quitting and then delay any rehiring for as long as possible. Repubs don’t know how to play dirty.

  9. “Office of Gun Violence Prevention”

    let’s fix that title to make it correct…

    Office of Constitutional Gun Rights Prevention

    there, fixed it for you Joe since you can’t do much except lie.

  10. Hmm, I think I need to add few more ARs, several handguns and couple thousand rounds for each ammo. Need to make sure that the new office will have something to do.

  11. your trustworthy government at work trying to make it easier for people to pay their taxes seamlessly.

    • The TSA are the inbred room temperature IQ butt monkeys of the lettered agencies. They replaced the ATF in this role.

      From a former employee who posted online in Taking Sense Away, they strive to employ the worst possible people for their security theater show. So such actions from them should be expected.

  12. Well, since Bloomberg/Everytown is dictating all of the policy positions anyway (just as it dictate the new concealed carry laws in nonpermissive states), might was well bring them in house.

  13. Yay no dress code. Gee I just cant wait to see JB in a thong.
    Darn and no Pelosi, that would have been awsome.
    We the People certainly have the right man, at the right time,in the right place.
    Biden in , in, in, well when ever it is he gets re elected.

    • “Yay no dress code. Gee I just cant wait to see JB in a thong.”

      Dag-nabbit, dinner is in an hour! 🙁

  14. I’d be cautious about assuming that such an Office would be a do-nothing institution.

    These offices often set up incestuous relationships with think tanks and other entities. Which is how you ended up with some of the nonsense going on in K-12 today. From teaching to the test to dick-chopping, this stuff is all the end-product of allowing such relationships to form and be exploited for years.

    20 years ago people were laughing at that idea. Now their teenage kids are mutilated and maimed for life.

    Keep in mind that once established such offices nearly never go away. They grow and metastasize over time.

      • Cancer will give bureaucracy a run for its money.

        Wait… cancer and bureaucracy… yeah, that’s redundant. My bad.

        • Cancer may go into remission with appropriate (or best guess that works) treatment. No getting rid of bureaucracy.

        • It’s more about “will to treat” than anything else.

          The nasty part about most cancers is that they’re a population of cells that are not the same. They pick up different mutations as the tumor progresses. If you map it out you end up with a tree because the cells are actually evolving separately.

          This is why some drugs will show amazing results for a short period of time and then the patient will go downhill in a matter of weeks and die if an oncologist isn’t on the ball. You’ve killed off most of the population but the remaining ones now have 100% of the original resources, no competition and are highly resistant to the particular drug you’re using. This is doubleplus bad if the cells in question are actively calling for vascularization.

          Ultimately, while cancer will actively resist you the way a rat population will develop resistance to your preferred poison (see warfarin –> super warfarin–> calciferol) you do have options in a lot of cases and we’re rapidly acquiring the ability to box a cancer in. In most cases we will shortly have the capacity to probably eliminate it down to the progenitor cell and that’s kinda that.

          A bureaucracy, OTOH, is basically monolithic. One good shot will take it out but your options are more limited to basically an Act of Congress signed by a POTUS or a handful of JDAMs in the right place on a work day. Either way, it’s pretty simple you just have to have the will to do it.

          Kinda like the National Debt. Paying it off isn’t hard mathematically, but it’s politically impossible until things get so bad that the country’s actively collapsing by which time it’s almost certainly too late.

  15. IIRC, the only federal agency to ever be abolished is/was “The Board of Tea Experts” (tea tasters). The Board was established in 1897, and repealed in 1996, as an example of the federal government cutting unnecessary budget items.

    • The UK had a civil service role to watch for Napoleon’s invasion fleet. It was abolished in 1944.

      In the 50s or 60s the artillery branch put on a demonstration of their gun deployment and operations. Keen observers noted one man standing doing nothing during the process. It turns out his job was to hold the horses. The British army fully mechanized before WW2.

  16. When politicians want to be seen as doing something about a perceived problem without really doing anything, they appoint a commission to “study” the matter …

    Ha ha, one of my Mathematics teachers in high school warned us about this many moons ago.


  18. Joe’s CCP masters continue to try and disarm America. It will never happen, but along the way a lot of innocent Americans will go to prison. A reckoning is coming, IMO.

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