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Wish they may, wish they might – gun control Democrats in Congress are still holding out hope President Joe Biden will deliver their biggest wish. What they shouldn’t be holding is their breath.

More than 60 antigun Democrats from the U.S. House and U.S. Senate sent a scathing letter to the president imploring him to “leverage the full power of the executive branch” and implement more gun control.

The problem is Pres. Biden already conceded he’s powerless to go it alone.

‘He Better Understand’

U.S. Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), Raphael Warnock (D-Ga.), Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) and U.S. Reps. Diana DeGette (D-Colo.), Abagail Spanberger (D-Va.) and more than 55 additional Members of Congress signed their names to the letter, which the president’s administration cooly said they’re “reviewing.”

Election 2020 Warren
Democrat Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass. (AP Photo/Ringo H.W. Chiu)

“With Republicans in Congress refusing to act, the American people are relying on your Administration to ensure that they can move through their daily lives without fear of firearms on the streets, in public establishments, and in their homes,” the letter states, according to CNN. “We also believe you can exercise your executive authority to take additional action to address gun violence without congressional action.”

If the signatories weren’t aware, their pleas are likely falling on deaf ears and are in stark contrast with what President Biden previously told media and gun control activists. “I have gone the full extent of my executive authority to do, on my own, anything about guns,” the president said earlier this year. The New York Times described those comments as “stark” and a “surprising statement” by the president, “who essentially threw up his hands…”

Asked by media about signing the letter and if the president “understands the urgency” of unilaterally doing more, Rep. Spanberger shot back, “I mean, he better.”

Past is Present

Frustrations with the president among gun control activists have been simmering for a while. No action is good enough and there is always clamoring for more restrictions on law-abiding Americans rather than pushing for stricter enforcement of laws on the books or harsher penalties for the criminals causing the violence. When the president uttered his infamous comments back in March, CNN reported it “frustrated many in his own party.”

National gun control groups have repeatedly made their displeasure with the administration known. “He hasn’t really been a leader,” was the sentiment from March for Our Lives. Giffords gun control has said, “We would like to see more from the Biden administration.” Gun control activist Fred Guttenberg previously put the administration on notice regarding their powers of executive action, saying “They’ve done probably, through executive action, not everything they can do…”

Giffords Executive Director Peter Ambler

The lawmakers now are hoping maybe one more nudge will get the president to budge, despite the fact that gun control Democrats held majorities in Congress for two years of President Biden’s term.

Kitchen Sink Demands

The letter from antigun lawmakers to the president is a laundry list of demands that might not be typical gun control wishes but would still do little to hold criminals accountable or punish soft-on-crime prosecutors who fail to keep their communities safe.

They specifically request that President Biden require firearm manufacturers with Defense Department contracts to adopt a “code of conduct,” which could include declining to sell “military-grade firearms” to civilians. What they mean is implementing a ban on the sale of Modern Sporting Rifles (MSRs) to civilians. MSRs, as the administration repeatedly lies about, are not military firearms, not automatic “weapons of war” and are instead semiautomatic rifles, like the AR-15, that are the most popular selling semiautomatic rifles in the country. MSRs operate on the same one-trigger-pull-one-fire technology that has been in existence for more than a century and that is common among numerous varieties of handguns and shotguns. Industry data shows that commonly-owned MSRs now number more than 24.4 million, making them more common than Ford F-150 pickup trucks on the road.

Other demands of the president urge him to re-evaluate the “sporting purposes” exception for firearm imports and undo the U.S. Munitions List to Commerce Control List (USML-CCL) reforms to transfer export authority from the Commerce Department back to the State Department. This proposal was originally started during former President Barack Obama’s presidency – with then-Vice President Joe Biden – and was later completed by former President Donald Trump.

Joe Biden gun violence vigil
(AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

They even push the president to press the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to restrict First Amendment rights by banning firearm advertising under “unfair and deceptive” practices and also undo Tiahrt Amendment protections for sensitive firearm trace data that would jeopardize law enforcement investigations and malign firearm manufacturers and retailers.

The president has received plenty of justifiable criticism, even from Congressional Democrats, when he has acted to impose unilateral restrictions on the Second Amendment and gets cute with misinterpreting law to pursue backdoor gun control.

Congress is refusing to pursue gun control activists’ agenda towards more Constitutional restrictions because the American people don’t want them to. In this case, these lawmakers would do well to listen to the president.


Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

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  1. Pushing for everything they can get up against the wall to see what they can make stick before the courts start having a say.

    • While waiting on courts Gun Control zealots are busy selling their agenda to the Gun Control History illiterate masses. While waiting on courts you fight fire with fire…

      • Nah ineffective for my situation but may be more effective over your way. Good luck on your end but your suggestion is a dead end at best and a waste of resources and time more typically up here.

    • I do not think they care what the courts have to say. These anti-gunners are going to do whatever the hell they want, and will simply ignore any court ruling they do not like. The Dems (and the likes of the anti-gunners) will not be happy until every last American is disarmed and/or shot. Whichever is most convenient for them.

  2. Biden must think it doesnt behoove him politically to move on this right now, i doubt he seriously believes his executive options are exhausted. Would be the first time

    • It has nothing to do with Biden’s ability or wanting to move to the Right. He is nothing more than a Manchurian Candidate. He isn’t making any of the decisions about policy and hasn’t been since elected. He is the tradeoff made by the Liberal/Progressive democrat leadership for allowing an old man with Dementia to live out his dream of being president. He will soon be kicked to the curb as his usefulness has run it’s course. Along with his baggage becoming to much of a distraction in a presidential election cycle. The real enemies of the 2nd Amendment are still alive and well within the democrat leadership and will continue their attempts at it’s destruction. As long as they are allowed to exist.

      • Amen… they never stop coming, like the Kohms in Star Trek O.S. “Omega Glory”… Set phasers to ****SuperStun+****

    • actually, the Democrats/Slave owner/KKK/Communist Party started the “Civil War”, and it was the Republicans[Lincoln} that ended it. The Dems have actually been trying to destroy our Constitution, and Bill of Rights since they formed under Andrew Jackson in 1828,and have been traitors since!

      • “actually, the Democrats/Slave owner/KKK/Communist Party started the “Civil War”,”

        If “started” means firing the first shot, you would be understandably mistaken (yes, “the South” fired on Ft. Sumter).

        If one reads the history of 1840 to 1860, it becomes clear “the South” was in a situation similar to gun owners today: “the North” was intent on doing through mere legislation that which could not be done through amending the constitution.

        The States did not delegate to the Feds any authority to abolish slavery. Under that situation (equivalent to today’s gun control laws), “the North” was the aggressor.

        Just as there are people visiting TTAG who call for the boogie, Lou, due to unconstitutional gun control laws, “the South” called for withdrawing from the compact of the States (the Constitution) because “the South” did not want to remain in union with people who wanted to discard the Constitution for convenience.

        All along, “the North” could have proposed and launched a recommendation for amending the constitution. In the end (1868), that is precisely what happened.

        • Sam,I appreciate your correct,scholarly response to my provocative assertions. You are correct sir. History lies constantly, nice to see the accuracy on your response. It was also financial, and related to recent immigration from europe of skilled workers causing the north to try and offset the deals on cotton with England to supply northern U.S. mills instead. . It goes on a lot further doesnt it?

    • They may not have signed it but they support it.
      They’re still in pandering mode like ME and VT. In time they’ll become fully combative just like in MA and IL. NH is giving into Dem rot fast and there’s no sign of slowing let alone stopping it.

      • Do you think that the left-turns in Nh, VT, and ME. is due to dem-flight from NYS and PA? We have a similar issue with Californicators here in Colorado and Arizona..

        • Dem flight is a factor for sure. The other big factor I’ve observed is sheltered locals who buy into the Dem ideas apparently completely oblivious to what happened in the states the Dems flee from.

          I’ve listened to plenty of lectures on the virtues of spending and regulating from generational locals who’ve never set foot outside the state yet insist that spending ourselves into oblivion is a good thing. As if we can’t look to CT, NY or MA for examples to the contrary. They either live in bubbles, think the parties today are the same as they were 50+ years ago or a little of both. Often they think it’s modern, hip or cool. Like they’re trying to impress their college aged kids by burning down their own house.

        • Another factor here is the aged population. For whatever reason they act like the past 70 years never happened and still view politics like it’s JFK vs. Nixon.

    • gunny -even better crack down on those who misuse guns (or any other tool for that matter) to facilitate their crimes – IOW criminals.

  3. Alleged “Rights” like Abortion and Living Wage are NOT guaranteed in our Founding Documents. Leftists burn down our cities to scare us into giving in to these demands.
    They use VIOLENCE.
    How should we reply to those who actually DO strip us of our rights and heritage?
    My question is, “How do I fight them”?
    They put you in prison for waving a flag out on the lawn. Hardly a crime…

  4. Saying “antigun Democrats” is redundant.

    On second thought, Democrats aren’t really anti-gun, as they’re perfectly fine with their bodyguards having guns and protecting them with guns.
    They’re just against ordinary people (non-politicians, non-elites) being protected by guns.

  5. “Communists in Congress demand more gun control from leftist Biden”

    The above is a more accurate headline.

  6. lawmakers officially launch petition to impeach New Mexico governor. (note: not mentioned in the video but there are also bunch of democrat NM lawmakers that support impeachment, but the republicans did the articles of impeachment and the petition. Notice though the tyrant office response calling it a ‘disagreement’ over a policy – trying to suspend the constitution with a contrived ‘public health order’ is a lot more than a disagreement, its tyranny.)

  7. “…ensure that they can move through their daily lives without fear of firearms…”

    Sounds like they oughta be legislating for desensitization therapy:

    “It involves gradually exposing a person to something that causes extreme fear and panic, and teaches them to replace fear responses with relaxation responses.”

    We can begin with 22s, or even airguns for those who are super sensitive, set up in every school. More bang for the buck with this kind of program, than with more gun control/confiscation schemes.

    • hawk – the first line in your post actually sums it up correctly – I have never been ‘afraid of any gun’ – respect them yes. What I DO ‘fear’ is a bad guy with evil intent – unless I happen to be better armed than he is……………;-)

  8. Annnnd… Here we go.
    Felon (woman,) buys a stolen gun from a bad guy, two hours later, buddy of the seller gets perforated by said gun when he attempts to rob her at gun point…

    Florida man. Like the sheriff in the video says, “You can’t make this stuff up..”

    Full video here:

    • I second those feelings. The only people I worry about having firearms in my house would be the federales. My children an.

  9. I got a 1000watt microwave and it’s not any louder then my old 500watt, false advertising, theBiden should do something.

  10. The Dims desperately need a massive fail on gun control, in order to keep the base fired up.

    Yes, a failure is a recruiting tool. It would also be useful in convincing the believers that Biden needs to be replaced on the ballot fort 2024.

    Covid-19 was the trial run: overturn the entire constitution based on a health threat. Tactically, it worked. Next, the health emergency declared by the NM Governor was a stalking horse to see if firearms can become another health emergency, allowing a Dim President to once again lockdown the populace, and use police to confiscate firearms.

    The Left isn’t stupid, or lazy. The have all but called for suspension of “red” states membership in the nation. The war is now openly declared. Evil never rests; it simply shifts its shape to fit the conditions.

  11. I read all these sophisticated comments by the gentlemen who contribute to this forum, but I feel as though I don’t mentally measure up to their complex analyses of the situation in the democratic party. Sometimes it is an advantage to be ignorant of some to the details about the “gun control” issue as I am. My simplistic approach is that the Democrats are going about it the wrong way. It looks as though they are trying to take guns away from people that never violated any laws, but they are letting law violators run rampant committing felonies on the streets, and getting away with them. What about Robert Hunter Biden, himself?

  12. Remember S&W caved to the MARXIST Obama admin to retain its Gov’t contracts!!!

    That is why they are on my forever “BAN LIST”!!!!!

  13. The export control was switched from the State Dept. to the Commerce Dept. by a consent decree to settle a lawsuit by Defense Distributed challenging the federal government’s demand that firearm digital CAM files be taken down from the internet. The district court declared the order unconstitutional & the 5th circuit court of appeals concurred. The DOJ choose to settle rather than appeal to SCOTUS.

  14. @NOGUN:
    I am going to secretly sneak into Possums Secret Lab (The old Bat Cave) and make copies of his plans.
    I especially will be looking for the Star Trek Phasor upgrade module design that uses a Red-Alodyne AR Selector Switch on the phasor. It will now select:

    Guess which setting I plan to use?
    “Hey Chuck! Nancy! Look at this thingie!”

  15. “[T]he American people are relying on your Administration to ensure that they can move through their daily lives without fear of firearms …. in their homes.”

    Really? I don’t know any gun owners, including myself, who are afraid of firearms in their homes. If gun owners were afraid of guns in their homes, one would think that they would not be buying them in record numbers. Where do they find these idiots?

  16. Every signature on that letter should constitute evidence of conspiracy to deny Americans civil rights and be grounds for termination of any public office held and criminal prosecution of all parties under civil rights abuse laws.

  17. I am sick and tired of all the things that those fools that run our country are doing.
    But why do the Americans keep voting for them? Don’t they get it. Vote them out!

    • “But why do the Americans keep voting for them? Don’t they get it.”

      There is “much speaking” in criticism about single-issue voters. That is, “I don’t care about anything else, so long as I get what I want.

      While the above is a trope (or meme) regarding dunder-headed single mindedness, the issue is actually more wide spread, and often multi-mindedness. That is, “I don’t care about anything else, so long as I get my list of grievances fulfilled.

      It is simple human nature to focus on our individual wants and wishes, above everything else. POTG use 2A as a litmus test, priority over everything else. Dims/Leftists/Kohms are no different.

      Why do idiots keep voting for Dims? Because most people are idiots. When everyone gets to vote, the mean/average/median/regression analysis doesn’t rise.

      • SIA.
        This quote is occasionally attributed to Stalin, but there is some doubt that he actually said it.
        Nevertheless, the sentiment is still valid:

        It’s not how you vote that counts, but it’s who counts those votes that matters.

        • “It’s not how you vote that counts, but it’s who counts those votes that matters.”

          The Kohms have more billionaires, thus the Kohms can by more idiots to do the counting.

  18. Hello Sam I Am,
    Thanks for your reply. There must be a way for the intelligent people in the USA to entice (control) the less intelligent people who legally have the power to override the former in the voting booths. After all, the humans were able to control the lesser primates like gorillas and chimpanzees. Why can’t we step up the level of influence to persuade those lesser individuals to cooperate with our ideas? It happens every once in a while: (Eisenhower, Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush and even Trump). Even FDR bullshitted the Americans into thinking that they had a “new deal”. Let’s do it again!

    • “After all, the humans were able to control the lesser primates like gorillas and chimpanzees.”

      Humans are at the top of the food chain because we are unmatched killing machines (apex predators). Killing is an effective way to control whichever population you wish to dominate.

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