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[Rep. Bonnie] Watson Coleman called silencers “tools of murder” in a Thursday statement.

“They have no legal application, which is why law enforcement officials around the country have been calling for their elimination,” she said, adding that the HEAR Act “will save lives and is part of the common-sense approach to firearms legislation that polls show has widespread support among voters on both sides of the aisle.”

The [Help Empower Americans to Respond] HEAR Act would also authorize a silencer buyback program, give Americans a 90-day grace period after the legislation is enacted to comply and provide limited exceptions for law enforcement and Atomic Energy personnel.

Cosponsors include Democratic Sens. Dianne Feinstein of California, Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, Cory Booker of New Jersey, Ed Markey of Massachusetts, and Alex Padilla of California.

— Audrey Conklin in Democrats introduce legislation to ban gun silencers

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  1. Breaking news…. FHWA bans mufflers on all new motor vehicles starting with model year 2022, is drafting legislation to require any vehicle to prove that existing exhaust systems are rendered inoperable before license plate renewal is allowed. (sarc)

    • Strange, no mention of the bill introduced to put large-cap magazines on the NFA and require a 200-dollar tax for each one you want to keep?


      • democRats cannot help it…They always have to have people to discriminate against. And by all accounts for today’s pasty mouth democRats obviously Gun Owners are just another form of the N-word just like it was for Jim Crow Gun Control KKK democRats. I mean if you were a Black American you were bad mouthed at every turn until you couldn’t venture outside your dirt floor shack.
        Gun Owners are getting a taste of what those like Clarence Thomas received from democRat Jim Crow Gun Control joe and his ilk…Gun Control? It’s a KKK democRat Party Jim Crow Family Tradition that needs to be put out of its misery.

    • Breaking news…. FHWA bans mufflers on all new motor vehicles starting with model year 2022

      Tesla, the silent killer.

  2. I have been considering the purchase of a suppressor for years. I pretty much gave up on it and figured this (banning/confiscation/turn in) would eventually happen. Once Trump put the kiboshes on bump stocks, I knew that noting gun related, that we bought legally, would ever be “safe” to own. Waaaay too much $$ and grief involved in obtaining a suppressor to have it just legislated away one day…or very soon!

    • You don’t have a clue what you’re talking about.. getting a suppressor isnt hard.. and a proper background is completed for purchase so STFU with your BS.

      • Yeah Jack, getting one wasn’t hard, buy a aluminum flashlight, some washers and bushed grommets, fire up the drill press, drill and thread the end cap’s, slip it all together, and Viola…. you can still hear the damned thing for a country mile, just not as loudly as without…. Thank the lord all of my weapons came along before the 4473…. and several before the NFA of 1934…. and the bigger blessing, Silencers are legal in Texas…. and in My area carry laws are unenforced due to the wildlife problems (can you say Coyotes and Hogs ?),

        • “…in My area carry laws are unenforced due to the wildlife problems (can you say Coyotes and Hogs ?),”

          Like David Hoggs? 😉

      • No, not hard at all . . . just fill out the paperwork, pay the fee, and . . . wait. And wait. And wait.

        To buy an appliance that in many EUROPEAN countries is considered polite to use . . . because unsuppressed fire harms hearing.

        Nice to know some of our own (or at least those who CLAIM to be POTG) are so willing to throw others under the bus. Sometimes we are our own worst enemies.

        • Your a idiot. You can legally build a suppressor, Short Barrel Rifle or Destructive Device yourself on a form 1 , file it via e-file and have it back in 30 days on average.

    • Agreed. Why would we buy muzzle brakes, adjustable stocks, 30 round magazines, ARs, 50 cal ammunition, automatic knives, cars with V8 engines, or snakeskin boots if it’s all gonna be legislated away anyways….

    • Politically inept Bump Stock Trump Bashers helped usher in Jim Crow Gun Control joe and his ilk. Once again…Had POTUS Trump did nothing it would have fell into the hands of Congress and chances were good those Binary Triggers and a laundry list of other products advertised on this forum would be history. So the only thing I need to hear from Bump Stock crybabies is and apology for helping to pee on the 2A with the likes of Jim Crow Gun Control joe biden et al.

      • You talkin to me? So, you are willing to give them an inch?
        I voted for Trump in both elections, even after he caved on bump stocks. I volunteered for a local Trump election committee. I endlessly “campaigned” for Trump over both Hillary and Biden. As for bump stocks and AR pistol braces, I personally have ZERO use for either. But, I have always advocated for those that owned and/or wanted them. Now, for an accessory that I do want, a suppressor, I would love to have several. But for me, the writing was on the wall. If it doesn’t happen now, it will soon…they will be banned! So I refuse to go through the process (which is a great deal more of a process than my going to a gun store and leaving with whatever firearm I may want that day) to be “granted” a suppressor, only to have it legislated away in the future.
        If your comment was directed at my comments, you, know absolutely nothing about what you are talking about in reference to me.

    • This is exactly what the NFA is intended to do. Discourage ownership of firearms and suppressors. In your case, it worked.

  3. Without looking into it I remember all of one criminal shooting incident involving a legally owned suppressor and nobody seemed to have any problem identifying it’s sound as a gunshot during the incident. But yes lets go after another accessory that is already more strictly regulated than any number of other objects/substances that are far more destructive.

    • If you’re referring to Virginia Beach, was it ever documented that the suppressor was legally owned? All I ever saw was “according to a law enforcement source”, not “ATF records show”.

      • Was for Virginia Beach and I remember a report that it was legally owned but now that I think on it I never saw a final report. Either way scraping the bottom of the barrel for incidents legal or no and could probably prevent more murders by banning pool balls.

  4. Hrrm, interesting. 3D printers and lathes are gonna get real popular I bet.

    If I was a suppressor company being put out of business by this I’d think I’d have all my plans “leak” on to Bit Torrent or something.

    • Oh, and “ReGistRatIOn DoeSn’T LeaD To CoNfIScAtIoN.”

      I think they should try and do this for all NFA items that way when discussion of a semi auto ban comes in we can have an honest discussion around it.

      If this passes and gets pushed through the federal courts I hope that they use it to stick it to the NFA. Live fire demos would likely help that significantly because Hollywood has greatly over stated the efficacy of such devices.

      • But lawmakers seem to think Hollywood is factual on everything.

        If more lawmakers watched Mythbusters instead we would have more common sense laws.

  5. My question to Bonnie. How many people we murdered in the last 10 years by legally purchased and registered silencers?

  6. Thank you to the never Trump gun owners. We are all getting exactly what YOU wanted. You hate Trump just like you hate cops. And so you’re dream will come true, and you won’t have cops either soon.

    President Trump was correct. When he said that the Democrats hated him because he was in the way of their agenda. And the Never Trump gun owners helped in removing him.

    The only thing left now is what the founders of this country created. 50 different sovereign states. The Tenth Amendment and nullification. And some states want them, the “bible belt”, and other states, the west coast and east coast, don’t.

    • Just because I live on the West Coast doesn’t mean I go along with this BS. The people here that are for this crap were not born here, they moved from other countries (both illegally and legally) or came from other states. It was Republicans in this state that started the anti gun movement.
      It is now the NWO (doesn’t mater what party) That are trying to take our guns, they are run by faceless corporations.
      While many do/did not like Trump, most anyone with any intelligence can see that he was the citizen’s friend. He wanted the US to be back on top, sadly the powers that be do not want that

    • Gun guys on here hated on Trump because it was easy. It was popular. I didn’t see much hate directed toward Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. Why is that? Those two were the ones that should have led the charge for pro gun bills. Trump would have signed it. Instead, Ryan got his donors a tax break, then announced his retirement. At that point, he should have stepped down to let someone else be the Speaker. But no, he intentionally wanted to be a lame duck for an entire term so that the America First Agenda would NOT be implemented.

  7. Sadly many in the “gun Community” have not learned that the other side is irrational. They are irrational and illogical. They don’t believe in facts.
    And you have to change tactics when dealing with these crazy anti civil rights people.

    The NRA never supported the hearing protection act. Just as they’ve never supported machine gun ownership for the General Public. But they do enjoy their old fashioned woodstock double barrel, break action, shotguns.

  8. Pffft, No that wasn’t a silenced bullet, it was me making fun of this woman and the democrats !
    Fire-arms “Mufflers”, “Silencers”, “Suppressors”, do Nothing to actually “Silence” a weapon, they actually Only reduce the sound a Very,Very, Very Little, bringing it down to a Less ear -damaging level, still plainly audible, Pop instead of the loud boom. They are Legal for hunting in my state, which is good during dear season, They are pretty much a requirement indoors at a range, but even in deer hunting, the sound is still pretty loud, Personally I have no need, and am NOT going to pay the “Tax” to Own one, I shoot a revolver so it wouldn’t work anyway, Nahh this is another Useless law in search of a purpose…. There has NOT been a shooting involving a muffled weapon in Decades, and people heard that one….

  9. According to Feinstein’s press release, only used by murderers, yet roughly 2 million registered and not being used to murder anyone.

    • I guess she thinks professional hitmen buy these from their dealer, register the tax stamps, get their fancy chromed pistol or maybe a sniper rifle, buy a fancy sports car/getaway car, buy a nice tailored suit, tie, fancy shoes and watch, wait a year, pick up the silencer, shave, put on suit, splash cologne, swig of scotch, hop into the sports car, then go to murder their “mark.” Of course, upon arrival they slowly and methodically open the neat case with their gun and silencer in it, light a cigar, screw on the silencer, load a round or two into the clip, and rack the slide, good, now ready for murder. Execute Target, mutter a cool sounding statement, re-case gun and silencer, and drive off into the night. No one knows because the gun was silent. Dang it, why can’t we ban silencers and stop the madness!

  10. What does “no legal application” mean?
    Other than more ignorant Dems choosing to willfully ignore legal applications.

  11. I know a guy that knows a guy that knows a guy that says his Cousins Mothers best friend knows a guy that builds “silencers” in the basement of his neighbors brother-in-laws Sisters garage out of stuff from Home Depot and Auto Zone… How will THEY confiscate his stuff? Asking for the friend of a nephew of a guy that I met at Lowes (not Home Depot)…

  12. Many of the large cities spy on the residents with CCTV and sound equipment. The can triangulate the sound of gunfire for a “quick” response. The system still works on large caliber silenced gunfire, but might not with smaller caliber subsonic rounds.
    Even though the cost, hassle of obtaining, and the fact that the firearm would be longer and harder to conceal make this a non issue, the antis are still going ahead with this.
    I think they watch too many movies.

    • At best, shot spotter narrows down gunfire to a dozen or so blocks. At worst, there’s a lot of false reports (fireworks, car backfire, etc). Or so I’ve been told by a somewhat reliable retired LEO.

  13. Once again, our “friends” in Hollyweird have screwed us, by completely misrepresenting what suppressors do. Anyone who thinks that the “pfft” portrayed in Hollyweird movies is a real thing is an idiot . . . but DiFi is an idiot. Suppressors should be standard equipment on firearms, to protect hearing. Oh, and DiFi’s ancient arse should retire, while she can still SOMETIMES pretend to be sentient.

  14. Wait, wait, wait… This is called the HEAR Act? One would think this would be a Bill to ENCOURAGE the use of suppressors to protect people from themselves in damaging their hearing. Hell, politicians might even make suppressors mandatory or you’d have to buy a supplementary insurance policy to cover hearing losses. 2A senators and reps, get off your @$$ and submit a same name bill that makes sense.

    • “One would think this would be a Bill to ENCOURAGE the use of suppressors to protect people from themselves in damaging their hearing.”

      It’s a deliberate Leftist playbook disinformation trick, especially in political advertising around election time.

      You give your PAC a name that sounds patriotic, when in reality it’s the exact opposite Leftist scum propaganda…

  15. When ur pushing to kill hearing safety devices u have gone mad!!!!!!!!!!!

    When ur pushing to kill hearing safety devices u have gone mad!!!!!!!!!!!

    Only Rope can fix this!

    • “Only Rope can fix this!”

      Helicopters have their place, as well… 😉

  16. Did anyone else notice the hypocrisy in this bill? Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman called silencers “tools of murder” in a Thursday statement and said, “They have no legal application.” And yet, she wants to “provide exceptions for law enforcement”?

    So let me get this straight. She believes silencers are “tools of murder” which “have no legal application,” and therefore she wants police to use these “tools of murder” which “have no legal application”?

    This is the same argument anti-gun politicians use when they say the AR-15 is a “weapon of mass destruction designed to kill as many people as possible as quickly as possible” and yet says police should use them (presumably to “kill as many people as possible as quickly as possible”).

    In my opinion, any weapon (or accessory, like suppressors) that’s good enough for police should be good enough for ordinary citizens. Any weapon legal for police to use against citizens should be legal for citizens to own and carry to defend against criminals, too.


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