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Beto’s New Campaign Message: Hell Yes We Need to Protect the Second Amendment!

Beto O’Rourke
Forget that whole 'Hell yes' stuff. Now we need to defend the Second Amendment. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)
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In a strange way, you have to admire Robert Francis O’Rourke’s pure shamelessness and his unselfconscious ability to do a 180 on a core political position to fit the needs of the campaign he’s running at the moment.

We all know — deep down inside — that being a politician means whoring out your principles (assuming you actually have some) in order to secure campaign cash and votes. You need a chameleon-like ability to shift and adjust as you go. But as the pseudo-Hispanic from west Texas has just demonstrated, he possesses an impressively unnatural talent for doing just that.

Yesterday, “Beto” was campaigning in Tyler, Texas. If you’ve lost track of which political office RFO is currently quixotically chasing, he’s running for Governor of the Lone Star State. No, really.

Anyway, the viability of O’Rourke’s entire campaign has rested recently on the hope that Texas’s electrical grid would once again crash during severe weather this winter. It’s pretty much the only prayer he has of enough Texans being upset with current Governor Greg Abbott to come out, roll the dice, and vote for an undistinguished former Congressman who’s never really done or accomplished anything at all in his life.

“Beto’s” big problem now, tough, is that cold weather swept down over the state last week and, much to his chagrin, the lights stayed on. The grid held up. And his campaign was dealt a serious setback. D’oh! Plentiful and reliable electricity delivered a body blow to his flagging campaign’s prospects.

Still, never one to be bothered with the inconvenience of reality, O’Rourke mounted a whistle-stop ‘Keeping the Lights On’ statewide tour anyway, which is why he was in Tyler. It’s also why the dozens who were there weren’t really as interested in talking about the electrical grid or the intricacies of ERCOT as they might have been.

And then it happened. Someone in the crowd asked “Beto” about his famous stance on gun control, a policy plank that’s never been a big political winner in Texas.

You may remember this Great Moment in Political Messaging from O’Rourke’s failed presidential run. This is the point at which he passionately tells voters that he really does plan to confiscate Americans’ firearms, shouting “Hell yes, we’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47!”

That line will live with him forever. And while it may have drawn approving applause from the hand-picked audience at a Democrat candidate debate, in Texas — in towns like Tyler — the promise of firearm confiscation doesn’t play nearly as well.

It seems that as unsuccessful as “Beto” has been in running for office so far, even he now has enough political sense to realize the problems his anti-gun position presents. That’s why he has now shifted his message from grabbing gun owners’ firearms to…protecting Second Amendment rights.

KTLV has the story:

Speaking to reporters, O’Rourke also took a question about his controversial stance on guns and remarks made in 2019 about taking away AR-15s and AK-47s.

“I’m not interested in taking anything from anyone. What I want to make sure that we do is defend the Second Amendment,” he said. “I want to make sure that we protect our fellow Texans far better than we’re doing right now. And that we listen to law enforcement, which Greg Abbott refused to do. He turned his back on them when he signed that permitless carry bill that endangers the lives of law enforcement in a state that’s seen more cops and sheriff’s deputies gunned down than in any other.”

So is O’Rourke’s new strategy to talk about “defending the Second Amendment” and “protecting Texans” while putting them back on the gun control plantation while, what, repealing constitutional carry? That’s what that talking point seems to say.

It looks like another sure-fire campaign winner. With a sales pitch like that, how can anyone with an IQ over room temperature not vote for Robert Francis?

O’Rourke’s latest polling numbers don’t look good. The most recent tracking numbers show him trailing the incumbent Abbott by over eight points. And with the electrical grid’s non-failure, the candidate obviously didn’t think he could repeat his long-held gun-grabbing message on the stump and expect to survive politically.

But don’t look for this about face to help him much. “Beto’s” new campaign position flip on guns will only be seen as a political flop, one that’s not likely to buy him many votes among gun-loving Texans.

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  1. Steel gaze… granite jaw… integrity or lack thereof… changing his opinion to try to get elected… that little creep was born to be a politician.

    Of note, I’ve seen some incredibly stupid people who have BETO bumper stickers on their carbon emitters.

    • RGB said “that little creep was born to be a politician.”

      We should be able to test for that, and abort them before they are born. Abortion is evil, but politicians are far worse than merely evil.

      And yes, before anyone asks, we test and abort regardless which direction they lean. We don’t need a “conservative” Beto any more than we need the “liberal” Beto.

      • That rodent is definitely a great argument for abortion and some means of testing for this is an outstanding solution!

        If only somebody had whacked his momma before she laid eggs…

    • Beto is going to learn a lesson that voters have memories that last longer than election cycles.

  2. Shouldn’t a lifer political hack with no real-world experience at actually EARNING a living be aspiring to a higher goal ? …He could be the second such person to be “elected” to the presidency .

  3. He just learned that words mean more than actions with the voting drones. Hence their willingness to sink the nation into a circus of despair over mean tweets and a virus the TV said would kill us all. Words > actions.

  4. It’s always both interesting and delightful to see backstabber traitors increase their overt desperation while elevating their deceit to higher new levels. Anyone who would vote for this treasonous woke scum is amongst the lowest form of human beings society has ever suffered from. It’s delightful at the level of their expendability also.

  5. “Admire”? Let’s see: my response is vacillating between “No”, and “oh, hell NO!”
    “Shameless” – yes! “Whoring out principles”? Absolutely!
    This is the classic, self-serving, tone-deaf, snake oil salesman, waste-of-air politician who in earlier times would have been tarred and feathered (can we bring that back??). He needs an electoral pounding so bad that he tucks his tail and never sees any limelight whatsoever.
    It’s utterly amazing that he actually thinks people forget his “Hell, yes, we’re coming for your…” and Uncle Joe’s promising that he would be his “gun czar” (how did we ((thankfully)) dodge that bullet?)
    I’m truly surprised that he’s down only eight points. Oh yeah, there’s Austin (East LA) and a huge part of Houston.
    Will the last person leaving the campaign office please “keep the lights off”?

    • Mikey,

      It’s utterly amazing that he actually thinks people forget his ‘Hell, yes, we’re coming for your…’ and Uncle Joe’s promising that he would be his ‘gun czar’…

      To O’Rourke’s credit, a lot of people WILL forget those details. Perhaps much more importantly, probably more than 95% of Texans were/are unaware of those details in the first place.

      Do not ever underestimate the ability of the populace to be woefully unaware of current affairs and the most fundamental facts of History.

      Speaking to that last point, you would be well served to spend a few minutes watching short videos of journalists who asked about simple matters of current affairs and History to random people in public. Their ignorance is stunning. For example, a non-trivial number of people do not even know who our vice president is. Similarly, a large number of people have no idea who Adolph Hitler was.

    • Austin = East LA? In what world? East LA is a county area that is mostly Mexican Americans(most of the families there can trace their family back to Ca for the last 100 years. They are hard working, blue collar people and tend to be conservative in politics, religion, and financials. Many of the homes there have been owned by the same family for over 50 years.

      That doesn’t sound like Austin, Tx to me.

    • “This is the classic, self-serving, tone-deaf, snake oil salesman, waste-of-air politician who in earlier times would have been” …

      … elected.

      and you’re forgetting dominion ….

  6. Oh cool, he is going to protect the second amendment. Not take any guns away, yay, he gets my vote for sure!

    Too bad the media didn’t have the presence of mind or political will to ask a follow up like “how are you going to protect the second amendment” or “wait, whoa, you say you don’t want to take anything, wait, what changed?”

    Plenty of politicians use the “I support the second amendment but…” line and then follow it with “you don’t need an AR-16 to hunt a deer”, “we need to get rid of weapons of war on our streets, high capacity clips, sue the gun industry, fight the NRA” etc.

    They either don’t care if the statements line up or, because they believe the second amendment is for a militia like the national guard and not any individual right, then maybe they think they can support the second and ban guns at the same time.

    Constitutional carry doesn’t allow “bad guys” to carry, buy, or use guns. Nor does a carry permit restrict the carry of guns to the law abiding. The bad guys will carry or misuse guns either way, the only thing the permit does is discourage the law abiding because of cost or extra burden, while also exposing them to legal risk if they carry without the permit, forget their card, forget to renew, etc.

  7. Why are we still talking about this loser? Just because he yips and yaps doesn’t mean we need to pay attention to him. Children are meant to be seen and not heard and preferably also not seen…

    • napresto,

      The ancient author Sun Tzu directed us to, “know your enemy,” in his book Art of War.

      We need to know our enemies (their mindset, tactics, and objectives) so that we can determine HOW to fight back effectively.

      • sun tzu said know your enemy, and know yourself.

        lots of internet posters on the right know their enemy, but have little knowledge about themselves and how they fit in, just fantasies.

    • Someone is throwing him money and attention who and why is far more interesting than anything he has to say.

      • “who and why”

        the core of the issue, the source of the problem. but be careful, they’ll call you “naazi” and “faascist” if you focus on that.

      • He IS wasting more of his wife’s daddy’s money.
        He would do better to open a skateboard shop.
        He’s down 15% in polls and Abbott has much more support than Cruz ever did. Barring some weird event, he has no chance. Don’t lose sleep over it.

    • Uhhhh, you’ve forgotten how DIS-honest the Clintons are. You should take a deep dive into Hillary’s past. Bill is only marginally better than she is.

  8. That is an insult to whores. They provide a service for their fees and are more honest about what they do.

  9. Just yesterday I mentioned how no one (in their right mind) would hand over their child to a complete stranger for “safe keeping” for several days even when that stranger is dressed nicely, wears a warm smile, and promises to make our lives wonderful. Of course that was a parallel to politicians and why we should not entrust our lives to them when we would never entrust our children’s lives to them.

    O’Rourke’s recent campaigning should underscore that wisdom.

    Note: the underlying message of politicians is that their focus is making our lives better rather than making their lives better. We should regard anyone who advances that concept with massive suspicion. (How many people have you known in your life who really are THAT selfless?)

    • “Just yesterday I mentioned how no one (in their right mind) would hand over their child to a complete stranger for “safe keeping” for several days even when that stranger is dressed nicely, wears a warm smile, and promises to make our lives wonderful.”

      and I for one won’t forget it. well-put.

  10. Anyone who aligns them selves with the democrats cannot be trusted, they stand for everything that is against GOD, Family, and Country.

    • To all you “back the blue” types: Beato is agreeing with their diatribe. Maybe a few county mounties are really “pro” gat but most just want to keep their gig. Beato’s pivot should be a wake up call to y’all…

  11. That guy is a real chicken sht.
    I dont know how he stands to live with himself.
    No honor whatsoever.
    ” Hell yes we’re taking your AR’s, AK’s.”
    No I lied about that, believe me, I’m all for the Second Amendment now, I only said I wanted to take your gunms the first time because I thought that was the thing and would get me elected. But really I’m a pro gunm 2A guy, if you elect me you’ll see.

    • Shorter Beta O’Jerk, “And those are my bedrock policies . . . and if you don’t like those, I have others!”.

      That anyone would seriously consider voting for this soiboi, brainless nitwit, public figure cousin of dacian the stupid simply defines them as less-than-serious. Beta O’Jerk has held HOW MANY actual, real jobs, in his life?????

      Which, of course, makes him dacian’s hero. dacian wants to find out how to get even more free shit, like Beta does.

    • “I dont know how he stands to live with himself”

      easy. money, power, lots of people coming to his office seeking favor. oh, and “virgins by the train load”.

  12. The Dems don’t give a possum’s rear-end about Beto’s credibility. They do not intend to win the election; they intend to steal it. For that, all they need Beto to be is a placeholder.

    There are, however, signs that Texas continues to work on election reform to prevent theft.

  13. Even if one were to believe him…

    One should not believe him

    O’rourke is one of those politicians that will say anything to get himself into trouble and he will also say anything to get elected.

  14. “I’m not interested in taking anything from anyone.”

    Lying liars & the retards who vote for them.

  15. Beto is doing the job necessary; gauging the number of votes Dims need to cover before they can add enough to make it look like a public mandate.

    8% is relatively close in Texas. It encourages the Blues.

    Some radical said that when your message is losing, double down.


    • Trump’s heroism in ‘Nam, coupled with the fact he’s a morally upstanding self made man, make him worthy of our collective awe, deference and respect.

      MAGA for a thousand years!

      • Yeah!! No more mean tweets!!!

        You are too stupid to insult. Go visit the cable.

        Oh, and remind me . . . other than his BRIEF stint as a representative, HOW many elections has that beta soiboi won???

        Or is it, since you’re such a failure, that you admire an even greater failure??

  17. “I’m not interested in taking anything from anyone. What I want to make sure that we do is defend the Second Amendment,” [Beto] said.”

    Sure. Of course, Robert Francis also believes that sometimes you have to kill the patient to save the patient. After all, to make an omelet, you gotta break a few eggs.

  18. I hope that people start walking up to him giving him flip flops. He truly has beliefs in which way the winds of politics blow, which means he has none at all. This guy would say shooting his own mom is valid policy provided it bumped him in the polls.

  19. Where are MinorIQ and dacian the stupid to explain how we just “don’t understand” how internally consistent and principled Beta O’Jerk’s policy positions are???

    Guys, you need to step up and defend your idiot spokesman!!!

    • “how internally consistent and principled Beta O’Jerk’s policy positions are”

      they are. “what can I do/say today to gain power?” very principled.

      • OK, ya got me there, rant7. No credible response to that sally. Beta “believes” whatever he has to believe to get elected . . . or at least he says he does.

  20. I wonder if he hurt himself flipping and a flopping. First it was “Hell yes, we’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47!” then it went to “I’m not interested in taking anything from anyone. What I want to make sure that we do is defend the Second Amendment,”

    • “A well-regulated People, being Necessary to the Security of an Aryan Nation, the Right of the Militia to Keep and Bear Arms, Shallnot BeInfringed. Unless we say it Shall.”

  21. So his words both say to protect the Second Amendment and, at the same time, to destroy it with stupid laws. Sounds like perfectly uttered slippery Texas Two-Step Politician-speak.

    • “So his words both say to protect the Second Amendment and, at the same time, to destroy it with stupid laws.”

      The “stupid laws” aren’t really “stupid”, and indeed protect the Second Amendment from people who think it is: absolute, near-absolute, doesn’t require enrollment and regular training in an organized militia, is an individual right (“we the people” is plural, community, group, organization, not individual – if the founders had intended the Second to be an individual right, the word “individual” was readily available to them), believe individuals and militias should have the same firepower as the standing army and police, think they have a human and constitutionally protected right to make their own firearms.

      If you want to understand your enemy, you must first put on their point-of-view Once done, it is painfully clear why they say the things they say; believe the things they believe. Instead, what we have is two irreconcilable gangs shouting at each other, “Tastes Great; Less Filling”!!

      (and now, i am off to grab a beer and a martini chaser)

  22. his words both say to protect the Second Amendment and, at the same time, to destroy it with stupid laws”

    (sigh) look, it’s simple. he means to protect the second amendment for himself and his owners, who are the only legitimate citizens here. me means to destroy it for you, just like any farmer would if his cattle attempted to arm up.

    that’s all.

  23. @Joe “I will develop some disease and say I have to resign” Biden
    “Sam got it right! We choose truth over facts!!”

    Blind squirrel moment, I assure you.

  24. Sorry Beto, your ship already hit the proverbial iceberg with your idiotic “hell yes” comment. With the prospect of winning the governorship sinking like a waterlogged luxury liner and your face splashed with the ice cold water of reality, you’re think changing your idiotic stance on guns 180° will fool everybody into voting for you. Ain’t gonna happen Beto.

    Bloomberg had money coming out his a$$ but no matter how much he spent, he couldn’t shake that people didn’t like him, even with his warm fatherly TV ads, he was a bad mayor and people hated him. Bloomberg couldn’t shake it and you ain’t shaking off the “hell yes” comment in hopes that people are stupid with short memories.

    You kicked people right in the groin beto, they aren’t going to forgive and forget and most importantly TRUST you. That ain’t gonna happen EVER.

  25. Meh this is typical leftist baloney. They sound like centrists right up until the moment they win an election and then they swing hard left. Anyone want to take bets that Beto is taking Bloomberg money for his campaign despite the rhetoric? Follow the money don’t follow the mouth because the mouth lies.

  26. He’s STILL a Communist . . . DON’T believe his LIES. Lying is in their PLAYBOOK to get elected. That’s what “Beijing” Joe Biden did. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump and His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  27. Liar liar, tongue on fire! How do these POS sleep at night? Look in the Dick-shun-airy
    under no credibility and you’ll see this dog faced pony soldier.

  28. We definitely need to protect the second amendment and never accept ANY infringement on it by the Lib Left! Which is why we should NEVER ELECT Beto The Dork!

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