Ben-Gvir: Carry a weapon as soon as you can. It’s a life saver.

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Itamar Ben-Gvir

[Ayala Ben-Gvir, wife of Israel’s National Security Minister, Itamar Ben-Gvir] noted that some 100,000 people had applied for weapons in the last two weeks since the October 7 Hamas attack. She asked for “patience” given the massive load on the firearms licensing department. “Itamar and the Defense Ministry are doing everything to speed up the weapons approvals and allow you to protect yourself,” she wrote, noting that “to speed up the process” interviews for gun licenses would take place by telephone with “no need to physically come to the office’s branches.”

Once interviewed, she explained to prospective gun owners, “you will receive a firearms permit by email, pay the fee and can go to the range to learn the rules, practice and buy a weapon,” she wrote. She ended her series of posts by urging Israelis to “carry a weapon as soon as you can. It’s a life saver.”

Last week, Ben-Gvir announced that he had added the city of Sderot to the list of settlements qualified for the expanded gun-carrying rights. This week, he added Netivot and Ofakim to the list. “This war proves that we need to arm our citizens, the local security squads, in parallel to [having] a strong police force,” Ben-Gvir said. “We are trying to transfer as many weapons as possible, from wherever there are weapons, to strengthen the local security squads and provide the citizens the safety they need.”

Also posting on X this week, Itamar Ben-Gvir made a special appeal to Israeli women, noting that his office “made the exams easier for you” to receive a gun license.

“I call on all of you,” he wrote. “Go arm yourself”

— Allison Kaplan Sommer in ‘Carry a Gun, It’s a Life-Saver: Ben-Gvir and His Wife Boast of Dramatic Expansion in Israelis Carrying Weapons

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  1. So the question arises, why are only certain towns etc allowed to arm themselves? Are other towns somehow “immune” to the jihadi attacks? Can’t have it both ways. Arm the whole country or you are “whistling past the graveyard”.

      • They will take the guns back ASAP. You can count on that. Guns make them nervous. Surely you would not want them to live their lives all nervous, would you?

        • Yep, same thing in you crane. Opened up the armories to the public, but you can bet it was an ad hoc deal.

      • That’s what I am thinking. Even after 1400 Israelis are brutally murdered, their government is still playing games with civilian disarmament.

        They are slightly “expanding permissions” for something that is a fundamental and inalienable God given right. These still aren’t serious people.

    • Michael, exactly! I was going to post the same thing. I sometimes contribute to Quora, an online community similar to reddit only heavily moderated and not insane. Two days before the Hamas attack an Israeli was lecturing me how superior Israel was over America because they were not allowed to own or carry guns, so they were safer. I ignored him, then when the Hamas attack came 48 hours later I resisted the urge to say ‘told you so.’

      • I wonder if, had you written and said “ told you so” would he have agreed or would he have doubled down with some delusional left wing crap about “children finding the gun” or even self hating “we deserve it because of settlers”. So far I can’t find the bottom when talking to pro Hamas people. The cult of death that is Hamas seems to resonate with anti semites, BLM nihilists. I am concerned that when the inevitable inside USA or EU large pro Hamas terror strike happens the repercussions to ordinary (good people) immigrants will be clumsy and unwarranted. I recall the fear in the eyes of a long established in California engineer originally from Iran as news of a Pakistani couple who committed atrocity broke. He looked so defeated. He said “people will blame me, a Persian Shia, for what those people did”.

    • I believe it matters where you live because of the type of weapon they will let you buy.
      The actual settlers are allowed to have a full auto Uzi.

      These citizens outside the occupied zones will be allowed to buy a semi automatic pistol.

    • “They TAKE the children at an early age”.
      Sounds like what the democrats are doing, indoctrinate the toddlers, keep parents out of the process.

        • Weird thing is, they have had a headlock on public education for at least 40 years, and their indoctrination is only working their own droids.

          So what’s going wrong with them? Why aren’t they more effective with the political indoctrination???

        • Their lock on academia, pop culture, and the news media is the only reason Democrats still win so much, assuming there is no election fraud in Detroit, Atlanta, Philly, etc.

        • Geoff: “their indoctrination is only working their own droids. So what’s going wrong with them? Why aren’t they more effective with the political indoctrination???”

          It is working on a lot of students. I’ve read stories where parents said their kids (usually daughters) were level-headed before they went to university, but they came back leftist zombies.

        • Agree with Louis and Danny; respectfully disagree with Geoff. Also, it happens long before university. There’s a whole generation (or two) who believe:

          -Religion, morality, and even objective irrefutable science, are “phobias”

          -Ridiculous little b!mbos like Jennifer Lawrence and Daisy Ridley could wipe the floor with guys twice their size, and the only reason they never became war heroes or action stars in the past was because old people are sexiss

          -Things have “rights” enforceable against human US citizens

          -Anyone who agrees with the Founders rather than Constitution-hating sixties leftists is f@scist

          -Anyone who disagrees with any of the above (i.e. anyone who agrees with essentially everyone, in both major parties, as recently as the 80s) is a dangerous radical

      • That’s exactly what it is. Its an ages old principal, and the principal outlined in Proverbs 22:6 with “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” (KJV)

        That’s what the democrats and left wing and hamas are trying to do.

        • Hamas teaches them to grow up despising Jews. They tell them Jews are responsible for everything bad in their life.

          Democrats are doing the same thing here. Replace Jews with the Republican voting demographic. Thanks for nothing Marx.

        • early Marxist leaders knew and practiced this. give me the child for the first four years of his life and I will control the nation. Hitler Youth was one embodiment of that principle.

          This is WHY God designed the faily the way He did.. two people come together the child comes along, the only thing that child knows early on is the parents who bore him. Read the biblical story of how children were raised and trained up under parents. At 12 years old, jewish boys were to have memorised and been able to explaina nd teach the jewish scriptures. Then they took their place amongst the adult me of the community.
          SOme mock today’s hassidic and other very traditionalist groups of jewish families. But you never see these children doing many of the stupid things American public school kids are doint….. sexually active as young as ten or so, believing they are “trapped in the wrong body”, knowing no disciliine, particuarly in the ghettos and raised with only a single mother and a string of sleazeball males, deep ito drugs and violence at ten or twelve…..

          yet the same people who abhor these evils mock cultures which take seriously the raising up of their children. How long and hard did American politics fight to deny parents the right to freely educate their own children? Many states outlawed the practice until maybe forty years ago or less. Germany still do.
          Thus we cannot grasp the A(Admittedly perverted) wisdom of Hamas and similar to indoctrinate their young from birth to violence, hatred toward “other”, and to blindly obey whatever “the authorities” tell them to do. These are not people, they are obedient robots in human skins.

          But there IS an upside to this: hardly any of them know how to reason, they only respond like Pavlov’s dogs. Far easier to overthrow.

      • The only way that can work is if the parents are on board or the kids are removed from the home.

        In the US the teachers can preach whatever bs they want to. The kids go home and are influenced by family and friends.

        • “The only way that can work is if the parents are on board or the kids are removed from the home.”

          The kids are finally removed from the home at university where they often become indoctrinated.

    • Aren’t you special Israel🤓As if any Jewish man, woman or child isn’t a target in the whole world.Yeah celebrating the Yom Kipper war you barely won 50 years before wasn’t a smart move. Meanwhile Jew’s in ILL annoy are targeted by the aRaB bunch. Even obese billionaire’s?!? I wonder how connected they are to Eagle gun shop & range on 159th St near Austin?🙄🤨

  2. Apparently the Israelis still don’t understand “never again” requires self defense. It looks like barely a 160,000 were armed. gun permits are restricted by location. The ignorant Dr. Ben Carson & failed presidential candidate suggested that for the US.

  3. Israel is in a war, the gov is wanting its eligible citizens to tool up and but uh “pay the fee”. The hypocrisy never ends.
    The IDF needs a few good individuals, join now for the low cost of only,,,,,,,

    • And even the ladies can have a gun and we even dumbed down the test for you. How magnanimous and egalitarian of the pig. I have two or six women gun owners here I think he should meet.

      • well, since the idea of
        passing a test” as a precondition to possess a firearm is about as dumb as it gets, I’ve no issue with dumbing down the test to get one. Pass them out at the local market, with a carton of about 500 rounds tostart with. Proof of residence, here’s your handgun and fodder to feed it. G’day……

  4. It appears someone is trying to backpeddle out of their Gun Control that caused people residing next to a terrorist camp to be unarmed easy pickings…Gun Control and terrorism compliment each other.

    • Exactly. There is blood on the hands of the Israeli gun control delusional “well intentioned” fools. Draft them to the front.

    • well, at least they’re not like the Brits, Ozzies, EnnZeds, etc who have civil war ongoing in some places, rising violent crime, political chaos here and there, and disarmed people to, what, exactly now? Bleed and die? Oh, and steamship cans full of serious weapons being brought in from the wide open northern parts of Australia…. going to… where, exactly? No government blokes seem to know. Nor from where. WHO IS IT that is arming parts of Australia? Da gummit are bliind ignorant cobbers……. but they are (for now at least) under control…. or are they?

    • What “We” need at the boarder. Cookies, and milk. Maybe some picanti sauce, oh and rice and a hill and some beans.
      The boarder, the Texas boarder. How about .giv step aside and let Texas figure it out.

    • I believe it matters where you live because of the type of weapon they will let you buy.
      The actual settlers are allowed to have a full auto Uzi.

      These citizens outside the occupied zones will be allowed to buy a semi automatic pistol.

    • They were only talking about allowing the citizens to buy semi auto pistols
      Rifles are still not allowed in the citizens homes

  5. “Carry a weapon as soon as you can get through all the bureaucratic obstacles we have created even though we know it’s a life saver.”

    FIFY, and GFY

  6. We are talking about an active fight for the right to exist. Don’t worry about all that other craziness. Just arm yourself!

  7. True story:
    The average American would not be able to select the “non-white” person in a line up of Jews and TTAG commenter (self-proclaimed white supremacist and medical doctor – totally not an operative) “American Taxpayer.”

    • Bound to be some hyperactive troll farms active with major events and potential diplomatic/strategic disasters involved. Just like the policing action in the Ukraine or a potential move on Taiwan or the various Armenian genocides.

  8. I have been intensely pondering the recent/current Israel situation for the last two weeks. And I have been pondering similar situations for at least a few years now.

    And that “situation” is facing a distribute enemy who is effectively impossible to:
    a) Identify (to any significant extent).
    b) Prosecute via traditional law and courts.
    c) Eliminate wholesale because that would kill countless innocent bystanders.

    The best solution that I can think of is for the populace to be almost universally armed and able to significantly minimize any enemy attack. While that solution is anything but fantastic, it seems to be the only way to minimize ALL innocent deaths, in this case all innocent Israelis AND Palestinians.

    Think about that for a moment. Because Israelis were NOT widely armed, approximately 1,200 Hamas terrorists were able to attack with impunity and violate, mutilate, and slaughter about 1,400 unarmed victims (most of whom were Israelis although there were several other nationalities as well). And because Israelis were NOT widely armed and suffered so many casualties, several thousand innocent Palestinians have or will die in the Israeli reprisal. Of course Hamas will use those thousands of innocent Palestinian deaths to justify increased attacks on Israel (and garner support from additional factions who are hostile to Israel) which leads to a literal death spiral.

    Instead, had Israelis been almost universally armed, there may not have been any Hamas attack at all and the body count of innocent Israelis and Palestinians would be zero. Or, even if Hamas would have attacked anyway, ARMED Israeli defenders would have ended the attack after killing almost all 1,200 Hamas terrorists, far fewer innocent Israelis would have died, Hamas would have taken close to ZERO hostages, there would be no Israeli reprisal, no innocent Palestinians would have died in the reprisal which never materialized, and no dynamic for a literal death spiral would be happening.

    The sad reality is that there will always be evil people in the world who seek to use, abuse, and consume the populace. We can either recognize that fact or ignore it at our own peril. If someone has a better solution for minimizing innocent Israeli and Palestinian deaths, I am all ears.

    • Pretty much what I guessed at back in 04, security is largely theater, surveillance will miss critical things while being used on those it should protect, and help is always on the way when you need it most (as opposed to actually there). Years later with all the fancy new tech and still thinking arm everyone willing and able to carry is the best option especially when legal protection covering justified use of force is in place.

      • SAFEupstateFML,

        Even if virtually unlimited technology is available and truly universally applied (meaning that literally EVERYONE has a surveillance and telemetry device on them at all times and screaners–whether human or artificial intelligence–are monitoring our every action), evil entities would simply leverage that technology to use, abuse, exploit, and consume the populace.

        Like I said in my comment, I have thought about this at length and keep coming back to the simple principle where almost everyone is armed and able to respond to attacks right then and there. That seems to be the only way to minimize innocent deaths.

        • Can’t say I disagree, I just find it amusing the thoughts I had in the opening of the PATRIOT act are basically unchanged despite scifi tech being thrown into the mix over the following decades. The problems preventing it happening are about the same as well.

    • Then there is (also) the solution someone posed the other day. Have a guard post every 600 feet along the border. Why didn’t they have that along the Gaza Strip border when everyone knows those Palestinians are brought up specifically to be Jew killers?

      Then you have to be HIGHLY selective of who you let into your country, just like you would be highly selective of who you allow into your house. Our rulers are intentionally doing the opposite. There’s a reason for all things.

      Remember a few years ago during a time of relatively low inflation, economic boom, and relative peace when Trump wanted $5-10 billion for border security? Pelosi and the Dems said we couldn’t afford that. Remember when Trump requested money to fill up our Strategic Petroleum Reserves when oil was cheap, and the Dems said we couldn’t afford that? Don’t look now, but the Puppet just requested $14 BILLION for “border security!” Don’t look now, but the price of oil is up and our Strategic Reserves have been depleted to hide how bad inflation has become. This is all intentional.

      • Dude,

        Your commentary is frighteningly accurate. And it supports my relatively recent conclusion (which I have stated on this site a few times now in the last several weeks): several (most?) members of the upper echelon of the Ruling Class are intentionally creating as much chaos and destruction as possible for sick and sadistic “entertainment”. Whether or not the upper echelon of the Ruling Class are making huge monetary gains is a secondary consideration.

        • And the tunnels are full of fuel, water, food, weapons, and even a hospital. But none of the human shields may have access. Their purpose is to suffer and die to ignite global holy war to exterminate Jews, then Christian’s, all infidel, then finally Shia Muslims.

        • Estimated 500 km length total, mostly at 30 meters depth so only deep penetration shudder bombs will damage these. Egypt got pissed at various tunnel entry inside Egypt bringing weapons to fundamentalists do they set up very very large pumps and built fish farms so that the sea water flowed down and flooded the tunnels. The Hamas pumps got overwhelmed. I expect they have some waterproof lined tunnels but not all. I enjoyed the film of black rocket gas geysers blasting up when a small chain reaction occurred. It seems a misfire defeated some blast doors. It must have gotten very hot inside those tunnels.

    • I dn’t buy the idea that all palestinians living in Gaza are innocent. They MUST know who are the violent operatives, but have remained silent. WHen the “innocents” begin turning against the hamas activists holding them captive, then the situation may well turn round right again. It would not surprise me a bit of part of Israel’s delaying in attacking is they may be trying to turn the hearts and minds of the “palestinian on the street” in Gaza against Hamas. They HAVE to know about the tunnels, tactics, leaders, resources, plans…. Gaza is too small and cincentrated for it to be any other way.

      • Tionico,

        I do not believe for one second that all Palestinians are innocent bystanders. Obviously some number of them are Hamas supporters. The problem is that “shock and awe” tactics produce hundreds/thousands of innocent bystander casualties in addition to Hamas operative casualties and Hamas supporter casualties.

        As for Palestinians turning on Hamas, the requirements for that to happen en-masse are the topic of a different discussion.

        • Does anyone with half a brain believe that? Oh, right…most of those in the U.S. government do. I rest my case!

        • I see no possible way to approach without using rubble to cover tunnel access and the countless explosively formed projectiles that will be aimed at iDF. Does anyone here have an idea how IDF could enter without first creating a thick layer of rubble? The thousands of Koronet ATGM have a solid 4 km range, so only a rolling artillery barrage ahead of advance can block line of sight. I wait to see if Israel can jam the drones. So with human shields volunteering to stand in the open what do you do? There is. I choice. The heavy penetrating bombs cause buildings to shake down. This was always Hamas plan, mass death, then global jihad. I fully expect major terrorist strikes worldwide. The day during and after , stay away from target zones.?

  9. Amazing, in the middle of a war , with many thousands dead, and they still cling to a modified gun control. Go to the black market and get one if you can, it’s your life on the line and you do not need anyones permission to defend it.

  10. FIFTY rounds of ammunition a YEAR?!? That’s more than 4 bullets/MONTH!!!

    Who could possibly shoot that much? Satan himself?!?


    • I make the case that using American taxpayer dollars to bomb hospitals and churches is wrong, and all you can do it call me “Trailer Trash” (basically an anti-white slur).

      Good look, jwm.

      How much money should go to Israel? The current amount? The Joe Biden $105 Billion more? Should all our money go to Israel? Are you willing to send your son to die for Israel? How does giving money to Israel help you?

      • AT,
        You have a phone / fondle slab?

        Thank the Israeli division of Motorola for developing that technology.
        Have drip irrigation anywhere?
        Thank Israel..

        Ever notice how much more effective the anti missile systems are getting?

        Yep. Israeli tech..

        A LOT of stuff in the tech world is a direct result of Israeli research.

        (Not to overlook our own Skunk Works, etc.)

  11. I am heartened by the hard-earned wisdom of you all here on TTAG. I compliment you because with my girl friend (OK, wife of a tender fifty years) is gone to Texas to visit, I do NOT turn on the TV. If I want an opinion, I come here and read them.
    NOBODY in their right (and guaranteed not their Left) mind would lift a finger to help any of us, when their own family was being threatened. And Prexident Bisexual Dung has let the world’s largest army of teen-to-twenties fighters into OUR country. They are HERE.
    With incalculable metric tonnes of Meth, Pot, Fentanyl, Heroin and Genuine Gucci handbags coming across our “mostly peaceful and secure” border, I ask how many and what kind of weapons are HERE NOW? Are they OUR M4’s with the Advanced Combat Optics???? What chance do I personally have against a sharp-eyed trained fighter with that in his hands? That flat scares me. We need to man up and school our scared snowflake Peace Protester neighbors how to properly deal with THEIR waking nightmares.
    Explain to them that they are constrained NEVER to purchase or even handle a firearm until they have a minimum of 100 hours of professional training. Explain that YOUR and society’s safety DEMANDS that. (It’s for the children, so you automatically win). Explain how you painfully got YOUR vast and all-knowing experience, and how WRONG it would be if they, in their agitated state, were allowed to even touch a real gun…you know, in their RED FLAGGABLE UPSETTEDNESS!
    Why? Because if you are smart, you will dig up all the anti-gun propaganda they have spewed in the past 65 years and make it dance on THEIR ear drums! Just MAYBE they will understand what the 2nd Amendment really means! Take a major page from Obama and Stalin’s own playbook…play on their fears.
    Please, take this opportunity to school them. When THEY are scared.

  12. Governments are a necessary evil. The more anyone has to raise their hand and ask permission from that government the less free they become.

  13. Quote: “several thousand innocent Palestinians have or will die ”

    “innocent Palestinians” being defined as Palestinians who have not yet participated in terrorist activities.
    They voted for Hamas to be in charge and have not changed that. They support what Hamas does. They are indoctrinated to hate Jews and all western countries in particular America.

    Yes Islam is the religion of peace….peace as they define it, when everywhere and everyone is Islamic.
    Anyone who supports Hamas by verbal or material means should not be trusted in word or deed.


    Be Prepared !!!

    • Brainwashed mothers will send their toddlers to stand around a missile launch platform and cry victim when they die. You cannot reason with cult members. The absurdity of white American college kids linking hands to “protect” Hamas supports is strong. If they would take the time to talk to a cult member they would be told a few gems as I have; Jihad is path to heaven. Non believers have no soul so killing is ok.
      Rape of infidel is not a sin, but is unclean – similar to having sex with an animal and required cleansing absolution after each act.
      Conversion to Islam does not grant you human status, you must be born with a soul.
      These are beliefs common among extremists. I had the pleasure of speaking at length to an Imam who explained to me that the Koran contains passages that can be interpreted to support the above but many more to dispute the above. He expressed unhappiness that there were people twisting / exploiting the religion to create war and misery.

    • Anyone who supports Hamas by verbal or material means should not be trusted in word or deed.

      anyone who fails to stand agasint Hamas falls ito this category. Silence and compliance are support.

    • “Yes Islam is the religion of peace….peace as they define it, when everywhere and everyone is Islamic.”

      Not even then, although they say it. They have have had a huge murderous family dispute going on since the death of the prophet. See Shia vs. Sunni. Like the Pepsi and Coke guys, they agree that a cola is good with lunch, but as for which soda, well we won’t even bother to take this outside…

      • A basic clash is that Shia refuse to destroy images of the Prophet. They protect several ancient images. Despite Sunni agreeing that he was not a god, but instead a man, they do not accept images existing. Even a dot on a page described as him. From this and other divergences from fundamentalist Sunni describe Shia as non believers and must be exterminated. Surprisingly it was USA that liquidated a very powerful Sunni militia leader that announced he was about to commence large scale extermination. I am still waiting for Iran to thank USA.

    • Like the “innocent” Palestinians at the hospital. If you are stupid to be in a building above a Hamas command center at time of war, you need to be removed from the gene pool.

    • Gordon in MO,

      It is entirely possible that the majority of Palestinians voted for Hamas.

      And it is entirely possible that the majority of Palestinians did NOT vote for Hamas and Hamas only “won” due to voting fraud.

      Either way, there have to be countless thousands of Palestinians who reject Hamas and do not deserve to die for Hamas’ sins. It would be really nice if said percentage of Palestinians who are truly innocent did not have to die.

  14. Argument enrages an adversary.
    Only PAIN will teach him.

    Take the ridiculous rules these anti-freedom hate mongers insist we obey, and shove them up any of their orifices you find convenient is fair, and effective, play.

  15. I can easily imagine Haman imposing similar restrictions on the distribution of swords to Israelites in Persia after Queen Esther persuaded King Xerex to grant Jews the right to arm themselves and gather together for common defense.

  16. Been Uber-Moderated into Oblivion…
    maybe it wuz something I said?
    Now that the the Freedom-Hating Leftists are SCARED, it is time that we remind them how disciplined we armed Americans are.
    We have trained AND practiced for THOUSANDS of hours. We have an EXEMPLARY safety record.
    They, as Peaceniks, claim to be uniquely qualified to lead and govern the world. Right up to where the world sweeps them aside and threatens US.
    They must be told that we cannot tolerate loose-cannon (sarc), over-agitated TV addicts to have and to bear arms. They have to be SHAMED into understanding that a knee-jerk insistence on grabbing a weapon without any thoughts of getting trained properly first is a direct threat to OUR CHILDREN! (You win that argument by Trump Card default, even though they would not now vote for training).
    Then describe how many hundreds of hours you trained relentlessly WITHOUT even being allowed near live ammo.
    Make sure that you categorize them as being in an “unstable and volatile” state (Red Flag Anyone?).
    We are having a Crisis. THEIR MANTRA is never to waste one.
    Remind them that in their present state, they should never be allowed access to a weapon. Only we, POTG should be.

    • The leftist cult is strong among American Jews who slowly spread their toxic unicorn fart dreams into Israeli culture and policy. Guns are bad, guns cause violence, just call 911.
      Hamas knew to disrupt comms, help came long after the gang rapes ended (due to severe injuries in the area). I deeply wish the anti gun people would be sent to the tip of the spear into Gaza to face the thousands of explosive formed projectiles that will come in waves from Gaza.

  17. I was always under the impression that Israeli citizens could be armed if they chose. When did our liberals sneak into Israel and take their guns away? Do Israelis still have mandatory military service?

  18. The thing is, Israel’s gun laws were laxer years ago but the government tightened them and confiscated the guns from legal gun owners (because they have a gun registry). Now some of those gun owners are dead because of the Israeli government’s actions. The (sad?) thing in all of this is everyone is getting what they wanted. Gaza voted in Hamas to govern them when Hamas’s charter said they wanted to kill every Israeli and take over the land. Israel voted in government after government that wanted to restrict their own citizen’s rights to self-defense. And they liked it! They were proud of it.

  19. Someone mentioned the practice in Israel of spitting on Christians. The people that do that are the fanatics among Haridem (ultra orthodox). The average Israeli hates the ultra orthodox as they constantly cause problems, avoid military service, etc. They vote for Bibi, the neo fascist, so he protects them.

  20. Someone mention mass murderer Baruch Goldstein. After his terrorist attack isreal arrested members of his movement, made it and similar groups illegal. Then when his grave became a site for fanatics to visit they destroyed his gravesite. Now let’s look at what the other side does; make family rich, make large donations to the terror groups, build monuments, praise the martyrs in schools and places of worship. Quite a contrast.

  21. It is so painful for me to read this. After the 1400+ dead and more than 200 kidnapped in a country that is perpetually at war from Day One in 1948 and given the history of the disarmed unarmed defenseless Jewish people surrounded by the most vile of human beings, Ben-Gvir is now allowing permitted Israelis to have 100 rounds up from 50 rounds.


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