The GLOCK 43 is a popular choice for EDC for good reason. When Mas Ayoob first reviewed it for Personal Defense World he said, “Jamming when fired from a limp-wrist hold is a concern with many autopistols, but there’s no reason to be concerned about that with the G43 from what I could see.

“I ‘barely held’ the test G43, with wrist and elbow deliberately limp, and while there was profound muzzle jump at each shot, the pistol cycled every time. The G43 also ran fine when fired upside down, which some gunsmiths think is a good test of an autoloader’s cyclic reliability.” That’s probably one of the reasons Nwprepped chose it as his EDC gun. 


  1. I keep trying to get it to malfunction shooting one handed with my support hand, and I can’t. Which is why it’s on my offside hip IWB as a BUG to my appendix 26, 30S, or M&P Shield 45.

    Great pistol that shoots bigger than it really is.


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