Two States Seeking a Ban on Red Flag Law Enforcement

By John Hanna, AP Republicans in two Midwestern states where GOP-controlled legislatures have gun-rights majorities are proposing measures aimed at preventing the U.S. government or other states from taking guns away from residents whom the courts deem a danger to themselves. Neither Oklahoma nor Kansas has “red flag” laws through which relatives or police can […]

Gun Rights Supporters Flood Northern Virginia Gun Control Budget Public Comment Meeting

By Jeff Hulbert Virginia gun owners—incensed by harsh new gun control measures being floated at the statehouse—have harshly rebuked state lawmakers in a daylong face-off that marks the first skirmish of 2020 between citizens and politicians over gun rights. It took place in Northern Virginia, at a budgetary “public comment” event —one of four taking […]

More Work to Do in 2020 After 2019 Firearm Industry Victories

By Larry Keane The firearms industry had reason to celebrate in 2019. NICS checks are now increasing, opportunity arose and the National Shooting Sports Foundation is marking legislative victories. Industry indicators show a healthy and robust firearms and ammunition manufacturing industry. This year’s NICS checks consistently beat the pace of 2018 each month since April. […]

5 Winter Hog Hunting Tips and Tricks

By Travis Smola Deer season has mostly ended across the country. We can already hear some of you sighing that your best chances at that big whitetail buck are probably gone for the year. Or maybe you already tagged out like I did. But maybe you feel like you still didn’t get your full hunting […]

VCDL and GOA Letter: Virginians Have No Duty to Abide by Unconstitutional Gun Control Laws

By Jeff Hulbert In a comprehensive open letter addressed to the Members of the Virginia General Assembly, Constitutional Officers of the Commonwealth and to the People of Virginia, gun rights groups Gun Owners of America and the Virginia Citizens Defense League have shredded the Virginia Attorney General’s dismissive “advisory opinion” on declarations of Second Amendment […]

Gun Review: Canik ONE Series TP9SF Elite

By Matt Magliacane Features Canik is known for delivering a lot of bang for the buck. Their ONE Series TP9SF Elite 9mm is no exception, and it may even be the exemplar. The TP9SF Elite is a striker-fired, single action semi-automatic pistol. The TP9 series borrows heavily from the tried-and-true Walther P99 series. Its 15+1 […]