Judge Rules Washington State Preemption Statute Trumps Local ‘Safe Storage’ Law

By the Second Amendment Foundation A Snohomish County, WA Superior Court judge has ruled that a 2018-passed ordinance in the City of Edmonds requiring so-called “safe storage” of firearms “impermissibly regulates firearms in violation” of Washington’s 36-year-old preemption law, in a lawsuit filed by the Second Amendment Foundation and National Rifle Association. SAF and NRA […]

Don’t Risk Your Gun Rights…Go to #GUNVOTE

By Larry Keane We are a little over a year away from the 2020 presidential election and the mainstream media is clamoring to know where every candidate stands on the myriad of different gun control measures that have made their way into the national conversation. Earlier this week, for example, the New York Times published the responses […]

Double Standard: Why Do Police Officers Involved in a Shooting Get a ‘Cooling Off’ Period Before Being Questioned?

By Lisa Marie Payne, Associated Press After a police officer fatally shoots someone, it can take days or even weeks before the public or his supervisors hear the officer’s version of what happened. In many states, that so-called cooling off period is carved out in state law or in a police department’s contract. That opportunity […]

A Few Democrat Debate Highlights That Went Un-Noticed

By Larry Keane Democratic candidates gathered in Ohio to agree on how much they can’t stand lawful gun ownership, disagreeing only on who was the most deeply offended. Mayor Pete Buttigieg and former Congressman Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke (D-Texas) scuffled about whose furrowed brows over law-abiding gun ownership was more courageous, but that masked the […]

What Exactly Constitutes an AR-15 Rifle Under the Law?

By MarkPA In the debate over “assault weapons,” the model designation AR-15 holds a prominent place. This model is nearly —but not quite—plug-compatible with the US military’s M-16. (The AR-15 does not permit automatic fire whereas the M-16 can be selectively fired as an automatic.) Most of the debate revolves around the definition of an […]

There’s No Such Thing as a ‘Good Red Flag Law’

By Ryan Frasor On September 28, 2019, The Daily Signal published an article written by Amy Swearer of the Heritage Foundation describing a hypothetical version of a “Red Flag” gun confiscation law that would be acceptable to gun owners. The article argues that if such a law incorporated “meaningful” due process and “safeguards against abuse […]

Video: A Professional Hunter’s Response to Anti-Hunting Harassment

By John McAdams African Professional Hunter Paul Stones provides an outstanding response to some of the anti-hunter harassment he receives on a regular basis. Produced by the Dallas Safari Club, this video does a great job of countering some of the anti-hunter harassment that’s commonly directed at the hunting community, especially outfitters in Africa. Stones acknowledges […]

Mental Illness, Stigma and Guns in America

By Larry Keane As the firearms and ammunition industry, we make and sell a legal, heavily regulated products to background-checked citizens. We are not experts on mental health. What we do care about, however, is keeping our communities safe by ensuring that those who are prohibited by law from possessing guns do not obtain them. […]