Virginia Senator Says He Wishes He’d Smeared Gun Owners Publicly, Rather Than on a Hot Mic

By Jeff Hulbert Virginia State Senator David Marsden wants you know he is filled with regret after his most recent “listening session” with Second Amendment activists. Marsden was caught on an open microphone at a hearing this past week disparaging gun rights supporters as childish, and even mentally ill. Sen. Marsden has now gone public […]

Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership’s Open Letter to Virginia’s Physicians

Dear Doctor, Our profession is being hijacked in the service of gun confiscation. In September, Virginia gun ban activists held a so-called “gun violence” symposium medical education event. It was sponsored by St. Mary’s Hospital, the City of Richmond, Virginia Commonwealth University and, ostensibly, the Virginia Department of Health, but featured branded slides and speakers […]

City of Virginia Beach, Site of May Shooting, Joins the State’s Sanctuary Movement

By Jeff Hulbert Virginia Beach, the state’s largest city, has formally added its voice to the chorus of Old Dominion gun rights supporting jurisdictions that are demanding a halt to sweeping new infringement proposals that are widely regarded statewide as unconstitutional. The Virginia Beach City Council—with one member absent—voted 6-to-4 to send a resolution to […]

TOMS Discovers That Gun Control Doesn’t Sell Shoes

By Joe Bartozzi TOMS Shoes is getting a lesson in Business 101. The anti-gun corporate virtue signaling they have been deeply entrenched in doesn’t pay the bills. According to recent news, the Los Angeles-based company’s creditors are taking over TOMS in exchange for restructuring its debt. In a letter to employees, TOMS CEO, Jim Alling […]

Gun Review: CZ P-10S Optics-Ready 9mm Pistol

By Virgil Caldwell CZ got into the 9mm polymer striker-fired pistol game with the the introduction of the excellent CZ P-10 C. The original pistol was the compact version of the then-new platform. CZ later released the F and S model P-10 pistols. Not surprisingly, the F is the full-size pistol, similar to the GLOCK […]

The Supreme Court’s Failure to Defend Heller Has Created The Situation in Virginia

By Theresa Inacker Why does it seem that liberal extremists are pursuing new infringements on gun rights seemingly unchecked? Why do we have an escalated situation in Virginia where liberal politicians seek to further infringe the Second Amendment rights of its citizens, threatening imprisonment and even violence against Constitutional gun owners who have committed no […]