Emergency Declarations Due to Coronavirus Show the Importance of Laws Protecting Gun Owners’ Rights

From the Second Amendment Foundation . . . Now that North Carolina’s Democrat Gov. Roy Cooper has declared a statewide emergency because of the spreading Coronavirus, the Second Amendment Foundation is reminding all Americans, especially Tar Heel State residents, their right to bear arms will not be impaired because of an important 2012 court victory […]

SAF, CCDL Sue Connecticut Over Magazine Capacity Limit Law

From the Second Amendment Foundation . . . The Second Amendment Foundation and Connecticut Citizens Defense League have filed suit in Federal District Court challenging the State of Connecticut’s prohibition on ammunition magazines holding more than ten rounds, or loading more than ten cartridges into a so-called “high capacity magazine.” The lawsuit is filed on behalf […]

Why You Need to Carry a Gun at Home…Even in the Shower

By Joseph Nizzari In my 18-plus years of teaching firearms professionally, I have encountered contrasting perceptions regarding various methods of carrying a handgun. These modes include inside or outside the waistband, appendix carry, small of the back, 3 o’clock, 4 o’clock, condition three, etc. As always, I have addressed those different modes of carry with […]

Gun Control vs. Reality: Virginia Set to Impose ‘Red Flag’ Confiscation Law

By Dennis Petrocelli, MD As the 2020 Virginia Legislative session draws to a close this week, it appears that a version of a “red flag” law (House version; Senate version) will be sent to Governor “Blackface” Northam for his signature. I thought I had exhausted my complaints about these laws previously, but Virginia’s Bloomberg-purchased Democrats made changes to the bill […]