New York Times Resurrects a Flawed Study

By NRA-ILA Bad anti-gun research, and the sensationalist journalism that often accompanies it, provide unending opportunities for the most used (overused?) of all firearm themes: Zombies. Just when you think the thing is gone for good, it appears again. Such was the case with a study we deconstructed last summer, “The Association of Firearm Caliber With […]

American Academy of Pediatrics Survey of Doctors is Everything You’d Expect it to Be

By Dr. LateBloomer I recently received a letter from the American Academy of Pediatrics, requesting my participation in one of their surveys about three issues – Suicide Prevention, Maintenance of certification, and the topic I particularly want to discuss—“Firearm Injury Prevention”. The letter and survey were accompanied by a 2-dollar bill as a “token of appreciation”. […]

Making Standard Magazines Great Again in California…For Now

By Larry Keane Last Friday, U.S District Judge Roger Benitez answered the existential question of whether a half-loaded magazine was half full or half empty. Judge Benitez said freedom comes in a fully-loaded standard capacity magazine. The judge delivered Californians a decisive victory when he enjoined a state law that unconstitutionally banned firearm magazines from holding over […]

Gun Violence is a Myth

By Robert A. Margulies, MD I do not believe that there is any such thing as “gun violence.” There is also no such thing as knife violence, car violence, alcohol violence, etc. Violence is perpetrated by an individual or group. The tool used is irrelevant. Most articles about ‘gun violence’ are written as if to […]

How I Became an Anti-Gunner

By Bill Frady In 1976, my family had moved across the state. I’d left all of my friends behind. In December of that year I had the chance to go back for the Christmas holidays and spend a week at my best buddy’s house. We’ll call him T. We’d planned and plotted what we’d do […]

If Only We Could Make All The Guns Disappear . . .

By Mike McDaniel Many readers are, I’m sure, familiar with the Tuelller Drill.  In 1983, police officer Dennis Tueller conducted research that revealed that an assailant armed with a knife can close 21 feet and inflict deadly wounds on a police officer before he can draw, fire and hope to stop the attacker. Obviously, a sword-armed attacker […]

Despite the Magazine Ban Ruling, the California Gun Control Beat Goes On

By NRA-ILA On Tuesday, April 2, both the Assembly and Senate Public Safety Committee are scheduled to hear several firearm-related bills and on Wednesday, April 3, the Assembly Appropriations Committee is also scheduled to hear several firearm-related bills. Click here to contact the Assembly and Senate Public Safety Committee AND the Assembly Appropriations Committee.     Assembly […]

NRA-ILA’s Statement on Duncan v. Becerra

By NRA-ILA In one of the strongest judicial statements in favor of the Second Amendment to date, Judge Roger T. Benitez of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California determined on Friday that California’s ban on commonly possessed firearm magazines violates the Second Amendment. The case is Duncan v. Becerra. The NRA-supported case […]

News Flash: Media Use Bogus Studies, Analysis to Illustrate America’s Growing ‘Gun Problem’

By Robert B. Young, MD Here’s one that made The Daily Mail March 26, telling us that “More U.S. children were killed with guns in 2017 than police officers and military personnel COMBINED”. This, from the Anglo world leader in knife assaults and mounting violent crime since it banned most firearms and the right to defend with them. […]