Why Does the Second Amendment Refer to “The People”?

By MarkPA Madison’s draft of the Second Amendment declares that “the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”.  He could have left out “of the People” without loss of meaning if he intended to guarantee that natural right to all. Alternatively, he could have defined the class of protected persons with some other term.  For […]

NRA and CRPA to Hold Webinar on New California Ammo Background Check Requirement

By NRA-ILA On Wednesday, June 26, NRA and CRPA will be hosting a free live webinar discussing the upcoming ammunition background check requirements scheduled to take effect July 1. Originally enacted in 2016 as part of Proposition 63 and Senate Bill No. 1235, the new ammunition background check requirements will generally require anyone purchasing or receiving ammunition at […]

California Gov. Gavin Newsom Makes News by Not Making Sense

By Larry Keane Over the weekend, the governor of California managed to use the tragic incident in Virginia Beach to score cheap political points. Here are the facts, as reported: The shooter legally purchased both handguns he used in this criminal attack. Newsom’s take: “We just don’t need background checks on guns, we need background checks […]

Eric Swalwell Reveals Gun Control’s Real Goal…Again

By Larry Keane U.S. Congressman Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) might be gunning to outdo President Barack Obama’s “best gun salesman” title. That’s right. He’s at it again, reminding every law-abiding gun owner and potential voter what’s truly at stake in the next election. Rep. Swalwell reiterated his threat of mass gun confiscation this week. He aired this threat […]

Joe Biden’s ‘Education’ Plan Aims to ‘Defeat’ the NRA, Bring Back the Failed ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban

By NRA-ILA This week the campaign website for presidential hopeful Joe Biden published what it called an “Education … Plan for Educators, Students, and Our Future.” Among its agenda items was to “[d]efeat the National Rifle Association” by “championing legislation to ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines – bans [Biden] authored in 1994.” In other words, Biden […]

Mark Cuban Puts Up an Epic Second Amendment Airball

By Larry Keane Mark Cuban might be a billionaire entrepreneur, NBA team owner and celebrity investor with a television show. But a constitutional scholar, he’s not. It’s time to call foul on Cuban’s latest foray into the gun rights debate. He offered to “update” the Second Amendment. What he really offered was lower the hoop to six feet so […]