Misdirection: Blaming ‘Gun Violence’ for a Loss of Public Trust

By Elizabeth McGuigan A recent article published on The Conversation draws a correlation between the psychological impact of so called “gun violence” on Americans and reduced trust. Victims of violent crime can, understandably so, be psychologically affected by the choices of a criminal’s intent on inflicting harm. However, the article uses outdated data to try and connect […]

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg Says He’ll Spend $100 Million to Buy Florida for Joe Biden

By Larry Keane Billionaire gun control crusader Michael Bloomberg must have done some fall house cleaning and discovered spare change between the sofa cushions. The failed 2020 Democratic presidential candidate announced he will spend an extra $100 million towards gun control in Florida ahead of November’s presidential election. The tenth-of-a-billion-dollar announcement means more gun control spending from […]

Lancaster, PA Court Sets Rioters’ Bail at $1 Million Resulting in Actual Peaceful Protests

By Mark Scolforo, AP Thirteen people who are accused of committing crimes while participating in a civil disturbance in Lancaster on Sunday night sat behind bars Tuesday, with bail for seven of them set at $1 million. The eight for whom charging documents have been made public are accused of being instigators during demonstrations over […]