OpSec: Your Social Media Posts Can Be Used Against You

A reader who wishes to remain anonymous writes: While Truth About Guns isn’t a social media site, with its busy comment section and active readers, it almost functions as one. So it’s worth mentioning that readers should be aware (not necessarily “beware”) of the possible consequences. According to a post at US Law Shield, prosecutors […]

5 Top Muzzleloaders for Hunters

By John McAdams Muzzleloaders have come a long way in the last few years. While you can still buy a flintlock or percussion cap muzzleloader that looks and performs very similar to those used by famous hunters like Daniel Boone and Jim Bridger, there have been some tremendous improvements in muzzleloader technology. Far from being only limited […]

Trump’s Extra-Legislative Order to Ban Bump Fire Stocks is Illegal

By Roger J. Katz Although President Trump could and should have left the matter of bump fire stocks to Congress, Trump’s unilateral action, banning civilian ownership and possession of bump stocks is unlawful. That isn’t an open question. The answer to that question, under constitutional law, is clear and categorical. Trump cannot lawfully do so. But, he took that action anyway. The […]

3 Reasons It Still Makes Sense to Carry a Revolver

[ED: RF’s take on why wheel guns still make very viable concealed carry guns from the archives.] Some thirty years ago the American gun-buying public began to see semi-automatic pistols as reliable firearms. Once semi-autos cleared that hurdle, their superior capacity and quick re-loadability ruled the day. When cops switched to semis, as the Brits say, it was all […]