Biden on America’s Lax Gun Laws: Firearms Have Killed 150 Million People Since 2007

[email protected]: “150 million people have been killed since 2007” by guns. * the entire population of the U.S. was 329.45 million last year, according to a @uscensusbureau estimate. — Kenneth P. Vogel (@kenvogel) February 26, 2020 By CCRKBA Former Vice President Joe Biden is widely known for his gaffes, but his claim during Tuesday […]

What Will Your County Sheriff Do Under a Second Amendment Sanctuary Declaration?

By Alex Ooley Many states around the country, like Virginia, have been making a push to implement stringent gun control measures that include, among other things, universal background checks, magazine capacity limits, and so-called “assault weapons” bans. These attempts to regulate firearms are nothing new, but the efforts to implement these sorts of laws and regulations […]

Gun Control is the Modern Temperance Movement

By Theresa Inacker 100 years after Prohibition, it’s still a doomed proposition There is an uncanny parallel between anti-gun rights groups like Moms Demand Action, which continually seeks more ineffective gun control laws, and the infamous women of the temperance movement, which brought about the failed experiment of Prohibition. In 1920, Prohibition outlawed the sale, manufacturing […]

Guns for Beginners: What Is An ‘Assault Weapon’?

Reader Corey Roberts writes: The calls to ban ‘assault weapons’ never seem to subside. Images of AR-15s, the media’s favorite rifle to demonize, flash across countless headlines, and Moms Demand an end to “weapons of war on our streets.” Countless celebrities tweet and make pleas to ban these evil rifles designed to do “just one […]

Anti-Gun Orgs Issue New Gun Control Toolkit to Campaign for ‘Red Flag’ Confiscation Laws

From the Second Amendment Foundation: The Second Amendment Foundation is cautioning the public about a new “toolkit” for gun control lobbying groups to help them campaign for passage of so-called “red flag” laws that create “Extreme Risk Protection Orders” designed to take firearms from people based on allegations from family members, intimate partners or others, […]

Bloomberg Ships $8 Million to Everytown to Invade Texas, Elect Anti-Gun Politicians

By CCRKBA Anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg is continuing what appears to be an attempted “leveraged buyout” of the Second Amendment as Everytown for Gun Safety—the group he co-founded and bankrolled—has pledged to spend $8 million in Texas; just part of the $60 million that group has vowed to spend in order to elect anti-rights politicians […]