Powered Targets for Thermal Optics by IR.Tools

IR.Tools, a provider of infrared (IR) equipment to the military and law enforcement community since 2006, has introduced a new line of powered targets for use with thermal imaging weapon accessories. Though previously limited to DoD and .gov type buyers, the company is now making its products available to the public at large. Most recently […]

Seattle Anti-Gun Group Sides With Portland’s Antifa Rioters

From the CCRKBA: A Seattle-based gun prohibition lobbying group has reached a new low, siding with rioters, looters and urban terrorists in Portland, Oregon in an attempt to smear law-abiding gun owners, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms said today. “We’ve seen some outrageous claims by the gun control crowd […]

2020: Potential Electoral Armageddon for Gun Rights

By John Velleco The 2020 election is fast approaching, amid choruses of the old cliché about this being the “most important election in our lifetime.” But this time, the evidence is impossible to ignore. If Democrats catch any sort of tailwind on Tuesday, November 3, the three branches of government will be at risk and […]

Poll: Americans Concerned About Self-Defense, Oppose Weapons and Magazine Bans

By Larry Keane America’s rifle – the modern sporting rifle – is growing in popularity. That fact only follows logic, as lawful firearm ownership in America is on the rise through the COVID-19 pandemic and further propelled by heightened social unrest, uncertainty and acts of criminal violence. There are an estimated 2.5 million new gun owners in recent […]

Gun Rights: As Goes Texas, So Goes the Nation

By Rachel Malone As goes Texas, so goes the nation. Texas is a battleground state, and it’s no secret that Michael Bloomberg and his allies want to claim it as a prize this November. If Texas falls, that could result in the White House, the Supreme Court, and Congress all being delivered over to gun […]