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Republican Governor Phil Scott in Vermont has earned the ire of Green Mountain State gun owners as he passively allowed a so-called “ghost gun” bill to become law without his signature. While he didn’t sign it, he also didn’t veto it, proving that party affiliation isn’t always the best way to tell who is your political friend or not.

NRA-ILA reports:

S. 209 implements failed California-style policies that require serialization of firearms and firearm parts. The ambiguous term “ghost gun” is an invention of anti-gun advocates to restrict the rights of law-abiding citizens. First and foremost, a prohibited individual is prohibited from owning or possessing a firearm regardless of how the firearm is assembled. This law will require law-abiding gun owners to contact government agencies and obtain serial numbers whenever they purchase critical parts for their firearms. This will only impact law-abiding citizens because criminals will ignore this law.

S. 209 also bans the carrying of firearms at any voting location, creating hundreds of dangerous “gun-free zones” on Election Day and during “early voting” at town offices throughout the state. Additionally, this law will turn otherwise law-abiding gun owners into criminals for the simple act of crossing arbitrary lines on Election Day. 

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  1. RE: “The ambiguous term “ghost gun” is an invention of anti-gun advocates”

    Prior to the ghost gun label Untraceable was used by morons to market the product.

  2. Saying this will only effect law abiding citizens is the equivilant of slapping Gun Control with a wet noodle. This is how to slap sht out of Gun Control…

  3. “…as he passively allowed a so-called “ghost gun” bill to become law without his signature.”

    It has a name, “Pocket Veto”…

  4. Couldn’t care less. Never going to Vermont or any place East of the Big Muddy. My Ol’Man always said there’s nothing on that side of the river worth going to anyway.

  5. I understand Vermont was first to pass a marriage law. So don’t worry. They have their priorities in the correct order in that state.


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