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Here’s something many of us who shoot outside don’t think about too often, but when popping off rounds in the dry summer, the risk of sparking a wildfire goes up immensely. To keep this concern front and center on recreational shooters’ minds, NSSF is reminding all of us to take precautions so we don’t accidently ignite a wildfire.

NSSF’s “Help Prevent Wildfires” public service announcements campaign reminds recreational shooters and other outdoor enthusiasts to be mindful of their surroundings and to take precautions, such as:

  • Being aware of official restrictions on shooting and other activities in fire-prone areas
  • Not using tracer rounds, exploding targets or ammunition that is steel-jacketed or contains steel-core components
  • Knowing that a vehicle’s hot exhaust systems can ignite dry vegetation
  • Making sure all campfires and smoking materials are properly extinguished

There were more than 56,500 wildfires in 2023 that burned more than 2.7 million acres of land throughout the country, according to the National Interagency Fire Center. These fires caused billions of dollars in damage plus hardship for both people and wildlife. Wildfires are tragic in many ways, including that in most cases they can be prevented when people pay attention to their surroundings and follow safe practices. Some 90 percent of wildland fires in the United States are caused by human actions.

“We are all aware of the terrible destruction and human suffering caused by wildfires, and we should do everything possible not to be the cause of one,” said Joe Bartozzi, NSSF President and CEO. “As gun owners, we care about safeguarding our communities and our natural resources, and so we remind everyone to check the fire-danger levels in their area and take precautions before heading outdoors to pursue our warm-weather activities, including recreational shooting.”

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  1. Yes! While I’m sure other places as well, in AZ it’s common for some maroons to A. Start a fire. B. Have no shovel or water to put it out. C. Build on or near combustible materials. D No consideration for wind. E. Frequently walk away leaving the fire and their trash to take care of itself.

  2. Anyone else seen the movie ‘Civil War’? I watched it yesterday, if you pretend the President is Joe Biden it has a happy ending.


  3. One summer I made a deal with some timber guys cutting in the area, they get a free load of pine and I get less trees to worry about falling on structures, etc. On cutting day the head honcho had his relatives and his three 6-12 year old boys working with him. The kids were well disciplined and knew their way around large dangerous tree cutting machinery. It did not take long to see the kids also knew better than to upset daddy. Later in the day I had a burn pile going in another area and out of nowhere here comes the 3 boys with the oldest carrying a small bucket. Before I could whistle Dixie the oldest throws what was gasoline on the fire resulting in a large scary flame with the kafoof sound and a burning bucket. The shell shocked boys were equally scared about me telling their daddy and begged me not to. I said OK only if you all let this be a life lesson you swear never to repeat. All raised their right hand and swore. Seeing how disciplined the kids were around heavy equipment one would never expect to see gasoline ignorance, goes to show with kids you can take nothing for granted.

  4. Gender reveal parties cause more fires than firearms usage. Including the El Dorado fire in California/Arizona that burned 23,000 acres/35 sq. mlles and killed 1 firefighter. The Fort Mcmurray fire in Canada that burned almost 11,000 acres/10 sq. miles. After almost 30 minutes of online research I couldn’t fine 1 documented case of a forest fire caused by firearms use. There is a lot of finger pointing and assumptions. In fact recoreds haven’t been kept by the U.S. Forest Service or any other government body in regards to forest fores caused by firearms useage.

    • One of the large forest fires in the recent history of Washington State was started by a moonbat taking a dump in the the woods, and instead of burying the WOOD FIBER SHAPED INTO TOILET PAPER along with their ‘deposit,’ decided to BURN that paper to dispose of it…

      Very similarly, another moonbat goes out into the woods and as what was supposed to be some form of catharsis, writes down a bunch of thoughts and feelings on a piece of paper to be symbolically ‘destroyed’ thus hopefully purging themselves of whatever issues they had.

      I give you ONE guess how that paper was ‘destroyed,’ along with tens of thousands of acres of forested land…

    • “Gender reveal parties cause more fires than firearms usage.”

      For some reason, gender reveals seems to bring out the stupid in some people, like making pilots ignore the g-limits on the airplanes they are flying, as this moron did :

  5. There is an indoor range in Vero Beach Florida that doesn’t allow any customer ammo in unless it is in the original packaging and they check it. No loaded mags and I think they don’t even allow any rifle ammo in unless it purchased there.

    They had a fire in the range caused by tracers and it did a lot of damage to the building as well as the attached gun shop. Tracers start fires pretty easily and I remember many a time in the military when the M-60’s would start fires from the tracers. On base in the USA I remember walking around at night with NODs finding smoldering leaves and stomping them out before we could pack up and go home.

  6. As I stood on a bluff overlooking thousands of acres of dry prairie grass I remembered what Smokey the Bear said. ” Only you can prevent ‘forest’ fires.”

  7. Exactly, that’s why I built a roaring campfire out of cow shit.
    The wind came up and no matter how much grass I threw on the fire I couldn’t smother it out.
    So I just started singing the FBI and BATFE’s theme song.
    ” We don’t need no water
    Let the muther fcker burn
    Burn mother fcker burn.

  8. “….. Shooters Should Take Care Not to Start Wildfires”?

    Screw that sheit, what the hell are we paying taxes for if not for the corrupt, bloated bureaucracy to send out their bloodsucking stooges, those same clowns with generous benefit and retirement packages to perform the services they signed up to do? Let those b__tards earn a paycheck for once in their life.

  9. Sooo, target shooting with my Tesla flame thrower is not a good idea? I’ve seen fire start at a state run outdoor range and a private owned indoor one. I guess napalm tracers are out of the question?


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