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In yet another deadly road rage incident, a man was fatally shot on Interstate 71 in Carroll County, Kentucky, in what is being investigated as a likely case of self-defense. The Kentucky State Police (KSP) responded to the incident just after 7 p.m. on June 8, following a call for assistance, WDRB is reporting. The confrontation involved two vehicles traveling along I-71, which escalated after both drivers exited the highway.

According to a news release from KSP, 63-year-old Daniel Shouse from Carrollton, Kentucky, had contacted Carroll County dispatch, reporting that the other driver was “displaying a firearm.” As the vehicles continued on KY 389, the situation intensified, and shots were fired, resulting in Shouse being struck by gunfire. Shouse, who was also armed, died from his wounds at the scene.

Kentucky State Trooper Chad Johnson explained that the driver of the second vehicle, who fired the fatal shots, remained at the scene and cooperated fully with law enforcement.

“The second vehicle passed the first vehicle, at which time we believe the second vehicle brandished a firearm,” Johnson said. Both men were inside their vehicles when the shots were exchanged.

The initial investigation suggests that the shooting was an act of self-defense, with Shouse brandishing a gun before being shot. Johnson emphasized the importance of avoiding escalation in road rage situations, advising drivers to “make space” and, if necessary, slow down or take an exit to allow the other vehicle to pass.

No charges have been filed at this time, but the incident remains under investigation by KSP Post 5 and will be reviewed by the commonwealth attorney’s office.

This incident underscores the importance of the right to self-defense in situations where lives are at risk, while at the same time highlighting the need for responsible gun ownership and learning to de-escalate potentially dangerous situations, particularly when behind the wheel.

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  1. Please correct as your article shows Shouse making the call but that’s not what the news says.

    “Kentucky State Police received a request to assist on a road rage incident just after 7 p.m. on June 8, according to a news release from state police. During the initial investigation, it was determined that two cars driving on I-71 got off at exit 43, KY 389. At that time, police said one of the drivers was on the phone with Carroll County dispatch, reporting that the other driver was “displaying a firearm.”

    As the two cars were traveling on KY 389, the incident “escalated,” and shots were fired. One driver — now identified as 63-year-old Daniel Shouse of Carrollton, Kentucky — was hit by the gunfire and died from his wounds.

    “The second vehicle passed the first vehicle, at which time we believe the second vehicle brandished a firearm,” said Kentucky State Trooper Chad Johnson. ” –

    It sounds like the not dead guy made the call and returned fire effectively.

    • That would make more sense. The story was confusing. How would they know who brandished first anyway?

      • “How would they know who brandished first anyway?”
        They don’t and neither does the reporter it seems.

        Also…“The second vehicle passed the first vehicle, at which time we believe the second vehicle brandished a firearm,”

        Talk about lazy reporting.

        If I see a vehicle brandishing I’m thinking I’m in a Mad Max movie and getting the hell outta there…or waking up from my bender.

  2. Only one of the participants in the altercation is getting to tell his side of the story. In this case that seems to be working out for him.

      • Been told by more than one always be the first to call.

        However being armed everwhere I go I would wave sorry! My Bad! And try to deescalate if my fault and if possible.

  3. The 911 call sounds like there will be a knock coming to the door of the brandishing aggressor who appears to have followed the deceased exiting off the intersate and fired as he passed. Sounds like the deceased was trying to defuse the situation by letting the aggressor know he was armed. The aggressor will be charged with brandishing, perhaps murder and perhaps be sued.

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    Instead of giving people a $110 ticket for not wearing a seat belt the county should give you a $110 dollar redeemable certificate for the liquor store. Most drunks survive car crashes and everyone crashes eventually. Save your life, drive drunk.
    Also the speed limit should be raised, the longer your on the road the better chance you have of meeting someone not happy because they ran out of booze.
    All pissed off and mad about it is not the way to operate a veehickle.

    • “All pissed off and mad about it is not the way to operate a veehickle.”

      You’re just saying that because well…you’re a possum.

      F150’s should have possum whistles.

      • I think those whistles call in possums & coons more than they repel deer, judging by what we see on the undercarriages of our customers’ veehickles pretty regular.

        • Funny, the other day I was cruising and saw a dead coon and beyond the coon were pieces of plastic off of the car that hit it I presume.
          I told the dead coon “At least you got some pay back buddy.”

    • “K31 Tall Fescue“

      I would avoid fescue grass, it’s toxic:

      “Tall fescue often harbors a kind of fungus. This fungus lives in cooperation with the grass but can produce chemicals that are toxic to cattle. Warm-season grasses do not harbor this fungus. All five warm-season grasses would reduce the risks associated with tall fescue toxicity“

      Of course, I would avoid eating beef, bovine spongiform encephalopathy is more real than Jade Helm.

      Frankly, I suspect the MAGA movement was potentiated by BSE moving into the rural population in red states, leading to their amazing level of reality denial and aggression.

      And the hormones routinely fed to cattle may interrupt the normal sexual function of humans, leading to the feminization of the rural populations consuming the majority of the beef.

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      • Miner49, we call it fescue foot, the seed gets stuck in the hoof and causes the foot to rot off, they got shots for that now. Also when its gets real dry the cows will somtimes get a cough.You cant find many pastures that aren’t fescue anymore, its piss poor grass and hasn’t got the protein Blue Stem or Turkey Foot does, horses do better on Timothy grass, then there alfalfa and lespediza, both like a lot of water. Fescue’s origins are from India. It ain’t as good as the above mentioned grasses however it is drought resistant and can be heavily grazed.
        I worked at a seed house that specialized in processing Fescue, 1000’s of tons of it. K31 is most of the grass that’s planted along all the highways and interstates.
        Now since I grew up with my daddy raising cattle and horses, seeding highways with a construction company and working in a seed house I’d really like to hear all your hands on experience with K31Tall Fescue.
        I’m just a dumb ole possum.

    • I like the cut of your jib Possum. Your idea is a little crazy but it Just Might Work!

  5. Your facts are wrong. The man who called 911 was not Shouse. Shouse was the aggressor, who followed and pursued. The other individual called 911. He actually got off the interstate in an attempt to get away from Shouse and Shouse followed.

    • Its sad this injunction could not have happened before the ATF used their made up, unconstitutional, deliberately ‘designed to give give an excuse to kill’, prompted and required by Joe Bidens tyrannical rule by fiat ‘executive order’ for the ATF to create defacto law to bypass congress to basically allow Biden through the ATF to murder people, rule to murder Bryan Malinowski and ruin the lives lives of other law abiding citizens.

  6. BIG Supreme Court Gun Case Statistics Past+Future, Heller, McDonald, Bruen, Caetano, Conferences.

  7. This “journalism” makes no sense.

    Is there an editor in the house or do TTAG “contributors” just drunk-post whatever they want directly into the newsfeed these days?

    • I went to a doctor today. Blood pressure. First time in years, he asked me if I drank, I told him only when I’m sober.

      • With the world being what it is and with the trajectory we are heading I don’t understand how anyone paying attention can face what is coming sober. Pass the bottle.

  8. No one reports that Shouse exited the interstate on that exit to go home, that the other person followed him, this exit is nothingness in a word. No gas stations, no businesses… completely rural. The shooter was not from the area and had no other reason to take that exit than to follow Shouse. Shouse originally went the opposite direction of his home; I would think to avoid leading potential danger home to his family. When he doubled back is when he was shot. Alot about this doesn’t make sense. Alot of question aren’t being asked that should be I feel. If the man feared for his life, then why would he follow him off the exit? Why not just keep going if the threat left?

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