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From Extar USA . . .

Firearm innovator Extar USA has evolved the popular EP9 platform into a carbine, and not simply given it a longer barrel. Demonstrating once again engineering prowess and a genuine care for customer interests, the EP9 Carbine accomplishes a weight and recoil combination rarely achieved.

Unlike so many other large-format pistol and carbine pairings on the market, Extar has taken the time to recalculate and reformulate bolt mass and spring rate for the increased back pressure longer barrels create. The end result is a carbine that shoots just as softly as the famous EP9 pistol. Additionally, Extar‘s Dynamic Mass Bolt eliminates bolt bounce for a safer, smoother-running PCC.

Why Carbine?

Pistol-caliber carbines (PCCs) have had a resurgence of popularity for multiple reasons.

  1. Cost of ammunition: Even during ammunition crises, pistol-caliber ammunition is less expensive than rifle ammunition, making range sessions and self defense less expensive.
  2. Shared magazines/ammunition: The EP9 Carbine is fed using Glock-pattern magazines, so the same magazine and ammunition can function in your pistol and your rifle. Extar‘s own 9mm Glock-pattern magazines make this even more affordable.
  3. Competition: PCC-based competitions have gained popularity for the reasons above plus can be run at any pistol-rated range. Weighing in at just over 5lbs, the EP9 Carbine is sure to provide a speed-and-handling advantage.
  4. Fun!: A carbine that costs less to feed, is easier to handle, and can be used more places is simply fun to have. Additionally the firearm you use more is likely to be the one you become more proficient with, turning fun times into training.


  • Caliber: 9×19 Luger
  • Barrel Length: 16.25″
  • Barrel Thread: 1/2-28″
  • Handguard Length: 8”
  • Capacity: Up to 33rd
  • Magazine: Glock 9mm double stack magazine compatible (G19 & G17)
  • Overall Length Collapsed: 31.25″
  • Overall Length Extended: 35”
  • Overall Height: 7.9″
  • Overall Width: 2″
  • Weight (Unloaded): 5lbs. 2oz.
  • Bolt & Barrel Finish: BLACKNITRIDE+
  • Trigger Action: Single-Stage
  • Charging Handle: Side-Charging Reciprocating
  • PATENTED Last-Round Hold Open

As with all Extar USA products, pricing is kept to a minimum by selling direct to consumer. The EP9 Carbine is available at

Price: $499, made in USA

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    • I bought a 1st gen 9mm version and have enjoyed it. A lot of folks classify it as a range toy, but it is well built, runs a variety of ammo with no issue, and seems plenty durable. Several good reviews of it on YT…

    • It’s a fantastic gun! Think of it as a Bargain Basement Banshee because it runs as smooth and with the similar reduced recoil of a CMMG Banshee. In 2013, Extar made a splash in the innovative gun sweepstakes with the lightest AR pistol in the world, the Extar EXP-556.

      The EP-9 weighs 3lbs unloaded and 4.5lbs fully loaded. It shoots more like a revolver than a chopped-up carbine and sells for $449 (such a deal!).

      The EP-9 (also in .45ACP – EP-45) is the softest shooting PCC you can buy (well, PCP since it IS a pistol. But if you tell people, “I got a new PCP” they’ll think you saw a doctor). At $449, It is also one of the least expensive 9mm AR pistols you can buy. Although it uses components and features found on a typical AR, they are there strictly for customization purposes since the EP-9 was designed from the ground up.

      For example, the lower is AR compatible with all the goodies you can swap like a drop-in trigger, mag release, bolt release, safety switch and opting for a more grabbable grip. The foregrip is M-LOK compatible with room for lights, lasers, grenade launchers and bayonets (just kidding). Besides being a great option for home defense, its size and weight makes them perfect for your bug-out bag or as a truck gun (Don’t have a truck? Here’s a good reason to buy one).

  1. Site says it is constructed from a high tech polymer which to some may mean just the lower receiver. Based on an ability to flex with a longer handguard I suspect the upper receiver is polymer per the answer below.

    Q: Any plans to sell/include a longer hand guard in the future?
    Answers (1)

    Extar Support
    A: Hello, thank you very much for submitting a question.
    Unfortunately, the current EP9 Carbine handguard is as long as we can go in the EP Platform. Making the handguard longer would allow more leverage on the barrel nut which would cause the barrel to shift and greatly hurt accuracy.
    We are aware that a longer handguard may be more popular or may appeal to more customers, but we cannot sacrifice function and safety for that.
    Product development is a difficult process that involves a lot of trade-offs. With that in mind, we are extremely proud of the value that we are offering with this Carbine and the fact that it is all-around lighter to carry, softer to shoot, and more affordable than any other 9mm rifle currently on the market.

      • Calling this space-age polymer “plastic” is like calling steel “Reynolds Wrap.”

        Actually, you’d be surprised at how much stronger than steel is the polymer they used to make this gun.

  2. I have an Norinco Ak47 with tapco folding stock and steel forgrip.
    Total cost $350 with 300rnds of Tula emu.
    Americans are going broke. Honest Americans would rather feed their families now then hope for a change( which will never happen) later.
    Money is at a premium now and with so many gunms now a being with money can get some good deals.
    I wish these new companies good fortune however there are streets full of plastic shutters now.
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  3. I’ve owned one for 2+ years and have more than 3k rounds through it. It is an amazing weapon.

    Cleaned twice – That’s right, twice. It has never choked. I slapped on a Holosun 403 and it is a tack driver.

    It is a ton of fun to shoot. Can’t recommend enough.


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