Bid on This Rifle Package from Nosler, Hornady and Leupold to Support the Shooting and Hunting Sports

Three legendary, family-owned, American companies join forces to support the common goal of furthering the protection and preservation of the shooting and hunting sports. Hornady Manufacturing Co., Leupold & Stevens and Nosler combine to offer an amazing prize package that will be auctioned auctioned off at the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation 29th Annual Banquet & Auction […]

Concealed Carrier Motorist Stops Greyhound Hijacker Threatening 26 Unarmed Passengers

In Colorado this week, a Denver-bound Greyhound bus was boarded by 47-year-old Edmundo Arellanes-Audelo, a Mexican national. After threatening the passengers with a knife, the man turned his attention to the driver. The attacker grabbed the wheel, causing the bus to veer into a guard rail. The man has been caught, thanks to a passerby who […]

New TTAG Swag! A Tumbler! A Hoodie! More Shirts!

The response to our new TTAG Swag has been surprising. There are apparently a lot of OFWGs and POTGs out there who were just hankering to let their gun flags fly. Plus, we’ve benefitted from some great suggestions from you, our readers, as to additional items you’d like to see offered. Ask and you shall […]