Federal Premium Ammunition Bringing Back Popular Barnes, Nosler and Berger Loads

After a brief hiatus, Federal Ammunition has reintroduced a bunch of centerfire rifle rounds loaded with bullets from Barnes and Nosler, plus expanded options from Sierra, Berger and more. In 1977, Federal Ammunition created its Premium line of centerfire rifle ammunition. In doing so, the company did something that was unheard of at the time. Rather than just […]

3 Ways to Safely Store Your Guns at Home

1. Train your family in the Four Rules of Firearms Safety The best safety for any gun is between your ears. And the ears of everyone in your family. Everyone who may have access to firearms should understand and respect The Four Rules of Gun Safety. As a responsible firearm owner, you should know that any safe […]

The 3 Best Arguments for Constitutional Carry

Constitutional carry has come a long way. We’re now up to 14 states in which the only permit you need to keep and bear arms is the Second Amendment of the US Constitution. Progress is currently being made in Kentucky (where a constitutional carry bill has passed the Senate) and Oklahoma (where a constitutional carry bill has passed […]