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“The wife of the Orlando nightclub shooter was found not guilty Thursday of aiding and abetting her husband’s deadly, Islamic State-inspired attack and obstructing the FBI’s investigation into the incident,” reports.  The stunning verdict means . . .

that Noor Salman, 31, can go free, and no one has yet been held criminally responsible for the June 2016 massacre at the Pulse nightclub. Salman’s husband, Omar Mateen, was fatally wounded in an encounter with police after he killed 49 people at the club.

Ms. Salman’s attorneys convinced the jury that their client was not an accomplice to his heinous crime. And that the FBI had bullied Ms.Salman into a confession. The same federal agency that had somehow failed to alert the world that her father-in-law was an informant for the agency.

Also revealed during the trial: Mr. Mateen planned on attacking the Disney Springs complex, hiding his rifle in a baby carriage, which he’d purchased for the crime. He was deterred by the presence of armed security.

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  1. no one has yet been held criminally responsible for the June 2016 massacre at the Pulse nightclub.

    They shot him dead at the scene. How much more responsible can a person be held?

  2. Ms. Salman’s attorneys convinced the jury

    That’s the way it is. Can’t argue with the jury. Well, you could, but you aren’t going to change anything.

    that Noor Salman, 31, can go free, and no one has yet been held criminally responsible for the June 2016 massacre at the Pulse nightclub. Salman’s husband, Omar Mateen, was fatally wounded in an encounter with police after he killed 49 people at the club.

    And that’s fine. No one needs to be held criminally responsible. The one responsible died already.

  3. Based upon the reporting about the prosecution’s evidence, the case against her seemed pretty thin, so this does not surprise me.

    • Thin confession?
      Admittedly I like to see lots of corroboration, especially with the FBI.

        • Eleven-hour interrogation of a person with an IQ of 84 who was not represented by an attorney — yeah, probably falls into the coerced genre. Also, no video or sound recordings, just the FBI agent’s “notes” of ambiguous statements. I’ve been practicing law for almost 40 years — there’s every reason to suspect over-reach here.

  4. So either the killer hid the planning well enough that he was able to keep it from both his wife and his father, or…tin foil hat squarely on…the father did know, the FBI knew the father knew, and they tried to pin the blame on the wife (who may or may not have known) in the hopes of keeping yet another massive failure under wraps.

    • In all honesty of my opinion, wives (even muslim ones), don’t want their husbands to die. So i’m not surprised he would keep his plans from her.

      • Then where’d that system break down in the case of the San Bernardino Muslim married couple that went on a murderous, suicidal killing spree? I’ve seen plenty of videos of Muslim families praising their “martyred” sons, brothers, husbands after they’ve committed a homicide bombing in Israel, for example. These people are death cult disciples. I’m not even so sure that they actually hate us, anymore, rather than they just use us as a cover for their love of death. They don’t care about each other, just death.

        • A lot depends on the individual. If I remember correctly, in the case of the San Bernadino couple the wife may have been the more extreme of the two. In this case, it could be that Miss Mateen was less devout to the point that her husband didn’t trust her not to ruin his plans. And let’s be honest, it’s not like his plan was so complicated that it would be hard to keep secret. “Go here, shoot people.” So simple a caveman can do it.
          As for the confession, I’ve seen a couple of videos where LE has coerced a confession so I’m not surprised when they don’t hold up in court.

    • Given what we now know about the FBI and their incompetent, unethical, and illegal behavior in other endeavors, that scenario is totally plausible. In fact it’s very probable.

  5. On Tucker Carlson it was reported that Omar’s wife had a low IQ and had no say in anything. Muslim’s R us…

    • Given the massively chauvinism of Muslin culture (and law), that she would have no say, and might be beaten if she tried, is hardly surprising.

  6. “Mr. Mateen planned on attacking the Disney Springs complex…He was deterred by the presence of armed security.”

    Does this count as a DGU? It certainly qualifies as “good guy with a gun.”

    • “Does this count as a DGU? It certainly qualifies as “good guy with a gun.””

      Ask the folks n the ‘Pulse’ nightclub that evening…

      • That reminded me of something –

        I recall shortly after the attack Disney security had noticed the ‘happy couple’ casing Disney property and reported what they saw to a local LE agency.

        It would not surprise me in the least if Disney has active-response teams in place when the park is open to deal with potential situations. Matt in Florida reported awhile back on security entering the park, if memory serves, they were giving people Israeli-style behavior assessments as they were wanding people prior to entry…

        • Though extreme leftist progs, the Disney twits DO have million$ of capitalistic reasons to “profile” and discriminate within their silly ass kingdom.

  7. Since when do we go after wives for the husbands crimes? Don’t get too excited because they are Muslim, there is no reason that this can’t spill over to nearly every crime committed by men.

    The real reaponaible party here is the FBI, this Guy was reported as an extremist by the Mosque that he attended, and it was ignored. He was being courted to be an FBI informant like his father when he did the shooting

    • Funny how you never hear about christians shooting up a night club shouting “Deus Vult” and pledging their service to the Templar order? It’s almost like some religions are more violent than others?

      • Bluntly, sir, you don’t hear of such things NOW because Christianity, in general, got over its period of massacring people that did not ‘believe’ properly some years back, and so far, Islam has not.
        It has been a few hundred years (well, maybe less–I forgot about Kosovo of the 1990s), granted, but Christianity’s historical proclivity for killing large groups of people who were considered ‘pagans’ or ‘godless’ is well known–including on this continent, by English, French, and Spanish Christians, with the blessing of Queen, King, or Pope.
        Homicidal proselytizing is not foreign to virtually all of the ‘big’ religions; Most simply have outgrown it. Give Islam another couple of hundred years, and they’ll probably calm down and limit their killing to much smaller numbers, much as Christians have.
        While claiming that other people’s houses have glass walls, it’s best to inspect the integrity of one’s own walls before throwing your own rock.

        • So… by your logic, we should tolerate slavery in other “less advanced” cultures? Let me know which cultures get a free pass on barbarism and for how long. You may need to make a chart.

        • By your logic, we should invade all countries that don’t follow American style government norms, you will be free, or else.

        • While everything you said is correct, pwrserge’s point is still valid. Islam in 2018 is more violent than Christianity (or any other religion) in 2018. Christians, and others, were violent in the past, in the name of religion, but they’re all dead now. Which is more barbaric: the US which has a history of slave ownership or the slavery that still happens today in parts of the third world?

          Over the past seven or eight centuries, western Judeo-Christian culture has matured, while Islamic culture has not advanced significantly. In its early years, Muslim culture was more advanced and enlightened than Christian culture at the time, and in many ways more advanced than Muslim culture today. But in the ninth or tenth century, the religious zealots took over, convinced people that science and philosophy challenged the Koran, and therefore Allah, and the culture has stagnated ever since.

        • ‘By my logic,’ I don’t excuse anybody of anything. Bloody massacre is still blood massacre, no matter what religious justification is claimed by the perpetrators.
          The POINT, though, is that in a long-term historical context, Islam is little different from Christianity. The difference is that Christianity, having a LONGER history, has already gone through its own sordid periods (little things such as the Spanish Inquisition, English, French, German and Italian witch hunts, wars between Catholic and Protestant that ravaged Europe for literal centuries, forced conversion by sword and fire of Native Americans, Africans, and Asians) and has managed to come out the other side as a better belief system, one that no longer believes it appropriate to kill non-believers if it is necessary to save their souls.
          Islam will probably GET to that point; Now, however, they are at an apparent evolutionary stage consistent with Christianity in the 16th Century in Europe.
          This, too, shall pass.

        • Islam is very different than Christianity. The Christian world has continuously become more enlightened and free. The Muslim world turned the other way several centuries ago, and has stayed that way ever since.

    • “Since when do we go after wives for the husbands crimes?” It’s pretty common in drug situations. A lot of the time the “wife” actually committed a crime, but it was the “husband” that law enforcement is targeting. I use quote marks because they usually aren’t married.

  8. @ RF, I think the piece would more accurately reflect the verdict by saying: “The jurors found that the government’s evidence did not prove— beyond a reasonable doubt—the charge of Ms. Salman serving as an accomplice, and so they acquitted her,” than “Ms. Salman’s attorneys convinced the jury that their client was not an accomplice to his heinous crime.”

    • Cases like this can become very complex. Wives that live with brutal dominating husbands often fear for their lives and they often think that If I go to the police and say my husband “might do something” and he tells the police I am just “out to get him” and manufactured the whole story I might then be killed by him later. Or sometimes wives who have an emotional attachment to their brutal husbands often refuse to believe that he would actually go through with something that heinous. The prosecution has a tough case to prove when often the wife does not even know exactly why she did or did not do anything. And how do you prove exactly what she really did or did not know.

    • That’s a bit ironic, coming from you.
      As I remember, you came here to avoid that sort of ‘justice system;’ Now, you want it HERE? That makes no sense. . .
      Keep the nasty little thought burning in the back of your mind that the US Government, with all of its wealth and power, has the ability to manufacture enough evidence against a completely innocent person to get an indictment, and often to convict; If it chooses, and if no competent defense attorney finds out, it can railroad an innocent man to the gas chamber. It has done so.
      The next ‘enemy combatant’ in the eyes of the government could be YOU. Do you know anybody questionable? Do you hang out on the InterWebs on gun-friendly sites? Does anyone you know act a little ‘odd’, or say things that might be a little ‘sketchy’? Have you turned them in? Why not?
      Food for thought. . .

  9. The real story is do not talk to the police. The FBI would not have even been able to go to trial if she did not talk to them

  10. With the FBI involved, this is shocking? Now she will be free to join David Hogg in his raving podcasts.

  11. I have come to the point in my life where, even if the FBI had a time-stamped digital recording, verified by multiple eye-witnesses, showing Miz Mateen helping her hubby load magazines while muttering “Kill the Infidels! On to the Pulse NIghtclub! The date and time are X and Y, and I, Miz Mateen, am PROUD to make this video of my own free will supporting my husband in his desire to massacre, oh, say, 49 people! HahHAH! Take THAT, Yankee Imperialist Running Dogs of Capitalism!” I would doubt the veracity of the FBI, and demand independent corroboration.
    The instant that the FBI admitted that they were running Daddy as an informant, and that they KNEW about Sonnyboy and his proclivities but did NOTHING, that is the instant that Miz Mateen couldn’t be convicted of anything by any sane, rational juror.
    Bluntly, even if she IS guilty, it would be unconscionable to convict her on evidence provided by an organization so tainted as our modern FBI.
    I knew the FBI. These people, Sir, are no FBI.

  12. “A jury consists of twelve persons chosen to decide who has the better lawyer.”

    — Robert Frost

    As a retired lawyer who often was the better one, all I can say is that the American injustice system worked yet again.

  13. The FBI’s case was a complete dumpster fire. The “casing” of the nightclub never happened, and the prosecution deliberately hid evidence proving it never happened. Salman was held without access to counsel and manipulated into an extremely dodgy confession via the old “write an apology letter” trick. The FBI failed to record statements, instead resorting to what was effectively hearsay.

    The jury acquitted in a freakin’ Islamist terrorism case. That’s extraordinary. Americans hate Islamist terrorists and will happily convict even marginal cases. American juries will convict developmentally disabled people guilty of “plots” that were entirely invented by FBI informants. They STILL bungled the case so bad a jury couldn’t convict.

    Oh, also his father was a paid FBI informant. The jury made the right call. This case was ridiculous.

  14. quote—————————-that Noor Salman, 31, can go free, and no one has yet been held criminally responsible for the June 2016 massacre at the Pulse nightclub. Salman’s husband, Omar Mateen, was fatally wounded in an encounter with police after he killed 49 people at the club.——————————-quote

    Am I missing something here. Omar Mateen was held responsible even though of course he is dead. We cannot say he was not held responsible. Because he was held responsible his estate (even though he probably had little) could be sued for damages.

  15. The Twinks Defense also got another murderer off Scott free. But the jury voted for it.

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