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“Fox News host Laura Ingraham has apologized a day after taunting Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg over his college rejections,” washingtonpost.com reports. Taunting? Not the word I’d use. As the Tweet’s been deleted, here’s the text:

David Hogg Rejected By Four Colleges To Which He Applied and whines about it. Dinged by UCLA with a 4.1 GPA…totally predictable given acceptance rates.

Just to be clear, the unweighted Grade Point Average scale only goes up to 4.0. So Mr. Hogg’s GPA was weighted; it took into account the difficulty of his classes. That scale goes up to 5.0. Click here to read the finer points of the process.

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School ranking (courtesy (niche.com)

Bottom line: Mr. Hogg was a B or B+ student in a school ranked 50th in the state of Florida, in a highly rated public high school (for what that’s worth).

I think we can safely say Mr. Hogg isn’t an idiot nor a scholar. But Ms. Ingraham wasn’t impugning Mr. Hogg’s intelligence. She was casting aspersions on his character. His whining. His attitude.

This would come as no surprise to anyone who’s listened to Mr. Hogg’s mean-spirited mendacious rants directed at the NRA, pro-gun politicians and The People of the Gun. Not to put too fine a point on it, Mr. Hogg is a demagogue.

Which may be why he was rejected from every college to which he applied. Nah. With rare exceptions, universities are run by progressive for progressives to make more progressives. Mr. Hogg would have been a good fit for most schools. A proverbial feather in their cap.

Anyway, for whatever reason, Mr. Hogg was rejected and made that rejection public. He used it to further his agenda. Which makes his four — count ’em four — college rejections fair game.

In fact, Ms. Ingraham pulled her punches, attributing Mr. Hogg’s rejection to the school’s high standards.  So why did she back down? WaPo:

(courtesy twitter.com)

(courtesy twiter.com)

Ingraham appeared to take back her comments Thursday afternoon, hours after Hogg sent a tweet calling for advertisers to boycott her Fox News show. Hogg’s tweet generated thousands of retweets and resulted in at least two brands promising to sever its relationship with Ingraham.

“On reflection, in the spirit of Holy Week, I apologize for any upset or hurt my tweet caused him or any of the brave victims of Parkland,” Ingraham tweeted. She also tried to curtail the damage by noting Hogg had appeared on her show after the shooting.

“Appeared to take back her comments”? What is this churlishness I see! Could it be The Post doesn’t buy or abide by the Christian spirit espoused by Ms Ingraham in her Twitter mea culpa?

Anyway, wrong answer. Ms. Ingraham should have stayed the course. Leaned in, to use the MSNBC term. This is what they do to us.

Mr. Hogg is one of the most prominent faces of The Children’s Crusade for Civilian Disarmament. He is the enemy of firearms freedom. And again, he inserted his college rejection into the “debate” over gun control. As JWT would say — a man who knows that attack is the best defense — drive on.

(courtesy twitter.com)

Mr. Hogg’s call for a boycott of Ms. Ingraham’s program obviously had its effect. Just as her apology will have its effect on Ms. Ingraham’s “brand.” And Fox News.

As well it should. This is no time to let up on those working to degrade and destroy our natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to bear arms. Assuming there ever is.

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  1. I’m confident a school like Evergreen college or other Leftist institution will be happy to offer Hogg-boy a no-show scholarship and degree any day now…

    • Dumbest thing she could have done was to issue an apology to this narcissistic child. Also, I think since the child has shown his totalitarian leanings he’ll be welcomed by a whole host of indoctrination cams AKA colleges.

      • No school wants to admit little tyrants, but they do want to give them jobs after they get a degree (a Masters and 5 years experience minimum). It’s kind of a catch-22 that keeps things stagnant, for better or worse.

    • Why does everybody feel the need to apologize for speaking their mind just because some little socialist victim gets his feelings hurt. So what, welcome to the big bad real world that nobody’s teaching you about in the socialist PC education system. We need more people to tell it like it is and not apologize for it.

  2. Back in the day(60’s- 70’s) a hogg-boy would get his narrow azz kicked quite often…I rarely watch Laura and will watch less now. Tucker Carlson ain’t apologizing😎

  3. Laura Ingraham is F*^%#ng jackass for apologizing. I’ve always thought she was a complete douche like ALL hardcore trump supporters. She just gave this little arrogant cu*t SO much validation with this it’s unreal. I hope you lose your fvcking show, Laura!

  4. Ingraham was stupid to publically call out a teenager, no matter how obnoxious she might think him or repugnant she might find his opinions. Go after the adults who are pulling his string. Leave the kid alone.

    • What a crock. He’s not some random teenager. He has decided to put himself front and center in this. Frankly he appears to be reveling in it. So disingenuous to allow him to take pot shots and the claim he is just a kid being bullied when someone calls him out.

      Laura – shame on you, for apologizing.

    • Go after the adults who are pulling his string. Leave the kid alone.
      This is exactly what the Progtards are banking on.
      Same with Mom’s Demand Some Action.

      • What they’re banking on is that we do lay off the boy, so he can keep spouting his lies and disinformation whilst we remain silent.

        No, he’s fair game, as he inserted himself 100% into said game. GAME ON. Go after BOTH him and his string-pullers.

    • Sorry, but no. If you throw yourself into the fire, don’t expect to not get your ass burned. Fuck that kid, and everything he stands for.

  5. He’s a terrorist.
    Agitates against people’s civil rights and blackmails the media.
    What a PoS

    • I think the word terrorist does fit. He is using intimidation and threats against those that oppose his viewpoint, and viciously. Or is that a bully? Either may fit. He has been hateful to innocent people. Where is the left with it’s opposition to microagressions? Or is this macroaggression from him? In that case is the left being pro macro aggression? /sarc.

  6. Ms Ingraham only apologized when it hurt the network and her financially as she really meant none of it. It was blind greed pure and simple.

    I think the Far Right has sunk to an new all time low when attacking inexperienced and naive young children. Rather than the Far Right acting like mad dog cruel sadistic Nazi’s instead they would have been far better off trying to educated young people about guns and also offering what has been needed for decades which is what the young also want and that is all vetting of all gun sales, safe storage, more security and better background checks.

    The Far Rights viscous attack on Ms. Gonzales when it doctored a picture of her and made it look like she was tearing up a U.S. flag sickened and outraged the majority of Americans who by the way do not own any guns and it did more damage to the pro-gun people than they realized and they are too dumb to ever realize it or admit they fked up big time.

    And no the Kids are not whining one bit as when you see fellow komrades lying in pools of blood and gore often with their brains blown out its something they will never forget and probably and unfortunately it so poisoned their minds on gun ownership because we have now created a new generation of young people that will be voting anti-gun for the next 50 some years.

    Yes gun owners, the NRA and the stingy , greedy , corrupt Republicans could have done much over the past 20 some years to put a stop to all this blood and carnage but they did nothing and now they will in the end probably lose everything and in a way we all deserve everything we get. We all failed as responsible adults in many ways over responsible gun owner ship and civilized vetting of all guns and now we are going to pay for it all. Its the end of the line, finis, sianara, and hit the road.

    • A nazi trying to accuse others of being a nazi.

      You’re funny.

    • Hay, Cisco. These kids need to read and understand would history and our Constitution. At this point they want the fix within 60 minutes, but new gun restrictions will not stop the mentally ill, but will lead us to a non,representative government where equality is based on who you know and we all become subjects of the ruling elite. Your choice.

    • @ Cisco kid. Your full of shit, ….relief cuts in the 1911 after WW2…… You’ve lost all credibility. BTW bullets come out of the gun at the end with a hole in that round thing, it’s called a barrel. Please feel free to look down the barrel, your welcome.

      • Your post made me roar with laughter. Take a look behind the trigger guard on post WWI 1911 you Moron. The relief cuts (or scalloped frame) was done to let the trigger finger reach the trigger more easily. But I do apologize if you are blind as that would be your only excuse for not being laughed at as a complete idiot.

    • Speaking of people who did nothing let’s start with the ridiculous policy of ignoring criminal behavior in Broward County schools. Let’s talk about 39+ visits to the shooters home where some we’re for domestic violence. That right there would have made him a prohibited person and stripped him of any guns he owned and stopped future purchases. Let’s talk about armed police on campus who didn’t do anything but wait outside. After we discuss all the failures that caused this then we can discuss how politicians didn’t do enough.
      Oh and you think it’s wrong to call out a teenager who has lied about where he was during the shooting? His story has more holes than Swiss cheese. Get real, I will call out a budding facist who is protesting removal of my constitutionally protected rights no matter how old they are.

    • She attacked his integrity, and as a response he attacked her livelihood.

      Which one is repugnant here?

    • If those young children are so inexperienced and naive, why are we supposed to listen to anything they have to say? Why are they pasted all over the tv screens insulting us? Because something terrible happened near them?

  7. Her first mistake was apologizing. She shouldn’t have apologized. She should have pulled a Trump and doubled or tripled down on the tweet by pointing out that he’s a snowflake who unleashes fabricated vile vitriol on others while not being able to take the most modest criticism.

    He slanders people calling them murderers and the targets of his comments are just supposed to take it, but calling him a whiner for actually being a whiner is somehow unconscionable? Please…

  8. This was posted by someone on another blog. Would someone be willing to intelligently and honestly disssect. It was posted in regards to the claim that David Hogg was not on campus the day of the shooting. I know it’s long, but, I have neither the time nor the patience to go through it myself.

    TEXT DELETED – Not covered by Fair Use provisions. Please excerpt and/or provide a link.

    • Text deleted? It’s a copy and paste from a comment on another damn website.

      Many conservatives have a loose relationship with facts. The right-wing denial of what most people think of as accepted reality starts with political issues: As recently as 2016, 45 percent of Republicans still believed that the Affordable Care Act included “death panels” (it doesn’t). A 2015 poll found that 54 percent of GOP primary voters believed then-President Obama to be a Muslim (…he isn’t).

      Then there are the false beliefs about generally accepted science. Only 25 percent of self-proclaimed Trump voters agree that climate change is caused by human activities. Only 43 percent of Republicans overall believe that humans have evolved over time.

      And then it gets really crazy. Almost 1 in 6 Trump voters, while simultaneously viewing photographs of the crowds at the 2016 inauguration of Donald Trump and at the 2012 inauguration of Barack Obama , insisted that the former were larger. Sixty-six percent of self-described “very conservative” Americans seriously believe that “Muslims are covertly implementing Sharia law in American courts.” Forty-six percent of Trump voters polled just after the 2016 election either thought that Hillary Clinton was connected to a child sex trafficking ring run out of the basement of a pizzeria in Washington, D.C., or weren’t sure if it was true.

      If “truth” is judged on the basis of Enlightenment ideas of reason and more or less objective “evidence,” many of the substantive positions common on the right seem to border on delusional. The left is certainly not immune to credulity (most commonly about the safety of vaccines, GMO foods, and fracking), but the right seems to specialize in it. “Misinformation is currently predominantly a pathology of the right,” concluded a team of scholars from the Harvard Kennedy School and Northeastern University at a February 2017 conference. A BuzzFeed analysis found that three main hyperconservative Facebook pages were roughly twice as likely as three leading ultraliberal Facebook pages to publish fake or misleading information.

      Why are conservatives so susceptible to misinformation? The right wing’s disregard for facts and reasoning is not a matter of stupidity or lack of education. College-educated Republicans are actually more likely than less-educated Republicans to have believed that Barack Obama was a Muslim and that “death panels” were part of the ACA. And for political conservatives, but not for liberals, greater knowledge of science and math is associated with a greater likelihood of dismissing what almost all scientists believe about the human causation of global warming.

      The right wing’s disregard for facts and reasoning is not a matter of stupidity or lack of education.

      It’s also not just misinformation gained from too many hours listening to Fox News, either, because correcting the falsehoods doesn’t change their opinions. For example, nine months following the release of President Obama’s long-form birth certificate, the percentage of Republicans who believed that he was not American-born was actually higher than before the release. Similarly, during the 2012 presidential campaign, Democrats corrected their previous overestimates of the unemployment rate after the Bureau of Labor Statistics released the actual data. Republicans’ overestimated even more than before.

      Part of the problem is widespread suspicion of facts—any facts. Both mistrust of scientists and other “experts” and mistrust of the mass media that reports what scientists and experts believe have increased among conservatives (but not among liberals) since the early ’80s. The mistrust has in part, at least, been deliberately inculcated. The fossil fuel industry publicizes studies to confuse the climate change debate; Big Pharma hides unfavorable information on drug safety and efficacy; and many schools in conservative areas teach students that evolution is “just a theory.” The public is understandably confused about both the findings and methods of science. “Fake news” deliberately created for political or economic gain and Donald Trump’s claims that media sites that disagree with him are “fake news” add to the mistrust.

      But, the gullibility of many on the right seems to have deeper roots even than this. That may be because at the most basic level, conservatives and liberals seem to hold different beliefs about what constitutes “truth.” Finding facts and pursuing evidence and trusting science is part of liberal ideology itself. For many conservatives, faith and intuition and trust in revealed truth appear as equally valid sources of truth.

      To understand how these differences manifest and what we might do about them, it helps to understand how all humans reason and rationalize: In other words, let’s take a detour into psychology. Freud distinguished between “errors” on the one hand, “illusions” and “delusions” on the other. Errors, he argued, simply reflect lack of knowledge or poor logic; Aristotle’s belief that vermin form out of dung was an error. But illusions and delusions are based on conscious or unconscious wishes; Columbus’s belief that he had found a new route to the Indies was a delusion based on his wish that he had done so.

      Although Freud is out of favor with many contemporary psychologists, modern cognitive psychology suggests that he was on the right track. The tenacity of many of the right’s beliefs in the face of evidence, rational arguments, and common sense suggest that these beliefs are not merely alternate interpretations of facts but are instead illusions rooted in unconscious wishes.

      This is a very human thing to do. As popular writers such as Daniel Kahneman, Cass Sunstein, and Richard Thaler have pointed out, we often use shortcuts when we reason, shortcuts that enable us to make decisions quickly and with little expenditure of mental energy. But they also often lead us astray—we underestimate the risks of events that unfold slowly and whose consequences are felt only over the long term (think global warming) and overestimate the likelihood of events that unfold rapidly and have immediate consequences (think terrorist attacks).

      Although Freud is out of favor with many contemporary psychologists, modern cognitive psychology suggests that he was on the right track.

      Our reasoning is also influenced (motivated, psychologists would say) by our emotions and instincts. This manifests in all kinds of ways: We need to maintain a positive self-image, to stave off anxiety and guilt, and to preserve social relationships. We also seek to maintain consistency in our beliefs, meaning that when people simultaneously hold two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values, one or the other must go. And so we pay more attention and give more credence to information and assertions that confirm what we already believe: Liberals enthusiastically recount even the most tenuous circumstantial evidence of Trump campaign collusion with the Russians, and dyed-in-the-wool Trump supporters happily believe that the crowd really was bigger at his candidate’s inauguration.

      These limits to “objective” reasoning apply to everyone, of course—left and right. Why is it that conservatives have taken the lead in falling off the deep edge?

      The answer, I think, lies in the interaction between reasoning processes and personality. It’s each person’s particular motivations and particular psychological makeup that affects how they search for information, what information they pay attention to, how they assess the accuracy and meaning of the information, what information they retain, and what conclusions they draw. But conservatives and liberals typically differ in their particular psychological makeups. And if you add up all of these particular differences, you get two groups that are systematically motivated to believe different things.

      Psychologists have repeatedly reported that self-described conservatives tend to place a higher value than those to their left on deference to tradition and authority. They are more likely to value stability, conformity, and order, and have more difficulty tolerating novelty and ambiguity and uncertainty. They are more sensitive than liberals to information suggesting the possibility of danger than to information suggesting benefits. And they are more moralistic and more likely to repress unconscious drives towards unconventional sexuality.

      Fairness and kindness place lower on the list of moral priorities for conservatives than for liberals. Conservatives show a stronger preference for higher status groups, are more accepting of inequality and injustice, and are less empathic (at least towards those outside their immediate family). As one Tea Party member told University of California sociologist Arlie Hochschild, “People think we are not good people if we don’t feel sorry for blacks and immigrants and Syrian refugees. But I am a good person and I don’t feel sorry for them.”

      Conservatives’ greater acceptance of hierarchy and trust in authority may lead to greater faith that what the president says must be true.

      Baptist minister and former Republican congressman J.C. Watts put it succinctly. Campaigning for Sen. Rand Paul in Iowa in 2015 he observed, “The difference between Republicans and Democrats is that Republicans believe people are fundamentally bad, while Democrats see people as fundamentally good.”

      These conservative traits lead directly to conservative views on many issues, just as liberal traits tend to lead to liberal views on many issues. But when you consider how these conservative traits and these conservative views interact with commonly shared patterns of motivated reasoning, it becomes clearer why conservatives may be more likely to run into errors in reasoning and into difficulty judging accurately what is true and what is false.

      It’s not just that Trump is “their” president, so they want to defend him. Conservatives’ greater acceptance of hierarchy and trust in authority may lead to greater faith that what the president says must be true, even when the “facts” would seem to indicate otherwise. The New York Times cataloged no less than 117 clearly false statements proclaimed publicly by Trump in the first six months of his presidency, with no evident loss in his supporters’ faith in him. In the same way, greater faith in the legitimacy of the decisions of corporate CEOs may strengthen the tendency to deny evidence that there are any potential benefits from regulation of industry.

      • Yes… we should totally trust the newspaper that runs Chinese communist party propaganda to stay in business.

      • Blog hog.

        We don’t need you rushing in here to enlighten the benighted with your re-post of the latest web screed to blow your skirt up. We have this.

        • Holy shit, I’m neither advocating for nor agreeing with what I pasted. ITS WHAT SOME LIBERAL/PROGRESSIVE/STATIST POSTED IN A GODDAMN FORUM BOARD. I AM MERELY REPOSTING IT HERE. Is it really that fucking hard for you guys to read the first few sentences introducing the content that I posted. I only requested for someone, if they were kindly willing, to go through and expose it for the silliness that it is. So far, I’ve only received silly responses. Keep up the good work.

  9. Here’s the second part of the comment.

    Similarly, greater valuation of stability, greater sensitivity to the possibility of danger, and greater difficulty tolerating difference and change lead to greater anxiety about social change and so support greater credulity with respect to lurid tales of the dangers posed by immigrants. And higher levels of repression and greater adherence to tradition and traditional sources of moral judgment increase the credibility of claims that gay marriage is a threat to the “traditional” family.

    Conservatives are also less introspective, less attentive to their inner feelings, and less likely to override their “gut” reactions and engage in further reflection to find a correct answer. As a result, they may be more likely to rely on error-prone cognitive shortcuts, less aware of their own unconscious biases, and less likely to respond to factual corrections to previously held beliefs.

    Top Comment

    There might be some self selection. If you believe that cutting taxes will result in more tax revenue soon, then you might have some cognitive problems. If you believe you can balance the budget by cutting revenue… More…

    4.4k Comments Join In

    The differences in how conservatives and liberals process information are augmented by an asymmetry in group psychological processes. Yes, we all seek to keep our social environment stable and predictable. Beliefs that might threaten relationships with family, neighbors, and friends (e.g., for a fundamentalist evangelical to believe that humans are the result of Darwinian evolution or for a coal miner to believe that climate change is real and human-made) must be ignored or denied, at peril of disrupting the relationships. But among all Americans, the intensity of social networks has declined in recent years. Church attendance and union membership, participation in community organizations, and direct political involvement have flagged. Conservatives come disproportionately from rural areas and small towns, where social networks remain smaller, but denser and more homogeneous than in the big cities that liberals dominate. As a result, the opinions of family, friends, and community may be more potent in conservative hotbeds than in the more anonymous big cities where Democrats dominate.

    The lack of shared reality between left and right in America today has contributed greatly to our current political polarization. Despite occasional left forays into reality denial, conservatives are far more likely to accept misinformation and outright lies. Deliberate campaigns of misinformation and conservative preferences for information that fits in with their pre-existing ideology provide only a partial explanation. Faulty reasoning and judgment, rooted in the interactions between modes of reasoning and judgment shared by all with the specific personality patterns found disproportionately among conservatives may also play a central role.

    • Thank you for that information, I’ll be sure to bring all that up at my next KKK meeting. har har

      • This is neither something I wrote nor agree with. I was wanting someone, explained in the first comment above this one, to fisk this and go through it to scrutinize its allegations. It is a two part essay, the first being the comment directly above this one in the comment that I made as a reply to TTAG deleting it for whatever reason. The first part is reposted in the reply. You’re commenting on the second part. It was too large to paste as a single comment so I had to split it up into two separate comments. I was just wanting someone to go through it, possibly Chip or someone of similar intellectual enlightenment. I would do it myself, but, as I have already stated, I don’t have time.

        • They deleted it because it’s a blatantly stolen wall of text with no source provided. That’s called plagiarism.

          • How it is plagiarism? I didn’t claim that it was a product of my writing. If you would have read the first sentence of the comment, to which you are responding, more closely, then you would see that I didn’t claim it as mine. If I claimed it was mine, that would be plagiarism. It’s nothing but a simple copy and paste with a request to have someone fisk it and respond accordingly. I see people repost wacky comments from some liberal rag all the time on this website with no problem. Jesus, I didn’t anticipate it would generate this type of response.

        • It’s called plagerism because you dump a small book’s worth of so called statitics and provide no citations. This is basic high school term paper stuff.

        • OK WhiteDevil I will explain this to you. This is a MANIFESTO. Points made are mostly opinions not facts as the writer stated: The answer ” I think”. That being said, not hard to see the direction writer falls into. Hope this clears it up for you.

        • @Ad Astra, you need to look up the meaning of the word plagiarism. It means passing someone’s else work off as your own. I DID NOT DO THAT. I reposted someone’s comment and did not claim it as my own. It was a fucking comment posted on an IGN forum board for Christ’s sake. This is getting ridiculous. Super helpful Dave, you really enlightened me and struck at the heart of some IGN posters screed.

  10. Davis Hogg is a self tortured tormented troll of a person. He is so full of hate that he is dangerous. Nothing but a prissy , pussy assed little bitch. Too bad he wasn’t around 75 years ago . He would have been a poster child for the Hitler Youth .

    • No he would have been a poster child for the anti-war movement of the 60’s and although he does not know much about the mechanics of firearms the rest of his ideas not only make sense they are long overdue in regards to vetting of all guns and better background checks. Anyone that would argue against that is shouting to the world what a Moron they are.

      • Go vet yourself, crisco.
        No amount of giving up our freedoms can make grabbers to go away and leave us alone.

  11. All hail Furher Hogg! (Little punk).

    He just got a taste of leftist college admissions policies. He has either the wrong ethnicity, skin color, or gender. He has all of his new neo-Communist friends to thank for his rejections.

    Tomorrow, one of the ultra-leftist universities will announce his acceptance (possibly with scholarships) via the mainstream media.

    • The only actor pretending to be sane is you and you make a poor actor because no one believes you. The majority of the American people either sympathize or are backing him 100 per cent. Not that everything he says is correct or the right way to solve the problem but for a young kid he is doing a damn good job of promoting his agenda for change and a lot of it is long overdue in Hill Jack America where are cities , schools and now even our freeways are everyday shooting galleries.

  12. When you raise your fist in the air like that, aren’t you supposed to say “Black Power” after every third word?

    • When you raise your fist in the air like that, aren’t you supposed to say “Black Power” after every third word?
      New Nazi salute, the old was no longer PC.

    • NO you are supposed to say Victory over ignorant white hill jacks who support Republicans that have prevented America from solving all these mass shootings.

      • None of what they, or you for that matter, demand would solve the (very rare) mass shootings. But you know that and you also know that never was the real goal.

  13. “Never apologize it’s a sign of weakness”… John Wayne
    Apologizes have become to easy to use when someone says something that offends a group of people. Have the courage of your convictions to stand behind your words. If you meant them when you said them. If not… Why say them. Also being offended is used as a weapon to shut down someones Right to Free Speech. Which is cornerstone of our society. Offendials are a bigger threat to the Bill of Rights than any group of anti gunners will ever be.

  14. Jumping into the public arena and then crying foul when criticized?

    Somehow based on that picture at the top of the story I’m not surprised. I know people pick photos that match their story line but Jesus that kid looks like one mean spirited motherfucker. Also, based on what I’ve seen him say and how he talks in front of a camera he is one mean spirited lil’ motherfucker. The kind of kid that needs a bitch slap and to be told to go sit in the corner.

    • While obnoxious, he was not that bad in the beginning of this insane coverage, he has obviously been coached in how to incite riots.

  15. Apologize?, for what? I’d be hard pressed to give this boy the time of day. He should be asking his old man for an apology for raising a scrawny ass whiner

    • No his father should be apologizing to the world for not pulling out fast enough or for thinking that drinkin that 6 pack before he gave it to his future baby momma was a good idea. Sadly the boys’ mother swallowed the best part of him and we are left with this ugly collection of degenerate DNA leading the anti gun for kids movement.
      No RF I will not apologize for the little asshole’s mother forgetting her pill and his daddy forgetting to pull out, seriously he should’ve got her a lil more wasted and tried some butt stuff instead.

  16. Hogg thought to use his media visibility to bully California schools, just like he has been doing to the NRA, and conservatives. Well, it backfired on the little snot. He fails from understand that his usefulness to his left wing masters is about at an end. They will drop him like an inconvenient afterthought the moment he is no longer useful to them and their cause.

    • He is doing pretty damn good as today a U.S. Senator is demanding the NRA turn over all its records on how it spent millions in Russian Money during the presidential campaign.

      • Yes in a few years when he gets elected to Congress that is exactly what you will be calling him “The Boss”

        • Keep dreaming. In couple of months gun grabbers will drop him like a used condom. In couple of years no one will remember him.
          Except you, of course. You will always have this poster of him above your bed.

      • Ignorance is bliss that way you do not have to face reality. Its always been the reason a Conservative is always his own worse enemy.

      • Serge and 16V are two very different guys. I like them both. They may have their little particular ways, but at least they know better than bugging everyone with anti-vaccination b.s.

    • Jesus h Christ, can you not read? I said that it was not something I had written and it is certainly not something that I agree with. I was simply posting it and asking someone to go through it, part by part, and establish their opinion.

  17. With the exception of ATT, Hulu, Nestle, and Arby’s, I’d bet most of his teeny-bopper friends even know what those companies are.

    Hogg simply ought to be ignored. Period. He claims to want dialogue, but his words and actions both are so disrespectful dialogue is impossible. Demagogue is right…and surely more generous than he is of those with whom he disagrees. But, he’ll probably be the next Chucky Schumer (though Schumer got better grades).

    • Yes your name describes your personality. Savage, crude, uncouth, ignorant, intolerant and sadistic. Hogg looks pretty good when debating against your rhetoric. A least Hogg has a good command of the English language and is even holding his own against professional Republican liars in the ongoing debate. Only your one of the few who does not realize how much he is likely to accomplish his agenda. Lets hope not everything just the long overdue changes that do not also ban guns.

  18. Nice job inflating his already oversized head, Ingraham. Hogg: “Fox News bows to The Hogg now!”

  19. I think that we are sick of seeing that face. David HasselHogg is a self-serving person with aspirations of grandeur. He shows no remorse, ever, just using his 15 minutes of fame to book a future gig with CNN. I know it’s terrible to advance yourself by treading over the dead bodies of his “classmates” yet nobody calls him out for that. Hate to say it but he is, unfortunately, going to continue to be the mouthpiece for the leftist agenda.

    Isn’t it ironic that he needs armed bodyguards yet sees no problem with guns in this scenario? A Rosie Odonell in the making. Two hoggs

    • He is making sure his dead Komrades are not forgotten because he knows guys like you are trying to hide all the bodies from view.

    • Your sick of seeing his face because he is scaring the shit out of you because so much of what he says is true. And the reason he has body guards is for protections from nut cases like you. No one can blame him for that.

  20. Never never never apologize to SJW’s!!! Never never never! No matter what they call you, no matter what they accuse you of, ALWAYS tell them to F OFF!

    Your apologies feed their life force, make you weak, and make them double down on their accusations and demands! They HATE you! ALWAYS tell them to go straight to hell!

    They think of us as vermin, as gusanos. They DESPISE us! Never forget that!

  21. Just about everything bad about this punk I’ve read here I can agree with. However, he got her to apologize. Fake, forced, financially-motivated? Yes, yes, and yes. So what? It happened. He did it.

    All Ms. Laura Ingraham lacks now is a tramp stamp across her lower back that reads “Property of David Hogg”, because giiiiirrrrrrrrrl, he sure made you his B!TCH today, now didn’t he? (Wouldn’t surprise me if that meme already exists and is trending.)

    Not bad for a fascist brat with no more than peach fuzz on his ‘scrote, tweeting as he walks the hallway between what I can only assume is Home Economics class and some kind of alternative P.E. for the puny and pasty.

  22. Its really sad when you have gone so far LEFT–that even cali and UCLA think you are nuts and DENY you entry!!

  23. Had he listed his race as Dorito-American, he’d be in like Flynn.

    That, or he’s unable to meet a 10lb box-lifting requirement (seriously, what’s up with his atrophied anatomy?)

  24. “Just to be clear, the unweighted Grade Point Average scale only goes up to 4.0. ”

    LOL. ORLY? But okay, better to play it safe I guess /s

    Honestly RF, what do you think the average education level here on TTAG actually is?

    • Weighed GPA is a VERY new thing. Even when I was in high school there was no such thing and that was less than two decades ago.

      • I was wondering about that. im thinking, “how can a GPA be above a 4.0?”
        I ended up with a 3.49 and still managed a full ride to Stanford.
        This new math BS has to stop.

      • HA!!! I had to wait for my first year of college to find out what GPA stood for, not a player in HS. In 1964.

    • Honestly RF, what do you think the average education level here on TTAG actually is?
      I done got a sixth grade education, I’m gonna be a brain surgeon or a double knot spy!

      • “Double naught.” As in “0-0.” As in “Agent 007.”
        Jethro wanted to be a “double-naught spy,” like James Bond.

  25. All hail Boss Hogg – wishfully rehearsing for his imagined future role as leader of the New World Order – like his idols Hitler, Stalin and Mao!


  26. Anyway, wrong answer. Ms. Ingraham should have stayed the course.
    Force the opposition to apologize.
    When they apologize, do not accept their apology.
    Wish I could find the Progtard exact quote on that one, might be Alinsky.

  27. David Hogg is an Adolf Hitler wannabe.
    I am sure he is admirable National Socialist material.
    Seems to have all the qualifications of Horst Wessel.

  28. As to Ingraham’s apology I’d look to blame pressure from Fox News before anything else.

    On a similar such “apology”- does anyone think Joy Behar really wanted to apologize to Christians??? Some of you need to get out more…

  29. Hoggface will go straight from his leftist socially engineered school to a 6 figure CNN pundit job, before being found in a hotel with a needle stuck in his scrawny arm. Then his whacko supporters will still blame the NRA.

  30. This guy is not the good young sheldon!
    Thits gujy looks the young hitler stope them white any force thats needet !!

  31. Don’t worry he will get his after a while the bull shit will die down and the liberals will abandon him.then he will lose his armed guards and someone will take him in a dark alley and give him the ass kicking he deseves.

  32. Not much of an apology.

    Apology = i am sorry i said that
    Not an apology = sorry you were upset by what i said

  33. Why did she apologize? Because like so many on the right she has no spine.

    When you’re right you stick to your guns. She was right.

  34. I really feel for the kids that were there, and the families that lost their children. I don’t feel this young punk kid is doing anything for make any changes. We need people that will meet in the middle to make things happen. To call out the NRA and Mark Rubio is just is mind blowing to me. Look how many people are killed in cars are, how many young folks have cause these deaths? Maybe we should think about changing the age to 21 to drive. I liked the way the President did call the children in to get their views; however this didn’t matter to him. All he wants is to scream and raise his fist like he is in power. I bet with his last name he was made fun of in school and this is his way of getting attention and to be noticed. I wish Laura never would have said she was sorry, I hope other sponsors will stand behind her. I joined the NRA and I don’t even own a gun after listening to him, I feel he is one that will take away our rights. God Bless

  35. I really feel for the kids that were there, and the families that lost their children. I don’t feel this young punk kid is doing anything for make any changes. We need people that will meet in the middle to make things happen. To call out the NRA and Mark Rubio is just is mind blowing to me. Look how many people are killed in cars are, how many young folks have cause these deaths? Maybe we should think about changing the age to 21 to drive. I liked the way the President did call the children in to get their views; however this didn’t matter to him. All he wants is to scream and raise his fist like he is in power. I bet with his last name he was made fun of in school and this is his way of getting attention and to be noticed. I wish Laura never would have said she was sorry, I hope other sponsors will stand behind her. I joined the NRA and I don’t even own a gun after listening to him, I feel he is one that will take away our rights. It won’t let me send my comment, said I already sent it. NO I NOT!!!!
    God Bless

  36. Every one of you GOP TH UGS will die screaming in one of our gulag camps after we seize power.


      You sieze power or the pigs???

      I’ve heard pigs are intelligent, you, sir, do not seem to be. And many around here wonder why average, work-a-day folks with little skin in this game think there are people out there who shouldn’t have firearms…

      Just sayin…

  37. I really wish the stupid kids like Hogg would go away. Old creatures like Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein and the immature brainless dweeble-dick kids don’t be need to be involved with things that affect every single person in every nook and cranny across the USA.
    I’d rather you busy-bodies just STFU and stay out of our business.

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