9/11 September 11 Pentagon Attack
A helicopter flies over the Pentagon in Washington as smoke billows over the building on Sept. 11, 2001, after a hijacked airliner crashed into the west side of the building, killing 184 people. (AP Photo/Heesoon Yim, File)
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The fight against evil is a fundamental, indeed a profound guiding principle of our nation. It informs our religion, education and popular culture. But as the Zen expression reminds us, the map is not the territory. It’s one thing to know about evil. It’s another to see it. To feel it.

Like Pearl Harbor before it, the 9/11 attacks were said to have roused the “slumbering giant” on a visceral level. As Americans watched previously unimaginable death and destruction on live TV, they confronted the fact that evil can appear out of the clear blue sky. Literally. By coming face-to-face with a death cult endlessly aspiring to destroy American liberty, right down to the right to life, we learned that the wider world was full of those who wanted us dead.

But this attack was personal. As Americans imagined what it would be like to be in one of those doomed planes, or sitting at a desk in an office when Hell descended from the skies, we realized that every single one of us is a target for evil.

That realization didn’t trigger America’s recent gun rights restoration. Florida’s “shall-issue” concealed carry law of 1987 got that ball rolling. But the 9/11 attacks changed the tenor of the discourse surrounding the right to keep and bear arms. The atrocities created a wider context, a bedrock understanding that subtly influenced — and continues to influence — the “debate” over gun rights. And it is this:

No matter how strong the antis’ argument about gun rights’ lack of social utility, no matter how unpopular gun rights may be in Democrat-controlled urban cities and states, not even the most diehard gun control advocate can argue that non-negotiable life-threatening evil doesn’t exist. Not after 9/11.

And so here we are, 20 years later, looking back at the horror, still trying to make sense of it.

Truth be told, the 9/11 attacks don’t make sense — not for anyone who cherishes human life. They can only be explained by the simple fact that there are people ready, willing, and able to slaughter innocent life to achieve their goals. Which is why this country has Second Amendment gun rights protection baked into its Constitution. And why so many Americans exercise their right to keep and bear arms.


This article was originally published in 2016.

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  1. We haven’t confronted evil. Instead lawmakers have imprisoned the population behind the castle walls of security theater. Meanwhile providing our enemies with the catapults that hurl the plague infested cows over the wall by way of immigration.

    Confronting evil, means coming to terms with the fact that America was intended to be a homogeneous nation, and anything or anyone that undermines that ideal is in fact evil.

      • What is not an image but a fact is, thirty-fifty percent of employees in this countrys’ proscessing plants are illegals. Want proof, walk into any emergency room on a weekend and it’s packed with illegals seeking medical treatment, your taxes pay for them. What more proof, hit the week button on your FM/AM radio. Over 30% of the stations are Spanish. So within the radius of that signal you have illegals. Why young adults live in their parents home….illegals work for less than Americans.

        Now government wants more immigrants and demands you pay for them.

        • Exactly!
          I lately have had occasion to accompany someone to different Emergency Rooms, and its frightening to see just what/who is coming into them nowadays!

    • We used to welcome any creed, religion, or color provided they leave all of that which conflicts with the Constitution at the border and assimilate. We had homogeneity of love for liberty, freedom and individual rights enumerated by the Constitution. We have some how wandered from that path and let the Progressives tells us that contentious diversity and self-segregation is liberty and strength: it is in fact liberty’s and strength’s antithesis. Look at what Obama has done to divide the nation on race in a few short years. the LEft claims the Right are the dividers, the haters, to distract us from seeing that they really are in fact. United we stood, divided we are falling.

      • Danilushka Ozera: Well put! The desire to assimilate our laws (Constitution) is the difference to me between (legal) immigrants and the invasion we have now (including “refugees” and illegal aliens).

      • to Ozera

        Quote———-the LEft claims the Right are the dividers, the haters, to distract us from seeing that they really are in fact. United we stood, divided we are falling.


        Your post is complete depravity. Obama went out of his way to unite America. He even invited young Moslem students to the White House to show that they were getting a good education and were assimilating into American society and were going to be tomorrows doctors and scientists etc. Trump on the other hand ran a campaign of racism and hatred that divided American against itself. it was the same racist political campaign that Hitler ran.

        • to diCian….reply quote to follow:

          You have to be the biggest loon I’ve seen posting here in forever…

          end of reply…………

    • “…imprisoned the population behind the castle walls of security theater…”

      And sooo many people willing wear those chains. Very depressing.

    • You must consider the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights as arch-evil documented in and of itself then, because if there is one common theme amongst all of them, it is the protection of the minority voice, and the value of diversity.
      There are still people who think that non-whites are inferior, that women shouldn’t have the right to vote, and different religions shouldn’t exist. Some of them are even deluded enough to think they are Americans.

  2. “But the 9/11 attacks would’ve been so much worse if reckless, untrained concealed carriers just started randomly spraying bullets around like they’re so wont to do.” – every liberal ever

      • I would much rather have people INSIDE the plane shooting than an air force fighter pilot OUTSIDE the plane shooting at it with rockets and 30 mm cannons.

  3. “America is a religious country.”

    No. No. It. Isn’t. Iran is a religious country. Israel is a religious country. Saudi Arabia is a religious country. Those countries exist by and for their integrated religions. Great places to live, just like every other s-hole on planet Earth that features religion as an integrated part of their identity.

    You’re free to be religious here, but we don’t exist to serve the greater glory of anyone’s deity. No matter what the revisionists push, the facts are that the Founders were very cognizant of keeping religion out of government.

    • The founders kept our country from being ruled by religion but far from free of it. Read a bit more history instead of nodding at the revisionists.

      • The point was never to keep the country free of religion, but to prevent the government from forcing the populace to observe or support any particular religion.

        In Virginia, in particular, Jefferson observed that the colonial government demanded a tithe (tax) be paid by every man to support the Church of England and its clergy, even though the citizen (subject) was not C of E. This bothered him a lot and was much of the impetus for that portion of the First Amendment.

        I know Jefferson was in France and not part of the writing of the Constitution, per se, but the men who did write it and the Bill of Rights were heavily influenced by Jefferson’s writings and the leaders of Virginia.

        • I have not been in every part of Israel, but I’ve been to a lot of it, and no, it’s not a shithole. Tel Aviv is as nice as any European city I’ve been in, and nicer that many major cities in the US.

        • Conflict has been with us since man first saw something he wanted but which was possessed by another man. Hell, warfare has been around since before we evolved into humans. Monkey tribes go to literal war over fruit trees and yes, they fucking well kill each other (sometimes they eat each other too).

          The world is not a nice place. Lions eat Water Buffalo and men kill each other over resources or ideas. It has been that way since these creatures existed and it will continue until they no longer exist.

          No generation of people has ever truly known peace and the idea that one ever will is a dangerous fantasy. Evil will always reside in this universe and evil does NOT bring peace. Evil brings slaughter, death and slavery. The only real question is whether or not we will continue to struggle against evil or if we will cease to fight the good fight and accept a hellish and decidedly not peaceful existence just to avoid conflict.

          I’m not religious but as RF would say, I’ll leave this here: “It is better to hear the rebuke of the wise than to hear the song of fools” -Ecclesiastes 7:5

        • There was no peace from 1770 to 1813 either. British, you know. Even worse, there has been no time since out founding that we have not been in conflict with muslims. The difference was they were restricted to the mid east and crushing them flat if they became too outrageous was practiced without mercy. Then, we became enlightened……after WW2.

        • Wtf are you lamenting about? I dont know too many kids around here that are catching mortor rounds or ied’s….. Go to the west side of chicago and you’ll see what generations of americans who have lived without peace look like.

    • Iran and Saudi Arabia are Theocracies, Israel is not. There is no law making Judaism is prerequisite for Israeli citizenship. Are there not Arab members of the Knesset?

      • Saudi Arabia granted citizenship, for the first time on Earth, to a robot a few years ago. Of course it was just some kind of publicity stunt, but I don’t think she was particularly versed in the Koran; the royals probably just wanted to fvck her/it, as she hasn’t been seen in a while.
        Insert “a fembot, a goat, and a little boy go into a hookah lounge…” joke here:

    • Islam is a tyrannical government ideology masking itself as a religion. Some members are strongly supportive while others are not, however and make no mistake about this, most of us are Infidels in their eyes.

  4. 9/11 was the culmination of decades of telling Americans “Don’t fight back it will only make things worse. Just wait for the Professionals to arrive and they will take care of things.”
    But what happens when the Professionals are not around?
    Post 9/11 I never worried about a repeat because there was a sea change in American attitudes, the decision to fight back was near universal. I also believed it was a huge loss for the anti self defense crowd.
    It will take another couple of decades of “Safe Spaces” and “Trigger Warnings” to get the American people back to that sheep like state.

    • Hillary may not be alive today as well as a lot of other Senators and Congressmen but for those on Flight 93.

      Too bad their lust for power pushed by the egos and controlling beliefs cannot allow them any humility whatsoever.

      A few Americans saved their asses by stopping the plane from hitting the Capitol Bldg. They should be on their knees thanking GOD and those who believe in never quitting, never giving in to evil, stay in the fight.

      Instead they take We The People for granted. What if Todd Beemer and the rest had said oh hey they are peaceful religious Muslims, we should not do anything to provoke them further. Instead they recognized the evil they were and stopped them from killing a whole lot more people.

      • They recognized the evil… only because they were receiving news reports of the planes that had hit the WTC. If flight 93 had been the first one highjacked, it would have crashed into some Washington landmark.

        • Which would have been perfectly fair. As a nation, we had been dumbed down for over 30 years to believe that a hijacking meant a free weekend in Cuba, not worth shedding a drop of blood over. The fact that Flt 93 realized what was happening and came to a supremely courageous decision to act, in time to actually accomplish something valuable, is astonishing.

  5. To prevent crime, good men must study crime
    and be prepared to fight criminals.

    To prevent tyranny, good men must study politics
    and be prepared to fight tyrants

    To prevent war, good men must study war
    and be prepared to fight criminal tyrants

    To survive you must understand
    those who would destroy you
    and how to fight them

    For you cannot prevent evil
    without an understanding of evil.

    Clifford T.A. Heseltine – September 11, 2001

  6. The evil we confront are already within our gates. The attacks of 911 by muslim fundamentalists simply practicing what is Islam are a symptom of that greater evil. That evil are those liberal/progressives/statists that sacrifice our lives on the blood soaked altar of the chaos created by multi-culturalism, the evils of state mandated gun free zones and the evils of millions of the un-born murdered as a “right”.

    The evils of opening the flood gates to a belief system based on the actions of a mass-murdering, religious psychopath and then teaching our children that we, and the christian history of our country of the land of opportunity where anyone can succeed, no matter religion, gender, creed or race; is actually the most racist, bigoted, tyrannical, and hateful country on the planet.

    The real evil we battle is between the collectivist hive mind of the communist based Liberal/regressives, and the founding beliefs of our country that government is there to protect our individual rights to life, liberty and property; leaving any happiness we might be able to create for ourselves along the way, in our own hands.

    • “millions of the un-born murdered as a “right”.

      I’m betting none of your unborn were murdered, nor anyone else’s who did not beg for that deliverance from disaster. Someone had to ask, which makes the term “murder” a complete *lie*. Murder is illegal. Abortion is not. Can you continue to lie with a clear conscience?

      • You kind of lost me with that level of convoluted lack of logic LarryinTX.

        So let us do a little thought experiment. If any of those babies that were murdered,(aborted) before they were born; if they had instead been allowed to live until they were eighteen years old, how many of those babies,(now adults) would agree they should have been murdered before they had a say in that “choice”?

        • How many would say a choice has already been made, and if the one choosing (by their own admission) f’d that up, then they should not be given additional choices.
          If you are “Pro Choice”, PLEASE go down to your local Planned Parenthood and take home a bucket of coices or two or three because those mf’s are selling the choices for food. There has not ben a Society on Earth to daye that has survived such conduct. The (D)’s think they know better, but that’s because they work for the dude that runs hell.

        • Well, that is sure about as convoluted as it gets. Try this. “Murder” is a legal term, defined as a crime. No one is arrested because there has been no crime. Changing the status quo requires a constitutional amendment or a revolution. You are shooting off your mouth. And if you are certain that god is on your side of the argument, why has it done nothing?

          What you are trying to do is control other people’s lives, which lives are none of your business. Because you “know” you are right. Just like a gun-grabber. Exactly.

    • To Tom Ass

      quote————–The evil we confront are already within our gates. The attacks of 911 by muslim fundamentalists simply practicing what is Islam are a symptom of that greater evil. That evil are those liberal/progressives/statists that sacrifice our lives on the blood soaked altar of the chaos created by multi-culturalism, the evils of state mandated gun free zones and the evils of millions of the un-born murdered as a “right”.—————quote

      Spoken like a true Far Right bigoted racist. 9/11 had zero to do with religion rather it was Middle East people carrying our wars against them right back to our nation.

      And you racist bigot multiculturalism is what has made and continues to make America great not some Hitlerite Moron in a red tie (the Donald) deliberately dividing America against itself by running a racist campaign of hate.

      quote————is actually the most racist, bigoted, tyrannical, and hateful country on the planet.————quote

      All though this is way over your head you finally did get something right.

        • You are a hypocrite. Not once have you admonished “the others” who on a daily basis say far worse to me.

        • dacian the dim, “‘the others’ who on a daily basis say far worse to me . . . “. To quote Will Smith from ‘Men in Black’, “Don’t start none, won’t be none.” But that’s too much wisdom for your feeble ‘mind’ to process.

  7. I think if the cell phone technology were as advanced then as it is today that only one of those planes would have made it to its destination, as the passengers would have likely realized the fate that awaited them and taken action. But they really had no way of knowing at the time.

    I’ll never forget that day, and the unity that helping your fellow man brought to this nation that has been so quickly forgotten.

      • I think butt is saying is information spreads faster today due to tweets, Facebook and news apps broadcasting alerts. I was amazed at the time when I heard somebody’s cellphone worked at all on the flight during an emergency on 9/11 when my AT&T phone/service of the day barely worked from my own house.

    • “But they really had no way of knowing at the time.”

      Oh, yes they did.

      “After the hijackers took control of the plane, several passengers and flight attendants were able to make phone calls and learn that attacks had already been made by other hijacked airliners on the World Trade Center in New York City and the Pentagon in Arlington County, Virginia. Many of the passengers then attacked the hijackers in an attempt to gain control of the aircraft. During the struggle, the plane crashed into a field near a reclaimed strip mine in Stonycreek Township, near Indian Lake and Shanksville in Somerset County, Pennsylvania…”


      • Is Wikipedia where you got your passport fairy tale? Citing wiki for anything besides pop culture and entertainment discussions is not credible.

  8. I’m still waiting for that one guy who says the attack was a false flag and that Obama went fishing and caught a mermaid and had sex with it and had little Mer-bama babies.

    • Sigh. What you show Cucamonga Jeff is a classic childish view point. You cannot imagine that your government (parent), could ever murder one of their children, to serve their purpose. Our government commits extra-judicial murders routinely; they also support the “legal” murders of 50 millions of the un-born within the borders of our country over the last fifty years. If you cannot accept that those elements within the government would not commit a “false flag” that involved the murder of hundreds if not thousands of american citizens to implement even more government tyranny, then you are incredibly naive, and have absolutely no understanding of the depths of evil actions that those wanting power are capable of. After all, if you already accept the murder of fifty million of the most helpless among us, what is the big deal of the murder of a few thousand more that have survived the womb, if it serves the “Greater Good”?

      Was 911 a “false Flag” by the government? Personally, I think it was too big of an operation to keep secret. But I have no doubt that there are those that are within our government that could, and would murder thousands of american citizens to push their agenda of more power and control. The question is not whether elements within our government caused 911; the fact is that they used 911 to push an agenda of incredible massive growth of government control and and a horrendous loss of individual freedom, in coming forward with a document of thousands of pages, days after 911. They did not write the “Patriot Act” in just a few days. If they did not create 911, those elements were at the very least hoping and preying for something like 911 to happen, because they had that “Abomination Act” waiting, for a “crisis they would not let go to waste”.

      • Sigh… Thanks now I feel better. It’s not a 9/11 post without a comment like that. Now I can breathe easy.

        • First, you are clearly a sheeple. Surprised you haven’t turned your guns in and created a safe space.

          Second, read up on 9/11 besides the official narrative. Heck just read the 28 pages released this summer and clearly the Saudi’s were involved.

        • Lol. Glad to be of service.

          Yeah, it’s a funny thing about the human psyche that facts that disprove a persons view point actually reinforces that view point, no matter how in denial or delusional it might be. History will show which of us was the one seeing things clearly.

        • Thomas R – “Yeah, it’s a funny thing about the human psyche that facts that disprove a persons view point actually reinforces that view point, no matter how in denial or delusional it might be.”
          You mean like when I didn’t agree with you that all Muslims are terrorists and you said I must have lied about my military service? Like that? Cause that’s when I called you delusional. Thanks for backing me up on that.

      • Speaking of “false flag”, murder is illegal. Abortion is not. The very definition of “false flag”, trying to deceive people into following your lunatic guidance by lying to them! You have a valid viewpoint. Why not pursue it honestly? Is it because after 40 years the SCOTUS decision has been proven both valid and supported by a vast majority of Americans? Because otherwise, why have you not proposed a constitutional amendment? In 40 years? Why not? Let’s hear an answer this time! Your solution is obvious, and it is not continuous snarky bitching until the sun burns out.

        • So LarryinTX, you mean the constitutional amendment that 3/4 of the states had voted into place that allowed for the murder(abortion) of the un-born?

          Oh, wait a minute, the USSC “interpreted” that “right” to “privacy” for a woman to murder her un-born child from the constitution. But that same USSC found that right to privacy does not extend to an adult’s free choice to put some government unapproved drug or intoxicant into one’s own body. So a woman can murder a distinct and genetically unique living being with heart beating as a “”right” : but that same mother can be put in jail for decades for putting an illegal substance in her body that hurts no one but herself.

          Hmmm, oh well. It must just be my “lunatic” view that that does not make any sane sense what so ever.

        • “Oh, wait a minute, the USSC “interpreted” that “right” to “privacy” for a woman to murder her un-born child from the constitution.”

          Absolutely correct! If the SCOTUS had not come to that completely illogical decision, we would have an amendment specifically authorizing abortion by now! The “Roe v Wade” decision was, IMHO, flawed, should not have happened. But it did. Which leaves the solution to be, amend the constitution. If you stack SCOTUS to override the ruling, which is, itself, totally unconstitutional, then next year somebody will restack it to override *your* preference. Follow the prescribed course, and respect the ruling until the nation has reversed it, not your tiny cadre of superstitious nutcakes. The reason that has not happened is *there is no support for it*! Like the grabbers, your entire attempt is to avoid, indeed defy, the will of the American people! Your side of the discussion repeatedly informs us that 716% of the American people support or oppose this or that. If that is true, an Amendment could be passed in weeks. It has been 40 years. There is no support, other than with looney tunes.

        • Oh, also LarryinTX, as for the fact that many people accept the murder of the unborn as a “right”; and that many people would agree with you that I am the “lunatic” for holding the beliefs that I do; tells me only one thing. It is telling me that we are seeing the same forces of societal fracturing and chaos that caused the collapse of all cultures in history.

          It is also described by the bible as to what happens when we as a society reject the laws of the universe, as taught to us in by the inspired word of Yaweh. When a people reject the path and the truth and the word of G-d, they are embracing the path of lies, of tyranny and ultimately of death; in this case, the murder of the unborn, otherwise known as abortion.

          This also what is known as the r/K selection theory at work. If you have not heard of this, I would highly recommend looking this up. . It explains in a scientific, genetic and evolutionary process that explains the collapse of all cultures into a dark age; even ancient cultures in the ancient past that never heard of the Christ.

        • You’re funny LarrtinTX. “Superstitious nutcakes”? Really? You know what they say, when you descend to adhominems, you have lost the debate.

          Ultimately; you are descending to these tactics because in the end, you know deep inside that I am right. No culture can survive that embraces the belief that the murder of the most helpless among us as a “right”, can survive, or even should.

          There is only one purpose for society; that is to promote, protect and bring as it’s highest purpose, That purpose is to protect the nuclear family of a single man and a single mother as husband and wife with the purpose to raise enough mature and responsible children to at the very least, maintain themselves.

          When society no longer holds this as it’s primary purpose, it will die. Not right away, but it is it’s death sentence. As our birth demographics already show. Western Europe already has reached that point. We are not far behind.

          In the end, LarryinTX. You, and the beliefs that you hold, are the voice of a society that is dying, of a society and a culture that has a death wish. . The society that will replace you and those that think like you, once you are gone, will be by people that believe like me.

        • ThomasR, in all your attempts to explain why I should obey a fictitious invisible space alien, you *STILL* have not mentioned why there is no constitutional amendment, after 40 years of bitching. You like to try to change direction and pretend you have actually said something, but still, no answer.

  9. September 11, 2001, the attacks. August 20, 2006, my son arrived in Iraq with the 3-4 Cavalry, 25th Infantry Division, returning October 20, 2007 after recuperating from injuries during the middle of the deployment. I know everything I need to know about Islam. And, I. will. never. forget. Or forgive.

    • 2016 and I am still injured from my service in Afghanistan. And I will never forget the Muslim men who fought and died beside me.

  10. 9/11…for some reason still unexplained I drove to a client in Washington instead of flying. Woke in Medford, OR to one tower burning on the tube and something about plane. Kept loading the car when I watched the second plane hit and knew immediately it was an attack. My wife flew into Boston Logan and she would fly out of said airport week later.

    Fifteen years later only one word discribes 9/11…WILL. The will to die for your cause, the will to impose a barbaric value on people. The will to piss off your fabricated adversary. The will to murder to create some version of utopia.

    The last time we faced fanaticism was WWII with Japanese Banzai charges. Banzai was out of desperation, low foods, ammo, disease, willing to follow insane orders due to cultural dicipline. We responded with .30 cal machine guns, rifles and grenades. Those acts were between combatants and our veterans carried that horror for the remainder of their days.

    9/11 Jihadist WILL brought banzai horror to civilians everyday lives. Since 9/11 radicalization and murder of inocence continues and this nation struggles to comprehend how a culture of democracy could foster evil. Once we get past shock we as a nation will evolve, accept that evil exist and the way to respond is with a gun. Jihadist will understand that armed citizens everywhere combined with the WILL to respond immediately and with appropriate aggressiveness stops the murder. Anything less the murder will continue.

    • And it will only have taken us 5,478 days to realize “Jihadist will understand that armed citizens everywhere combined with the WILL to respond immediately and with appropriate aggressiveness stops the murder. Anything less the murder will continue.”
      I think the “anything less” has already shown to be more popular to MSM and oligarchs. PLEASE VOTE in 57 days, for whomever you think will enforce our Constitution better!

  11. I have noting to add but my prayers for all the victims of those 3 planes and the people in both buildings.Also for those heroes aboard Flight 93 that day. Particularly for the 1st responders who run to danger, not away from it.
    I could have been in the basement as I was on any given day taking the PATH train. There by the grace of God I woke up to late to get to Newark that day. And went to the office instead. I lost many friends that day and I wont ever forget any of them. I can only imagine what horror went through their minds at that second. If there even was a second to think.
    God Bless them all.

    • I have personally known heroes. Some have said I am a hero. I could never imagine the heroism of Flight 93, it stunned me in 2001 and it stuns me now.

  12. The only thing sadder than the death and destruction of that day is the memories of Americans. While they remember the people, they long forgot the lessons.


  13. Sort of like the Democratic party, which Uses the BLM, IRS, FBI, and ATF for spying on or Enforcing Illegal proclamations from above, refuse to prosecute their own party members, who can sell out our country at will and do so! imports more non vetted, who will vote for them illegally. The Justice department is a Joke along with the Supreme court most of whom can’t find their ass with both hands! Of course the self serving Media extol and condone the virtues of Such perfidy afraid to call a shovel a shovel, hamstring businesses by rules and Taxation so only the super rich Benefit like in the EU, Using UN treaties for by passing Constitutional Law and letting other Anti American cultures destroy our Country from within Like that Radical SOB talking about his Dead Son all the while secretly working to overthrow the Constitution for Sharia law! If Obama had been prez at that time he would have kissed their asses and let more of them into the country!

  14. Fifteen years ago, our enemies flew airplanes to attack us from the sky.

    Fifteen years later, our enemies walk across our border to attack us from the ground.

    I’m not seeing any progress here. And that’s the truth.

  15. In my view, 9/11 was the opening shot in what will be a very, very long war. I say it was the opening shot because it finally woke a good chunk of America up to the fact that, yes, this can happen here.

    I say that it will be along war because, quite frankly, it may never end. Niall Ferguson makes a convincing argument in his book Colossus that unless our society changes radically we will always be at war with the regressive portion of Islam because they hate us and whether we like it or not we are in fact an empire in terms of culture.

    We could close every military base we have outside the US and these people, five generations from now, would still hate us and want to kill us because our major exports are cultural. Music, movies, clothing styles, concepts that are diametrically opposed to their view of the world. That’s a problem for them. They want a pure version of Islam, like 7th century pure. No hiphugger jeans, no rights for women, no rock music, nothing they deem “impure”. Well, that’s what we provide to the world and generally speaking it’s what the world wants. That’s intolerable to them.

    I don’t pretend to have the answer to such a conundrum. I can only say that for the foreseeable future “low intensity conflict” will be the norm between the West and the Rest.

    • “9/11 was the opening shot”

      No, it wasn’t even the opening shot against the World Trade Center, which was truck-bombed in 1993. The 1993 bombing killed six people and injured more than a thousand.

      And we remained asleep.

      • As I said, I view it that way because it woke people up.

        The 1993 WTC bombing was written off by the public and the media just like the embassy bombings, the USA Cole attack and even the OKC bombing. These are “little” events. Some incompetent asshole or small group of incompetent assholes with a bomb. They happen in places most people don’t go so as bad as they are they don’t have much impact on most people.

        9/11 made it clear that people half a world away can in fact organize to reach out and touch you. That scared the fuck out of a lot of people and made them realize, in a way not thought of since the blackouts on the East Coast during WWII, that the oceans to our East and West don’t offer the sort of protection people assume that they do.

        I’ve never been the panicking type so I wasn’t worried about my own safety but I was a senior in high school that day and I saw the way people changed. A plane goes overhead and people who were normally as calm as a glass of water freaked and hid under desks.

        So, yeah. I say it’s the opening shot because it’s the one people actually paid attention to in a way they hadn’t before.

        • We’re still asleep. If we were awake, our borders would be secure and we never would have elected Barack Hussein Obama. Twice.

        • Fair point.

          I generally think of it as a coma rather than sleep. I often refer to it as the “Kardashian Koma”.

          As long as Americans are entertained they’re generally oblivious to goings on.

    • “I say that it will be a long war because, quite frankly, it may never end.”

      It will end when we, the U.S., decide to end it. Same as WWI, WWII. Stop being nice guys and kill our enemies. Keep pussying around, it will continue forever. Kill them. No trials, no Gitmo (has no one noticed that we no longer produce *any* prisoners of war?), no concern with age or sex, kill everyone in the area. Kill their mothers and fathers, their sons and daughters, their sisters and brothers, kill them all! Does no one understand why our parents would not talk to us about their WWII experiences? It’s because they fought the war to win it.

      • Except that didn’t happen. At all. Exactly the opposite happened, when we spent massive amounts of funds and made a huge effort of rebuilding the nations of our former enemies.
        as far as killing them all, I’ve travelled to Germany and Japan. Seemed like there were are whole bunch of Germans and Japanese there.

  16. “Like Pearl Harbor before it, the 9/11 attacks roused the “slumbering giant” on a visceral level.”

  17. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it until I die. The terrorists will win unless we live as free as we possibly can and basically ignore them. I mean, you strike back and prevent where you can, but the unabashed security theatre and loss of liberty we turned to is shameful and frustrating.

    Live free, people. Cherish and exercise your freedom, for that is the only way to stay free.

    • The only way to remain free is to destroy the enemy. Walking around pretending that everything is great is a form of masturbation.

      • Reminds me of something I heard years ago, to the affect of “being as enjoyable as masturbation with a cheese grater”

  18. I just got back from the large Baptist church I attend. They had a bizarre “celebration” of 9/11. Our response to some towelhead boys with box cutters? Invade, conquer and occupy Iraq,turn our nation into a police state and elect a closet Muslim not once but twice. The bad guys won…?

  19. Nice Talking Heads reference! And it’s from the song ” Life During Wartime”. Well played, sir!

  20. 15 years later and Americans for the most part do not get it.

    9/11 was the trifecta whereby the “sheik of sheiks” completed his opening salvo on Dar Harb. The first in the trifecta of Islamic guile was a demonstration on land – the U.S. embassy bombings in Africa. Next was a demonstration at sea – the U.S.S. Cole.

    Last was a demonstration of the House of Islam to attack the unbelievers on their own soil and in a domain they thought they held unchallenged dominance. Islam brought war *again* to the unbelieving West by an airstrike on 9/11. The date is no accident as this was the ending date of the Second Great Jihad: Sept. 11 1683 at the battle of Vienna. Thus began the Third Great Jihad.

    Muhammad’s words, actions, and example are the enemy of all mankind.

    Sura 2 Iyat 216 of the Koran:

    Warfare is ordained for you, though it is hateful unto you; but it may happen that ye hate a thing which is good for you, and it may happen that ye love a thing which is bad for you. Allah knoweth, ye know not.

  21. 16V: Israel a shithole lumped together with your named theocracies? Have you ever been there? How can you even compare Israel to those despotic shitholes! Take a visit or do some research-along with Canada and GB, Israel is our strongest and most faithful ally! דמד

  22. From the 9/11 Commission report comes a reminder. You cannot outsource your security.

    “The lesson of 9/11 for civilians and first responders can be stated simply: in the new age of terror,they—we—are the primary targets.The losses America suffered that day demonstrated both the gravity of the terrorist threat and the commensurate need to prepare ourselves to meet it. The first responders of today live in a world transformed by the attacks on 9/11. Because no one believes that every conceivable form of attack can be prevented,civilians and first responders will again find themselves on the front lines. We must plan for that eventuality. A rededication to preparedness is perhaps the best way to honor the memories of those we lost that day.”

    9/11 report
    page 323

  23. Get “For” America. The day is coming when we will slough off our stupid attempts at PR, goodwill, and trying to convince people that good hygiene can increase live birth rate by 500% or more, and just have at. We’re almost done convincing world leaders to disarm their populace (NOT OPEN YOUR BORDERS, that’s still the POS glibalists’ idea. That’s on them.)

    We’re letting our stupid prez gut GITMO because it’s easier and more proper to kill your enemies (and their attorneys, UN human rights observers [a/k/a rape crews], etc.) on the battlefield.

    That’s the lesson of 9/11.

  24. Unfortunately I have to disagree with your thesis, Robert. I personally know many progressives that are in the deepest state of denial that evil exists. I can go on Internet forums and find countless more. There is a set of the population that absolutely refuses to believe that there is such a thing as an evil person or evil ideology. Such claims are dismissed as “racism”.

    • And TODAY it’s much worse…even so COME LORD JESUS! “In righteousness HE doth judge and make WAR”.

    • You’re wrong. Progressives have found evil and they are hammering it until it crawls back to its hole. It starts with white privilege, the low IQ Trumptards and their one term liar, phony Christians, the proud boys, and other bigots. Your time is done and it blows your mind 🤣

  25. The following post is not meant to justify the loss of human life in any way or with any nationality rather the post is meant to educate people and make them understand why such horrific tragedies occur.

    quote——————By coming face-to-face with a death cult endlessly aspiring to destroy American liberty, right down to the right to life, we learned that the wider world was full of those who wanted us dead————–quote

    More flag waving Right Wing propaganda. The real facts are that 9/11 happened because U.S. storm troopers had invaded and made war in the Middle East and those countries being smaller and less powerful were not able to strike back on an equal footing so they resorted to terrorism.

    Osama Bin Laden stated the thought that the 9/11 attack would stir up revolt in the U.S. and that the Americans would have protests like they had during the Vietnam War to convince the U.S. Government to get the hell out of the Middle East. In fact the opposite happened. Americans were so terrified that they did not ask “why” all those young men came from clear across the world to commit suicide but rather the Americans came closer together because of the fear and panic factor that made them think that the attacks were just the beginning of all out war on their home ground.

    Suddenly it was not just watching “us” bomb civilians but now we were being blow up right here at home.

    quote————-No matter how strong the antis’ argument about gun rights’ lack of social utility, no matter how unpopular gun rights may be in Democrat-controlled urban cities and states, not even the most diehard gun control advocate can argue that non-negotiable life-threatening evil doesn’t exist. Not after 9/11.———–quote

    Laughable Far Right propaganda and full blown paranoia. Gun rights had nothing to do with Americans worries after 9/11. Nothing changed at all. The Far Right still wanted zero gun control and the Far Left wanted much more. 9/11 changed nothing on that. Comparing 9/11 to gun control is absurd.

    quote—————And so here we are, 20 years later, looking back at the horror, still trying to make sense of it.

    Truth be told, the 9/11 attacks don’t make sense — not for anyone who cherishes human life.————-quote

    When the author of this ridiculous article points “his” finger at “the enemy” he has 3 fingers pointed right back at his own country. The U.S. thought nothing of dropping two Atomic Bombs on Japanese civilians when every expert in the Military including even General Eisenhower, Bradley and others said it was totally unnecessary. It was revealed the U.S. government even knew and never denied the fact that Japan had offered to surrender unconditionally 3 months before the bombs were ever dropped and that the U.S. Government knew that killing the Emperor was completely off the table. They took General Macarthur’s warning about this seriously. Why they went ahead and did it was to get Truman reelected and take over the complete mainland of Japan before the Russians got there.

    In other words it was perfectly acceptable when we commit the mass murder of civilians (including bombing civilians in the Middle East) but not acceptable when it was done to us on 9/11.

    In short the savage naked ape thinks nothing of mass murder when to comes to killing “the other” but is horrified when it happens to “his people” and claims that it is only “the other” that is depraved and sub-human” rather than admit both sides are just as sub-human. General Westmoron of Vietnam shame said “The Vietnamese are sub-human and do not grieve when they lose a member of even their own family” it showed that such thinking is all too common in U.S. Military thinking.

    Failure to understanding “why” 9/11 happened will only lead to it someday happening again and so far the U.S. is unwilling to understand “why” it happened.

    I might add that the U.S. never once admitted it also had a massive failure in their own intelligence services since they admitted that they knew an attack was coming. Their excuse was they did not know what kind of an attack it would be.

    In conclusion what comes around goes around. When you attack a foreign country and kill their civilians they then do the same to you. Even a Moron should realize this but sadly to many Morons in the U.S. do not realize that, its called super patriotism and nationalism i.e. my country cannot do anything wrong because we are the good people, the master race and all the world should love us for it. Well they didn’t, 9/11 proved that.

    He who does not understand the past is doomed to relive it in the future.

    • You must really think you’re awesome to write such a long comment! Do you seriously believe most people are going to read this garbage? 🤣

      • “Do you seriously believe most people are going to read this garbage?”

        You obviously read it, moron!

        How else would you know it’s ‘garbage’?

        😉 😉 ;)…

  26. All it takes for Evil to Succeed. Is for Good people to Do Nothing to Stop IT. Or by supporting Politicians who to Refuse to allow the Military to Destroy It because of a fear of collateral damage. Who Get Our Brave War Fighter Killed. Then Order Surrender and Run Away. Because of this Support and the Failure of the Political Class. We haven’t Won a War since WWII. Peace to those Sacrificed, Their Families and Those who Cherished their Friendship.

  27. Our president made a great speech! His idiot of a predecessor Donald Drumpf would have trashed veterans the way he did when he was near the beaches of Normandy in France or when the dirty draft dodger Trumpette talked trash about McCain.

    • Your butt-hurt is just so *precious*.

      I bet you were one of those saying “Trump will NEVER be president”!

      Who had the last laugh on that one?

      Trump, you demented little-boy troll… 😉 😉 😉

  28. The US should have just stayed out of everyone else’s business. To late now. This country has never ran a proper war. We always try to make them be like us. They don’t want to be like us.
    If war must be fought the enemy must be destroyed completely. Take their riches, kill or enslave them all then and only then go back home. No nation building. Germany and Japan should have been divided by the winners as we saw fit
    But no. So we must live with our mistakes. Mistakes we still make to this day.

    • “I was mowing a cemetery when I heard two fast movers whistle by.”

      Had something similar here. Was outside and heard fighters overhead. A pair of F-18 Hornets. Said to the next-door neighbor “I never thought I’d see the day when I’d see a Combat Air Patrol (CAP) over this little sh!t city.

      “It seems like only yesterday.”

      Yeah, I remember pretty much everywhere I went that day, it was surreal… 🙁

    • Not so fast, Chris –

      “Saudi Arabia will allow foreigners who feel threatened by the wave of militant violence in the kingdom to carry guns for their protection, Interior Minister Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz has said.

      “In principle a Saudi has the right to carry a weapon, if he has a permit. Likewise a foreign resident, if he felt in danger he could get a permit to carry a weapon,” Nayef was quoted as saying by the official Saudi Press Agency on Thursday.”

      For all practical purposes, I bet only the wealthy Saudis get those permits…

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