Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day: Wave Goodbye?

Will Duncan's everydaycarry.compocket dump
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Will Duncan’s everydaycarry.compocket dump is a minimalist masterpiece. The 9mm GLOCK 43 is a phenomenal mouse gun with one drawback: it came out after the .380 42. So a lot of buyers jumped too soon. While Mr. Duncan’s rocking a fine Spyderco Silverax Folder Carbon Fiber/G-10 Plain edge Folding Camping Knife, I’d like to point out that it lacks . . .

an Emerson Wave.

As the video above demonstrates, the Emerson Wave facilitates fast, efficient, one-handed opening. Which frees a defender’s other hand/arm to attack of defend at the same time. All my EDC knives are Wave-enabled.

If you carry a knife that’s waveless, no problem. Just practice getting to it really quickly, without cutting yourself, after you’ve emptied you gun.

Yes, there is that.

How many people who carry a knife for self-defense practice drawing their knife after they’ve spent their ammo? Not many — if only because the range officer might be more than slightly alarmed. But you should. You really should. Otherwise, you might forget you’re secondary weapon system (not including the flashlight).

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  1. avatar Gun Free School Zones are a crime against humanity says:

    I have a Kershaw assisted open knife that lives with me.

    1. avatar Lost Down South says:

      My Kershaw also opens very nicely and easily w/o destroying my pants pocket.

  2. avatar strych9 says:

    IME the Emerson Wave feature scares people if they ask to borrow your knife because it opens the knife at times that social graces may dictate it shouldn’t be opened. Yeah, you can twist the knife to avoid this but it doesn’t always work and how well it does/doesn’t work may depend on your pants type. My older pairs of Fire hose pants from Duluth will not let go of that Wave hook.

    Generally, if you’re going to have a knife as a backup weapon and aren’t a blade-master I suggest a small fixed blade for that type of work, especially a push dagger. Simply put even some guys with a lot of combative skills have trouble opening a folding knife under stress. It’s really not the easiest thing to do especially if your hands have blood or another slippery substance on them. A T-handle on a fixed blade pretty well eliminates A LOT of required training and goes a long way towards eliminating the problems of lubricated hands. If chosen correctly a push dagger is also very, very concealable in a vast array of different positions on your body.

    As an added bonus a push dagger can be devastating without training to use it. Pretty much anyone can throw a punch which means that with a push dagger pretty much anyone can throw a punch that has a knife sticking out of it.

  3. avatar RORY MCALLISTER says:

    I just prefer carry fixed blade. I like keeping it simple.

  4. avatar John Toughlove says:

    Glock 43 (summer carry) with at least one spare mag. Streamlight Stylus Pro pen flashlight (I use this countless times a day. By far my most used edc item )and as of late, the Mircotech Ultratech d/e OTF knife. Super cool, wickedly fun and fast as f#@k! Although it’s probably not the most ideal edc knife. That would probably be something like the Benchmade 940 series or a Spyderco Delica 4? Oh and a small multi tool can be incredibly useful edc item.

  5. avatar SA in KY says:

    Kershaw w/ wave. Because money.

  6. avatar Specialist38 says:

    Like the 43. Love the Stylus Pro.

    I will stick with a hole opener. My Griptilian and AFCK can be opened by flicking my wrist.

    Dont need no stinking hook!

  7. avatar Martin says:

    I’m one of those who bought G42 and prefer the .380 to the 9mm of G43. My main reason is lower risk of overpenetration, as I live in a country where I’m not allowed to use modern self-defence rounds. So could we have less caliber war bait, please?

    As for the blade, I tend to carry a full-tang knife and an assisted-open knife, so one hand is enough for either. And considering I’m a guy who owns things like chainmail and sword and spear and shield, I hope I’m not likely to forget I carry those blades.

  8. avatar djb says:

    The knife looks like a flipper so it should open with one hand.

  9. avatar ChrisL says:

    Yes, flipper, and that thumb hole also allows for one-handed opening. The Kershaw version of the Emerson Wave I got doesn’t open one handed unless you’re using the wave out of your pocket, which for many situations other than a defensive one is lousy choice. The thumb screw on the top of the spine of the blade doesn’t give your thumb the right angle to overcome the friction holding the blade closed. The wave is a great option, but then they screwed up the other way to open it one-handed, dumb. Benchmade Griptilian is perfection, but all the axis-lock knives are great for this. They open one handed like a dream, and in any kind of motion. Safe and quick one handed closing too, which is crux if you’ve put your empty gun in your support hand, and want to go back to it without having to drop your knife. Or, if you’re doing anything else where you are holding something you’ve just cut (like the end of a line) and want to put your knife away.

  10. avatar Ryan says:

    Sliverax, not Silverax

  11. avatar Jake says:

    They might not make the correct size yet, but wise man co. Makes the FANG, an add on for Spyderco knives to have the wave feature

  12. avatar Joe in San Antonio says:

    The wave feature seems incredibly gimmicky, knife fighting is tough especially with a folder. I carry a knife and a multi tool for the utility not defense.

  13. avatar Da Troot says:

    If you carry a folding knife for “self-defense” you are an idiot.

  14. avatar raptor jesus says:

    You carry a knife and a gun.

    I carry two guns.

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