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If you’ve ever shot a pistol with a “gas pedal” or thumb ledge, you know the improvement it makes in controllability and quicker follow-up shots. The downside, of course, is that you’re pretty much screwed when it comes to holsters, especially for everyday carry.

Now comes something its inventors are calling The Wing. It was apparently introduced at the beginning of November, but their announcement was unfortunately buried in our very busy email inbox. Anyway, it’s a sprung, flip-down thumb ledge that attaches to your pistol with certain weapon lights and lets you use a number of stock EDC and duty holsters.

Here’s their press release . . .

Antimatter Industries and Tactical Development are proud to release The Wing—a spring-loaded thumb ledge that collapses into many light compatible holsters. The two variations replace the lug of a Surefire X300/X400 (cross-bolt version only) or a Streamlight TLR7 Sub.

The why: For years, competition shooters have been using thumb ledges to control muzzle climb. This keeps your gun flatter and groups tighter, enabling you to shoot faster because your red dot doesn’t come off target during recoil.

This raises the question: Why wouldn’t everyone want those perks in an actual gunfight when lives are on the line?

The problem: Large aftermarket ledges require special competition holsters. The military and law enforcement are usually only allowed to use approved or issued lvl. 2-3 holsters. To get around this, people have stippled or cut into the pistol frame itself. That’s cool, but it doesn’t offer a lot of surface area; most of your thumb is hanging off and you don’t get the same control as a wide ledge.

The solution: The patent pending Wing automatically folds out when you draw your pistol, resulting in one of the largest thumb ledges out there to control muzzle climb. When you reholster it, the Wing simply collapses back against the slide of the gun. The Wing adds only 1.5mm to the width to the gun, allowing you to use it with your duty/military issued Safariland holsters. It can also fit in many other kydex OWB holsters made for Surefire x300 lights.

Compatibility: The Wing is compatible with any Sig 320 and military’s M17/M18 when using a Surefire X300 pic rail light. (The one with the flathead bolt; not the quick release version.) Don’t worry, we’re already making the glock variant for Gen 3-5 pistols.

We came out with the Carry Wing for (Sig 365, hellcat, Glock 48 and G43x) because compact guns usually have more felt recoil due to their size. We can personally shoot the 365 with a Wing better than the legion x5 without one. It’s not magic; it’s just physics.

Advantage: The Wing makes a big difference on non-compensated pistols. Unfortunately, most agencies and military regs still prevent you from running threaded barrels with comps. In addition, the Wing kicks ass on 10mm pistols. It gives you control and faster follow up shots with a more devastating round.

Installation: Well, it’s pretty damn fast. You simply remove the Wing from the Surefire x300 or a Streamlight TLR-7 sub and replace it with the Wing’s lug.

American made: The Wing is designed and machined right here out of 7075 aluminum. Watch the torture test video on our website.

For more information, visit To receive a sample for review, please contact: [email protected].

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  1. Why would you need this?? There’s no such thing as “stopping power,” remember?? We can all carry .32s and be just fine. We don’t need to worry about firing and controlling a “more devastating round.”

    In case you missed it, that was sarcasm.

    • “Why would you need this?? There’s no such thing as ‘stopping power,’ remember?? We can all carry .32s and be just fine. We don’t need to worry about firing and controlling a ‘more devastating round.’ ”

      Correct, for neither the gun or bullet – there is no such thing as a gun, manifested-upon-firing, bullet impact, or bullet size ‘stopping power’ attribute. It actually comes down to a matter of physics: Basically, the energy and the transfer of that energy upon impact and the effect of that energy transferred.

      The more muzzle energy the greater potential for transferring more energy upon impact. The more energy transferred upon impact the more ‘traumatic damage’. In terms of defense and bad guys …The more the ‘traumatic damage’ the less likely a ‘threat’ can ‘persist’ or ‘continue’.

      In terms of energy, for example…. (if we could have) a BB (yes, a standard BB gun BB) with a muzzle energy of (greater than) 63,000 ft lbs, upon impact with a ‘bad guy’ target it would impart the same energy transferred ‘traumatic damage’ effect as a .50 BMG round at 12,600 ft lbs.

  2. Somebody wants in on their piece of the pie, also known as the American Dream.
    Good luck! But by all means, don’t let me piss in your Corn Flakes, call or click TODAY!!

  3. I’m an old man turning 70 soon. If I have no problem with muzzle flip(or climb)why do young bucks have this issue? I do work out and do grip work. Golly I just solved the problem🙄😀😎

    • I could see the use for 10mm going with full spec loadings. Not sure I want to be shooting 10mm like I do 9 until large pistol primers are more available though.

      • Just bought a box of Federal 155M for $120 at the local Cabela’s, my compensation for having to go through the neighboring IKEA with the wife and daughter. Vance’s showed a couple boxes of my preferred CCI 350 for $100 at one of their stores, but of course they couldn’t locate them while I waited. ACK! I have a box of CCI 400, bought prior, that still has the 13.95 price tag on it.

        • Works ok with the long barrel but for normal I must insist on large. Did luck out at the Tommy Gun warehouse a while ago but haven’t seen much since so trying to backfill as I shoot.

  4. Unless you’re a clown talking about peeing in cornflakes perhaps it’s one of those products where you don’t knock it until you try it?
    On a different note…

  5. Only used a gas pedal once, shooting a friend’s CGW CZ Tactical Orange in .40s&w.
    Couldn’t believe the difference it made. Never bought one due to holster issue.
    It would give you an advantage in follow ups, no doubt at all.
    I will be checking in to this.

    That said, I’m not gonna mount a light to get the thumb rest.
    (My perception from the release; replaces the light mount.)
    Hopefully they have (or will have) a stand alone model.

  6. With modification will the installation of this device improve the speed of the follow up shots on my flintlock black powder pistol?
    When throwing your pistol will this devices wing help in the speed and distance?
    Will this device cause my pistol to vibrate if its held out of a vehicles window moving over 70mph?
    Can this device be used as a can or bottle opener?
    If I attach a chainsaw bayonet does it void this devices warranty?

    • 38 and the lower pressure 32’s maybe. Anything magnum…….well with the right gloves who knows but seems a bad habit to encourage.

  7. 2nd Amendment HALTED In Hawaii! (note: This is a tactic employed by the anti-gun crowd – if they have to let the right exercised the either use laws that have not been stuck down or create laws in an appearance to comply then they exploit those laws to delay as long as possible to create what is in effect a ban on the exercise of the 2A right)

    • Wouldn’t this be more taticool or bubba? Now that I think of it is there a fun derogatory term for competition themed firearm gadgets enthusiasts?

  8. It’s one thing to acknowledge that the racing circuit does drive advancement and innovation.

    It’s a very different thing to come back down to reality as you look around you and see that people are NOT professional drivers behind the wheel of race cars on race tracks.

  9. As a competitive shooter I can objectively state that a gas pedal / thumb ledge makes zero difference in your actual splits or performance / scores.

    It’s a nice index for your grip; that’s it.

    This is a nice piece of gear to make you high speed by lightening your wallet.

  10. Interesting though I have questions and concerns. I’ll take a look at what videos are out there when I get home to watch on a significantly bigger screen.

  11. I’m sure they are planning to expand beyond the SIG and Glock models mentioned but the dependence upon a particular variant of a particular model light seems like it really limits their marketplace. I have no idea how many Surefire X300s (with the flat head, not the quick release) there are out there but their entire market (at present) is the intersection of that number with the number of people that have a SIG 320, it seems. Soon to include the intersection of that model light owner with with some Glocks.

    I’m already out because I don’t live in that part of that Venn diagram.

    • Nothing, they make their money on the skin bean adds.
      Do you know what dermatologist on crack look like? Click Here:

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