Austin Mayor Steve Adler
Austin Mayor Steve Adler (Photo by Laura Roberts/Invision/AP Images)
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As you’ve no doubt heard by now, all of the experts who did their own audio analysis of the shooting in Austin Saturday night were wrong. The first five shots heard on the video were, according to Austin’s police chief, fired by the driver. Once in police custody, he claimed that, as protesters were banging on his vehicle, Garrett Foster pointed the AK rifle he was carrying at him. That’s when the driver fired five shots.

The three subsequent shots heard on the video were fired by another person in the crowd at the car as it drove away. That person was also also taken into custody. Both shooters, however, were released on Sunday. The APD is apparently leaving the incident — one in that resulted in one dead body and featured shots fired in a crowd at a fleeing car — to the local district attorney to sort out.

Meanwhile, Austin’s Mayor is busily wringing his hands about the number of guns in the city (and apparently in Texas as a whole). He has no earthly idea.

“You know, we have a protester that ended up getting killed, and that’s horrific. I am taken by the fact that in that split moment, in that second, we had three different guns that were at play,” the mayor explained. “We had eight shots, and, my, we have too many guns and we have to do better. I think just generally speaking, as a society and taking guns off the streets like this.”

– Austin Mayor Steve Adler in ‘We have too many guns’: Austin Mayor Adler discusses deadly BLM protest shooting

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  1. We have too many Mayors and other Socialist Democrat Public officials reading from the Soros/Bloomberg Socialist/Communist Script.

    • Were making a list and checking it twice, gonna find out whos a commie or nice, freedom claus is coming to townnnnnnn. The time to stop electing politicians and start giving them the room temperature challenge is coming soon, time to prepare is now.

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      • (sigh)

        ** In our Nov 2018 election, candidate John Cox got 40% of the overall gubernatorial vote, compared to Newsom’s 60%. This was much higher than anyone thought. It would/could have been higher, except that many conservatives feel overwhelmed and often don’t vote. If you look at the results of lower tier (local) elections here, many areas end up as 51%/49%, which is technically a Democrat win, but not indicative of a Leftist blue area. Every vote matters.

        ** CA has more conservatives than the entire populations of most states in the nation. We have an estimated 15+ million conservatives.

        ** San Francisco and Bay Area, Los Angeles, San Diego, and coastal areas are deep blue. Nearly all of Inland Empire (SoCal), Central California (the food belt), and Northern California north of Sacramento (State of Jefferson mindset) are red. We are a smaller version of the United States as a whole, in which the metro areas are concentrated with Dems, but the vast rural and suburban areas are spread out with Repubs.

        ** Those who don’t live here too often point there finger and lump all of us into the “Blue Virus” meme. Not only is it not true, but there are many legal battles currently being fought against Sacramento, Rep. De Leon, AG Becerra, Gov. Newsom, Mayor Garcetti, et al.

        • I agree with you just because I’m a republican living in Orange County. Love love love my County. We have many visitors from all over the world coming to visit Orange County and they all said that they could see there’re so many Republicans in Orange County where in LA County is dominated by liberal/Democrats.

          • I lived in Huntington Beach from 1971/1979… Orange County was at the time considered to be the center of the John Birch Society (West Coast) and was deep red….

        • Understood, Haz, but the in-migration from the West coast has coincided with some definite cultural changes here in Texas that aren’t all that welcome. Especially in the cities now, progressive politics is in full cry, and, particularly annoying to us natives, privileged self-importance has slowly replaced a more comfortable traditional Southern-influenced gentility in social relations. You can really see the difference when you leave the cities in visit rural-little-town Texas. We just don’t see many conservative folks from California.

        • There may be a lot of you, but you sure are doing a crappy job of keeping your state from going down the toilet.

        • I have heard enough bad stuff, bad crap, and liberal thinking from Commiefornia that, if it weren’t for Bill Whittle lining out there, I’d have Trump start the next border wall at Yuma, CA and head north along the state lines till it got to British Columbia. Then have it cut back west to the sea. Y’all need to get things under control out there.

        • Follow the line of the Sierra Nevadas and Cascade Mountains, you’ll do better. Eastern WA and Eastern OR want nothing to do with the coastal urban insanity.

          I’ve been following, supporting, and volunteering for the Liberty State initiative, which aims to split Washington at the Cascades and make a new state in the eastern 2/3. When the idea was polled a year and a half ago, it got 70% support in Eastern WA. There’s even a plurality of support in the other half of the state (they don’t like the non-progressive rubes).

          That support is encouraging, but it’s also a problem; it’s completely passive. People want it done *for* them. But if anything’s going to change, it’s going to take a whole bunch of people doing it themselves. That’s where the “liberals” — the progressives — are winning; to them, everyone is a potential activist for the cause. They’ve got activists coming out their ears. Conservatism, by contrast, is fat, lazy and stupid. I can only hope Haz is right and conservatives are finally getting active and realizing that they have to stick together..

        • I live in Bako for the majority of my life and have moved to the greater state of Texas so to escape the implosion that will happen to Ca. The peaple have let the dimms destroy the state and let the illegals control the dimms. The central part kern County and others are crushed under the heel of the communist libs that want total control.

        • Here is the problem, those that choose to sit on their BACKSIDES while the bleeding hearts get out and vote for the libtard candidates are equally to blame. They have allowed these clowns to win because they did not vote.

          If you really want to change the stupidity in the PRC, you need to get your peers off their backsides and vote against them. Help by offering to pick them up and get them to the polls. Form groups to make the difference rather than giving up and acquiescing to the libtards.

        • How did this thread get hijacked to anyone giving a crap about California ?
          I left there 15 years ago to shed myself of the crybabies. Stuff a sock in it !!

      • It’s the Hollywood of Texas. Meant Hollyweird. Saturdays shooting proves that we have too many socialists in this country.

    • That’s who Foster was protesting against when he decided to exercise his 1st and 2nd Amendment in Austin. The local government is anti 2nd Amendment and was monitoring Foster because he was carrying an AK in protest. He was asked, by the man that filmed one of the live streams during the shooting, if he would use the gun on police, Foster said no because he would be dead.

      The Austin police chief hates the 1st and 2nd Amendments. He made it seem as if Foster pointed the gun and was a terrorist. The driver claimed his shooting was in self defense because Foster pointed the gun at him.

      I saw 4 videos and a still image.

      The picture shows Foster not pointing the gun. Looks like a low port stance using a single point sling.

      A dash video shows the driver aggressively drive into a crowd with indifference to life. The video from the interviewer recorded the sounds of eight gun shots, but the audio is messed up by the phone.

      A third video shows Foster approaching the window of the vehicle after hearing what sounds like someone being hit by the car, it appears Foster’s gun is not pointed at the driver, you do see the white male shooter immediately put his arm out the window and looks to have shot Foster in the face. Foster goes down instantly and drops his gun after taking 1 or 2 shots, the driver continues to shoot him and drives off after five shots. Another licensed to carry gun owner engages the shooter with three rounds as the shooter flees the crime scene.

      From the four videos and still image I have seen so far, I am going to call this shooting a murder. The man aggressively took a turn knowing people were in the road and honked his horn with anger, it appeared he already had his gun ready to go, he started shooting once Foster walked up to the window. There was only a few seconds (about 8-10) from the time he took that right hand turn to him putting a gun in Foster’s face and started shooting him multiple times.

      It usually takes a few seconds (3 or more) for the average gun owner to draw from the seated position and level the gun. So within 8 seconds take a right hand turn, honk the car horn, draw from a seated position, point the gun at the vital region of a man, then shoot him dead with the first shot. Seems to me the man was ready to shoot someone and drove his way into a crowd he felt he could get away with shooting.

      I can’t wait to see his texts, phone calls, internet search history and internet posts. Might become a first degree murder charge if he posted comments similar of those posted on this site. I heard a rumor he was an Uber driver angry with the protests.

      • Caveat: I haven’t watched the video; my comments are based thus on second-hand accounts.

        “The picture shows Foster not pointing the gun. Looks like a low port stance using a single point sling.”

        Out of curiosity, does the assessment of “pointing” change based on vantage point? Would that assessment change, say, between the vantage of a person downrange of the muzzle who is either a) standing upright with head clearly higher than the muzzle or b) sitting in a car, with head much closer to muzzle height?

        “A dash video shows the driver aggressively drive into a crowd with indifference to life.”

        This sounds like a highly subjective description. Granted, all descriptions of his right turn and subsequent forward progress have been subjective. But “aggressive” and “with indifference to life” seem especially speculative and inflammatory.

        “A third video shows Foster approaching the window of the vehicle after hearing what sounds like someone being hit by the car, it appears Foster’s gun is not pointed at the driver, you do see the white male shooter immediately put his arm out the window and looks to have shot Foster in the face.”

        What is the sound of someone being hit by a car, and how can you ascertain that the sound you heard is, in fact, that sound? That also sounds… speculative.

        “From the four videos and still image I have seen so far, I am going to call this shooting a murder. The man aggressively took a turn knowing people were in the road and honked his horn with anger, it appeared he already had his gun ready to go, he started shooting once Foster walked up to the window. There was only a few seconds (about 8-10) from the time he took that right hand turn to him putting a gun in Foster’s face and started shooting him multiple times.”

        And I’m going to call this a charge that you would be very unlikely to be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt.

        What is an “aggressive” right turn on red, vs a “non-aggressive” right turn on red?

        What was his mindset in making that turn, and how can you prove it?

        Of the driver lawfully driving on a public roadway and the protesters unlawfully blocking the roadway and unlawfully impeding the movement of lawful traffic on that roadway, who had a lawful right to be where they were at the moment of the incident?

        How does one differentiate between “angrily” honking one’s horn, and “non-angrily” honking one’s horn? And what relevance would such anger be?

        if a driver lawfully driving is unlawfully impeded from driving by a mob unlawfully blocking the roadway, and is then surrounded by that unlawful mob and approached by someone carrying a rifle, how can you prove that the lawful driver did not reasonably fear death, great bodily harm, or otherwise forcible felony?

        If only 8-10 seconds elapsed, how can you prove that the otherwise lawful driver acted with depravity and premeditation, as opposed to merely reacting to a situation that unfolded in front of him in a matter of seconds?

        “It usually takes a few seconds (3 or more) for the average gun owner to draw from the seated position and level the gun. So within 8 seconds take a right hand turn, honk the car horn, draw from a seated position, point the gun at the vital region of a man, then shoot him dead with the first shot. Seems to me the man was ready to shoot someone and drove his way into a crowd he felt he could get away with shooting.”

        Or, he either knew how to draw while seated in the car or had a car gun more easily accessible. Regardless, none of the actions you described is unlawful. The only unlawful actions were those by the crowd (as usual, it seems).

        As for “what he could get away with” – again, that sounds rather speculative, and difficult to prove (absent some “smoking gun” evidence to the contrary. Even so, the reasonable man standard still applies. The unlawful actions of the crowd reasonably put him in mortal fear, sufficient to justify the use of deadly force in self-defense.

        • Chip,

          Good analysis.

          As far as I can tell (and I have critically examined the readily available still photo and videos), we cannot tell what really happened.

          The police and prosecutor will have their hands full if this is all the evidence that they have available to them.

        • Chip, I linked the video in my comment for others to analyze. You could have watched it multiple times in the time it took you to type up your comment.

          Please, don’t do this Libertarian, military man and open carry activist like that. He lived and died following his philosophy of liberty. He wasn’t some commie shooting up innocent motorists. He was a patriot who gave his life for Americans. He was protesting for weeks against the anti Bill of Rights local government.

          If I had access to the investigation I could likely prove all the things I have stated in a court of law. I am sure the DA has all the probable cause needed to put out a warrant on this killer. Unfortunately, many investigators do not seize the person or their electronics and accounts right away. They let the killer go, which allows him to scrub evidence of his intent from record. It would be so easy to change that “subjective” into an objective if I had access to his electronics and internet accounts.

          We know it takes a few seconds to draw from the seated position for most gun owners in America. Two or three seconds out of 8-10 seconds. That man either thought beforehand what we was going to do or he premeditated that shooting and carried it out as intended. The physical evidence doesn’t appear to match up with his self defense claims. We know all killings are considered homicides until they can be proven justified, they are investigated as murder until evidence shows other or there isn’t enough evidence to prove murder/manslaughter in court.

          I say there is enough videos to take this man to court for murder in the 2nd. If we can access his electronics we might be able to go for 1st degree.

          The character and history of Garrett Foster does not show him to be a criminal nor a danger to the public. He does not appear to be a man who would point a gun at an innocent American because communism. He wouldn’t even point it at the cops because he knows he would die. He was not going to pull a Dallas like the other military veteran and BLM protester did.

          Sucks how Republicans are calling an extreme right winger a communist while defending formerly loud and proud communists such as Tim Pool and Candace Owens. Republicans have been calling this military vet a criminal rioter who hates America.

          America has become an upside world under Trump. Heck, Trump is now saying wear a damn mask if you want to be a patriot and his fans are still committing crimes because they don’t want to wear one.

          • Yeah, I’m not always able to watch videos/listen to audios. Work does take precedence. But that’s why I added the caveat. I’ll watch the video this evening.

        • There are numerous videos/photos of Foster carrying his gun. You can see he carries it the same way regardless of what he is doing or what is happening. He likes to hold the grip and use his other hand to mess with his phone. When his phone is not in his hand he has it on the forend. I saw a video of him marching and carrying the gun the same way he was right before he took a round.

        • I am starting to think this shooting was a premeditated murder of Foster. The night Foster was killed he said in an interview people who don’t like the protesting are too scared to pull up on him. A short time later a man pulled up to Foster honking his horn until Foster walked to the driver window, then the man shot Foster at least 3 times. Afterwards the shooter immediately called police to say a mob attacked him and a man pointed a gun at him.

          Seems the man had his handgun in his left hand and he rolled down his window to shoot Foster. All within 8 seconds of driving through the intersection. Foster dropped on the first shot, which appeared to be to the neck or head. The man continued to shoot Foster.

          It happened way too fast to be a spontaneous event. The man could have drove away. People were trying to see what happened not prevent the car from leaving. They were told give the car space and to stay away. There is pictures of the road being clear enough for him to drive away, but he was too busy shooting Foster to care.

        • Well, looks like I am right about the first degree murder.

          Daniel Perry is the killer. He is in the Army, he is a sergeant. He was born in 1987. He follows Trump’s Twitter. He made responses to Trump’s tweets saying he will shoot protesters if they come to Texas, that it’s time to take up arms and shoot Americans center mass.

          Rumor has it Perry drove by with a friend during the vigil and shouted to the crowd to go get a job, he returned to harass people at the vigil and that he threw white paint all over Foster’s vigil at some point.

          I think there might be a video capturing him yelling from the passenger side of a car passing by. There’s a photo claiming to have been taken at the vigil of Perry harassing people. I don’t think anyone caught the paint incident.

          This guy premeditated an assassination of Foster thinking he was a communist. I knew it was planned because it took him 8 seconds to pull up on Foster and honk his horn to get Foster to come to the window of the car so he could shoot him. If we can access his internet history we could prove he saw the videos of Foster on the internet saying people that don’t like the protests are p***ies that won’t do anything to stop him carrying.

          I wonder if all those Republicans who talked shit about a dead American are going to apologize and correct the record of this patriot who was gunned down because he was exercising his rights. What are they going to say about that Army boy that didn’t like that much? What are the NRA going to say about an Army man killing an Airforce man because he was exercising his 2nd Amendment? I already saw Colion Noir blaming the victim.

        • If you listen to the other videos I hear an AK fire first. Not saying it is his. Then I hear what sounds like a 9 MM fire.
          Did you see the video of the young man with the AK on interview. He was looking for trouble. Then there are many pictures of him pointing the AK at other cars. I can’t see murder here.

        • Chief was right, the driver did hit orange traffic cones as he entered the crosswalk against the light, while the pedestrians have the right of way.

          “Foster was visibly carrying an AK-47 rifle — which is legal in Texas — as he pushed his fiancée in her wheelchair across an intersection in downtown Austin during Saturday’s protest, according to The New York Times.

          A motorist was attempting to turn his vehicle onto Congress Avenue and honked at protesters, who were in the crosswalk, according to a video of the incident filmed by independent journalist Hiram Gilberto. Michael Capochiano, a demonstrator at the scene, told The Texas Tribune that protesters including Foster surrounded the car after it hit a traffic cone and the driver stopped.

          “What [the driver] did was he intentionally, aggressively accelerated into a crowd of people. … He threw his turn into a bunch of people and almost ran a bunch of people over,” said James Sasinowski, another protester who was at the scene.”

      • Chief Censor,

        I watched the same videos (each video repeatedly including stopping and replaying key sequences many times) and examined a still photo which someone captured somewhat from the rear of the car that shows Foster’s hat and bandanna.

        The video quality (resolution and camera angle/stillness) is horrible and the still photo is too grainy and lacks enough contrast to determine if/how Foster is holding his rifle. As a result, I cannot make out any important details which would condemn or exonerate the driver. And, unless you saw much higher quality videos and still photos, I cannot imagine how you could, either.

      • Chief Censor needs a character limit as well as a post limit. The comments is a place for discussion, not for a single Bought-and-paid-for-Soros-shill to propagandize and rewrite reality.

        My comments get disappeared entirely but TTAG allows Censors lies and obfuscations to not only stand but be repeated as nauseam. Absolutely disgusting TTAG. Why don’t you take the word “Truth” out of your name if you’re going to censor it and allow Chief’s lies to stand. (To say nothing of the spam comments that make it through moderation)

      • I saw 8 videos and 2 still images and came to exactly the opposite conclusions. Go figure.

      • Okay, I just watched the Twitter video. I can’t tell anything, at all, from that video. The person recording is way too unsteady with her phone, and the image jumps around too much for me to discern anything meaningful.

        • You know, maybe we haven’t seen all the photographic evidence as some on this forum want to believe or espouse. Many police departments have drones that are flown over potential trouble spots. Quite possibly one was being flown that night and probably would have/had a better bird’s eye view of what really took place. I don’t think we have seen all that there is to see; don’t be too quick to draw conclusions. Just sayin’…

  2. I spent a year traveling every week to Austin.
    Often, I heard the saying, “When you enter Austin, you are leaving Texas”.

    • I can relate… here in Wisconsin we have an expression regarding our own batshit-crazy leftist capitol: “Madison… 77 square miles surrounded by reality.”

        • True… you have Barrett (and used to have that tyrant Flynn!) My condolences.

          I love living rural.

  3. All I’ve seen too many of are idiots that have no idea how to handle firearms, anti-American governmental bureaucrat socialists, and criminals.

    All of which would be just as dangerous without guns.

    • Moreso, most of us don’t understand consequences especially unintended for the policies that get pushed through.

    • Unless the Alamo now has bongos and a drumset (see the article’s photo above). 🙂

        • Okay, I’ll come down to your level to play… during recent excavation work at the Alamo, additional skeletal remains were discovered in the Monk’s Knave (aka “basement”) under the church … fuckaye, I live at the other end of the freeway and remember that from visiting Wierd ground zero. Sorry I took so long to respond, some of us get out of the basement once in awhile. “Remember The Alamo” … um, look it up- it’s not a Rent-A-Car slogan.

        • Okay, I’ll come down to your level to play

          Dude, it was just a Pee-Wee Herman joke. Lighten up.

  4. “We had eight shots, and, my, we have too many guns and we have to do better.”

    “We” do, huh? Typical official who wants the peasants disarmed. It’s been that way for millennia.

    The noteworthy thing about the other day in Austin is that it was noteworthy. It was rare. It doesn’t usually happen. Reasonable people do not respond to rare events with sweeping restrictions. Control-freak mayors and their enablers do.

    • Doesn’t even have to be in the same time zone let alone the same state for proper control freaks they already have the template drafted with a few blanks to add details.

    • Of course, all this could have been prevented if the City government did the most basic and vital job taxpayers pay them to do: keep order in the streets of Austin. No activists illegally blocking traffic, then surrounding and threatening motorists, no confrontation. Take away the firearms but still allow criminals to rule the streets, violence is still likely. But we are both speaking as if leftists care about that.

  5. Yet another communist mayor with his panties in a bunch. The “protestors” fall into two categories, evil communist thugs and useful idiots. We have a fair number of the useful idiot category that hang out here, some of which are quite long-winded.

  6. He can start by telling DPS to stand down his personal protective detail and the Capital Patrol.

    • @Greg, TXDPS & the Capitol Police are State of Texas agencies and do not work for the city or Austin, or the Austin mayor, or provide a protective detail for him. They are the state police, not the City of Austin police. Sorry, I just felt like that needed to be clarified.

  7. I’m sure he sees no problem with supposedly “peaceful” protesters running around armed, and pointing those arms at actually peaceful others.

  8. Appears the driver had the necessary legal reasons to use deadly force. The nitwit who shot at the driver as he was fleeing did not and the nitwit should be prosecuted.
    As the smoke clears more and more Americans are seeing additional protests as having nothing to do with G. Floyd and all to do with punks who were led to believe they can shove marxism down the throat of America.

    • The twits pointing guns at motorists need the same charges the mcloskys are facing except the twits in the street are not defending their own property. They are terrorizing others and deserve what they get.

      Who drives their wheelchair bound woman several hundred miles to protest in Austin and then runs around with an AK acting like they are the law?

      This is what happens when you give 1200 dollars a head and 600 a week in UI money. You finance these adventures. Now he’s a martyr and she’s the star of a parade honoring the dead guy. Justice was served so I don’t see what justice they are looking for. Maybe a lesson got taught too.

      • @GS650G
        >This is what happens when you give 1200 dollars a head and 600 a week in UI money. You finance these adventures.

        This is an interesting point. Given that the Cares Act money is finished now as of 7/25, I wonder if we’ll begin to see a thinning of the herd, since many protests seem to feature people from out of town travelling to hotspots.

  9. The only things there are “too many” of are people unlawfully blocking streets and impeding lawful movement by motorists, and powers-that-be who allow the unlawful actors to act with impunity, thereby setting the conditions for these otherwise unecessary confrontations.

    • ^^^ THIS!! ^^^

      Until the authorities like this idiot mayor stop protecting and siding with those who prey on the peaceful and law-abiding, there is no reason to credit a single thing they say. Mayor Malfunction has blood on his hands.

    • “Impeding” is not immoral or illegal when people are exercising their civil and human right to protest. Confining people is a crime and trespassing on private land is a crime. Causing inconvenience on public property is not a justifiable reason for the police state to smash heads and shoot people.

      You guys better get your shit together. You need a lot of self reflection and philosophical thought exercises. Otherwise, you are going to unknowingly throw away the ideals of the U.S. and destroy the Bill of Rights.

      • So what’s your hot take on what the crowd was doing when they surrounded that guy’s car, as these protest crowds have done in so many places, and started yelling and pounding on it?

      • ““Impeding” is not [im]moral or illegal when people are exercising their civil and human right to protest.”

        The constitutionally protected right per the first amendment is the right to peaceably assemble to petition for redress of grievances.

        That term – peaceably is not extraneous or superfluous. It means that the assembly and petition must take place within the bounds of the law – including laws regarding use of public roadways and impeding the lawful movement of traffic on those roadways.

      • Written the day after numerous postings of the laws showing that yes, it is illegal.

        Period. Full stop.

        Stop lying, a**hole!

  10. What would you expect from a limp wrist Democrat? Look how well strict “gun control” works in Chicago or New Jersey. He’s the one allowing the “peaceful protesters” to behave like animals, there are bound to be conflicts. The guns are not the problem, it’s people who can’t behave like adults.

    • They are not doing well with gun control in these cities, these low lifes can’t hit what they aim at . It’s ‘” spray and pray and forget the collateral damage.

  11. What’s the problem?? A commie scumbag got wasted, two people exercised their Second Amendment rights, and, as usual, the highly pensioned police investigated after the fact.

    Nothing to see here. Move along.

    • “If they gonna infringe on our 1st Amendment rights then we have a 2nd one to fall back on.” — Garrett Foster

      Foster was in the military and was an extreme right winger (aka a Libertarian). The Libertarian Party has posted they mourn for Foster. Reason magazine also wrote a piece on Foster.

      He was protesting against the lefty police department and mayor. He asked for other pro gun people to come down and protest with him and bring their long guns. He is another Libertarian open carrier shot down during a protest and wrongfully blamed for his murder.

      • If that’s the case, then Garret Foster was a moron. He wasn’t supporting any kind of liberty by marching with a bunch of leftist tools. Protecting/helping his girlfriend was a fair reason to be there…but he was remarkably stupid about that as well.

        Also, I’ll put my money where my mouth is on this one. I’ve actually been in Foster’s shoes, more or less…and minus all the stupidity. I went to a couple of BLM protests with my daughter, who is wheelchair-bound (and young, so she hasn’t seen the reality behind the shiny facade). Being a responsible guardian, one thing I did NOT do was wheel her out in the street into traffic lanes.

        To be fair, there was zero temptation to do so, as the protests I attended were modest and entirely peaceful, and did not attempt to occupy spaces other people needed for their daily business. If they had done, I would’ve got her *away* from them. That’s why I was there; to keep her safe.

        I guess I could’ve brought a rifle if I wanted, and the daughter might even have been okay with it. But it would’ve been a giant sign saying LOOK AT ME, I MIGHT BE A THREAT, and would’ve been a hindrance besides. I wasn’t there to posture for the cameras. I was there to help someone else exercise her own First Amendment rights (while also exercising my own 1A and 2A rights), and I successfully did so.

        That’s the difference between most of America and an idiot libertarian.

        More and more, I’m starting to agree with Chris T. about libertarians. That movement has lost its way and is exactly the opposite of what it claims to be (fortunately, it was never very relevant to begin with, so no real harm done). If they want Foster, they can have him. He’s a perfect poster child.

        • Honestly, the problem that I see with libertarians, being one myself, is the creation of what’s sometimes called the “think tank libertarian”.

          These folks might have started from an actual “freedom” perspective but think tanks are two things at once: echo chambers and politically driven. As such, the political aspect puts a lot of pressure on the people “in the tank” (lol) to engage in the very groupthink that libertarians are supposed to abhor. The “tank” needs something it can sell. That’s what brings in the donations and gives it clout.

          And therein lies the problem for a libertarian think tank and it’s members. Liberty comes with all sorts of things that are hard to sell in comparison to what the other two parties tend to sell. Sure, there’s the freedom aspect but there’s also the personal responsibility, assumption of risk and, of course, all that actual hard work you have to do.

          So, it’s pretty easy for “think tank libertarians” to sell out and many have to keep the donations rolling in. Add to that groupthink and you’ve got just another political party.

          These folks sell out on certain topics that appeal to various demographics because it’s the only way they can really peal people off the other two parties, and ultimately that’s all that matters. The other two parties are not engaged in a “struggle for freedom”. They are, and long have been, engaged in a struggle for what parts of your life they get to control. Neither actually supports freedom other than to pay lip service to it on the topic that arouses the most cheers and claps from the trained-seal audience in front of them today.

          But it’s not like “Conservatives” are that great either. There’s a whole strain of them that will trade your freedom for some Chick-Fil-A with a side of virtue signalling if that’s what gets them power and lets them stick their finger in the Left’s eye.

        • “The other two parties are not engaged in a “struggle for freedom”. They are, and long have been, engaged in a struggle for what parts of your life they get to control.”

          Very true. I despise them both. But in addition to that, I hate the Left, and the Democratic Party in general, with a blinding fury — in large part because I considered myself a liberal for a long time. They poisoned something that I used to think of as part of my identity; polluted it with fascist progressivism and Marxism; and I’ll die before voting for any candidate from that evil cesspit.

          I actually am closer to being libertarian than anything else, but I caucus with the conservative right wing; those people are focused, they want to win, and they have the same enemies I do (and most of them are willing to let me be my godless, misfit self).

          Most libertarian groups make me feel queasy, and I think you nailed the reason why: to the extent that there’s any organization at all, it’s a think-tank movement that wouldn’t know what to do with itself if it won a major seat at the table. And I’m not convinced that libertarians in general actually *want* to win — something they share with Conservative Inc.

        • Wait… I thought you were an ANCAP? ROFL!

          IMHO, the rise of the “think tank libertarian” was a reaction to the fact that a lot of unprincipled people suddenly jumped on the Libertarian bandwagon when they felt abandoned by the other parties. But this is neither here nor there.

          Personally I say “Libertarian” because most people have at least some idea what that means and I get bored explaining myself to everyone.

          The truth is, really, I don’t care for *groups* that are predefined. I associate with individuals, not groups. like Immortal Technique said“If I’m feeling what you fight for I’m rolling with you to the end, but if not, then fuck you!”. That’s why I have friends who are LEOs and others who are 1% MC members and who know each other through me and *shockingly*, get along.

          BBQs at my place are interesting.

        • I hear what you’re saying about groups. I’ve never registered for any political party, and the only group I’ve ever officially joined in my adult life was the NRA four years ago.

          Really all I want is to be left alone. That’s it. However, I’ve come to realize that the only way people like us get left alone is by being part of a big group that’s willing to treat us with benign neglect. And that group has to WIN if it’s going to be worth anything at all, so it can’t be the Libertarian party.

          But even so, libertarian is probably the closest term most people would understand, so yeah. Libertarian..ish. Even if I don’t like saying it.

        • The idea of safety in numbers certainly holds true in politics.

          I personally don’t think of myself as a “member” of one of these groups though. I share certain characteristics with the overall group, notably the way I vote for instance, but I’m not really into attaching myself *to* the group or attaching my identity to the group other than insofar as it assuages the bother of having to explain myself in detail to everyone who asks a super complicated question and expects a one word answer (which is a LOT of people).

      • Ah, moderation… I’ve got a big, beautiful comment in front of this one awaiting moderation for some unknowable reason. I used to think WordPress was awesome…

  12. This is the democrat way of parenting.
    Your kids start throwing rocks so you take away the rocks.
    They start poking with sticks so you take away the sticks.
    They start using their hands, feet and teeth so you cry, blame the other kids parents then visit a shrink to get meds for your kid.
    15 years later he’s a broken pile of shit and decides to stab some guy and the when investigating the cops find his kiddy porn stash among his super hero toys.

  13. A lot of Californians have moved to Texas. What happens in Texas stays in Texas. lol

      • And of course, you’ll “forget” that such a protest will have applied for and received the appropriate permits, unlike the illegal riots you’ve been defending.

        I’m beyond tired of your idiotic, transparent attempts at gaslighting, you liar. Go away.

  14. Maybe too many people from far away places who show up and point guns at your residents because they think they’re in charge.

    Austin might have too many people who think like the mayor, too.

    • Austin definitely has too many people who think like mayor – – thats how he gets reelected over and over. Most of Travis County is the same. Unfortunately, the progressives have made much of Austin unliveable and the leftist loonies are spreading into the suburbs.

  15. There were multiple fuck ups in this situation. The first was the driver. Talk about lack of situational awareness. Driving into a group of protesters was stupid. Carrying a long arm is provocative. Sling the stupid thing an your back. It is the equivalent as walking around with a pistol in your hand. And don’t drive into a group of protesters armed. Would you do it unarmed? Really WTF.
    For all the talk of 2nd amendment freedoms in this country we have a serious lack of firearm etiquette. And you wonder why laws are passed about carrying during political gatherings and carry in general. But I known, YOUR side of the political spectrum is never violent during protests.

    • You’re that guy. ‘Bump stocks are machine guns.’ ‘We must regulate ourselves so they don’t have to.’

      ‘I support the second amendment, but……’

      • AKA The “Oppress Me Harder Daddy,” crowd. Too busy putting the ball gag in his own mouth so “they don’t have to,” as you point out. With friends like that who needs enemies?

    • Dead guy invaded from Colorado. Driver lives there. Who was in a place they probably didn t belong again?

  16. BLM came to my town to protest, they were met by hundreds of legally armed citizens lining both sides of the street, they were not welcome and knew it. Case closed, no more protests. The Police Chief explained that BLM have a right to their first amendment to express concerns, however citizens also have a right to bear arms to protect themselves. Man, I like living here. .

  17. The city guns come from broken families, they’ve experienced poverty and discrimination from their manufacture date. The city guns, they’ve just never been given a chance. They don’t need destruction, they just need to find nice homes out in the suburbs. The city guns are simply a product of their environment. Stop gun discrimination now!

  18. “Keep Austin Weird” is one of the cities advertising slogans. Seems to me it’s working just fine. If the people in Austin elect this type of politician to lead their city. They are getting what they want. No Sympathy for those Tread Upon by the Weirdness. If they don’t like it then they need to Affect a change. Otherwise Live with the consequences of their Inaction. Keep’n My Powder Dry…Yours is Up to You…Choose Wisely.

  19. Why complicate the matter with semantics?
    1) By all accounts thus far the driver walks.
    2) The knee jerk individual shooting at the fleeing driver who thus far legally defended himself should be charged with attempted murder.

    • Attempted murder is must be difficult to prosecute because it seems like these people are always charged with some type of assault.

  20. “There’s too many armed azzwholes on the street”…FIFY. Hey is Farago still hanging in Austin? I miss his bombastic writing😃😏

  21. Adler you f@#$ stick, it’s none of your damn business how many guns are in Austin. If you don’t want rioters to get shot then stop people.from rioting.. point an AK at me.. and I promise 2 in the electrical and 1 in plumbing.. stupid fk’n liberaltard

  22. “You know, we have a protester that ended up getting killed, and that’s horrific. I am taken by the fact that in that split moment, in that second, we had three different guns that were at play,”

    Blame everyone and everything you can dream up… ANYTHING to avoid the fact that the MAYOR of Austin allowed an unlawful assembly and ordering the cops to “stand down makes him complicit in the riot (as defined in section 42.02) (for the sake of argument, “allowing” it to happen does not constitute “legal privilege or authority”).. The Mayor and anyone else who allowed this to happen should be sitting in jail right now… We all know this stopped being about George Floyd long ago, this is pure and simple political bullshit… Why is this ONLY happening in Democrat controlled cities? This whole thing is designed to force Trump to take action so they can continue the Nazi analogy of him being some Hitler wanna-be and law enforcement as his Gestapo… Remember, IF you say it long enough, loud enough and wide enough it becomes (their) “truth”… Biden said it “We choose TRUTH over FACTS…. Brother Saul Alinsky is strong in this crowd…

    Tx Penal Code: Title 9, Chapter 42
    For the purpose of this section, “riot” means the assemblage of seven or more persons resulting in conduct which:
    (1)creates an immediate danger of damage to property or injury to persons;
    (2)substantially obstructs law enforcement or other governmental functions or services; or
    (3)by force, threat of force, or physical action deprives any person of a legal right or disturbs any person in the enjoyment of a legal right.

    Sec. 42.03. OBSTRUCTING HIGHWAY OR OTHER PASSAGEWAY. (a) A person commits an offense if, without legal privilege or authority, he intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly:
    (1) obstructs a highway, street, sidewalk, railway, waterway, elevator, aisle, hallway, entrance, or exit to which the public or a substantial group of the public has access, or any other place used for the passage of persons, vehicles, or conveyances, regardless of the means of creating the obstruction and whether the obstruction arises from his acts alone or from his acts and the acts of others; or

    • We don’t have privileges in the U.S., we have rights. Read the first amendment, then read the second. We don’t need your damn permission to exercise our human rights. Understand, you lefty?

      By the way, misdemeanors can be selectively enforced. Clearly you see what is or isn’t being enforced by the government.

      Third, make sure to quote the law in it’s context.

      • you lefty

        AWWWW, ain’t that cute it THINKS it recognizes one of it’s own. Fuck you commie punk, those words come directly from the statute, I don’t make shit up like you and 49r… So, YES you do need permission to block fucking streets and interfere with MY fucking right to move about freely in MY country, You do NOT have the right to determine when, where and how I can exercise MY rights and when you do just that you not only open yourself up to ridicule and disdain, but you put yourself at risk of bodily harm and even death when you INFRINGE upon the wrong motherfucker. So fuck you and your chicken shit soyboy buddies and your MARXIST BLM compatriots… If YOU were to ever block my way you better hope I’m in my Mustang and NOT the H-2.. It will be the last act of defiance you’ll ever commit. (In the Cobra I’d just shoot your ignorant cry baby ass) I’m old, I don’t give a fuck probably die of old age before it ever made trial (IF I was arrested)
        but you’d be just as dead but what the hell you made your point…

        Sec. 42.03. OBSTRUCTING HIGHWAY OR OTHER PASSAGEWAY. (a) A person commits an offense if, without legal privilege or authority, he intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly:
        (1) obstructs a highway, street, sidewalk, railway, waterway, elevator, aisle, hallway, entrance, or exit to which the public or a substantial group of the public has access, or any other place used for the passage of persons, vehicles, or conveyances, regardless of the means of creating the obstruction and whether the obstruction arises from his acts alone or from his acts and the acts of others;
        That IS the context dumbass

      • Chief is the most confused preteen I have ever seen. The funniest part about every one of his comments is that every time he actually sounds like some 17 year old punk.

  23. Maybe an AK pointed at his wife on the way to wal mart would make him see things differently

  24. I won’t go to Austin, Dallas, Houston, or San Antonio without being armed. My wife and I are in our late 60’s, and she has significant health issues. If I make a wrong turn and a group of people start pounding on my car, and some bozo comes running up with a rifle at low ready, I would shoot him, too. Normally I carry a .357 Magnum and a .38 Special, but with all this crap going on, I may start carrying an AR9 with 33 round magazines. I’ve already put hearing protection in the car for how ever many passengers it will carry.

    “…[T]oo many guns…” What does that even mean?

    • Don’t drive into a crowd with bad intent and anger. Just mind your business. You will be fine like the thousands who had to sit a little longer at an intersection while the youths march by.

      Do not murder Americans.

        • I do. I even tell them they shouldn’t be shooting their own people. I tell them they are shameful. I call them out on their contradiction of calling each other brother and sister. You don’t treat your family like that.

          East Asians have more of a family society, thus are much more caring for their people and are less violent towards each other.

          So, if you are going to call each other brother and sister don’t harm each other. And now I am telling you not to murder your countrymen.

          Right after 9/11 Americans were united as a people against terrorists. It’s horrible to see how quickly they forget and go back to politics.

      • That crowd’s intent IS to create anger in the people they harass.

        Be peaceful. Do not resist.

        Move to the the ghetto when asked.

        Politely get into the train cars when directed to.

        Line up for the daily medical check.

        Undress for the showers when directed to.

        All so polite and peaceful. Right into the grave.

        You are evil because you defend evil.

        • Kids walking down the street complaining about the police.

          Who takes you to the camps? You takes away your guns? Who would murder in mass? Who gets to start wars and genocides as a matter of governance?

          Look in the mirror, buddy. Start using your brain..

          A little white teenage girl protester is not going to take me away to get executed. Garrett Foster protesting the lefty government’s attack on the Bill of Rights wasn’t going to shoot me with his AK.

        • CC,

          Your attempts at gaslighting are as transparent and idiotic as Jerry Nadler’s. You’re not fooling anybody. We all know it. You know it. So just stop. Go away.

        • 15-16 years old and you think he was out there to “complain”? lol. Stop trying to gaslight. It’s so obvious. Go stand with them. All talk, no balls.

    • .yeah, I upgraded from a 5 shot 38 to a 1911, 45 cal with hollowpoints and 6 xtra mags. Green laser grips.

  25. Austin has too many Communists. Without the Reds nobody would have died as a result of an illegal demonstration. Ban Communists, not guns.

    • Don’t ban the second amendment ban the first amendment instead?

      You sound like an angry socialist fighting their twin.

      • No the second protects the first, thats why communists like yourself have tried to disarm a ton of people in the 20th century to harvest them for political fuel. Just call us Kulaks and get if over with.

  26. This mayor ids just sucking up to the left. I hope they vote him out.
    In his world, the protestor would have shot the innocent driver.
    Show me one cop or one of the Mayors security team who wouldn’t have shot a person pointing an AK at them. Don’t exist.
    It’s called self preservation.

  27. He was a protester right up until he turned into a criminal. Blocking traffic, unlawful detainment and felonious pointing of a firearm. Now he’s just dead and I’m eating ice cream.

    • Only if you lived in the real world instead of the world of fake news from Liberal Republicans.

      • Learn grammar before you try and troll. It shows that your not from around here.

      • Chief, how much longer can you tolerate your own existence? Can you just go on your rampage already and KYS? Nobody, including your own family and people you stand in the unemployment lines with like you or support you. Not even the buddies you make plastic barrel riot shields for would have your back when it came down to it. So just get on with your racially motivated hate crime and submit your manifesto of how everything has failed and nothing matters and the far right is to blame, and trump, and everyone at TTAG who made you do it is also to blame. Just KYS already bruh.

  28. We have too many people rioting in public streets and too many mayors letting them.

    • It used to be Americans rioted and looted the politicians’ property. The politicians learned their lesson: make Americans angry with each other to prevent them from coming for us.

      Worked out perfectly because Americans are low IQ.

        • People like Chief grew up hating themselves and failed at all aspects of earning a living so now they have to keyboard commando their way into existence about how wrong America is at everything, even when they are wrong about it all and it’s the complete opposite lol.

  29. Wait…nobody has photoshopped this yet? Lets get on our horses.

    This politician obviously didn’t just dabble with drugs in school.

  30. “Too many guns i the street” is the same excuse used to justify virtual no issue in most of Southern California. In Northern California’s Bay Area, the line is “no one should have guns in the first place, so no, you can’t carry one.”

  31. I don’t care who shot first. The drivers vehicle was surrounded by aggressors, and one was holding a gun.

    • Here you go, the truth.

      The driver shot five times and was engaged by another protester with a CCW. The shooter continued to shoot after Foster went down. It usually takes 1-2 shots to realize the threat is gone, not 3 to 4.

      A trial is warranted. Don’t be surprised when the anti 2nd Amendment local government arrests the man for murder. There is just too much video evidence and witnesses.

      • “It usually takes 1-2 shots to realize the threat is gone, not 3 to 4.”

        Your expertise is quite illuminating.

        • What is the average reaction time of a human? How fast can you pull the trigger?

          Is the threat over when a man collapses face first to the ground after you shoot him and he drops his gun on the way down? Can you — as a non government worker — legally put another 4 rounds into him?

          I usually fire one shot extra because of my reaction times (when it comes to recognizing the effectiveness on target). So that means, if I were to fire a round and the target goes down I might fire one more round because I am already in that loop based on the now outdated info, once I notice the outcome of the first shot I now make the decision to stop shooting and assess a followup. If I am tired I might fire two extra rounds because my reaction time is much slower. I never fire 3 or more extra rounds when I notice the target go down hard.

          The Bill Drill.

        • Because you have never had a target go down hard? lol. Idiot. How many videos do you need to be shown of a “target” not going down after more than 5 rounds?

        • @Montana Actual

          The only video I need is the one where Foster drops after the first 1-2 shots. Straight face plants after what appears to be a shot to the face, that shot being the first one.

        • So, no real world experience when adrenaline is kicking in. K. Not that we didn’t already know that…

        • Only one to two shots to tell the target is gone ? How many shots did it take the FBI to take down Matix and Platt in 1986 ?

  32. Girly boy Austin Mayor Steve Adler needs to be voted out of office. But with the Liberal Progressive Socialist voter makeup that may never happen.

  33. Huh! I musta been watchin the wrong video. He must’ve meant to say “we have too many rioters in Austin”!

  34. To Chief Censor…people and targets are two ENTIRELY different things…
    my reaction is about 3 rounds in one second…
    and it would be as many rounds as it takes to STOP the threat
    down does NOT mean out of the fight if they are still armed and capable of shooting

  35. unless the road was blocked off, which i don’t believe it was, the driver has a right to drive down the roadway. People don’t have a right to block a car travelling down the road. It’s against the law to block the roadway, walk down the middle of the street. Then you’re going to swarm the car because you don’t like the fact you did something illegal and someone called you on it. Then comrade kalash is going to bebop his silly ass up there and make a ruckus. I’m fine with his dumb commie ass being shot but more surprise someone in Texas’s version of San Francisco did it! Good for him, i hope he gets off.

  36. You know where else 3 guns came into play in a matter of seconds in TX? – White Settlement Church of Christ. And thank God there weren’t only two.

  37. We as America have too many mayors (not to mention their political motivations), are they really a necessary position in a system filled to the brim with bullshit? Other than needing a press conference or someone to blame for some stupid shit they enabled(lookin at you lightfoot), I see little reason taxpayers should even be paying these peoples salaries. Mass disobedience is going to be step 1 for conservatives. What if a literal half of the US just said fuck you .gov/IRS we are tired of being tax cows on the tax farm? The Silent Majority was also a thing during colonial times and was just as much of a burden then.

  38. Too many criminal bolshevik traitors serving in local elected offices, supporting and enabling violent marxist insurgents. If there was ever a time to arrest these traitorous communist ass clowns for criminal conspiracy, and aiding , abetting and promoting terrorist attacks on the US, this is the time.

    They’ll be safer in a cold federal jail cell than they will be when their citizens finally rise up and hang the lot of them by their heels from gas station rafters like the Italians did to Mussolini and his criminal fascist thugs.

  39. I am a member of a Texas Family whose residence here predates the Republic and I am sicken by the presence of these LIbertard Moonbats and Squirrels in our great state much less their holding public office. This gutless lowlife libertard stands against every principle this great state was founded on, much less our great Representative Republic. Austin, Dallas and Houston have all been diluted by carpetbagging Libertards escaping Democrat controlled areas they ruined with their idiotic voting habits and they come here for freedom, yet do not change their voting habits. Of course we also have the carpetbagging interlopers here trying to flip Texas Democrat. Just like Rep. Shelia Jackson Lee of Houston. She is not even a native Texan. She was born to Jamaican Parents and raised in Queens, New York. Then she carpetbagged down here and ran for office after establishing residency. Thinking Texans need to do better vetting our candidates for office. Not all of them have our same beliefs and values.

  40. The most dangerous thing in Austin and indeed, many other cities, is the politicians. Many of whom, once elected seem to think that being elected makes them the smartest individual in the world on all subjects. This flawed thinking leads them to try and impose their own beliefs upon those that elected them. These people need to wise up before it is too late and they wind up like Caesar.

    • Adler is not even a native Texan. Another Carpetbagger raised in Maryland and the D.C. area..

  41. Typical liberal response, don’t obey the law then blame the other people if something happens, blame guns, blame Trump, white people, what happened 400 years ago. The party of irresponsible whiners who refuse to leave childhood

  42. I’d rather have a gun and not need it…

  43. Well Mayor there is a simple solution. You do your job, through the police or whatever, and keep people from blocking the streets. No idiots playing in the roads, no idiots in the road to get shot.

  44. We don’t have near enough guns yet. How are people in wackoville gonna protect themselves? More guns is the only path.

  45. “I think just generally speaking, as a society and taking guns off the streets like this.” Yeah… GOOD LUCK with that “Mayor” Adler, ESPECIALLY in Texas…

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