Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot
Courtesy CNN
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If you open the upper right drawer in the desk in the Chicago’s mayor’s office, there’s are instructions engraved in the wood at the bottom. One of those reads: Blame violent crime involving guns on surrounding states. It’s a handy little bromide that the holders of the city’s top job have used consistently over the last two decades.

Almost every week — usually on Mondays after a particularly bloody weekend — Mr. or Ms. Mayor (who is fresh out of meaningless sound bites to recite for the press and has already been blaming the Superintendent of Police and probably fired one or two of them) opens the drawer, reads the instructions and blames the Windy City’s steadily rising body count on…those vexingly lax gun laws in Wisconsin and Indiana.

There’s probably not an actual engraving like that in that desk at City Hall, but given the regularity with which Chicago’s Mayors trot out that steaming load of horse crap, you’d think it might really be there.

What makes Mayor Lightfoot’s latest turn at trotting out that excuse is the fact that yesterday she combines it with a brilliant display of her embarrassing ignorance of federal gun laws, so that’s nice.

“We are being inundated with guns from states that have virtually no gun control, no background checks, no ban on assault weapons — that is hurting cities like Chicago.”

– Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot

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  1. And yet, those states that are apparently flooding Chicago with gats don’t seem to experience this problem.

      • also:

        Lightfoot: Chicago Can’t Stop Gun Crimes Because Other States Don’t Have Gun Control Laws

        And when all the United States has the gun control they want, like Chicago – the United States won’t stop gun crimes because other nations don’t have the right gun laws.

    • Exactly! In the last 30 years all violent crime has trended down steeply even as the number of guns as nearly tripled. If the Hoplophobes are correct about guns being the cause, our streets should be full of dead bodies.

      We appear to have a dead body shortage … could be a math error?

      • Unfortunately when it comes to Gun Rights there is no “We.” Can’t happen when you have self serving gun owning gutless wonders who bloody their fingers scraping the bottom of the barrel to find a reason to bash the POTUS. Such self servers are not going to fight for Gun Rights in Nov. They will not vote or will vote for a guaranteed loser and by doing so guarantees a vote for Gun Control democRats.
        Such gun owning bottom feeders show their colors when they boast about buying hundreds of rounds of ammo and open carry in a store all without one bit of gratitude to those who did the hard work necessary to get DJT elected POTUS and now reelected.
        Just because someone owns guns, talks guns does not make them a, “We.” What makes Gun Owners a “We” happens in Nov.

        • You click this story and think ‘wow, 65 comments already’!!! Then you realize half the comments are from that deranged harpy Debbie W. or her whacked out friend with benefits Goof….PR.

        • Just give it up, you’re never gonna score with her.

          Your mom bought you a new bottle skin lotion, go in the basement and put it to good use… 😉

        • Says the idiot who will be the first to call someone for help. Lady, you have a serious problem. Your ignorant. Dangerously ignorant.
          I will keep my guns. And be safe and sound. While you on the other hand, will already be dead because you will have nothing to defend yourself against the tyrannical government that is the Democrats walk away from CNN and all those other news media Outlets that are fake and owned by the Democrats and open up the book and learn something for heaven sakesPEACE

    • Yes, that’s always my un-answered question too. Criminal leave Chicago, buy guns, go back to Chicago – commit crimes.

      Why isn’t it “leave chicago, buy guns, commit crimes” — Why do we always go back to Chicago?

      Maybe we need to ban Chicagos?

    • To be “fair” to Beetlejuice Gary,Indiana does have an uptick in violent crime.

      Run by inept and corrupt black democrats. Fairly rare in NW Indiana. All the gunshops I’ve been to in Lake Co. are quite strict on selling to gangbangers-including Westforth in rural Gary. I’ve seen a black dude rejected. Mebbe he sent his girlfriend in with a clean record. I dunno. Bring back the death penalty,chain gangs and hard labor. Mebbe THAT would help😏

    • Not going searching for citations – but every city that has REPEALED all of their gun control laws has seen an immediate increase in gun deaths, then a gradual reduction of gun violence – and violence in general.

      If Chicago repealed all of their gun laws, it would be a blood bath for about 3 months – and then life would go on almost normally.

      I say, let the bloodbath begin. Make it legal for law-abiding citizens to blow criminals into eternity.

      • So you advocate removing all the warning stickers to let things sort themselves out? I concur.

      • Remember when Castro let all the criminals out of prison and sent them to Florida. The news people welcomed these ” boat people ” fleeing Castro and oppression. Shortly after the warm welcoming, the crime rate goes thru the roof. Finally concealed carry permits were made legal, and the police were kept busy for a while going from one scene to another where citizens killed these criminals. Didn’t take months to stop the crime wave.

    • I guess she’e too stupid to read history about Mass. gun control of the 70’s. Home invasion murder rate went up by 500% when only criminals were allowed to have guns.

    • Gun control is just more and more laws. These morons haven’t figured it out yet that criminals don’t obey laws. Stupidity reigns supreme in the Democratic Party.

    • This is exactly one of the justifications that was used in Virginia’s one handgun a month law reinstatement. When asked why another state’s inability (or unwillingness) to enforce it’s own laws and deal with it’s own criminal element is Virginia’s responsibility, the legislator was scoffed, then ignored, and the bill was rubber stamped.

      This is just incrementalism cloaked by the “we’re not responsible for ourselves so you need to be” nonsense.

  2. It’s the same old far left BS that we hear day after day. People like Lightfoot refuse to take responsibility for crime being out of control in her own city and it’s always the demons and hobgoblins in the next state over. It’s boring, unoriginal and the usual lazy logic of the left. I’m not impressed.

    • “It’s boring, unoriginal and the usual lazy logic of the left.”

      “Repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth.”

      Don’t laugh at them, what they are doing is a performance art, with a goal in mind…

      • “…..There’s probably not an actual engraving like that in that desk at City Hall…”

        I would not take that bet. Chi-town mayors been trotting this out for at least 20 years.

        • Where can I buy one of those guns that the Democrats keep telling me about? You know, those guns that kill people all by themselves. I hear that they are extra dangerous because they kill everything that moves. You have to be very careful when handling one of these guns or it might even shoot you. Maybe, if we pass a law banning these guns that kill people all by themselves, all of our violent gun deaths will just go away.

    • MS does not have a State level background check at all for purchase or carry. The only check is the Federal NICS, and not even that for private transactions. It’s great!!

      • Gunny, same for FL. I should have known that about MS. I have enough relatives there to swing a state election.

      • It is worth noting that Federal law prohibits one from selling a hand gun privately to a resident of another state.

        • There are certain exceptions. Beneficiaries for example, which is not a “sale” of course, but is a “transaction”. But even a private sale is legal provided you go thru a FFL, or between FFL’s.

        • I’ve never got a straight answer to gifting hand guns, for example between siblings in different states. Anyone know for sure?

        • Gifting guns to immediate relatives (vertical or sibling) in another state require 1) that the transaction be processed by an FFL in the state of residence of the recipient, and 2) that the firearm is legal to possess in the recipient’s state. AS to the first requirement, firearms can only be shipped by US Mail (long guns) or FedEx (handguns) to a receiving FFL or manufacturer. As I recall, federal law does not prohibit the private sale of long guns across state lines, but does prohibit private sales of handguns unless an FFL is involved.

          For most states, this is not a problem. It is only an issue in states with a roster like California and Massachusetts. I would suspect, but do not know, that a recipient in New Jersey would have to get a permit from the local po-po first to possess that particular firearm.

  3. Tough cookies, Ms Mayor. Most of us like it this way. Keeps the riffraff like you from taking over our lives.

  4. 3 dead and 59 wounded this morning. She hates the police and has advised rioters how to complain about them after the police were attacked protecting a statue her police superintendent ordered protected. She ignores the violence sweeping the minority neighborhoods on the city’s south and west sides. The only way she can hide her incompetence and ethical corruption is to blame something other than her failure.

    • I bet you never thought that the terms of the mayors Daily would be looked upon as the “good old days”.

  5. Of course the guns are crossing state lines, but it’s not the gun’s fault. The problem is the criminals have these big-assed elctro-magnets tuned to the magical mystical gun frequency. They suck the guns into a life of crime against their will!

    Poor defenseless Zombified Guns!

    What is needed is a new law banning the existence of Big-Assed Magical Mystical Gun Frequency Electro-Magnets!

    (hey, it makes as much sense as what she is saying…..)

    • What matters happens in Nov. And by your deranged slandering and libeling the POTUS you do nothing but cater to democRats. Nothing puts a sht grin on a democRat like some dumbfuk gun talking propeller cap wearing twerp who denigrates the POTUS.

        • How low can you go enuf? You don’t have the integrity to stand behind your own posts so you steal my moniker. Like I keep telling you stubby…You want to see excrement look in a mirror little man. And I do mean…little man.

        • “Stubbie”

          Now that is just precious!

          Am I being too mean to him, Deborah? He makes a really fun punch-toy… 😉

    • I think we should pass a National Law that everyone upon reaching the age of 18 must own and carry a handgun. That way, only the lawless will be unarmed.

  6. We should all relinquish our gun rights so Lightbrain can end gun violence. She believes lawful gun owners should give up their guns and the criminals would then stop shooting each other. This is transference and stupidity at a level only a democrat could attain.

    • Prior to firearms in England, when William began counting things, per capita homicide was 20 /100000.

    • It would be unwise to under estimate leftists. They let violent criminals out of prisons, defund police and then, when crime rates skyrocket, they call for more gun control. No one can be that stupid – it has to be planned.

  7. Shooting someone is against the law in Chicago, I don’t understand why it’s still happening. It has to be all those guns getting together and just going out and randomly shooting people, since guns don’t follow the law and people do. Weird.

    • According to Mayor Lightfoot, the guns exude a miasma of evil that corrupts those with range of the aura and compels them to commit violence. The guns have bad ju-ju.

  8. Question for the democRat lightfoot…
    If all of the guns are coming into chicago from out of state as you claim how come there are no blood baths in these guns-plenty cities and states like there is in your zero Content of Character chicago rat hole? Answer or stfu.

  9. Just like every Democrat I have ever heard, their failure is always the fault of someone else!

    Trump is doing the right thing defending federal property. Beyond that, let the left burn the places they own since that is what they voted for. Portland will turn into Detroit as paying jobs leave and the left continues to inhabit the squalor they have made of it.

    • But the problem with that is they are getting some of this socialist trash to move to other states and repeat their same dumb mistakes again ! Make ’em stay and reap what they have sowed.

  10. Is it just me, or are a lot of these lefty politicians starting to look more and more like residents of Innsmouth?

      • “There’s definitely a Lovecraftian horror look about Lightfoot.”

        Now that you mention it…

        *snicker* 😉

        (Cthulhu 2024 – Why vote for the lesser of two evils?)

      • Now I can’t stop seeing it. So many other things we thought were either conspiracies or fiction have now happened in real life, Lovecraft’s cosmos isn’t that big a leap.

        But what’s a creature like her doing so far from the sea?

  11. She will be first in line to let criminals out of prisons. Then complain when these same criminals commit crimes. All while agreeing to defund the police.

    Every state (every FFL in the country) has a background check system in place. It’s called NICS. If that isn’t working good enough then FIX NICS. Otherwise, this is pointless.

    People like this just want to blame everyone and everything else for their own failings.

    • If NICS does not work (as in, achieve the stated goals), which it does not and never has, can’t we just stop PAYING for it?

      • As for NICS itself:
        This is one of those things in life that’s either there or it isn’t. The way it is implemented, it’s going to have flaws. Some are pretty serious. If our dear leaders won’t fix it then it needs to go away. The problem is that there is so little desire to actually make it work correctly (if it’s even possible) within the hearts and minds of Washington.

        NICS is a half-hearted attempt at ‘looking’ good without ever actually ‘being’ good. It’s just like everything else liberal politicians force upon us. The mere fact that Lightfoot is out there with these claims is itself proof enough that it doesn’t really work.

        I say:
        Fix it or get rid of it. Nothing good comes from riding the fence with something like this.

      • Stop spouting off from a point of ignorance. The NICS system DOES work and has kept thousands from “legally” purchasing a firearm from a licensed dealer. The EXCREMENT mom’s demand actions is ALWAYS slanted the way they want it to be.

        The real problem is that these violators of gun purchase laws are usually never prosecuted. They just walk out of where they were denied and buy a stolen weapon from the street.

    • Stupid politicians elected by stupid people. It’s an endless cycle that goes on and on.

  12. 40% of guns possessed and used illegally by Chiraqi savages come from the state of Illinois, in which Chiraq is located.

    Well, you say, that means that 60% don’t. That would be correct.

    21% come from right next door in Indiana, which is still subject to all of the federal laws including an FBI background check and the filling out of a 4473 which must be retianed by the FFL. That would indicate that someone who is not prohibited is doing a no no and buying guns to resell to people who are prohibited. Given that Federal law requires you to purchase or at least transfer handguns through an FFL in your home state, and that we are mostly talking about handguns, someone or multiple someones who reside in Indiana seem to be buying the handguns and then reselling them to the savages in Chiraq.

    I’ve never been in law enforcement, but it seems to me that it would be a simple matter for BATFE to look at the 4473s of whomever (whoever?) purchased Chiraq crime guns they traced to Indiana and visit the persons whose names appear on all those 4473s.

    7 other states contribute between 1% and 5% of Chiraqs guns each, contributing a total of another 20%. These are the states Chiraqi President Saddam Lightweight wants to blame, but they contribute a fraction of the guns each. Most likely incidentally, due to moves or family visits or other factors.

    19% are untraceable, which probably means they came from Chiraq PD or it’s evidence locker.

    so Chiraqi Major Saddam Lightweight, your gun problem is sourced primarily from your own neighborhood. the real problem is not guns, but savages. Deal with your savages and the guns won’t be an issue.

    Let your own law abiding citizens have their own guns and they will deal with the savages for you.

    • Thinking like a liberal. So, ATF goes through all the hoops, keeping a few dozen agents busy for weeks and costing a $million or two, ends up with the name and address of the guy who purchased that gun new. Hot dog, here we go, pack up our machine guns and head up to his door. Then listen to “Really? Let me check. Gee whiz, I hadn’t noticed that gun was stolen, thank you so much for advising me, I shall file a police report and an insurance claim immediately. Thank you and good day.” The entire system as designed CAN NOT WORK, was never designed to accomplish anything but bigger and more intrusive government.

      • I’d be willing to bet they would discover that there are a small number of people with a large number of “missing” guns.

        And/Or there would be a large number of people with missing guns who have some connection, family, friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, to the end user or the person the end user bought the gun from.

        And/Or they have the data that law abiding people have already long since reported these guns stolen in separate unconnected single instances and are not sharing that because it does not fit the narrative.

        In any case, yes, we have had this system foisted upon us so that exactly what I described can be done. If the system is incapable of doing what it is supposed to do, track down criminals who are not abiding by the rules and putting guns in the hands of other criminals, then it needs to be eliminated.

    • “…for BATFE to look at the 4473s […] and visit the persons whose names appear on all those 4473s.”

      Precisely why none of my gun acquisitions over the years went through any 4473 processing or FFL records. All legal for one reason or another (and now, unfortunately, all closed by CA laws recently implemented), but nevertheless off of radar and/or paper trails. There is no way I would ever want to voluntarily give CADOJ or ATF any opportunity to look my way, as they are never seeking ways to defend my liberties.

        • You bet your ass, boy.

          Now go get your shoe-shine box… 🙂

        • @AllHail
          Why are you doing this? I’m really curious what you are trying to achieve here.

          If you don’t agree with something he says, argue against it like an adult. This way you remind me of something that got stuck to my shoe and makes a slightly annoying sound at every step I make.

  13. Groot doesn’t even know Illinois law. You can buy an AR/AK in Illinois. Just saying.

    Given the poor marksmanship this weekend did the gangs send out inexperienced shooters with clean records because the feds are on the streets?

    • I got an AR-legally. Quasi-illegal in Chiraq. Although preemption should(?)rule. Like the so-called magazine limits in Cook County. Beetlejuice is a high powered attorney dontchaknow😏😏😏

  14. So how come all the states that allow open carry, full CCW, any citizen to own any guns they choose don’t have any murders or gang activity? It is because we shoot and kill all BLM scum, Antifa scum, illegal alien scum, gang banger scum, and criminal scum. We protect each other and we do not allow the thugs to be in our states – we fully support our POLICE and MILITARY, we don’t give a damn about your skin color or religion, we only care that you do not harm anyone, do not commit any crimes and work full time and pay your taxes, plus take good care of your family and friends. We do not support welfare, food stamps, earned income tax credits, housing allowances, medicaid! It works! We call it the South! We are 99% Trump Supporters, we do not allow left wing idiots in our states for any reason! We are anti-socialists and believe in the US Constitution. We do not accept the United Nations as a valid organization and will not pay taxpayer dollars to anything that does not respect our Flag and our National Anthem and our Constitution! We are AMERICA!

    • Yeah, I wish. You need to take a long breath before beginning to explain Cooper and the entire last election.

  15. US Code Title 18 Section 922(a)(3) clearly forbids private transfers across state lines. Then Section 922 (d)(1…9) strictly forbid every imaginable scenario involving firearms transfers in and around the state of Illinois and the City of Chicago. Every Section 922 offense is felonious with years in prison prescribed. So, why is Lightfoot so surprised that thugs willing to shoot it out on city streets care nothing about federal laws already in place? Let me get another cup of coffee and think about it…

    • In reading through 18 U.S. Code § 922(a)(3), I see this text (bold emphasis mine):

      “…for any person, other than a licensed importer, licensed manufacturer, licensed dealer, or licensed collector to transport into or receive in the State where he resides (or if the person is a corporation or other business entity, the State where it maintains a place of business) any firearm purchased or otherwise obtained by such person outside that State,..”

      I know my comment may be perceived as legal tap-dancing, but as words mean everything in court (just as the recent ruling that AR lowers do not technically meet the definition of firearms due to the wording of U.S. Code), I’m seeing the above text as saying that the average person cannot obtain a gun in or from another state and have it brought it. However, the text focuses on the actions of that person alone, and does not seem to prohibit the gifting of guns via private transfer if one person drives from his home state to the recipient’s state, and within the recipient’s state then gifts the gun. There is no commerce or sale involved, and no action of purchase or acquisition from out-of-state source by the recipient.

      This is how I interpret the wording. Interstate sales or acquisitions from a Buyer are prohibited without the involvement of an FFL, but private party gifting is not. If this is incorrect, I’ll welcome opinions and supporting links.

  16. If Chitcago Mayor Lori Lightweight wanted to put a end to it she would enact Constitutional carry in her chithole of a city, however the downside would be a reduction of her supporters,criminals.

    • Learned it from Marion Barry – multiple term mayor of Washington D.C., both before and after being arrested for narcotics.

  17. So, Lightfoot is saying criminals in Chicago will start obeying laws like don’t murder when neighboring states restrict 2A? I’m skeptical that will work.
    The root of the problem is weak families. Fix that, fix the violence.

    • “The root of the problem is weak families.”

      No. The root of the problem is individuals misbehaving in ways unacceptable to society.

      • That’s because they are the products of weak, or practically non-existent, families.

  18. Chicago Can’t Stop Gun Crimes Because Machinist haven’t had their hands cut off!

  19. Sadly, she is quite right; Each of us, as ‘civilian’ firearm owners, bears some of the blame for the carnage in the Inner Cites.

    It is a FACT that, without readily-available firearms, literally overnight, Chicago, for example, would become a veritable Paradise-On-Earth, and every Yute and Teen would promptly have a complete and utter change of heart. Suddenly, erstwhile gang-bangers would start escorting elderly ladies across busy streets, tithing to the poor, begin building Habitats For Humanity, and serving meals in soup kitchens. The children would frolic in the clean, happy parks, in the cotton-candy grass amongst the gumdrop trees beside the chocolate-milk rivers, while the smiling Sun shines every day.

    It’s the GUNS, stupid!


    • I’m glad that you pointed out your comments were sarc, otherwise, I wouldn’t have realized it {sarc}. But, It was funny.

  20. Oh… you mean the states with much lower violent crime?


  21. So the voters there said Betelgeuse 3 times and this unholy apparition appeared and proceeded to run amuck. Then when they cried out that things were worse than before it held a news conference and said its not its fault that gang members and criminals are offing each other and normal’s. It’s those despicable people in other states, commonly called others . They own guns and if they did not own them the poor gang members would all sit down and sing kumbaya . With that a shudder passed though Betelgeuse as it visualized what apparition would appear at the third pronunciation of the word,

  22. As usual, she’s got it backwards. Let law-biding citizens keep and bear arms outside of the house, with no restrictions, and things would settle down right quick.

    But in the bug-eyed mayor’s case, you can’t fix stupid.

  23. The evil guns go nuts once they hit Chicago because of the carnage-activating shenanigans field there. That robot activation movie, was a documantary.

  24. So, other people somewhere else who don’t have a problem have to do something to fix a problem in Chicago, because Chicago can’t help itself?

    Lemmie guess the party n politics of the.overlords there.

    How’s all that community organizing working out for ya BTW? (Asking for an electorate.)

  25. This LGBTQxzy mayor, who is socialist progressive in her political orientation, is comfortable with lower class blacks killing each other. And she is comfortable with innocent blacks not having guns to protect themselves. And she seems very comfortable with black children being shot dead.

    • Each according to their abilities and each according to their needs.

      Mayor lightheaded needs innocent deaths to push forward her ideal utopia. She needs a reason to upend the current social order and replace it with something new, and with her at the top.

    • Everyone has everyone else on speed dial, of course. Something goes down, and we have instant backup.

  26. Beetlejuice Lightfoot is just repeating an old meme created by her forerunners. The truth is there is a huge demand for guns created by street gangs dealing drugs and other criminal activities who engage in a constant state of rivalry/turf war through gun violence. One of those criminal activities is to actively feed a Black Market in illegal firearms, mostly handguns. Smuggling hand guns is easy and the list of eager cash buyers is long. “Merchandise” is obtained through straw buying and theft elsewhere in Illinois and in other States. The City of Chicago and the State of Illinois do little to investigate and stop the flow of Black Market guns. Rather, they yammer that “it’s everyone else’s fault” and call for more Gun Control when Black Marketing Guns is already illegal.

    Thanks to Chicago’s “catch and release” policy for low-level criminals, merely being caught in possession of an “illegally” obtained firearm (even if you are already a “prohibited person”) entails no jail time. An additional conviction likely only adds more inconvenience to your life. So, you go back to your gang, get another illegal firearm and figure if you get arrested again, “What the Hell?”.

    So, once again, the failure to enforce existing Law results in a major problem and Democrat Politicians call for enacting “more laws” addressing issues that are already illegal and that will also not be enforced. The not-so-secret agenda is to enact an outright firearms ban for all persons in all States in violation of the Second Amendment. Then hundreds of millions of illegal firearms will be floating about because there is no chance of actually enforcing an outright ban and seizure on all of them. That eventuality will only create another endless vicious circle that resolves nothing {of course, the Democrat version of the GESTAPO could just kill apprehended criminals by the thousands and claim they were violently resisting arrest, which would also not actually resolve the problem}.

    • DerryM says: July 27, “So, once again, the failure to enforce existing Law results in a major problem and Democrat Politicians call for enacting “more laws” addressing issues that are already illegal and that will also not be enforced.”

      It is not a problem, it is a feature of their plan. Create chaos, pitch class against class, preach hate. Divide and conquer, communists have used that playbook for a hundred years and it works. Democrats (communist party USA) are using the plan and it is working here.

      Be Prepared

      • Yes, agreed. the “failure” is deliberate, as is supporting unregulated immigration, the “catch and release” policies, no bail policies, defund the Police movement, anti-religious freedom laws and policies, political correctness, and a long list of other subterfuge and sabotage. Yes, the end-game is the destruction of the American Constitutional Republic and replacing it with a Communist Globalist one State, one Party dictatorship. Thank-you for expanding the scope we should be acknowledging every time all-the-time.

      • Straight out of the Bolshevik manual. Create class enemies. Promote division. Blame all the problems on the “others”. Blame counterrevolutionaries, wreckers, bourgeoisie, reactionaries, monarchists, constitutionalists, or any other “enemy of the people and the revolution”. And put on a good show trial with immediate executions.

  27. Someone link a video of this. I want to see how anyone can say this with a straight face… she’s good.

  28. The solution to this problem is really quite simple. Ban the democratic party from public office.

  29. Vote Trump. Vote for every single, spineless, coward, backstabbing republican…..Trump needs to control the Senate to appoint judges and Justices….without the Senate he will be stopped cold from appointing real judges to the bench, not to mention what will happen to the courts if biden wins. So….if you hate the way Trump acts…..too bad…vote for him. If you don’t like the bump stock ban…too bad, vote for him. If you don’t like his tweets….too bad…vote for him. Biden is going to go after guns like no other democrat. His controllers will move to end the Lawful Commerce in Arms Act..which will allow every left wing lawyer, every gun control group to sue every gun maker and gun store in the country…..putting them out of business. He will also send the Department of Justice after gun makers and gun sellers, on trumped up charges, to force them to sign consent decrees bowing to every gun control demand the democrats have wanted for decades. Local and state democrats will pass anti-gun laws and his judges and justices will make them Constitutional….so again….Vote for Trump, vote for the moron republicans at all levels of government…..otherwise get ready to be arrested for the crime of the 2nd Amendment.

    • Powerful post. If only millions of fence-sitters and TDS-affected RINOs could see what you wrote here…

  30. Of course the flip side is that pesky 6% of the national population which is responsible for nearly 50% of the violent crime crime in this country…..

    • More. It’s 50% of solved murders. stopped showing Chicago PD murder clearance rates, but they were around 11 to 13%. Who do you think killed the 87 out of each hundred there, but didn’t get caught?

  31. When Chicago had a complete prohibition on handguns, those years were the highest murder rates. After that prohibition was stopped the numbers went down.

    Of course she and the rest of them do not look at the historical record, they prefer the hysterical record.

    • Yup, Colonel Jeff Cooper (USMC Ret, RIP) may well have defined the single most important mental health dysfunction yet revealed by medical science: HOPLOPHOBIA, the irrational fear of weapons”. On all questions of violence it damages the afflicted person’s ability to reason, to recognize and process facts or to reach logical and “common sense” conclusions.

      Hoplophobia should be added to the DSM, it’s criminal this mental ailment has been ignored for so long:

      • I wish we could write off all gun grabbers as mentally sick. The reality is that leftist politicians groom and then use hoplophobia of their “low information voters” to get us all closer to the Marxist utopia, where only agents of the State are armed.
        They are not dumb, they are not mentally sick. They are cunning and evil.

  32. Maybe the Problem is that criminals in Chicago have a nearly 90% chance of literally getting away with murder. Conviction rates also suck. If you will not do the time, why not do the crime? I would also point out to the Mayor Lightfoot that most of the shooters who are identified look like they might be her and President Obama’s bastard sons. Almost all murders in Chicago are either Black or Hispanic.

    Rather than wage war on gun owners and her own police department, maybe Mayor Lightfoot should pass an ordinance making abortion not just safe and legal for her constituents, but mandatory and retroactive?

    • No not at all. It’s al because racist border states sell guns for the express purpose of killing Lori`s followers. Note the guns kill them, no mention of who’s finger is on the trigger.

  33. I nearly throw up every time I see a picture of that little munchkin. I try to look away but it’s always too late.🤮

  34. Same old BS from Mayor Lightfoot and her ilk: “It’s not our fault; it’s them other guys.”

  35. She should send in her Census Cowboy Hero. Look it up so you can see the scope of derangement and denial in this one

  36. I’m trying to visualize all these guns slithering into Chicago, loading themselves, and shooting black people who voted for mayor Lori.

  37. Electing somebody like Lightfoot says a lot about the city residents.
    It was obvious she was a radical leftist freakshow prior to the election.

    My field of fucks is barren and desolate so…..No fucks given.

  38. oh? how’s that going to go once they defund the police? they think anybody will pay attention to gun control laws after that?

    because who would be there to bust people for “gun crimes”? carrying a weapon, too big of a magazine, wrong bullets, convicted felon, busting off a cap whenever the hell anyone feels like it, who is going to stop them?

    there goes their gun control! along with all their other laws

  39. You see and article with 85 comments already and you think, ‘awesome, must be a great article’, only to click it and see that half the comments are from that miserable crone ‘Debbie W.’ or her deranged, incoherent love interest ‘Goof…PR’.

      • It’s the new math practiced by politicians. Sure it doesn’t add up, but they meant well and that’s ok.

        • He sure FELT like it was at least a half. Arent feelings all that matter? Are you rather factually correct or morally right? (Nod to AOC)

  40. Another clueless community organizer, affirmative action and the libtard agenda at its finest. It doesn’t work because felons don’t give a shit about your laws. They are criminals so why would they care about “gun control” laws when they plan on committing more serious crimes? Freaking idiot!

  41. I freely admit this has nothing to do with the issue at hand, but how did someone THAT ugly get elected?
    Abe Lincoln was no looker, but he brought the goods, this little troll has the personality of…well, a troll to go along with her aggressive fugliness. What does this person (?) bring to the table that would make anyone want to vote for it?

    • Why, she brought a lot of stuff that matters to her intersectional voters: skin color, gender, sexual orientation, political views…

  42. Surrounding states with “no gun laws” are not having problems, but “no gun Chicago” is.

    • absolutely 100% proof that criminals ignore gun laws. they go to another state, to get guns and bring them back, so they can do their crimes.

      wtf are gun laws going to do?

    • Chicago is not “no (legal) gun”. It hasn’t been for many years. It is far from good, but it isn’t much worse than the whole state of Illinois as far as gun control goes. Shall issue concealed carry.

  43. Strikes me that the possibilities of Mayor Lightfoot actually believing the story she is peddling are few and far between, which leads to the following question. What is she trying to accomplish given that basic civil/constitutional rights apply, even in Chicago or so one would think.

  44. A resident of Chicago told a friend of mine that it is the police department going around in unmarked cars and shooting up people that is the cause of the violence.

  45. Part of all this upheaval in our nation right now is the left trying to run up a body count through so called gun violence for a further push for Bill of Rights Violation Laws. More of the Marxist Playbook planning to overthrow our Republic and control it’s citizens.

  46. This woman is truly an idiot. Lightfoot – perhaps Lightbrain is the proper name. Who votes for people like this? Chicago deserves everything it gets for the decades it has elected Leftists to political office.

  47. It is the ineptitude of Lightfoot that is a big part of the problem. With all the gun laws on the books, she is still unable or not wanting to do anything about violence in her town. Since blaming others now seems to be the policy of all the protests and riots she decided to follow suit rather than admit it is the fault of her, and others like her, that have caused this situation. If she cannot handle it she needs to resign and get out of politics.

  48. By the same token, the Federal government should immediately cease all Federal grants to Chicago because, as we all know, money is the root of all evil and inciter of government corruption (which is well represented in Chicago).

  49. Ok. We’ll build a wall around Chicago to keep the outside guns out (and the criminals in).

    I’ll bet the homicide by firearm rate will go up in Chicago after the wall is built because, Ms. Mayor, you’d actually have to lock up the gang bangers (your funders and constituents) to stop the violence.

    • What’s Unfortunate for Libtard Lightweight is that it is her responsibility to protect her city and her citizens. S**tcago has the strictest gun laws in the nation. Those laws, however, are only as strong as the Libtard backing them up. That, in most cases, is an invitation to all criminals… “come here to commit your crimes we will not arrest you”… Libtard is a disease that consumes one’s brain cells and renders them useless pieces of sh#t

      • “S**tcago has the strictest gun laws in the nation.” Not since McDonald. New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, California and Hawaii would like a word.

  50. I live in one of those states. Using her own line “Shes’ full of shit.” She’s an absolute disaster and failing miserably as the Mayor of Chicago. Kayleigh McEnany nailed it when she said this Mayor is nothing but words, all talk, no action. You know she’s way out of her league and can’t handle the position when she becomes an excuse machine and blames everyone else for everything that has gone wrong. But remember, she’s a black woman who is also a lesbian. If you forget, I’m sure she’ll remind you. Apparently that should cut her some slack for sucking so bad at her job.

  51. the democratic mayors of Chicago have used the same excuse for over 20 years. they always blame the other states. come on now, at least try another failed excuse. you are all worthless as being Mayors , talk tough and bend over as soon as something hits town. all you are mayor for is the power , greed. the citizens of Chicago are partially to blame for voting these twatwaffles into office! they do the same thing time and time again….FAIL!

    • Who elected this Lightfoot, she looks like a
      Pot heat ar really retardant.
      Guess only people who voted were retards pot heads, no intelligent human being could vote
      For this scum and no one would admit voting
      For Lighthead.

  52. As Gordon Lightfoot might sing, it’s a shame that Lori Lightfoot didn’t go down with the Edmund Fitzgerald.

  53. Keep blaming everyone and everything else but yourself, stupid! I think the Chiraq voters have finally admitted identity politics will kill ya!

  54. If I’m not mistaken Chicago is Obama’s home town. The town he shed crocodile tears for. He also blamed out of state guns. Mayor Lighthead is just following his footsteps because she’s too stupid to do otherwise. Black on black crime is what’s wrong with “her” city. Nothing more nothing less. She’s waiting for Biden to bail her big butt out. Unfortunately pedo Joe only likes children.

  55. You know what’s even more strange than that face? It’s the fact that a huge majority of Chicago dummies voted for her. What a bunch of clowns!

    Oh, well. The people always get the government they deserve. And in Chicago, they’re getting it good and hard.

  56. Lightfoot: Chicago Can’t Stop Gun Crimes Because Other States Don’t Have Gun Control Laws

    She left out stupid….. Other states don’t have “STUPID” gun gun control laws (like Illinois and “Chiraq”) She sounds like she believes the fucking gangbanger thugs are actually going to Iowa or Indiana or maybe Wisconsin to PURCHASE guns… Bless her little heart..

  57. Typical dem/lib…blame someone or something else
    What is there excuse for all the DRUGS??? No drug laws in other states?

  58. Doesn’t really explain why spikes of violence happen, do they? Gun laws in other states haven’t changed in the last year.

    It doesn’t matter. Politicians live outside reality. Mayor Beetlejuice will deny the reality of her constituents murdering each other the same way Floriduh’s Destantis will keep pretending that it’s someone else’s fault that people are dying of covid in his state because he did nothing.

    • In some cases, politicians are damned if they do, damned if they do. Covid is such a case. If Florida shuts down, dependent as we are on tourism, the whole state suffers. If we don’t shut down, the sky falls. There’s no way to know what would have happened with a different choice. If not enough people die of covid, then the gov was a raciss nazi. If too many die, then he was incompetent and didn’t do enough. So tell me, who’s got the right info on covid-19?

    • Go crawl under your rock and kindly don’t espouse such ignorance her. That comment is better received by the Democratic Party.

  59. She is such a loser and will grab at anything to justify her inability to do her job. She truly does not look like an intelligent person and seems to prove that all the time.

  60. They don’t have a problem, it’s everybody else’s that causes theirs! What a fkng joke of a mayor! Need all those 14,000 police votes and 45,000 city employees votes with guaranteed pensions! Not my yob!

  61. Her comments about other States not having gun laws nor background checks are about as truthful, accurate and helpful as plugging a water leak with scotch tape. All states have gun laws and all states with gun sellers must have an FFL and conduct background checks. She has proven herself by passing the dimwit test.

  62. Hold on everybody! the question is: how do the mindless idiots in Chicago get elected time after time, and how is it possible to have a such a bozo mayor?
    1. those who vote want mindless idiots in control
    2. those who vote are of the mindset that a bozo mayor will not infringe upon my ability to commit crime, allow me to continue my gang membership and never have me worry about being prosecuted for anything I do
    3. those who vote are thrilled when these minions are blaming others for all ills and woes of Chicago, even blaming nearby states, and for sure blaming Trump for everything, even the Chicago”s winter crappy weather…..
    4. those who vote know these turds want them to continue the platform of “just giving me my share, giving me my money, endlessly taking care of my welfare…” without any regard or acknowledgment of horrendous black on black murders, why? because it does not fit into the national media narrative…only police and whites kill blacks…..{we are all sicken by innocent black kids being killed in Chicago, but is the media? no}
    5. those who vote for these worthless species (not even worthy of the term politician, which is yuk) are themselves, just brainwashed sheep who would rather not think of changing the four points above!

  63. Chicago and Illinois may be the most corrupt city and state in the nation. Illinois speaker Madigan has held office for 50+ years and has an iron grip on the state legislature. No one passes gas without his OK. Gov Prickster is the puppet governor that bought his governorship for about 7 mil in democrat campaign donations. P’ster is one of the ones the Fed is “gunning for” … lets us hope they score a bullseye. The Fed recently raided Madagans offices; he , Commonwealth Edison (CE) and others are under suspicion of bribery. CE is already looking at a $200-400 million dollar fine for participation with kick backs.
    Now to “Lightweight” Lightfoot. How this dumbass women ever became a federal prosecutor is beyond reason. As far as black on black murders; apparently its “no big deal” unless of course your burying a relative or you yourself are getting buried. Sad that so many suffer because ” party first democrats” will sacrifice lives for political power and personal wealth.

    • unless of course your burying a relative

      Can’t even do that without getting shot in Chiraq…

  64. Wonder what she had to say about the 10 month old baby shot yesterday while she demanded MORE cops outside the Govs mansion… Guess it’s true what they say.. “it’s GOOD to be King or Queen or Top Lezzy or whatever the fuck that bug eyed thing is….

  65. Funny how those same states do not have a violence problem. Please explain how that is. I have owned dozens of firearms for decades and never had one of them shot a human all by itself. Guns require a hand to direct them, your people are the problem

  66. Chicago deputy police chief dead in apparent suicide — less than 2 weeks after big promotion

    Don’t mess with Betelgeuse

  67. My fellow Illinois Citizens this should be worrying you. Illinois doesn’t have an “Assault weapons ban” only Cook County. What do you think the state legislature will pass now? I am down state and I am moving over to Missouri soon.

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