Austin Motorist Shoots, Kills Protester Carrying a Rifle When Crowd Surrounded His Car [VIDEO]

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Austin march shooting
Courtesy Twitter

An unidentified motorist was in downtown Austin last night at a busy intersection. Unfortunately for him, downtown was also the scene of what the Austin American-Statesman describes as “a protest against police violence.”

Here’s the Statesman’s description of what happened:

The shooting happened about 9:50 p.m. at Fourth Street and Congress Avenue, EMS officials said. Austin police said the male victim was carrying a weapon when he approached a vehicle. The person in the vehicle then shot the man.

According to a witness, the incident began when the driver on Fourth Street honked, turned right and sped down Congress, driving through the crowd. He appeared to hit an orange barrier in the road and came to a stop, said Michael Capochiano, who attended the protest.

“There were people around the car, yelling, and people sounding like they were frightened,” Capochiano said.

A protester with a rifle approached the car, and the driver pointed his gun outside the window, Capochiano said. The driver fired several shots, then sped away, he said.

The man with the rifle “dropped to the ground when he got shot,” Capochiano said.

The protester with the rifle was later pronounced dead at a local hospital.

As the officer in the above video explains, the man in the car was in custody and is cooperating with police. Here’s video of the shooting:

The Statesman’s description exaggerates what happened. The car didn’t “speed down Congress.” It appears the driver pulled only a few feet into the crowd before he was stopped and the marchers approached. You can hear honking. Then, as the crowd gathers around the car, five shots rang out, followed by three more.

The dead man has been identified as Garrett Foster. A site called reports that Foster was seen earlier in the evening on video saying, “the ‘people who hate us’ are ‘too big of p-ssies to actually do anything about it’ when asked why he was carrying a rifle.”

We haven’t been able to locate that video yet.

The driver will certainly be asked why he chose to pull into the crowd and much more about what happened isn’t yet known. Did Foster point his rifle at the car? Were threats made? Is there more, clearer video showing what happened? All of this will be revealed in the coming days.


UPDATE: Here’s video of comments Foster made about carrying a rifle before he was shot and killed.




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    • Once again, the blood is on the mayor’s hands for not doing his job. This keeps happening. It’s almost like it’s intentional.

      • Some LEO friends and I were having a conversation last week about the increasing frequency of protests, and they said their departments are constant alert, and acutely aware that friction is being purposefully fomented by agitators (both low level organizers and high level financiers). The concern is that some metro area at some point will go “hot” in the weeks leading up to the November Election, and certainly afterward no matter who wins the election. In fact, I personally believe we can expect lawsuits up the wazoo from both sides contesting vote counts (anyone here remember the 2000 Bush/Gore fiasco and the ‘hanging chads’?) that will last for weeks until settled by a federal judge. Riots by frustrated leftists will be a certainty.

        Our church security has been indefinitely beefed up. We have upgraded comms and are installing a newer security cam system.

        Our local Neighborhood Watch (of which I’m responsible for my own street) got together for a casual conversation discussing – for the first time ever – how to defend our neighborhood with arms if necessary, due to recent gunfire by interlopers. Something none of us have ever seen here before in our decades of living here.

        Live your life, prepare to defend, and never, ever willingly go to where a bunch of leftist agitators are marching in the streets and clogging traffic.


    • You are exactly right Ed Schrade…these dumb ass scumbags should be shot and killed everytime a driver encounters them, or better yet run over their ignorant asses ….

      • That’s one of the great ironies about these protests (and lib protests in general). More often than not the cops stop people from assaulting and killing the protestors, but the protestors are convinced that the cops are there to oppress them. “Defund the police” indeed. Then you’ll get everything you asked for and everything you deserve.


  1. another room temperature challenge taker fail
    guess he was too big of a p*ssy to shoot straight
    he should have stayed in his mothers basement with his cat

    • He gave an interview yesterday where he inexplicably said he needed the AK for protection, then said he wouldn’t use it against a cop, then said he wouldn’t have to use it against right wing pussies who were too scared to face him.

      Then a ‘right wing pussy’ honked at him, so he ran up to the driver’s door and shot five rounds at the vehicle. Clear cut case of self defense seconds later when the driver drew a handgun and returned three rounds.

        • I’m hesitant to say “yes” but, there was a video making the rounds last night where you could distinctly hear teo different weapons fire, first one than the other.

          Now, caveats: buildings do weird shit to loud sounds in video and you can’t SEE what happens. However, when I first saw it my initial thought was that two people in the car fired because it sure as hell sounds like rifle fire first followed by handgun fire. I’ll post a link to that video when I’m back to something that’s not a phone.

        • Nevermind, the first video here has that same audio. It’s a clip of the longer video I was looking at last night.

        • Watch the above video, listen for the shots, count the seconds between the first five shots and second set of three. Then ask who shot first? The rifleman or the one who got three bullets for his actions.

        • Who shot first? Did the protester fire his rifle at all? Check for gun powder residue.
          Why was he carrying a rifle anyway?
          It will get worse, a lot worse. That is the plan of the LIBERALS.
          Democrat cities burn. Republican cities do not.
          Where would you rather live?

        • The first rounds had the destinct AK 47 sound. I still can’t understand caring an AK to a friendly protest, not unless your looking and hoping for trouble. I’m old and wise and know it is never a good idea to go look for trouble, you might find it. I don’t hunt rattlesnakes either.

      • A few years ago there was a similar episode in NYC. The “outlaw” biker-gang calling itself “Hollywood Stuntz” was in the habit of taking over city street to do “stuntz”. An idiot did a “stopie” in front of an SUV and got bumped then run over as the gang surrounded the SUV. The gang then chased the man and his family until he stopped at an intersection where they attacked and beat the father. The guy was was acquitted on the grounds that he was surrounded by a threatening crowd and was trying to escape.

      • FedUp,

        According to ABC News:

        [Austin Police Chief Brian] Manley said the driver and several witnesses told police Foster approached the driver side window of the vehicle and pointed an assault rifle at the driver.

        The driver said they shot Foster and drove off, police said.

        Manley said the driver called 911 and reported the incident. That person was taken into custody but later released. The driver’s name wasn’t immediately released.

        The second round of shots was fired by protesters who witnessed the shooting, Manley said. The shooter fired at the car while it drove away. That person was also taken into custody but later released, Manley said.

        So there you have it. The first volley of five shots was the driver shooting Foster and the second volley of three (or maybe four) shots was a protester in the crowd shooting at the driver as he/she was driving away.

        According to that report, therefore, Foster never actually fired his AK-47 rifle although he did approach the driver and point his rifle at him/her. If that is true, then this a clear-cut case of justifiable homicide in self-defense for the driver.

    • Garrett had a rifle and lost a gunfight against a guy with a handgun. Garrett was on foot and fired the first shots, at a guy who was trapped in his car. He had a huge advantage, and still lost, because that’s what losers do. What will his mother do with all that space she just gained in the basement?

        • The brass collected at the scene will tell us beyond doubt who fired first, as the strings of shots are both distinct and different in number. If Mr. AK-47 fired first (which seems likely if as the bystanders described, he “dropped to the ground” as soon as the person in the car started shooting) then it will be five 7.62×39 hulls and three pistol caliber rounds.

          I look forward to more facts, footage , and evidence. Wish it was available to to public as soon as the police have it.

        • Look a new user! And he’s asking a question that casts doubt!

          Despite what the media tells people guns don’t go off by themselves. They need a newb to pull the trigger five times before he takes 3 and goes down.

          No respawn in this game.

        • Seems like a pretty good question to ask

          Getting shot doesn’t stop you from shooting back. And witnesses are almost useless. With all the video around it should become very clear what happened if there is a trial.

        • @ROLCON, er, PavePusher: I understand clicking “play” on the video in this article is difficult, so allow me to describe said video. One car honk followed by 5 rifles shots, a slight lull followed by 3 pistol shots and a quick follow-up of a 6th rifle shot.

        • Rusty Shackelford,

          I am not convinced that there was a sixth shot — here is why:

          After the first volley of five shots in quick succession, the videographer ducked toward the ground and cover behind a brick column. As he regained his composure and reoriented himself, he was clunking his phone on stuff. (You can hear the low-frequency muffled impact/vibration sounds in the audio.) That is important for the following reason. All modern devices have an integral feature for audio called automatic gain control — devices try to “even” the sound volume such that quiet sounds are not too quiet and loud sounds are not too loud/distorted. Clunking his phone would invoke this automatic gain control to reduce the recording level. Since devices stop their automatic gain control pretty fast — within about 0.5 to 1.0 seconds, I believe this suddenly made the echo of the last of the three shot volley suddenly get loud. It would be very easy to mistake that for yet one last gunshot.

          To summarize: I believe the videographer clunked his phone which caused his phone to automatically reduce the audio level. And his phone recovered to “normal” audio level at the very end of the last gunshot — just in time for the immediate echo of that last gunshot to suddenly get relatively loud compared to the volume level of the last three gunshots. In fact it was loud enough that it sounded like yet one additional/last gunshot.

        • I remember when Obama issued an order to Our Military in Combat Situations to “Not shoot until you are shot at”! I wonder how many of our Heroes were wounded or killed because we had an Asshole In Chief?.?

          When someone points a gun at you, you must assume they will shoot you! Better to Shoot First and Answer Questions Later!

        • Rifleboy NEVER fired a shot but he did present a threat by pointing the rifle at the driver while the car was being assailed by ay an angry mob.. Funny thing, the trolls want to argue that the McCloskey’s were threatening an angry mob who had just tore down a gate and illegally entered a private property, but find it perfectly FINE that Rifleboy was pointing his gun at a citizen who had EVERY LEGAL RIGHT to be where he was….

        • ….except the silly-ass comments made by the guy who got shot prior to the event will factor into it…..

  2. Sounds like some radical left wing protest from what I can gather. When a crowd of people, one of whom is armed, approaches a car, I can see how somebody might feel threatened. I want to wait for more details before making my final judgement, but if this was what it looks like then it is kinda hard to blame the driver. Sooner or later the people are gonna have to stand up to this mob.

    • Except he drove into the protestors. Clear as day.

      This “radical left wing mob” stuff is such bullshit. You’re getting played.

      • Stop blocking traffic it’s illegal! Read the freakin traffic book! Don’t approach people in their cars. There are a going to be more people being shot if you don’t stop jacking with people. People are getting tired of the crap.

      • No JSLED, YOU are trying to play us! It won’t work. You might have better luck on a snowflake blog somewhere.

        People are getting tired of these bullshit claims of “peaceful protest” There are certainly some protestors who are not violent but they are intentionally protecting those who are.

        Point a weapon, throw a frozen bottle of water, a full soda can, or try to use one of those aerial mortars that you bought at a fireworks stand as a hand grenade, and you will assume a significant risk of probable lethal retaliation. If you find your self standing next to someone doing those things you may end up an unintended casualty of the behavior you enable.

      • Yeah, I guess the crowd chanting “Antifa” (which you can hear on the video) as they illegally block traffic on a major thoroughfare is just a figment of my imagination. Or are you saying Antifa isn’t a far left movement?

        We’ll need to see what the evidence is, but if the crowd did in fact surround the car and the rifle-toting mob member then pointed his weapon toward the driver, it would appear to be a lawful use of deadly force under Texas law.

        Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

        • “We’ll need to see what the evidence is, but if the crowd did in fact surround the car and the rifle-toting mob member then pointed his weapon toward the driver, it would appear to be a lawful use of deadly force under Texas law.”

          Pretty much the same in Florida. Your vehicle is treated the same as your residence, defense-wise.

          “Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.”

          And he won the ‘Grand Prize’.

          It will be interesting to see the ‘spin’ that will be applied on this one by the usual suspects…

        • If the rifle was in the hands as opposed to being slung and he was approaching the car, in that environment, that is a threatening posture. It doesn’t matter if he pointed it. He’s already brandishing. Get the hell out, shoot him or run him over. And at that point, anyone else who tries to stop you.

        • LKB,

          My concern is when mobs surround cars without pointing a firearm at, trying to stab, or trying to bludgeon the vehicle occupants. In such a scenario the mob absolutely has the ability to instantly maim/murder the vehicle occupants. And the mob has falsely imprisoned the vehicle occupants which is a crime and clearly indicates the mob’s malicious intentions for the vehicle occupants. Is that sufficient cause to justify application of deadly force?

          Consider a woman walking down the street. A crowd of 30 raucous men with melee weapons surrounds her with the clear intent of imprisoning her against her will and the men begin expressing violent contempt for her. Does she have to wait until they put hands on her or strike her before she can legally respond with deadly force?

          As much as I hate to see anyone have to apply deadly force, I don’t see how the victim has any choice in the matter when the mob has clearly expressed their intent to harm the victim. The only uncertainty is how far the mob will go. And why should good people have to wait until the mob starts bludgeoning, stabbing, or shooting them to repel the mob?

          Clarification: I am NOT condoning that anyone apply deadly force to a mob that is passing by without impeding your ability to continue on your way. I am deeply concerned about raucous mobs that illegally surround someone and start harassing that someone.

          Disclaimer: I am not an attorney and the above is not legal counsel.

        • uncommon_sense –

          Pounding on the vehicle *itself* probably won’t meet the standard.

          If glass breaks, that *might* be justified, if someone follows-up by reaching inside the vehicle.

          NOTE – I hope I *never* need to find out first-hand…

        • LKB – How does the ‘Austin political factor’ play into this?

          Can the local prosecutor with a hard-on for gun control make it a hell experience for the driver?

        • Geoff:

          Possibly, but if as some are claiming soyboy fired first, I really doubt it.

          While the Austin politicians are about on par with those in Seattle, Portland, SF, etc., we have a GOP governor, AG, and both houses of the state legislature, and they have repeatedly shown that they will step in and neuter Austin when it gets too crazy.

          Again, we need to wait for the facts to come out, but *if* they are as the currently appear I don’t see a case being made, and if the DA tried the grandstand for the cameras we may well see Gov. Abbott step in.

        • If people are pounding on your car they can be slashing your tires. You wouldn’t know it. A mob pounding on your car is clearly aggressive. Would the Mayor DE BLaaahsio’s security forces or those of any Governor allow a mob to surround and start pounding on their car? No, that simply wouldn’t happen. The driver would get the hell out of there and take anybody stuck on the bumper for a ride.

      • He was trying to drive down the street. He even honked. They wouldn’t get out of the way and aren’t supposed to be i the street, anyway. Let this be a–hard learned–lesson to them. People are getting fed up with this B.S.

        • This reply is actually to uncommon sense
          The basics of self-defense laws are the same in all 50 states.
          Once you have satisfied the five requirements of self defense (imminence, innocence, Reasonableness, avoidance and proportionality) you are justified in using deadly force.
          Most states remove the requirement for avoidance with stand your ground laws.
          The lady in your example doesn’t have to wait to be struck, but the attack has to be “ imminent”.
          Just like the man in the car doesn’t have to wait for the AK to go off.
          Once it it brandished, then pointed, you are gods to go.

      • Never mind the bling. There are 2 players. Player 1 is a cornered target in a vehicle. Player 2 is mobile with a rifle. If Player 2 approached Player 1 with the muzzle of his rifle pointed towards Player 1 that justifies Player 1 use of deadly force.
        If Player 2 had his rifle slinged over his back that would not be the time to use deadly force.
        Disclaimer…This is a speculation based on an educated guess. Dirty diaper democRats and others prone to stupidity should never approach anyone with a brick, bat, knife, firearm or say or do anything that could be hazardous to their health. Always Read and Follow Label Warnings.

        • Ain’t it a “B” when Forrest messes up a protest, street party, summer of love 2020 style, F the USA and all those that made it the only place in the world that is tolerant to their BS and whacks a loud mouthed POS…… Run Forrest run..
          If they leave New Jack City and bring their Marxist , communist , we deserve free stuff, where my reparations at arse’s to Mainsteet USA, they will be meet with a wall of Atomic number 82 of various calibers.

        • number 82 of various calibers.

          I use SOME #82, but I use a lot more #29….. and in some instances’ #82 shrouded with #29

      • You have NO right to infringe on another person’s right.

        Your right to “protest” ends where my right to freely move starts. You have NO legal authority to block anyone from doing anything.

        I’ll withhold my personal judgement until details are provide, but ordinarily you don’t have a right to aim and shoot a gun at or around someone in a way that a reasonable person would view as threatening.

        You can try to justify this fuckery all you want. But at the end of the day, the only question is how willful your ignorance is. Go be a sophist elsewhere.

      • No, he didn’t. The driver honked his horn because he wanted to get through, and Garrett tried to kill him for it. In the video, you can hear Garrett yell “everyone back up” before he opens fire on the car. Then the 3 pistol shots as he dies for his stupidity. Good shoot! I hope they give the driver a medal for making his city a safer place.

      • What the hell are you supposed to do when the rioters block the streets and approach your car threatening.

        • That would be a tactical choice depending on the conditions. I would think that attempting a u-turn would make the car and it’s occupants more vulnerable.

      • The problem with the bulk of the comments,”yeah kill the bastard” is much to early to rush to judgement the facts are the facts but they will have to be gotten before it can be decided who is in the right and vice versa. I am pretty sure there will be more vids from different angles taken that will tell the story. If you were in a situation similar to this would you want everyone to yell kill em before the justification is revealed? What baffles me about this whole screwed up mess is that when trump people came in that is when it got much more violent with many more people in attendance, I thought their mandate was to only protect Federal properties?

        • That is not when it got more violent. It got more violent on day one when Antifa showed up at protests. The right has been comatose in comparison.

        • “when trump people came in that is when it got much more violent”

          Really? Are you trying to rewrite history already or is your attention span really that short?

        • It is entirely possible that the media began reporting on the violence more regularly once federal agencies were involved in order to paint things in a more negative light for Trump. Similar to the way that people protesting lockdowns were the spawn of Satan(especially the ones carrying guns), until a couple weeks later when the BLM Antifa protests happened and they were portrayed as Angels from on high(especially the ones carrying guns). Funny how what is reported changes based on who is involved on each side of the event…

      • Hey kids….newsflash! What goes on in your own head doesn’t necessarily equate to facts! These are not peaceful protests! Brandishing a gun, in a threatening manner is actually bad for ones health! If the protester, with the rifle, did fire first, why did he not understand the concept of ‘gun-control’, as in IDENTIFY YOUR TARGET and AIM at the target? Pointing a gun, in the general direction of your target and thinking you will accomplish something is flawed thinking which can get you dead! Hollyweird’s use of guns, in movies and such has very little to do with reality and if that’s where your knowledge of guns come from, then you shouldn’t own much less carry guns. Their use has lasting consequences! This dude sounds like a future recipient of a Darwin Award! Way to go CHAMP!

        • “Brandishing a gun, in a threatening manner is actually bad for ones health!”

          Well, it was just fine at the Bundy ranch when multiple individuals were pointing their weapons at both local and federal LEOs.

          Of course, every single armed individual at welfare queen Bundy’s ranch was white, that’s probably why there was no consequence for their brandishing and pointing firearms at others.

          Remember the snipers on the bridge?

        • The individual who was shot was Caucasian, but the majority of protesters were minorities and the specific reason they were protesting was because of excessive force by police in their interactions with minorities, especially blacks.

          Trumps attorney general, Bill Barr, said “I do think it is a widespread phenomenon the African-American males, in particular, are treated with extra suspicion and maybe not give the benefit of the doubt.”

          The protesters have a valid concern regarding this unfair treatment, and dissent against the government is one of the most patriotic actions an American can take.

          Hey, given the audio recording of the shots fired, it’s a distinct possibility that the nut job with the AK 47 instigated the gun play. But it’s best to see how this actually shakes out once more evidence is collected.

          You know, I have seen pictures of this individual with his wife, a black female paraplegic in a wheelchair. It’s certainly possible that if he driver revved his engine he could’ve felt that his wife in the wheelchair was in danger and may have just fired warning shots. He was within 3 feet of the car, if he actually fired his weapon intending to hit the car it would’ve been impossible to miss.

          So I am beginning to doubt that he actually wanted to shoot the car, we know he was an Air Force veteran so he may have had some weapons training, how could he miss unless he was just firing warning shots.

          And then the driver rolls down the window, produces his weapon, and kills him.

        • @Ned

          Minor doesn’t understand the concept of cause and effect. Facts confuse him.

        • Warning shots are patently illegal in many parts of the US. Warning shots in a dense urban environment are potentially lethal, highly irresponsible, and will result in you going to jail. To say nothing of the fact that he was already willfully breaking the law, helping instigate a riot along with a domestic terror group and holding people prisoner against their will. He was a dangerous fool, as are all the useful idiots who attend the Burn Loot and Murder festivals thrown by our very own domestic terror organization, Antifa. The “peaceful protestors” are nothing but human shields for the ones performing assault, arson, and murder. He is now sporting new ventilation holes and on a slab in the morgue. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. After Secoria Turner no one should be thinking twice about defending themselves from a mob of violent terrorists. Antifa and BLM have burnt up what little benefit of the doubt they had with the average person.

          You want to protest? Get a permit, do it peacefully and lawfully. Don’t block traffic, vandalize or loot.
          People show up to try and be violent and commit felonies? Do what the Gun Owners of the US did at their rally in Richmond – disown the malcontents, tell them to fork off and point them out to police.
          If the rally turns violent? Go home. If you stay you are choosing to be a human shield for those committing crime, and you are accessory to everything they do – in which case you deserve to be pepper sprayed, cuffed, stuffed, and jailed.

          The average american is beginning to realize that nothing will placate the mob, and that the mob can and will murder ordinary people who have nothing to do with them for the crime of being caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.

          I have zero sympathy for this nut job, or for any of these morons.

      • jsled lies, “Except he drove into the protestors. Clear as day.
        This “radical left wing mob” stuff is such bullshit. You’re getting played.”
        jsled continues lying below, “He drove into the crowd. He wasn’t “surrounded”. Christ.”

        You do know we can watch the video ourselves right? He did not drive into anyone, liar. He did find his way blocked during a late night unmarked protest march. It’s why most protests should be in parks or use traffic control/detours/signage if in the streets. Some one tried turning, found idiots in the street, And then he, horror upon horror, honked.

        Glad idiot AK boy got his Darwin Award, not happy how idiots like you will use it to push for overreaching gun control like all the socialists do.

      • He drove down a public street. Folks that had no permit to do so blocked his travel path. The guy in the car was the victim. He simply defended himself.

      • “Clear as day”? How about you explain what this clown was doing in the street downtown at midnight with a mask and a gun? After that, quote the law which allows you to fire on someone who is driving a car in the road you are wandering in like a suicidal fool?

      • No, we are not being ‘played.’

        The difference in perception between you and us is that we’re not drinking used bong water.

      • Another example of how when someone stands up to them these “peaceful protesters” they fold like a tent. If they had any character or skills they’d be contributing to society instead of tearing down work by their betters.

      • Watching the video it looks like he was there first and they walked around him and then in front of him to keep him out of the intersection. They should have let him go on instead of surrounding him. Signal light stopped him, protestors marched around him got in front of him and were about to give him some grief when dummy shoots off his AK and gets himself shot. If you don’t like this country please get the hell out of here because there are a bunch of us who love this country.

      • So a mob of antifa/BLM protesters, one or more of whom are armed, can take ownership of a public street? Seems to me if a bunch of people are standing in a public street and vehicle honks it’s horn letting them know it needs to get by, the polite thing to do is to move aside and let pass.

      • I assume you had another name before you were banned from the site for being an idiot. Guess what you are still an idiot. go out and play little boy and allow the adults to talk esnibly

        • talk esnibly

          What the HELL is “ESNIBLY” searched languages All over the world and I can’t find anything that comes close…. (kidding)

      • Baghdad Bob is that you? “There are no Antifa in Seattle or Portland”… the city burns in the background.

        There sure are very few black people protesting the mistreatment of black people. It’s mostly white people.

  3. Approaching someone with a gun and you aren’t the police is a good way to find out who is and isn’t a pussy….

    • “the ‘people who hate us’ are ‘too big of p-ssies to actually do anything about it’ ”

      Then why do you need a rifle again? That doesn’t even make sense, unless you were planning on intimidating a bunch of so-called p-ssies.

    • As soon as he blows his horn, people from the march turn around and head for his car. You can see that on the video. They thought they had some fresh meat to bully.

    • Drove up to the crowd, not through it. The driver honked his horn for people to get out of the way and it hurt everyone’s feelings so they all rushed to his vehicle.

      Foster (who was bragging about people who oppose them won’t fight back) with AK opens fire 5 times (you cannot mistake rifle fire) at driver.
      Few seconds later, the 3 small caliber gunshots rang out. Foster gets taken out.

      But you knew all this already. You know it but won’t accept it, so being disingenuous is your only retort.
      Just stop bruh.

      • Lance may be correct, those first five rounds sound like AK. There will probably be more video from different angles available, that will provide more information about the incident.
        There isn’t enough information yet to draw a valid conclusion about the cause.

      • I believe Lance is indeed correct.

        Two distinctly different sounds. One 5 shot burst and one 3 shot burst. They are not from the same firearm in my opinion.

        • Lance is absolutely correct, and the police report will back it up. You can even hear Foster yelling before he opens fire, “everyone back up”.

    • If they were all around the car at that point and the video certainly appears to show that, the driver absolutely was surrounded. If a member of the crowd approached him with an unslung rifle THAT is a threat.

    • Can’t you get it through your head that ‘protesting’ on a street is a bad idea. Surrounding a vehicle isn’t very bright either.

      • And approaching the vehicle with a rifle in your hands pretty much forces the driver to fulfill the OODA Loop.

    • He was exercising his right to travel freely, unimpeded when a terrorist forced him to exercise his 2nd Amendment rights.

  4. ok

    Question for BLM:
    Tell us WHAT cop killed WHAT black ANYONE?

    Because I’m not seeing it. What am I missing here? This looks to me like too many armed fools running on high emotion. I don’t see anything here that has any indication of race at all.

    • If Black lives really mattered to Black Lives Matter, they would be in Chicago and every other inner-city stopping the Black on Black violence. Thousands of Black are killed each year by other Blacks. Its the most dangerous threat to a black person today. Last year nine ‘unarmed’ Black men were killed by the police. Review them for yourselves, seven were suicide by cop.

      What happened to George Floyd looks wrong from the video they released so far. After I see the rest, I will gladly hang the cops myself if they were wrong. But I doubt these riots are really about George’s death while in custody. And someone should recall any mayor or governor who lets his crap continue.

      • George Floyd is supposed to demonstrate “systemic racism” or some shit. Guys were fired before sunset, now facing trial for murder. Folks, no bullshit here, that does NOT show “systemic racism”. Quite the opposite.

        • George Floyd is supposed to demonstrate “systemic racism” or some shit.

          You sure about that name? Chuck Schumer called him Floyd Taylor and Pelosi called him George Gobel or some such shit… Phukin Libtards don’t care, that guy was just an excuse to TRY to make Trump look bad… And 3….2….1 cue the trolls.

        • Just a total coincidence. /s
          Like all the prior lockdowns and face mask rules we’ve never had over the years in largely Democratic-run states when people caught nasty colds or the flu. The economic ruin, the urban protests, the BS “black” marches tied to DNC money laundering … it’s all a rigged show for the stupid and slow who enjoy the gas lighting BS the media is feeding them.
          At some point the provocations will go too far. A lot of people will get hurt simply so certain people can maintain jobs and power.

  5. It sounds like a good shoot. Criminal rioters have no business blocking traffic and then some dimwit approaches a vehicle with a rifle attempting to assault or intimidate? Always conceal carry, never pull your weapon until it is go time / in defense of your life.

  6. “…reports that Foster was seen earlier in the evening on video saying, “the ‘people who hate us’ are ‘too big of p-ssies to actually do anything about it’ when asked why he was carrying a rifle.””

    The reported ‘victim’ may not be a victim. If I’m stopped from proceeding on my way and an agitated crowd surrounds me and I see someone with a rifle approach me…

    They could genuinely be in fear of their safety and respond appropriately.

    So it seems to me…

    • It sounds to me like ‘MAGA Man’ took care of business the old-fashioned-way.

      And you’re all butt-hurt over it. Suck on it, long and *hard*.

      *snicker* 😉

      • “ Suck on it, long and *hard*.“

        Bro, I’m flattered, but I don’t swing that way. As you know, you’llhave a lot more success propositioning truckers at rest stops.

        • “Bro, I’m flattered, but I don’t swing that way.”

          Nearly every comment you make here you sexualize.

          Just another gay in denial… 😉

        • …and you embrace it fully, seeing as you’re asking dudes to ‘suck it hard’ 🤣.

  7. if the cops did not have the road blocked then it was an open rd to drive on and he did not run over protesters but they were enough around him he had to stop and then an idiot with a gun started towards him he was right to be scared for his life and shoot to protect his life

  8. I can think of few things more threatening than finding yourself on a highway, road or urban street, surrounded by an angry threatening crowd Who will not allow you to proceed about your business and deliberately block your way out.

      • Yeah, my car gun is meatier than my edc. If I’d hit him 3 times with my car gun, he’d be missing a lot of extremities.

    • I suspect a bunch of the people participating in these protests haven’t the faintest idea who Reginald Denny is, why he became famous, and how many people of the slightly older generation are determined to not end up like him.

  9. this guy had the rifle and wanted to act ‘tough guy’ and got shot…..and was part of BLM

    I don’t see a downside on this, the car guy will get off with self defense when the video shows and you can hear them BEATING on his car…he sees gun and goes for the defense move before LARPing boy can fire.

    then add the rifle BLMer has a nice tweet video of him acting all tough guy BEFORE the event!

    • “I don’t see a downside on this, the car guy will get off with self defense when the video shows and you can hear them BEATING on his car…”

      It took place in *Austin*, the Leftist home base in the great state of Texas.

      The prosecutor there can make him take a very expensive ride, even if he beats the rap…

  10. Well, it looks like the shoe has dropped. Expect more of the same in the near future. After the kids joy riding in the CHOP were shot (1 dead) and the video of the protesting thug shooting the driver of the white SUV in Provo, Utah. people realize the threat is genuine. I don’t live or work anywhere near any of this madness. But I can tell you if I was trapped by a crowd surrounding my vehicle with no exit other than over the protesters and someone is obviously approaching me with “HANDS ON” a firearm (other than LE) I’m shooting them before they get a shot off at me.

    • I used to live in Provo and I didn’t think I lived anywhere near that kind of madness either at the time. That was years ago, and things do change—but it does go to show that people can bring the madness to you at any time. Stay sharp.

    • Careful what you wish for. Personally hoping this tamps down the behavior for a bit but probably too much funding and motivation for it to stop just yet.

    • You can’t see the shooting, but you can hear all the shots. The first 4 shots definitely sound more like a rifle than a handgun, the 3 follow up shots (reportedly from the driver) and quieter and higher pitched, like a handgun. Then one final loud (rifle?) shot after that. So this version of events seems likely.

      • Fun Gunner,

        I am not convinced that the audio is a reliable indicator. The videographer was pointing his video recorder (probably a smart phone) at the car for the first volley of five shots and thus his microphone was aimed at the car. After that first volley of five shots, the videographer ducks down and by the time he records the last volley of three shots, it doesn’t seem like his phone is pointing toward the car any more. That alone could cause the audio level of the last volley of three shots to be significantly quieter and sound different (due to recording different frequencies at different levels due to uneven reflections).

        If AK-47 man did shoot those first five shots and police were able to secure the scene right away, there will be five 7.62 x 39mm casings on the ground which will absolutely prove or disprove what happened. Similarly, if police find eight handgun casings on the ground and/or in the vehicle that match the driver’s handgun caliber and expended capacity, that will absolutely prove or disprove what happened.

        • “ “due to recording different frequencies at different levels due to uneven reflections”

          That certainly is a possibility. However, in my experience on a city street the majority of reflected sound is coming from the buildings and the direction of the microphone doesn’t really affect the amplitude of the recorded sound.

        • Last I saw an hour ago, the only release from the police seem to be based on “witness” accounts, and did not mention the original shots at all. And directionality does not change the tone and length of the blast reflected off of the buildings. A 7.62 recorded from 5 feet away or 500 feet over the hill carries the same distinct audio signature, which is what is heard in the video before the gunshots.

        • “If AK-47 man did shoot those first five shots and police were able to secure the scene right away, there will be five 7.62 x 39mm casings on the ground which will absolutely prove or disprove what happened.”

          No guarantee either way, the large crowd walking around contaminates the evidence. Besides, some idiot may have picked up a 7.62×39 shell case as a twisted ‘souvenir’.

          The lack of found shells doesn’t mean they weren’t fired…

      • The video showing the shooting has been deleted, because it didn’t show what the rioters want you to see.
        The fact that the rioters aren’t posting full video all over Twitter is pretty solid proof that Garrett needed to be dead.

        Ever watch a livestream of Portland rioters doing riot stuff, then somebody, often a NLG green hat, starts yelling ‘turn off your cameras, delete the video’?

    • Fun Gunner,

      Any chance the driver fired the first five shots (which would sound relatively loud since the videographer’s recording microphone was aimed at the car) and then AK-47 man, on the ground due to taking handgun runs, manages to fire off three shots before going unconscious?

      After the first volley of five shots, the videographer was behind cover likely not pointing his microphone toward the car which would significantly reduce the recorded loudness of off-axis audio originating from the direction of the car. And if AK-47 man was on the ground as well when he fired off three rounds, that could easily sound much different and quieter on the audio (especially if his rifle barrel was aimed away from the videographer) as well.

      This could also explain how so much time elapsed between the first volley of five shots and that last volley of three shots. (AK-47 man falls to ground, struggles to unstrap AK-47 from shoulder and point toward car, and pulls trigger three times before going unconscious — which could easily take the five seconds or so that elapsed in the video recording.)

      I am also thinking about the relatively long delay (five seconds) between the first volley and the second volley. If you are in your car and someone starts shooting at you, I have to believe that the natural, first, immediate reaction of 99.9% of the population would be to step on the gas pedal and try to drive away. The car did not appear to immediately do that. So the driver just stays there for five seconds while drawing his/her handgun and aiming to start shooting? And meanwhile AK-47 man stops shooting and just stands there? Why? If AK-47 man decided to start shooting at the car, why stop at just five pulls of the trigger?

      And then you can see people start moving away from the car a few seconds before there are any gunshots and you can hear someone (apparently on a bull horn) order the crowd, “Everybody back up!” about one second before the first shot. Did the crowd and the person on the bull horn see AK-47 man approaching with rifle in hand? Did they see the driver draw a handgun and start pointing it?

      Hopefully, concrete evidence (most likely the number and caliber of shell casings on scene) will definitively tell the story.

      • No, that was Foster yelling “everyone back up” so that he wouldn’t shoot his fellow protestors as he opened fire on the car. He attempted to murder the driver and got what he deserved. Good shoot.

        • I meant the delay between the initial series of shots and the subsequent series. My read was rifle shoots first and pistol responds 3-5 seconds later.

        • Dan,

          How do you know it was Foster telling everyone to back up?

          Whoever told everyone to back up, it sure sounded like they were talking through a bull horn or public address system of some sort. Even if Foster was doing that, how did he let go of the bull horn or microphone and start shooting in 1/2 second — which is the approximate elapsed time between the word, “up,” and the first gunshot?

          I am not saying that anyone was in the right or wrong: I am simply trying to piece together what happened with certainty — which may not be possible with the limited evidence that we have before us.

      • Unless RifleBoy just intended to shoot holes in the car how the hell could he miss the driver, if the driver was the actual target, at that range with a rifle? No matter now, that’s one out of the equation. Next!!

        • Rifle boy was there with his quadriplegic wife in a wheelchair, he may have thought they were about to drive over her and fired warning shots. Then, the driver rolls down his window and produces his firearm and shoots rifle boy.

          He was less than 10 feet from the car, if he intended to hit the car or the occupants there would be no way to miss it that range.

        • he may have thought they were about to drive over her

          The car is in the street… STOPPED… Rifleboy just thought he’d prove his theory about ALL those pussys not doing anything.. and what kind of MORON fires an AK five times without shooting at a specific target, there were hundreds (thousands?) of people in the streets and if Mr. Roomtemp fired into the air he’s fortunate no one else was hit… Contrary to popular belief a bullet fired into the air returns to earth with sufficient velocity to penetrate a human skull…. His “famous last words” are destined for greatness.. Or at least remembered in perpetuity by ALL us pussys….

  11. good call on the audio (5 apparent rifle shots then a break then 3 pistol shots). must acknowledge however that the video source clearly relocates in between the shots so maybe judging by loudness isn’t accurate? Who knows

    really curious to hear what actually happened (if it ever comes out).

    • I agree. My judgement was based on pitch and report of the two series of shots, both of which are distinctively different from rifle to pistol.
      There is another rifle shot after the 3 pistol shots, in my opinion.

  12. If you and a bunch of other people approach a car and someone has a gun it is an implied threat. A few weeks ago a woman with a child was surrounded by protestors and one had a gun, when she called 911 she was told she was on her own. Some would rather be judged by twelve than carried by six.

  13. play stupid games in the street, win stupid prizes.. where’s he gonna be buried so I can piss on his grave..

  14. To those that blame the driver – – I am reminded of the drunk 18 year old girl, in suggestive clothing, in the “bad” part of town, and bad things happen to her. And when you point out that of course, nobody deserves that, but what the hell did you think would happen when you got drunk, flashed your skin, and instead of staying home, went to the slum to do it all, your told your a sexist pig and she can do what she wants…. Yea, all true, but if she had not done those things, she would not be in the hospital. By the same token, if you don’t want to get shot, don’t go up a a random car with an AK47, blcck that car in, and scream at it as part of a mob. Its MUCH safer to get a picket sign and stand outside city hall, and say yes sir no sir, than risk that some “p****” wont do anything about you pointing an AK 47 at them in a unruly mob

  15. The left wants an escalation in violence. Mr. AK-47 may have fired first, missed, and the driver subsequently dropped him with three shots. Citizens are starting to realize that the “authorities” have abandoned them to the leftist mob. Citizens are under ZERO obligation to surrender, kneel, be abused, violated, and or murdered by these low grade Maoists.

  16. Being swarmed in your car is really no different than being swarmed outside of your car. The act of having your egress blocked by an overwhelming force is most certainly life threatening fully warranting flooring it or shooting your way out.

    These sorts of “protest” tactics are assaults pure and simple.

    • Exactly so.

      “Swarmed”, “your egress blocked”, “overwhelming force” are assaults, one or in combination. You don’t have to wait to get hit, or shot at, to be at risk. When the swarm demonstrates or threatens explicitly, all the more cause to believe them. Once yr swarmed, yr ripe to get brained from behind – ask Andy Ngo. Then get beat w “just signs” from all sides once yr down.

      Like with the suburban lawyers who did not fire, putting them at risk is the assult: changes the calculus. A swarm already breeching physical decorum is a different level of risk than one guy n just words. Putting yr target at disadvantage *is* assault.

    • Possible correction: Where we all thought we heard rifle fire 5x followed by pistol fire from inside car 3x, the news is now reporting driver shooting 5x followed by a ‘peaceful protester’ firing 3x from a distance. That matches up with a ‘peaceful medic’ claiming that he fired the final shots.

      If that’s true, what we have is a driver honking at a mob, the mob surrounding his car, one member of the mob approaching very close to the driver’s door brandishing (not merely carrying) an AK, and the driver perceiving that as a valid threat and dealing with the perceived threat. For circumstantial evidence, we have the threat’s recorded interviews which sounds like he wants to shoot somebody but doesn’t quite say it straight out, his social media posts saying cops should be blinded by lasers because they’re cops, etc, etc.

      • So are you trying to tell us that the pistol fired from within the care was substantially louder than the rifle fired outside the car. Nice try though.

        • No, the claim is 5 shots from handgun at rifle boy, and then 3rd party fires shots at fleeing car. That seems stupid with all the people surrounding the car, but it might be true.

  17. Don’t blame the driver these vile animals are not NOT protestors they are paid violent criminals and allowed by democratic communist party this needs to be put down immediately and these politicians arrested for allowing such behavior in America done with this blm antifa both are terrorist must be put down immediately and these other protest should be shut down as well, it is spreading this virus much less it over done the cop is going to prison so it done. These colored people if so unhappy pack them up and their families send them to Africa or wherever their ancestors came from, revoked citizenship never allowed back, all about destroying America and our freedoms.
    And arrest all those behind this soros obama democratics communist cease all assets, prosecute, if not jailed for natural life then Deported revoked citizenship banned from all of America and territories

  18. “….the male victim was carrying a weapon when he approached a vehicle.”

    WRONG, morons. The actual ‘victim’ was in his vehicle. The burn-loot-murder perpetrator threatened the VICTIM, who then defended himself.


  19. When more info comes out later, things may look differently, but for right now ….

    The sound is very clear, a series of rifle shots, a pause, a second series of pistol shots. They sound like two very different guns and we know the about to be dead guy carries an AK.

    Whatever the driver was up to that video does not show him doing anything threatening to anybody. If the about to be DRT rifle bearer fired on him, like it sounds may be the reality here, the driver is justified in shooting back.

    About the dead guy’s earlier interview, he talks about not being allowed to protest and march. But he’s right there, protesting and marching. Masses of people are right there doing the same thing all around him. Nobody is stopping him from protesting and marching.

    What a dumb ass….

    It ain’t looking good for the rifle guy being the “victim” in this thing, more like his fantasy met up with a Defensive Gun Use Reality.

    • enuf AKA shorty…Your contribution to Gun Rights is lint licking democRat Gun Control Zealots. Your POTUS bashing while everyone else pulls the wagon confirms it. Enjoy the guns and ammo you purchased off the backs of voters who got DJT elected POTUS and continue to see that DJT is reelected with ZERO help from slanderous, libelous, self serving, politically inept, history illiterate gun talking twerps like you. Now gfy.

      • He was not driving down a street and was surrounded. He was stopped at a light. The light was green but the mass of people prevented him turning right. The light turned red. The driver saw a slim break in the flow of the crowd and gunned around the corner, instantly filling a small empty space with people on all sides. He slammed his breaks, stopped hard and blasted the horn.

        The turn was illegal, pedestrians have the right of way no matter if they should or should not be there.

        From that point the evidence is not yet completely clear. But there were two shooters with handguns. The driver, who killed the man, and the third party who fired at the driver as he fled.

        • Show ME one fucking law that gives any pedestrian “RIGHT OF WAY” in any main thoroughfare in the country OUTSIDE of a designated crossing area…. Sorry Buckwheat the streets are for motor vehicles, sidewalks and crosswalks are for pedestrians when permitted by a signal of some sort and millions of taxpayer dollars are spent annually to build and maintain public parks for these clowns to go play in… Stay the hell out of the streets and continue to enjoy that comforting 98.6 degree feeling… (a) A person commits an offense if, without legal privilege or authority, he intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly:
          Texas Penal Code § 42.03. Obstructing Highway or Other Passageway
          (1) obstructs a highway, street, sidewalk, railway, waterway, elevator, aisle, hallway, entrance, or exit to which the public or a substantial group of the public has access, or any other place used for the passage of persons, vehicles, or conveyances, regardless of the means of creating the obstruction and whether the obstruction arises from his acts alone or from his acts and the acts of others;

        • The crowd was more illegal? lol. Not sure where you think you are going, but he was trying to get the hell out of there and not be surrounded by a mob. Plain and simple. Nothing from either side was “legal”… so quit your crying and grow some situational awareness. If you would allow yourself to be surrounded, that is your own fault. Nature knows three ways: Fight, Flight, Submit. Clearly, you are a submissive. Hopefully they don’t burn your vehicle because you made eye contact with someone not there to be “peaceful” – as their “protests” have already proven to turn out… every. single. time.

  20. So the score so far is good guys 1.5 (.5 for the punch in Seattle), leftists -3 (NFAC shooting their own).

  21. “They won’t let us march anymore, so I thought I’d carry it”

    “The pickles don’t fart anymore, so I thought I’d wear a hat”

    • The “story” may change, the facts wont. Block traffic, prepare for the consequences. People are fed up. Nobody cares about your lawyer style way of throwing people under the bus. It’s over. The time has passed for your mentality.

  22. Expect the initial spin to be that the BLMers and ANTIFA are being attacked and must retaliate.

    One possible outcome will be much increased violence.

  23. Apparently they WERE allowed to march in the street . I would not shed a tear if they all became road kill.
    Protest, fine, on the damn sidewalks , play in traffic(with guns !) , do not be surprised to see more of this .
    At some point, we may need martial law in these cities.

    • No we do not as long as you block a road and are willing to die for it I have no issues with citizens dealing with “protesters” in this manor. If I am ever o one of these juries not only total acquittal but also my personal thanks.

  24. Oh well….can’t say as I blame the guy who can justifiably claim he was in fear for his life when his car was surrounded by people one of whom was carrying an AK-47. Hope he has good legal counsel who should tell him, “Shut up and say nothing” and then the lawyer can simply say, “My client was in fear for his life and did what he felt was necessary to defend himself.”

    Seems to me the dead guy came looking for an armed confrontation and he got one.

    • You swore you are not coming back. You are here why? Nothing you say can be trusted. Take Chief and Chris with you too.

  25. Let’s get answers on the questions we all have.
    What caliber, what load, what gun?
    What brought the wanna be terrorist down?

  26. Here we are talking about “The Rules.” Get a clue:


    If more people start using lethal means to defend themselves against the mob the authorities will have to end the chaos if only to protect their supporters.

  27. With the discussion on whether the initial 5 gunshots sound like an AK or a pistol, I’m surprised this hasn’t been posted yet.

    “This is the AK-47 assault rifle, the preferred weapon of your enemy; and it makes a distinctive sound when fired at you, so remember it.”
    CLINT EASTWOOD – Gunnery Sergeant Highway, Heartbreak Ridge

  28. The more appropriate question here is….. Why did this man come in from Colorado to Texas to attend a protest? Numerous ppl who were there have said that the car was swarmed by protesters the guy who’s now dead shot at the man’s car several rounds before the man in custody opened fire….. You can’t just come to Texas and shoot ppl and expect not to be shot back! Especially in Texas where most ppl who were born and raised here have been shooting since they were as young as 6,7,8 years old! The problem with today’s society is that very few people care about the value of life! You don’t shoot at someone for having a different viewpoint period! Too many have lost respect and fail to understand that EVERY LIFE MATTER’S! I may not like someone but then again there’s another person in this world who loves them which would make my feelings to take it upon myself to cause harm a disgusting violent action that could not only take a life but destroy others who know that person! I’m disgusted and fed up with how ppl are treating one another!

  29. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes…Mr. Darwin,please pick up the courtesy phone for the Award Ceremony….

  30. The other day some x-Navy man thought he would get in the face of those defending Federal Buildings in Portland. Needless to say LE did not appreciate that so the man got his ass handed to him. Of course the military hating media found themselves a poster boy and plastered his dumbazz all over TV in an effort to make it appear like the military was going Marxist too.
    Now today here’s a dumbazz airmen with a civilian AK and too much free time and money and disregard for family to travel from Colorado to Austin to be with a mob of America Hating Marxist spoiled brats. Now that he is very dead it is obvious lots of folks do not share protester passion for acting as stupid as stupid can act.

    • “the man got his ass handed to him.”

      No, several federal agents did assault him without provocation but they were amazingly ineffective.

      Watch the video, it’s just hilarious to watch the little fella smacking on him with his baton to no effect.

        • Actually, he said that he attended the Naval Academy. He has been interviewed on the major networks so if he’s lying I’m sure the Naval Academy would’ve issued a statement.

          So where is your DD 214? Do you expect veterans to be prepared to produce the paperwork at any moment?

        • The networks thought the Russian collusion story was too good to check too. How did that turn out for you.

  31. Think of it as evolution in action.
    Just culling the gene pool and purging the voter registration rolls of useless idiots.

  32. Bigger news in Texas…. at 17:00 local time Saturday, four busloads of Antifa and BLM arrived in Weatherford. A lot of armed citizens made certain it would be a peaceful protest. By 18:00 local time, the four busloads of Antifa and BLM left town.

    • Well, you didn’t mention they were there to protest the statue of the American traitor on the courthouse lawn.

      Most people who live in Weatherford want the statue to come down, the town does not want to be known as the American town that celebrates traitors who fought against America.

      “Public comment

      The majority of community members present spoke out in favor of removing the Confederate statue.

      “You have a statue out here, where’s the balance? Where’s the slave statue to the people who helped build this county, this town? When y’all get elected to these positions, you do not come to black neighborhoods or black churches and ask for votes,” Anthony Crawford said. “You know why? Because we don’t count. When we’re in this court today that’s what we hear from you — we do not matter once again.”

      “Just from an economic development standpoint, people that come into our town and see that, some people turn around and go back. When you say take the emotion out of that, I don’t know how you do that because this is hugely emotional to them and frankly I get emotional standing over there seeing people that aren’t being listened to,” Jim Eggleston said. “It doesn’t matter if [Norred] owns it or anybody else owns it, you can tell it to go and they’ll figure it out because you don’t own it, correct? So let’s move forward and take a stand on this.”

      David Lee said removing the statue doesn’t change history.

      “There are 254 counties in the state of Texas. There’s 50 monuments on county property in the state of Texas. The statue faces south for a reason, it’s for the fallen soldiers, the ones who lived through the war and died of old age. If they face north it’s for the ones that died on the field of battle and that includes the black Confederate soldiers that fought,” Lee said. “That’s why we’re supposed to be united. It’s for all — white, black, Hispanic, it doesn’t matter. If we remove our history, it doesn’t change history, history still happened. All we’re doing is removing something so people don’t see it. It doesn’t change history.”

      Mark Stafford said removing statues is to reject what that statue says to the present day.

      “What does that statue represent? What does that statue say to someone that’s driving through this area for the first time? Does it say welcome to the area? Statues are not history, statues are symbols to glorify or honor historical figures, but statues are not history,” Stafford said. “You take that statue down the history remains. The removal of statues is to reject what that statue says to the present day.”

      Rebecca Hogan said she is ashamed when she sees the monument.

      “I love this area and I came here for that reason. When I first noticed that statue, I shook my head and every time I’m heading north on Main [Street] and have to come around and look at that statue, I am ashamed of my city, I am ashamed of my county,” Hogan said. “That statue represents reprehensible bad behavior and people that wanted to tear this nation apart. I love the United States, I love the state of Texas, I want that statue removed. Who owns it is not a matter of whether it gets removed or not.”

      • And with that whole statement about “what most people in Weatherford want,” you’ve proven that you’ve never set foot in that town in your entire life.

        • Never said I’ve been to that town. Texas is too hot and dusty.

          Those are public comments from a commission meeting discussing the statue, as reported in the local newspaper.

          Of course I’m sure you think the local newspaper in Waterford, Texas is part of Obama’s conspiracy with a secret Tunnel connected to cosmic pizza in Washington, DC.

        • “Those are public comments from a commission meeting discussing the statue, as reported in the local newspaper”

          Looks like Waterford needs a good scrubbing.

    • Four bus loads? Prove it, news video on Fox doesn’t show enough to fill one bus and they are doing their thing, not being chased out of town.

      There are vastly more local people shown in the same Fox news video, any Antifa or BLM presence looks very small.

  33. We do need to get all the facts before making assertions about “who did what to whom”. The video SEEMS very clear and conclusive . . . but this is likely to end up in court, and there will be more video, more witnesses, possibly physical evidence (if the cops can locate spent brass, do a ballistic match on bullets, etc.). We shouldn’t play THEIR game, and jump to conclusions, without seeing the evidence. /lawyer voice off

    Looked at the video several times. Righteous shoot.

    As several on the thread have already noted, “Play stupid games, win stupid prizes”. And the stupid beeotch made a VIDEO shortly before the event, bragging about his macho – which would be “Defense Exhibit One”, if I were his attorney.

  34. No need for a lot of legalese verbage, this is what the left thought they wanted! Lesson; be very careful what you wish for, when you play games you have expect the other side to take field too!

  35. We are witnessing balkanization right now. That’s an extremely bad thing. This should be a message and a warning. A very very big one. I’m surprised it hadn’t happened yet.

    • Interdependent economies, infrastructure, and desire to keep things running make for strong glue. There are absolutely concerning fracture points but I am wondering how much of what gets attention is ginned up for other purposes.

      • ^This.^

        Most of the remote “cintrol” from Imperial n District capitols is compliance n cooperation by the remote locals. Two countries n a longest war later, n they still don’t get that occupation is hard.

        One tell that the “protesting” n insurrection is orchestrated n calibrated is how carefully they meter how far they go. “Occupy” was livingroom fort camping that never went far enough to get cleaned out. The “profests” every weekend in my berg carefully moved out from streets where they’d get thrasbed to genteel suburbs, where they carefully don’t do real damage.

        It’s performance, supplying fodder for psy-ops.

  36. “the ‘people who hate us’ are ‘too big of p-ssies to actually do anything about it’ when asked why he was carrying a rifle.”

    How many times have I seen that basic sentiment expressed by the trolls and the liberals posting on here… Hmmmm, seems there’s at least ONE non-pussy gun owner on the planet, I wonder, could there possibly be more?

    • Maybe the same reason all those peaceful demonstrators at the Virginia State Capitol a few months ago were carrying their weapons?

      Or is that different because they were all white?

      • You dumb a$$ mfkn pos….. that was a SECOND AMENDMENT RALLY….. NOT A STREET PROTEST…. YOU SACK OF EXCREMENT

        • And there was only one arrest. An Antifa agitator thought he stir up the crowd to storm the Capital. They drained him and turned him over to the police.

        • That’s hilarious, “they drained him and turned him over to the police“.

          But no one was agitating to attack the capital the individual that was arrested was actually a female, and she was arrested for wearing a mask of all things.

          The FBI had already arrested three right wing militants, headed for the rally on the Thursday before.

          Keep at it, you may get it right someday.

      • And look at all the cars they shot up in VA. Oh wait, nothing got burned, looted or tagged with BLM there. A woman was detained for buying eggs without a background check but that was resolved.

        BTW they were protesting laws intended to make it illegal to carry guns under the USC.

      • No, it’s different because the objective of that demonstration was to prove they were overwhelmingly peaceful and they were overwhelmingly successful. That’s the difference.

    • There is nothing violent about carrying a rifle or a handgun or any other weapon. It is all in what you do with it. Peaceful people carry weapons all the time, it is extremely commonplace.

      Problem here is the more detailed story now coming from more witnesses and video. Including frmo a vehicle that was waiting at the light.

      Driver made an illegal turn, and a quick one at that. The light was red and even in right-turm-on-red states you must yield for pedestrians. He turned swiftly into a whole bunch of them. What kind of a fool deliberately turns onto a street packed with noisy, marching, protesting humans?

      In that bunch was a woman in a wheel chair, the wife of the man about to be shot. From here it is unclear but the additional witnesses are claiming the shots fired were to protect the wife, who could not get out of the way.

      We need to know where those rifle shots went? Into the car? Where into the car? Driver’s door? Engine compartment? Tires? Was he firing into the air? Where was the dead man shooting?

      Story ain’t over, and it is no longer clear who was at fault.

      • Constantly getting better. His wife is in a wheelchair, and he drags her out in the street, in the middle of the night, while he shows off his “assault weapon” and threatens everyone around him, telling all who will listen what a tough guy he is. It is not possible to be that stupid without chemical assistance, and that goes for his “wife”, too. Before I believe he is actually a vet, I’ll hear the government say so, I think he was a liar.

      • Here we are again, everyone already knows what has happened and has picked a side.

        No room for reason.

        We all goose step to our favored narrative.

      • The “story” falls apart since it appears that the car did stop with people surrounding it. If the car wasn’t moving, it stops being a threat. If that was the case, why the 5 shots from the AK wielding “mostly peaceful” protestor? And there was the sound of a bolt being racked back as if to clear a jam. Or was it the driver racking his slide back to chamber a round? Which is more plausible?

        • “If the car wasn’t moving, it stops being a threat.”

          If the car is running, it is a threat. A few pounds of pressure on the accelerator and he can run over 10 people in a matter of seconds.

          If one of them is your sweetie in a wheelchair you would deploy your weapon to warn off the threat.

      • You aren’t going to try and suggest the driver of the car bears the responsibility for this because he didn’t follow the traffic laws when there were literally hundreds and hundreds of protesters trying to create total chaos in the streets, by disrupting traffic and swarming cars whose drivers dared not cooperate with them? You might get away with that crap when yucking it up with your leftist comrades but it isn’t going to fly here.

  37. Quote: “Did Foster point his rifle at the car? Were threats made?” Mob surrounds car, man with weapon approaches car, last two months country has been torn apart by riots–leaving about 20 people dead that we know about. Doesn’t matter if Foster pointed his rifle at the car. The mob itself was the threat.

    • Wrong, it matters completely what each person does. There can be no forgiveness for a killing because of the mood of the country.

      Driver made an illegal turn into the crowd. Surrounded? Of course he was “surrounded”, the street was packed with people, before he made his illegal turn, as he made his illegal turn and after. What would anyone expect to happen when suddenly turning into a small pocket of space in a dense crowd?

      Other witnesses are saying the shooting was about the dead man trying to protect the woman in the wheel chair, who was his wife. Exactly how is unclear.

      Seems the dead guy was well know and protesters are already chanting his name.

      More to come on this one.

      • So literally hundreds of people are involved in an organized effort, including professional chaos creators, doing everything they can to create chaos, disrupt and confuse traffic and automobile operators and this guy is at fault because he mad a wrong turn? Don’t try that crap on here.

  38. If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen. I would venture to guess that many people are now arming themselves while driving around. A couple dozen more of incidents like this should solve the Antifa/BLM Marxist rioting problems in the major cities. Let’s not forget the incident a couple of weeks back where a protester opened fired on a citizen in a vehicle while they surrounded it.

  39. I am sorry Mr Garrett Foster got shot and died. I was not there. I do feel this was all on the RIOTERS (It’s not a protest!). I feel the Austin police needed to keep the streets clear, but they did not! As far as Mr Foster carrying his personal AK47, I have no issue with that. Under the present conditions when these rioters block streets, pull people from vehicles, beat or shoot them. I am on the side of those that FIGHT BACK! It is time that us NORMAL Americans, who just want to be left alone, fight back… OUR TIME HAS COME! These Marxist/Communists of Antifa/BLM/Red Guard want a civil war. We don’t but if it comes. It will be swift and violent! That’s the American way!

    • I’m not sorry, not one bit. Mister Foster was there trying to do his best to overthrow the Government and country that I risked my life for and that my uncles died defending. As far as I am concerned, let the maggots and rats eat what remains here on earth and the rest of him can rot in hell. In the coming civil war the Left’s biggest advantage is the people on the right will all to frequently let their morals and compassion get in the way of ensuring their own survival.

        • with his black wife.

          You make damn sure you get that “BLACK” wife in there… What the fuck does her skin color have to with it? Wouldn’t a white wife or a red wife be equally in danger? Or would YOU only rush to the aid of a BLACK woman in harms way… What a fukin’ Maroon…

        • I don’t care what color his wife was. That only seems to be an issue with you and the rest of your leftist comrades. And being a veteran or military isn’t some kind of class act certification. That doesn’t fly with me either. Just like any other demographic group, the military and ex military have their share of dirt bags. So don’t try to wave his ID card in my face like it was some kind proof that he was a stand up guy. If he was a stand up guy with his head on straight, he wouldn’t have been out in the street with his wife in a wheel chair participating in creating chaos, disrupting traffic and denying his fellow citizens their right to travel the streets their taxes paid for and threatening them with firearms.

  40. Lol…. Kinda looks like he found one of those pu$$ies he ran his filthy mouth about….. this is ALMOST as good as the retarded NFAC pu$$ies who “marched” in Louisville yesterday who SHOT THEMSELVES!

  41. Btw, this a$sclown carried a tool of communism…. he found out what America does to communists carrying commie rifles…

    • So convinced that you know exactly how it went down and why that it brings your heart joy?

      How about we wait for better info?

      Maybe he deserved it, maybe not. How about we hold the applause?

      • I don’t care how it went down. The end result is unchanged and that is what I was excited to see. By his own admission, he was out looking for a fight and he got one. His peaceful protesting days are over and that deserves a round of applause 👏

        • It may not matter to you…

          How it goes down should always matter. The tough talk = he should have ended up dead regardless what happened after the interview?

          So if the interviewer had set down the camera and executed him on the spot you’re saying that would have been justified?

        • Although you’re attempting to build a straw man and burn it to the ground; yes, I think you captured my thoughts exactly. A man walking down the street, wearing a mask, carrying a rifle, and challenging anyone (pussies) to stop him, is a form of terrorism towards the general public. Terrorists shall receive no quarter. I’m happy the other gentleman was able to safely indulge his fantasy for him. Given his state of mind (“if I have to shoot a cop”); the 5 distinct rifle shots followed by 3 distinct pistol shots; I’d say I have a good idea of what went down. Care to make a wager?

        • “the 5 distinct rifle shots followed by 3 distinct pistol shots; I’d say I have a good idea of what went down. Care to make a wager?”

          TJW, I gladly except your wager and set the terms as a fifth of Woodford reserve.

        • Woodford reserve? Sounds like something a jogger would drink.

          I drink Busch heavy. Made in the USA.

          MAGA 2020

  42. This and the McCloskey situation is going to make the left want more restrictions on gun control, open carry, and castle doctrine laws. Seems they are setting up a situation they were hoping the right would do, albeit by unwitting helpers. It’s not going to be good if more Dems get into the House and Senate.

    • I told people on this site yesterday not to do what this driver did. It only helps the government. Hours later this dumb guy thought he could drive through a crowd and start shooting when Americans fight back. Now a military veteran is dead because he exercised his 2nd Amendment protected human right in the state of Texas.

      A lot of lefties are saying the right wing are complete liars and racists because they won’t defend this white male veteran — who is a licensed open carrier — because he was helping his black wife protest about police brutality and corruption. They are posting those pictures of Republicans protesting against Democrats for their pandemic response while carrying AKs and ARs. The left is saying Republicans won’t even defend gun rights if it somehow connects to black Americans matter and anti government corruption.

      Right now the left is doing more defending of the 2nd Amendment than Republicans. A bunch of Republicans are getting arrested for committing violent crimes against protesters and people who ask them to wear a mask. It’s upside down world with Trump leading the way.

      • The dead guy was a total douche bag, veteran or not, and photos of him show him in a very offensive manner, as others commented on this site and others sites. Videos of the event shows a pack of rabid mobsters moving through the streets causing havoc. No one know where the driver was going, why he was there at the time, but does show his vehicle being surrounded by a presumably violent mob. Compare this situation with the VA gun control law protest in Richmond several months ago. Most armed amount of civilians I’ve ever seen. The violent right wing militias that the media was looking for never showed up, but consisted of just a bunch of regular people. This ANTIFA and BLM were just the thing the media was looking for, but alas, it is the media’s ideology and cause, and not from the “violent” radical right wing militias.

        • So you have no honor and would leave your disabled wife to die? You would not protect your countrymen from a violent motorist? What if that motorist was a Muslim terrorist like the one in New York who killed 8? Remember those two Muslim terrorists in Texas that tried to murder Americans who were drawing Muhammad?

          If I see you try to drive through a crowd I am going to think you are a Islamic state terrorist because that’s the experiences I have in my memory. So I suggest you don’t try unless you have a death wish, which will only prove you are the bad guy.

        • Good point, when the driver made his illegal right turn on red into the pedestrians, he was no different from the Muslim truck terrorists.

          When a legally armed Second Amendment advocate challenged the terrorist in the car, the terrorist shot him and fled.

          Seems simple enough.

        • @Chief and @ Miner and enuf: I can’t help but read your comments with Pierce Morgan’s voice. You use terms, arguments, and name calling I usually here from the NYT, Huff Post, yahoo and the like. I usually ignore your posts, not because they are not well written grammatically, but rather the logic in which you construct your arguments. You may say your republicans, pro gun, etc. but we all know you are just trolling.

        • And, outside of an actual politician, have you EVER seen anyone who can say the same damn thing, in so many different ways, each one making absolutely NO sense AND still be 100% WRONG about everything… I know, maybe it would help if they got on the Democrats “daily talking points” list… They’d still be wrong, it would still sound just as moronic, BUT at least it might make SOME sense…

        • “You use terms, arguments, and name calling I usually here from the NYT, Huff Post, yahoo and the like.”

          You’re making this old hillbilly blush, all the way up here at the head of the holler.

          Thank you so much for your kind words!

          Now I’ve got to go back out on snake patrol, I’ve killed two copperheads out back at the outdoor kitchen in the past month.

  43. You can clearly hear that there were multiple shots from two distinctly different firearms. How does anyone explain that?

  44. Need much more of this kind of defensive action on the part of normal citizens. If you try to intimidate others with your firearm or because you are bigger, stronger and tougher; don’t be surprised when someone draws down on you and shoots first.

    As has been said before; play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Intimidator won the room temperature challenge. Sadly, the shooter will have to deal with the life long consequences and memories.

    • It appears the shooter was driving on the wrong side of the road and was trying to drive through the crowd. He went around cones. The victim was pushing his wife’s wheelchair in the middle of the road when the car pulled up on them quickly and started honking. The open carrier then went to talk to the driver and was shot dead as the man with the megaphone said to back up from the car.

      The man with the AK was in the military.

      • Oh now I see, it is now a capital offense for making a wrong turn and driving on the wrong side of the road to avoid hitting anyone.

        • It’s a two way street, driver is headed in the correct direction on a street that he had every right to be on as opposed to the unlawful gathering that was impeding the normal flow of traffic (which is also illegal)….

        • regardless, he is on a street trying to drive. When a human blockade impedes your movements, how is anyone supposed to know their intentions once they surround you? Those who remain calm are simply LUCKY to remain alive. Lucky they don’t get randomly chosen to be the first vehicle burned for the night. I’d want to get the hell out of there too. You’d have to be an idiot with NO SITUATIONAL AWARENESS to allow a mob of people to surround you and act like you are going to be safe if you just don’t make eye contact and ignore them. Anyone who stands for these idiots who enforce their will on innocents, should expect the result of what happens when someone won’t allow themselves to be a victim. Obviously, it’s time to stat playing offense if we want to be able to drive home after work, or just drive for that matter. We are free to move, right? So block my movements and find out what happens the hard way. I will not allow someone, let alone a group of people, to surround me.

        • “the shooter was driving on the wrong side of the road and was trying to drive through the crowd. He went around cones.“

          Exactly, the driver made an illegal left turn on red, into the left lane and approached the pedestrians honking his horn.

          When a legal open carrier challenged him, the driver shoots him.

        • So he was “challenged” by an armed person illegally in the street? Good point.

          Did that go the way you were hoping? Nope.

          Self defense. Nullified. Thanks to Miners testimony.

        • The light was red, the pedestrians have the right of way. Not only did he violate the red light traffic signal, he pulled into the left lane into the pedestrian pathway, threatening the disabled woman in the wheelchair.

          When foster approach the car, the driver shot him. I understand that when criminals are afraid of being caught, they often shoot people and flee.

        • You say pedestrians, but you mean a mob. It’s a right turn down a one way street the mob was illegally walking down with the purpose of blocking your movements and surrounding anyone caught in the middle against their will. Also, criminals may flee, but so may someone surrounded by a mob just trying to get to safety before they call law enforcement, like our driver did. Keep trying miner.

    • No, we really don’t. Not like his. Not hot headed idiots who act aggressively and start shit that needn’t have been started.

      The video is clear. The driver made an illegal turn. It was aggressive, suddenly turning against the light and the pedestrians who always have the right of way. He gunned it into a small opening between the pedestrians, slammed hard on the brakes and his horn at the same time. He could see there was no place and to go and did it anyway.

      What happened next is what is being investigated, but we now know the dead man did not fire his AK. The driver fired on the victim, and as the crowd scattered he drove away. As the driver fled a third person in the crowd pulled his handgun and fired on the driver.

      At this moment in the news cycle, nothing more is certain.

      • Start shit? You mean like impeding peoples movements? Why don’t you go stand on a highway, alone, and see how far you get? These people use the numbers tactic, and it’s causing a reaction, one that you saw today. The guy in the car did not start anything, he ended it for one idiot. Hopefully, more idiots will see the same ending.

        • You need to rewatch the video, the driver was never impeded. He turned against the light into the pedestrians pathway.

          When pedestrians are crossing the street with the light, they have the right of way. The driver pulled into the pedestrian path illegally in the wrong lane (left of center) against the light.

          In America, pedestrians have the right of way, you can’t pull into the crosswalk and then claim that you’re surrounded by pedestrians.

          Do you actually have a drivers license?

        • Those assholes were NOT crossing the street they were walking in the street, hundreds of them curb to curb illegally blocking traffic in BOTH directions as well as the intersection where a hundred or so crossed in the middle of the street against a red light also illegally blocking crossing traffic flow.. Perhaps you should screw the cap back ON that bottle of Woodford Reserve long enough for your vision to clear and your cognitive function to return..

    • Pretty much. I’m fairly tough and I can be a tad aggressive at times, but I learned a long time ago that no matter how big and bad you are there’s always someone bigger and badder than you. Act accordingly

  45. Austin, Tx is socialist territory, as are all cities. The driver will be charged with murder no matter what.

  46. Us old farts still remember the savage beating of Reginald Denny. Most versions of the video still available edit out the scene where one of the BLM thugs throws a brick at his head from close range.

    Rioters who block roads and swarm cars should know their rights.

    You have the right to die.
    You have the right to stay dead.
    Any weapon available to me can and will be used to kill you.
    If you do not have a body bag, one will be provided for you.
    If you do not wish to die, don’t have a riot.

      • Certainly doesn’t show him pushing his girlfriend in a wheelchair but does look like a person raising a weapon ready to fire.

  47. Well… Your going to advance on a car, with a rifle in hand, and you don’t know anything about the occupant in said vehicle… You make any movement towards the operation of said rifle, More than likely anyone with any sense of training is going to see you as a deadly threat and take action to protect themselves… J/S

    • The rules of self defense says you can’t drive towards a crowd in attempt to drive through them when they are peacefully marching down the road and start shooting when the crowd realizes you are a criminal. See, a vehicle is considered a deadly weapon in America. A licensed Texan has every right to carry his long gun and he has every right to use it to defend the innocent from grievous bodily harm. You can’t drive through a crowd that is marching down the road as that would be considered an assault with a deadly weapon. If you did that to a cop you would be dead not confronted.

      A terror attack in France with a truck nearly killed 100 people. A vehicle is much more dangerous to a crowd than a gun.

      • AND those non-permitted “protestors” had every right to stay the hell out of the street and NOT impede traffic, infringing on others RIGHTS to go about their business without being illegally hindered by the presence of an unlawful gathering… Of course in your mind nothing the mob does can be illegal and nothing the general public does in retaliation can be legal… I get it, I don’t care, but I do get it….

        • The tax payers have a right to use their public property and they have a right to protest. Are you a George Bush free speech zone supporter? Remember how the government said the Tea Party had to protest in a permitted zone far away from the location they wanted to protest or face violent arrest?

          You are telling me you should be able to shoot dead Americans because they march down the road to shout to the town about their grievances? Sounds very anti American. Of course they don’t have to right to unlawfully confine you like the McMichaels and their buddy tried to do to Arbery, but in this case the man appears to have broken the law before he was confronted by protesters.

          How could there ever be a million man protest on D.C. of gun owners if they can’t be on the sidewalk nor streets? You think all those thousands of pro gun Virginian protesters should have stayed home or went onto the capital grounds instead of block off many streets? Most of those protesters were not even from Virginia! Should gun owners rely on a permissions slip to exercise their 1st Amendment like they rely on a permission slip to exercise their 2nd Amendment?

        • You block my right of way while illegally “protesting”, then surround my car shouting and beating on it while some dumbass presents a rifle in my face and hell yes someone WILL be rapidly on their way to room temperature.. I don’t play your political/racist bullshit… BLM, ANTIFA, Tea Party or fucking Young Republicans… black, white, red, yellow, brown or green makes no difference to me, a threat is a threat.. And don’t play that “TAXPAYERS” “public property” bullshit either that’s why they have those big wide sidewalks on both sides of the street (that no one was using and which it is illegal to drive on), they paint crosswalks and write laws against being on/crossing “public streets and roadways outside those crosswalks for a reason… Had this “MOB” taken the time to follow the law and get the proper permits the public would have been given notice and streets could have been closed for the designated period… but these godlike, angelic, civil rights (as long as it’s their rights, fuck yours) activists are ABOVE the law, the rules of society do not apply to them. They are doing God’s work (whatever god that might be)… Rules exist to ensure that “stuff” can happen without creating the chaos that has been happening for the last two months and allowing the general public to go about their lives uninterrupted, but that defeats their purpose…. The two year old throws the tantrum to be the CENTER of attention not just to make a point…. Odd that you would point out the problems the TEA PARTY had when they LAWFULLY applied for permits from the OBAMA administration, while you defend the chaos of the lawless left.. Oh, what am I saying, you are them.. The gun protesters in Va. had the permits as they have for years…

      • Chief, I am willing to bet you $1,000 that person was driving and saw himself overcome from one end of the street to the other, in all mirrors, and decided “I don’t want to be caught in the middle of this”. How do you know what his intentions were? How do you know why he was driving? You make this out to be some intent on killing people with his vehicle, when he clearly stopped to avoid doing so. Did he drive aggressively to try and avoid being surrounded? Yes. Have you ever been stuck in such a scenario? No. Story time kid:

        So no shit, there I was, driving a HMMWV through Iraq, our LT did his usual getting us lost and we made it right in the middle of a city stuck in traffic. Now, you, knowing a soldier who served his country is a patriot – right? – should know there was some hostility in Iraq in 2004. So what did we do? We drove on the opposite side of the road, tried to avoid hitting people and pushed cars out of the way to avoid being ambushed – or – surrounded. Which can happen VERY quickly over there, and did, many times. Usually following a big explosion. So, knowing this, how quickly a mob of people who crowd the streets and have been known for their violence, rioting, looting, and general chaos, and you, just trying to get through and make it home safe avoiding all this stuff not wanting to get caught in the middle of it and hoping something doesn’t turn bad, what would you do? Fight? Flight? Submit? Those are your options. Anything you say will boil down to one of those three. Again, you are just trying to make it home safe and avoid all this. You want no part in it. You want to remain neutral, but you have already tried going out of your way a couple city blocks only to be surrounded again and see no way out. Also, did you know there are stories and reports of people invading your privacy for simply being there? So lets say you submit. What happens when you are interrogated by someone who could care less what your response is? You just assume everyone in these “protests” is reasonable? You can talk your way out of anything, right? Yea… right. Your submit mentality will get you killed, or worse, others killed too. I know if I was in the car with you, I’d rather get out and grey man my way home since you want to submit. At least walking I could hug a wall and keep moving. But since you have the protection of a vehicle, why not use it? Why should you be forced into submission by enforcers who want to surround you. They want you to know they mean business, even if you don’t care, they will make you understand. Your rationality to submit is totally irrational. People are being beaten and killed, cities are being burned, everything you do has a political purpose in their eyes. Everything. So you must be there to either support, oroppose. You cannot simply just exist and watch forever. Reporters tried that in Chaz and you see how far that got them, right? So how about you quit trying to play the moral high ground and start being rational. If you disagree with the stance at TTAG, why are you here. The neck bearing trollish attempts and repetitive arguing when you already know by the title of the article the point you want to make is just foolish. It’s a knee jerk reaction and you constantly try to push your own agenda down the throats of people who quite simply, think your point of view is fucking stupid. Grow up sir. Time to move on to bigger and better things.

        • Lol..Did the same thing in downtown Baghdad sometime around May or June in 03. I had pretty much forgotten that. Small group of Hummers, but we had a 2 1/2 with us. Turned down a street that was a dead end and hard to turn around.

        • Monty, that sure is a lot of words but you’re still wrong in this situation.

          The driver turned against the red light, and into the pedestrian pathway when they had the right of way.

          You may not know this, but in America we have traffic signals in alternately pass and stop various sorts of traffic. In the situation at hand, the light had turned red for vehicular traffic, thus giving pedestrians to the right of way to cross the street as foster and his paraplegic girlfriend in the wheelchair were doing.

          The driver, ignoring the red light traffic signal, turned onto the street into the wrong lane, left of center another violation, and honk the horn moving forward.

          Foster reacted to this vehicular threat, he could move out of the way quickly but his paraplegic girlfriend in the wheelchair could not.

          When the driver realized he was going to be held to account for his threatening actions, he shot the armed man and fled.

        • Stuck on stupid again, same old shit over and over, just like the McClosky event… nothing new to see here, no new stuff to cut and paste so you just run the same tired ass bullshit with a word change here and there and then you just beat it to death… Get something new or STFU….

        • “turned onto the street into the wrong lane, left of center”

          I looked at both the videos and You Are Wrong. Yes he turn right at the red light(which is legal) but he did fail to fully stop before turning (this could cause him trouble). BUT he turned into the right hand lane, NOT the left turn lane. Watch the video from across the intersection the black car was in the turn lane so he had to be in the proper lane.

        • lol miner. You are such a try hard. You should read the story again. Fear of life would smash that red light defense in court any day. I’ll be sure to rub it in your face after the acquittal. Oh, wait, he’s not even being held… or identified. lol.

    • The last thing Rifleboy would see is a red pulsing beam pointing at his brainpan followed by a bright flash and a loud cracking sound that he probably would never hear… Rifle looks like an AKM….

      • why a beam? Who takes the time to activate a laser in self defense? Even a grip laser is pointless lol. Do the adult thing, get an RMR. (I’m just messin with you btw)

        • I like my little guide rod laser, on with a fingertip as I’m raising the gun and on the money, grip laser on the old Ruger P-90 works great too.. Can’t wait til some asshole legislator tries to make them illegal…

        • I have a TLR-6 on my G43, and TLR-8G on my bedside G19 (both light laser combo’s). G22 (truck) has a TLR-1HL (Just a light). I could never actually activate it in time though. The TLR-8 is bigger, and I have turned it on after a draw, but it’s soooo awkward and TBH, not very safe. Activating a light right next to the trigger with essentially the same motion as a trigger pull immediately after a draw does not seem like a good option to me. A grip one makes sense. It just turns on when you grab the grip and your booger finger can be as disciplined as it needs to be. But since I got my 365xl with the RMR, it’s like a bob ross painting everytime I stroke that brush baby. Pretty sure I’ll never buy another handgun without one. Great in low light because they don’t give you away immediately. I do like simply identifying the laser dot though. It honestly does not get any easier than that, and it’s great for anything that does not require aiming down sites. Plenty of scenario’s they are optimal for. Why can’t someone just integrate one in the grip, no extra bulk (smart tech? or a very small button), and give me an RMR with an WML at least 400 lumens but no bigger than the spring portion below the barrel? I’d sell all my pistols and buy 5 of them to replace the spots I keep them lol.

        • Hey, you guys seen the Lasermax Gripsense line? I saw an ad and bought one, went back and bought another, damn cool. Problem is, I don’t know how many guns they are made for. Anyhow, they actually sense your finger against the trigger guard and turn on for as long as you are holding the gun, then off again, no button or whatever, like magic. No, I don’t work for them, but the gadget is neat, even though I am not actually carrying in that configuration, I am using an alternate method pushing a button at the end of my index finger. But I played with it enough to know it really works!

        • Have a Lasermax guide rod laser on my G29, works great, point and shoot activate with offhand index finger since I went to two handed grip on the big guns, have a crimson trace grip laser on my Ruger P90 and Rock Island 1911 both work fine, just leave the switch on grip normally and it’s on and the added thickness of the grip (on those single stack handguns) actually makes them more comfortable to shoot… also have a Veridian on a Taurus Millennial and a gen 2 SCCY that are frame mounted but activate by a sensor under the trigger guard again just grip normally and it’s on… All are sighted at 30 yards and have instant target acquisition… Only way to go for the older, slightly slower generation like me… Red pulsing light does not mean stop, it means it’s too damn late….

    • Absolutely! Plus if you’re in a vehicle armed with a handgun, anyone outside the vehicle armed with a rifle already has a MASSIVE advantage over you if push comes to shove. Take any sliver you can get to tip the odds in your favor

  48. Reports say the Antifa/BLM thug/rioter fired his AK 5 times before the motorist returned fire, and the Antifa thug subsequently assumed room temperature.

    This will be his last “peaceful protest”.

    • The man was in the military. He was white. He was licensed to carry. He was pushing the wheelchair of his black wife. He might have also been a Republican.

        • It seems modern day Republicans think white people can’t be dating a black woman and they can’t support justice for all. If they do these things they must be a lefty commie who hates the U.S.

          Apparently I am in more danger from Republicans than actual communists. You can easily scare a way a young communist with pepper spray. Looks like we are going to need body armor and a long gun to deal with criminal Republicans and we can’t hesitate to transfer their brains to a different location.

          Sad day when Republicans are turning on right wingers while the left unite. They refuse to follow their principles and rationalize why they shouldn’t.

          This guy works for The Blaze. He was a Democrat and gang member. He is now a so called Libertarian who works for Republicans and caters to them. An actual Libertarian doesn’t support violence being committed on criminals by those that are not the victim or immediately defending the victim, this includes violent punishment by the government.

        • lol. Chief you are seriously trying hard man. Get a fucken life. Go stand in the street and get it over with. I’d gladly “unjustly” deal with you.

      • He might have also been a Republican.

        Haaaahaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaahaaaaahaaahahahaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaa……… You should take your comedy show on the road … chuckkkkleteeheeeehaahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…………………………………..

        • Well, I am officially registered as a Republican but I am not a Liberal Republican like Trump fanboys.

          Foster was very far right to the point he might not consider himself a Republican because modern Republicanism is Blue Dog Democrats with red ties. There are so many Democrats that walked away from the Democrat party to join the Republican party. You got people like Candace Owens and Tim Pool who are considered right wingers now. The Republican party now has many formerly loud and proud communists calling themselves conservatives.

          I am one of those conservatives that wants to get rid of the department of education as much as I want to get rid of the illegal police departments and the standing army. I didn’t support the Patriot Act and the creation of DHS/ICE/NSA.

        • He actually considered himself a libertarian, funny that a person who believes that strongly in personal freedoms would participate in “group think” that endeavored to deprive people of their legal, individual rights to use public highways for their intended purpose by illegally blocking those roadways and violently reacting to anyone who attempted to use said roadway for that intended purpose… I don’t support dept of Education, no reasonable Conservative does, don’t like DHS, Patriot Act, Trillion dollar stimulus crap.. Need police reform not dissolution, country would not last 6 months without a standing army, but I don’t like our military being used as a global police force, ICE has it’s place along with DEA and U.S. Customs and Border Protection… I don’t agree with every thing Trump does but if the alternative is braindead Biden then it’s no different than entitled Hillary (actually worse since he signed on with Bernie) and Trump WILL get my vote again…

        • Bullshit. You’re a moron.

          I’ve been accused of a lot of things, some of them were even true, however being a fucking moron was NOT one of them… Average IQ in the U.S. is 98 (85 to 115) mine is slightly over 160 (not bragging just fact) The average globally is 85.5…. My brainscore on is 99 (out of 100 over the past five years of two a day questions)…. I’m a bit on the crazy side but my shrink is not concerned and I am way distanced (intellectually and common sense) from ANYTHING a reasonable person would label a “moron” Unless of course you were referring to one of the other posts above.. In THAT case NEVER MIND (said in the vice of SNL Church Lady)

        • Hey Maxxipad
          It was “Emily Litella”(Gilda Radner) that said ‘NEVER MIND”
          Not “Church Lady” (Dana Carvey)

        • You are correct church lady was “well isn’t that speashull” kind of like an idiot that thinks he’s being special when he tries to berate someone by playing with their name… Hunt down a couple more brain cells and try again, I’m sure you can be amusing if you try harder.

        • Not likely. My daughter always tells me I suck at being funny and I should stop trying. But hey, what are dads for if not to tell bad jokes?

        • “Hey Maxxipad
          It was “Emily Litella”(Gilda Radner) that said ‘NEVER MIND”

          Well, so much for mensa mind MAX.

          You know, Donald Trump says he’s really smart as well, a great mind, great memory and lots of great words.

          Person, woman, man, camera, TV

        • Guess I should have used YOUR tried and true “cut and paste” method, seems to work well for you… Thought you were “above” the name calling, that’s okay, I’ve been called worse by better men than you (assuming you are a man) but at least they had the balls to say it to my face…. Your originality is mind boggling… almost like did a copy/paste from the other moron who thought maxxipad would be funny/upsetting. I just consider the source(s)….

      • Even if that’s all true, so fvcking what? You shoot at someone for no reason, expect to receive return fire. See, unlike you leftists, we on the right have principles that transcend group allegiance

        • The police said the victim did not fire his weapon. Another CCWer shot at the car as it fled the crime scene after firing about 5 shots into Foster.

          I think I heard a witness say the shooter used a Glock. Possibly a 10mm.

      • He “might” also have been a Rastafarian, fork outta here with your “might” BS. He “might” have found a better use for his time, and “might” have been a better husband. He “might” have went on to live a productive life if he had made more prudent choices.

    • He was absolutely not “Antifa”. A lot can be justifiably said about him being a dumbass, but when you watch more of the videos and witness accounts the narrative that he was the aggressor is weak.

      He was a USAF veteran, a long time peace activist, a Second Amendment advocate and may have believed himself to be defending his wheel chair bound wife who could not get out of the way of the driver.

      Who made an illegal turn into a small empty pocket of a very dense crowd.

      We need to know where those rifle shots went, that is the next piece of this puzzle.

      • From what I have seen so far, the driver will be charged with felony murder if this does not become political. He appears to be the aggressor and have broken traffic laws in an attempt to pass the crowd. Traffic violations are not considered infractions in Texas. They take traffic code violations more seriously in Texas.

        The suspect can’t claim self defense when he breaks traffic laws and assaults numerous people with a deadly weapon before a licensed veteran attempts to stop him from running over his disabled wife. There is no duty for the veteran to leave his wife to die, she literally can’t run away. The suspect will argue he didn’t know there was a woman with no limbs stuck in the middle of the road in a wheelchair as he attempted to drive towards her. Doesn’t matter, he broke the law before that, thus he warranted to be shot by the husband defending his wife.

        • WTF, you are getting more outrageous with every post. I don’t believe he was a vet, prove it. And, you claim he was “licensed”. WTF is that supposed to mean, licensed to deliver pizza, or what? There is no license to carry a rifle in Texas, literally no such thing, so what the fuck are you attempting to lie to us about? Some reports say he was Navy, enuf claims he was AF, I say no service would accept him due to mental problems.

        • So you say he did not serve in the military?

          I accept your challenge and will wager you 1/5 of Woodford reserve that he did indeed serve it in United States Armed Forces.

      • As moronic as ever. The mother clearly says the twit was with his “fiancee”/(fuck buddy). You can’t get ANYTHING correct can you? Therefore ignore anything enuf has to comment.

        • In some places in the U.S. living with your partner for a certain amount of years automatically makes you husband and wife. I think in California it’s 7 years.

          Millennials don’t really get married these days. The males don’t want to put themselves under such liability. They rather stay engaged or just “dating.”

          Technically, they were not married yet and they will never be. The government will likely be happy about that.

        • even the official article was confused about that.. In one paragraph they called her his wife, in the next paragraph said she was his fiancé….

  49. Texas is not a real smart place to be pointing much less discharging firearms at another person. Probably 4 out of every 10 people, especially now, are packing heat.


    Austin PD now stating the dead guy did not shoot, there were no rifle rounds fired.

    First the driver fired, then left the scene. A third person in the crowd drew his concealed handgun and fired on the driver as he drove away, that is the second set of shots that are heard in the video.

    Both the driver and the third party called 911, were questioned and released pending the outcome of the investigation.

    • I’m starting to become disgusted with Republican gun owners. They be breaking so many laws and murdering people because they think their victims are treasonous communists heading to the suburbs to burn down their homes and eat their dogs.

      This is the third open carrier I know of that was unjustly shot down. So far none of them have gotten justice.

        • I have been doing fine after months of protesting in this county.

          My words and brain have been all I needed. I have talked my way out of numerous confrontations with gang members. So far no new holes and I have never been jumped.

          Unfortunately, it appears I can’t talk my way out if some crazy Liberal Republican thinks I am a communist air dropped in from Russia or China.

      • You are starting? Yea… ok… tell us how you really feel. Coward. Write it in your manifesto you looney fuck.

        BTW, they are commies, and when food runs out from all the places they steal it from, they would eat your dog.

    • Enuf, if true that is REALLY scary. Some numbnuts fired 3 rounds in that crowd without hitting his target? Where did those bullets go? What was his excuse for firing in such a circumstance, and won’t it be interesting to see the toxicology results for both shooters?

      • Well I don’t know about Texas, But in Michigan, shooting into/at an occupied vehicle is a felony (if you hit someone or not)

  51. Remember the video of the semi truck “trying to run over the protesters” on the Mpls. freeway shortly after the “night of the bonfires”… remember his ass being arrested and dragged off to jail? Remember the State police and Governor having to admit that they fucked up and he was legally on the the freeway, for it’s intended use? Almost seems that blocking traffic is a bad idea… blocking it in a threatening manner is a LAST bad idea. My vehicle carry gun is a really, really bad idea to go up against. Seems like this guy found what he went looking for, judging by his earlier video appearance.

    • Is it a SAW? I hope it’s a SAW. Pretty sure I’m gonna pay that price and get some full auto retardation up in my vehicle by 2021.

  52. Austin PD briefing:

    about 2:10 is the description of the event. 8:10 is the Q/A. 8:44 Mr. Foster pointed his rifle at the individual in the car and the individual shot Mr. Foster First. Another individual then shot at the car as it was leaving. All individuals involved are released.

  53. Hmm, the RIOTERS don’t seem to like it when someone fights back against their TERRORIST tactics . PEACEFUL protest doesn’t mean INTIMIDATION BY MOBS attacking ,them their cars with or without guns in their hands.
    I think soon you will see more “Rioters” AKA “Protesters” meeting Mr. Smith & Wesson.
    They hate Police but I bet they were screaming for Police right them. Like they do every time someone stands up to them

  54. As an update, the AK guy approached the vehicle and fired off 5 rounds into the air before leveling and aiming the rifle at the driver, then the driver fired 3 shots and killed AK guy.

    • Fake news.

      The video show none of that nor does witness statements. The military veteran was seen talking to the driver with his rifle pointing towards the ground before the driver shot him multiple times and drove off. Another licensed carrier was reported to have fired a few rounds at the killer’s car as he drove toward the crowd after killing the (Republican?) military veteran.

      • “military veteran” WTF is that BS. You idiot buddy above claims was a zoomie. Some antifag maggot trying to go all operator?

        Provide a legitimate link.

        • If he wanted to protect that woman (his wife?) he would’ve got her out of harm’s way, *away* from the car. Hell, she probably already was out of harm’s way. Job done, in that case.

          Instead he rushes up on the driver of a trapped vehicle, hands on his rifle… He tried to intimidate someone and chose the wrong target.

          I feel some sympathy for the woman he was with, but none for LARPing Rifle Boy. He was a facking moron and fully earned the bullets he took.

        • @Ing

          Do you say that when a cop gets blasted? At least that guy served his country and stood up to the corrupt local lefty government in Austin.

        • “This is the woman Foster was trying to protect”
          Here’s some advice, Chief DumFuq: if you want to “protect” somebody, don’t take them to a riot, stay out of the road, don’t initiate confrontations with armed citizens, and don’t point your AK at people.

        • What makes you think he “served his country”? I had a buddy, long ago, who joined the AF, was issued a uniform as pictured, no rank insignia meaning he was in boot camp (E-1), and was separated and back in VA in less than a week, total. Was he in the Navy before or after that?

      • lol ok chief. You know what, even if what you said was true… good. Don’t block the streets, don’t surround people just trying to go about their life. The end. When you do, expect opposition, and since we already know what all these things amount to (chaz, chop, portland etc etc) then you can expect people to start playing offense as soon as the game starts. Why don’t you go fucken join em? Better yet, come try it in where I live. No human is stronger than a 2500 cummins going 20mph. Wanna test it? Of course not, your testes only drop online. In person, you probably have a traumatized sack. No balls.

        • So Montana is going all death race 2000?

          As I recall, there were extra points for hitting people in wheelchairs and baby carriages.

          Driver violated traffic laws, endangering rifle boys partner, rifle boy uses his firearm to discourage driver, driver shoots rifle boy.

        • Yeah, you intentionally left out rifle boys partner violated driver’s rights by preventing him from traveling on a public thoroughfare. What an ass you are. Go back to watching MSM.

        • Yeah, well you left out driver made illegal turn on red into the left lane against the pedestrians right of way.

          Here in America, we don’t drive on the left side of the road but I understand if a foreign troll doesn’t know US traffic law.

        • Here in America, we don’t drive on the left side of the road

          we do on multi-lane one way streets, this driver made a right turn from a right lane onto a right line facing the correct direction of travel so give it up with the fake CNN style crap.

        • These leftist clowns and idiots, including the dead scumbag, set out to engage in an organized effort to purposely cause chaos, disrupt and block traffic, frighten, confuse and intimidate motorists. Then they use a wrong turn made in the middle of the chaos they caused, as some kind of justification to try to railroad a guy who refused to bend to the mob. How very leftist of you all. And then you guys come on here and try to use that bullshit as if anybody with half a brain would buy it.

        • Well said HuntMaster.

          They try to make it out like the driver caught in the middle of all this started anything. Pretty sure if there was no mob in the streets, there would have never been a problem. Pretty sure if they quit believing the bullshit the media sells them about systematic racism and oppression, they could actually apply themselves and compete in a capitalist society. Pretty sure they are free to migrate any fucking where if they don’t like where they currently are. And we all know they are all for migration.

    • Term you’re looking for is “aerated”.
      Charged with murder, now, we’ll see how that flies over time.

  55. Starting to think a SAW is a perfect vehicle carry. I honestly would not even bother allowing them to surround me at all, or be anywhere near me. The second they try, I am plowing through them. I’ll turn around and fucken do it again too.

    • I will see you in the streets if you speak the truth. I will try to arrest you, but apparently you will not go down without a fight.

        • Unless y’all got public transportation out there, you ain’t going to see chief. He don’t have a car.

        • @Model 31

          You got to pay attention.

          He is going to be the one inside the deadly weapon trying to run over Americans for exercising their human and civil rights. I will be the one putting an end to his terrorism. I won’t be the one driving through crowds of Zoomers and Millennials.

          We are trained to demand the driver to stop. If we are in front of the threat, which puts us between the potential victims and the attacker, we are allowed to use deadly force to stop the vehicle. Even if the driver only revs the engine we can end the threat. A mag dump will not be considered excessive if the car is still moving or the engine revving.

        • Chief:

          You are trained to illegally stand in the streets and impede free peoples movements? Quit talking barbie, lets go party.

        • chief, you are so full of shat. You won’t do any such thing. You are a feckless antagonist and nobody takes you seriously. I know the truth hurts but try to keep it down, you’ll wake up your mom and she’ll recall all the regret she has for having you to begin with. No doubt she had high hopes for you…just nobody else did.

        • Chief doofus, who is this fucking “we” you speak of? You got a mouse in your pocket?

  56. Clearly it’s two, or two sets, of weapons firing. The first set sound like all from the same gun. I don’t believe that’s the agitator firing his AK-47. It doesn’t sound like rifle fire to me. Sounds like pistol fire. Moreover, I don’t believe he would walk up and open fire on a car like that. 1. He doesn’t have the stones for that. 2. Several AK rounds at point blank range means it’s unlikely the driver would be alive at all, let alone be unhurt, and be able to return fire. Ithink the driver fired first.

    The subsequent rounds are probably either the agitator firing his AK in futility as he goes down, or else I’d guess a third party or parties shooting either at the agitator or the driver. Most likely someone fired at the driver, since the agitator is the one with a mob of like-minded supporters about him. The second set of rounds sound delayed, too, as if it’s a third party reacting after the initial gunshots.

    I don’t know. It’s a brief, shaky video I’m basing my speculation on here. Guns can sound very different in a real world shootout, compared to an indoor or outdoor range w/earpro I’m used to. Who knows? I’ll have to wait for the investigation results.

      • No. I intelligently laid out a highly plausible scenario based on the limited information available and I responsibly conceded other realistic scenarios, pending release of more information. Don’t like it? Don’t agree? Don’t read more than a couple of sentences? Fine with me. Don’t.

        As for knowing dick, you’re inadvertently right; I know you.

  57. Austin Police press conference from around 6pm Central.

    Driver claims protester pointed a rifle at him while others attacked his car.
    Driver shot protester (Protester did not fire his rifle), drove off, called 911.
    A by standard pulled his concealed handgun and fired at the fleeing car and also called 911.

    • In this situation, I wouldn’t shoot at a fleeing car. The situation unfolded too quickly to know who the bad guy was and There’s too great a risk of hitting others in that crowded environment.

      • You don’t know who the “bad” guy is? I’ll make it simple for you. The driver who was minding his own business is the “good guy” and the Leftist POS blocking the road, hampering the flow of traffic was the “bad guy”. Instead of aggressively approaching the car Fatty AK-47 should’ve gotten out traffic. Thoroughfares are for vehicles, pedestrians belong on sidewalks unless crossing the street at an intersection.

        • I think they meant from the perspective of the person who fired at the fleeing vehicle.

  58. The best part of this incident (notice I didn’t say “tragic”) is that Garrett Foster’s supposedly “quadriplegic” and “wheelchair-bound” (likely lies to elicit sympathy) wife, which he intentionally and gleefully used as a “human shield”, failed to protect him from his well-deserved fate. They claim Garrett cared for her, his “wife” ( I wonder ifvshe really she is his “wife”) for ten years, I wonder who’s changing her soiled diapers now, no doubt AntiFa/BLM have disappeared not wanting the responsibility.

    We haven’t heard the last of the wife, she’s Black, the Left will exploit that rolling her out for the funeral and media appearances then abandon her for good once she’s served her purpose (after all she DID marry a White male a crime in her community).

    I did notice one thing in an interview, a tattooed, skinny White female claimed she, Garrett, and his wife had been out protesting for FIFTY (50) straight days, nobody does that unless they’re being paid. Texas Democratic Party records just released show thousands of small disbursements, many names correspond to those arrested at protests across the Lone Star State, this confirms the daily rate is approximately $300 per day, a lucrative racket, the funds funneled through BLM into Act Blue the DNC then to the state level.

    • (likely lies to elicit sympathy) wife,

      Actually in the photo she appears to be either a multiple amputee or “birth defects” as in deformed limbs.

      • She’s a Leftist, they are known for lying, I’ll bet she’s acting.

        • If it’s a lie it’s backed up by pretty impressive photoshop work… Missing BOTH legs below the knee and both arms at or below the elbow reminiscent of thalidomide babies from the early 60’s

        • I know one thing, if she tries to sue the driver for “Wrongul Death” she isn’t his “wife” thus has no “standing” (Lol), she literally doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

        • And just like the 100’s of wrongful death suites that predated cases like this, it will last for 5 years and continually be denied.

      • They met before she lost her limbs. She had an infection that required the removal of all her limbs to save her life. Foster was still in the military when he became her caretaker.

        Foster was being her arms and legs during the protests. He was pushing her wheelchair around when the car took a hard right into the crowd. She remained on scene while police investigated Foster’s murder. She was in shock as she sat in her wheelchair with Foster’s body still in the street.

        • I really am not concerned about their life history, just making sure the story about her current physical condition was straight… If his concern for her safety was so great he could have had her on the sidewalk, every video/photo I’ve seen shows plenty of room, actually hardly anyone on very spacious walkways… Seems to me he was more complicit in placing her in danger than protecting her from danger and let’s get off the veteran bullshit while we’re at it, Lee Harvey Oswald, David Berkowitz, Dean Corll (abducted, raped, tortured, and murdered at least 28 teenage boys and young men between 1970 and 1973 in Houston, Texas), Jeffrey Dahmer, Randy Steven Kraft (known as the Scorecard Killer, the Southern California Strangler and the Freeway Killer who murdered a minimum of 16 young men between 1972 and 1983), Gary Ridgway (known as the Green River Killer, He was initially convicted of 48 separate murders…. ALL were military VETERANS, being in the military does NOT instantly bestow Sainthood upon you, nor does it automatically make you a hero (you have to ACTUALLY do shit to EARN that distinction)…

        • I’ll bet she won’t be rolling into traffic every again, will she. None of them get sympathy, and you are naive for giving it. No surprise from you, being manipulated by the media and “the feels”. So give it a rest here. You are antagonizing. You exist here to antagonize. You should stick to groups you can actually contribute to their conversations. Being as argumentative, stubborn, sarcastic, and repetitive as you are on any other site would get you downvoted and banned. You are free enough here, so you can’t help yourself. Funny how conservatives allow people like you to engage in political discourse, but if any of us went to where you are “Accepted” we’d be erased before anyone even read the comments. So, that said, try growing the fuck up a bit and understand WHY you come here. It’s trollish. It’s childish. It’s delusional. Does it make you feel good though? We all know how important your feelings are to you… Actually, pretty sure there have been psychological studies of people like you who go out of their way to be argumentative online and comment the way you do, in the locations you do. All I’m going to say is from what I recall, your disorders are underlying problems that turned Charlie Baileygates into Hank. Make sure you are jotting this down on your manifesto before your big rampage on how the regulars at TTAG provoked you… lol.

        • Actually, minor, sensor, enuf, and senseless come here in the hope chasing us away and putting TTAG out of business. Typical leftist trolling trick. It’s best to ignore them which I will do from now on.

        • It’s best to ignore them

          But it’s so entertaining, especially 49r when he gets on one of his moronic “informational” rants (like he is the ONLY person on the planet smart enough to find to find that crap) And Mr Conservative that has backed everything BLM and Antifa have done for the last two months and stood against anyone who dared to fight back against them, pretty hard to convince anyone you are a conservative when your heroes are Marxists and (anti?)-Fascists…

        • True Maxx but it does get tiresome and boring sometimes. I have to think they’re being intentionally obtuse most of the time because no one’s really that stupid are they?

        • It’s a pretty big world with an unlimited number of levels of stupid….. Who knows where, how or even why some of these people live, they could be next door or halfway around the world.. Miner could be a 14 year old girl chained to a desk in PhuKing China or a 90 year old man loaded up on meds in a rest home in BumPhuk Iowa, or they could all be $300.00 a day George Soros disposable “useful idiots” and in that case just mess with them, let them rant and move on to the next story…. Even a Troll has to eat…

        • Getting back to the story at hand, with the latest info, looks like it was legal SD in Texas so my only question is will the guy who shot at the car while it was moving away be arrested and charged? Seems like he took pot shots in a crowd at the victim rather than the assailant. At the very least he should lose his CCW.

        • That’s a tricky one, probably depends on his proximity to the event, whether or not he was aware that Rifleboy had presented a direct threat to the shooter by pointing his gun at the driver (some witnesses say he actually placed the gun through the cars window) and IF he believed others were in danger from the car… I personally think (since he was not threatened directly) that he may be charged with discharging a firearm inside city limits, but since no one else was hit (that we know of) stuff like wanton endangerment are off the table…. Second shooter ALSO called 911, was taken into custody, questioned AND released without charges, so he too did the right thing in that respect

        • Even if he didn’t hit a person, he certainly could have. If he hit the car I imagine he’s liable for civil damages. Still, I have to think “reckless endangerment” would apply esp. if he hit the car. If they really want to “throw the book” at him, I imagine they could charge him with use of a firearm during the commission of a crime if he partcipated in any way with the detention of the vehicle. Pretty sure that makes it a felony in Texas.

          If he is a lefty since Austin is so far left I doubt that charges will be filed though.

        • Butt-miner, Squaw Sensei, Sho-Nuf et. al. are all the same person, a couple decades ago we used institutionalize those with multiple personalities for the good and safety of society. It is s time to start building new secure facilities for the aforementioned individuals and their fellow afflicted pals in AntiFa/BLM/DNC.

  59. “Except detaining people that havent [sic] harmed the Life, Liberty, or Property of someone else is a joke. If you do it, you should be shot.” — Garrett Foster on Facebook, 2 weeks prior to detaining the driver with a mob

      • The still image that you attached makes it look like Mr. Foster had the rifle up and pointed in the general direction of the car. If that’s true then this was a legal (if still tragic) shoot.

        • You must not own a gun and most not have been trained.

          He was not pointing the gun. The angle of the stock can be seen, which indicates the direction of the barrel. The driver is more forward and higher than where the rifle is pointing. You can see where the driver is by the rear view mirror glint and the eye line of the victim.

          The only person that I heard say the victim was pointing the gun at the shooter was the shooter himself.

        • It wasn’t slung. It was in his hands in a volatile environment. Actually worse than a handgun clearing leather. That is an aggressive posture and he being a big bad Air Force operator, yuk yuk, should have known that. He was begging to get drilled. It doesn’t get any simpler. Full disclosure here. I was active Duty in the Air Force and the Navy.

        • I was active duty in the Army. His actions were hostile. I am all for armed protest, just know the repercussions when you show up trying to larp like it scares other armed people. And lastly, pretty sure this veteran is dead because he never got that training Chief seems to assume every soldier gets. There are 1,000’s of jobs in the military. Some people have no business trying to be on the front lines, and this guy – now deceased – was one of them. Anyone with training would know the last thing you do is approach a vehicle that way, or allow yourself to be in such chaos to begin with.

        • Montana, it’s worse than that. I was 20 years USAF, trust me, there are no infantry units in the AF, those going into combat do so in airplanes, not with rifles. Enlisted AF is the safest job in the military.

      • Being in the military all the sudden means he is a patriot to you? You are not fooling anyone comrade sensor.

        • Nope.

          He was protesting against the lefty Austin government goons. The anti gun wannabe soldiers that enforce anti 2nd Amendment infringements.

          This is not the first military man was has been protesting against the police since Memorial Day. Everyone I know, who joined the military after 9/11, does not like the current police culture.

          Don’t forget when Republicans took over the Oregon National Wildlife Refuge federal buildings using their guns and occupied it with threats of violence against the feds. That was only a few years ago.

        • He was protesting with a group chanting “BLACK LIVES MATTER, AN-TI-FA” those are Not exactly pro-gun, Conservative anti-Liberal/Socialist/Communist groups, considering BLM was founded by a group of Marxists and Antifa’s tactics that are MORE Fascist than not… So either your boy was a patriotic, pro 2A anti liberal that was just too stupid to understand what he was actually mixed up in OR he was an unprincipled, useful idiot who was only in it for the cash and drug his wife along for that double payday (@ $300.00 each) thanks uncle George…. I’m betting on scenario number two…

        • I’ve come to believe “Chief Censor” is the elusive “John Kimble” (just one of his many pseudonyms) whom used to target pro-2nd Amendment posters on Piers Morgan’s Facebook page. When ole” Musket Morgan would demonize the firearm community his FB page became a literal forum for refuting his and Very Fake News CNN’s anti-gun propaganda. Eventually we got the provocateur’s account “banned” but as always he reappeared under a different name. Make no mistake he IS being paid to troll here, no one spends the amount of time posting that he does without being compensated. Those DNC/Soros/Bloomberg shekels are spread far and wide, they have trolls that target every cause/constituency from abortion to immigration to firearms.

      • Being in the military means nothing. He had zero reason to present his rifle as he did not belong in the street and the driver leaning on his horn was both entirely appropriate and within his rights as a driver on a road being unlawfully imprisoned by a mob. You cannot claim self defense unless you did nothing to begin the encounter, and you cannot claim defense of others if they are the aggressors (which, in this case, they are.)

        I look forward to more facts, but from what I can tell Mr. Chairforce SJW AK47 got what he deserved.
        Perhaps we can nominate him for a Darwin award.

        • Being in the military means he knows better when it comes to gun handling and when to engage a threat. He wouldn’t be whipping a gun around and slinging lead.

          The rifle was not “presented” because he is lawfully open carrying. Carrying a rifle in a large crowd should be carried where you have control over it, which means in the front not on your back. If the McMichaels can claim they were open carrying so can Foster especially when the trouble came to him.

          During a large protest it is not considered criminal if one marches without a permit. If the protest is small the sidewalk must be used because it can be. If the protest remains non violent the government can’t declare it an unlawful gathering because the constitution protects them and does not say where a gathering must take place.

          The protesters were not a mob. That is defamation. They were non violent, they were simply marching. The protesters did not “imprison” the driver in his own car. There was hardly any time to even commit unlawful confinement. He did drive into the crowd with indifference. The driver has to give the people the right of way.

          Aggressively driving into a crowd and immediately firing at someone open carrying doesn’t sound like self defense. The other people in their cars were very safe until the shots were fired by that aggressive driver. They didn’t get confronted and they didn’t shoot people.

          Don’t be this guy. He was arrogant and egotistical enough to escalate things into a Mexican standoff because he thought lefties don’t have guns and no right winger would be there protesting along side them. He found out he is not such a tough guy after all and he won’t put a bullet in the head of a “commie.”

        • Wrong.

          How many of those jobs do you think actually get the operator and infantry style training you are advocating? You understand nothing of “training” and are trying to manipulate people who won’t tolerate it. Move on. Quit your lying. Grow up. Find a sub reddit for your thoughts.

        • Also, I was active Army, a combat engineer. I experience more “training” as a civilian than I ever did in the military. Training is job specific in the military. As a civilian, I am able to practice proficiency in all the things I would have never done in my job as a combat engineer, especially related to the infantry like tactics you are preaching about. Since you are so keen on proving his military experience, why don’t you tell us what he did in the Air Force. We’ll wait.

        • Chief Censor,

          The laws in all 50 states include five elements of self-defense, in various forms. These come from English Common Law. They are: Innocence; Imminence; Avoidance; Proportional; and Reasonable.

          The driver was behaving lawfully, driving down a public street, and he was licensed to carry, so he likely meets the innocence threshold. He was surrounded, so any threat was imminent and unavoidable. He can articulate a reasonable fear of death or great bodily harm because he’s being unlawfully detained and can point to other recent shootings of innocent motorists stopped by these mobs (Utah, Colorado). Finally, he sees a guy in the mob with a long gun approach the driver’s door while others are pounding on his car. If the prosecutor or jury finds that his fear was reasonable, then his actions would likely be judged to be proportional as well, as he only shot the guy with the rifle.

          So, the driver has a solid self-defense argument. It all hinges on reasonableness, and the prosecutor and/or the jury will have the final say.

          But that doesn’t mean that the dead guy necessarily did anything legally wrong. He didn’t personally block the car. He was legally carrying the rifle. Perhaps he never really pointed the rifle at the driver. But open carrying a long gun at the low ready with your hands on it while part of a mob who’s unlawfully blocking traffic it is a very provocative and risky act. It would be very easy for someone to misinterpret your intent, which may very well be what happened.

          It’s also possible that the dead guy got jostled by the crowd, and the rifle came up only for a moment, just long enough for the driver to perceive the threat.

          Remember the rule of three stupids: don’t go to stupid places with stupid people and do stupid things.

          It’s unfortunate that he’s dead, but this is the inevitable outcome of these unlawful protests. (Yes, blocking traffic is unlawful, even if you’re really really righteously angry.) If you want to march in the street, then get a permit, which allows the police to lawfully block traffic on a known route to protect the marchers from these types of confrontations with vehicles.

      • Chief senseless, because you say it does NOT make it so. Who was paying him, and is it the same people paying you? If you cannot answer that, you need to explain to yourself just why not.

      • Such disgusting anti American lies. The man was in the military and he was a patriot.

        Military members swear an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Antifa (actually the very definition of a fascist organization), which is behind most if not all of the violent marches of the past several weeks, despises the U.S. Constitution and wants to destroy our country. What happened to Mr Patriots loyalty oath (must have slipped his mind when he saw the dollar signs)… OBTW, shooter (driver) is also military, Army Sgt. in fact, was said to be in the area working as an Uber driver….

        • The protest was non violent. Stop defaming Americans protesting against the lefty politicians’ goon squad. Not every protester is Antifa. The notion every anti police state protester is a commie is anti 1st Amendment propaganda by those who hate the people rising against their corrupt governments.

          It took about 8 seconds for the shooter to drive into the marching crowd, honk his horn, draw his gun and start firing. How long does it take him to draw from a seated position and how long does it take for him to roll his window down? He started shooting almost immediately at a lawful open carrier.

          So who is following their oath: the man driving with indifference into a crowd exercising their first amendment then shooting dead a person exercising their 2nd amendment or a man who decided to open carry his rifle because the lefty police said he can’t exercise his rights without permission?

          Not all Army men live up to the values of being a soldier:

        • . Not every protester is Antifa.

          Apparently you did not have the volume on (if you watched the video) Bull Horn guy shouts Black Lives Matter the WHOLE crowd responds AN-TI-FA… Whether he was a card carrying member or not he was there in support of two anti-American groups (one admitted MARXIST by it’s own fucking leadership and the other obviously FASCIST in every action they take) If you are defending those assholes while they murder, burn, destroy and attempt to undermine our government, our Constitution and our very way of life then you are no better than Rifleboy.. These people are not anti-liberal, pro 2A or any other part of the Constitution (except the ones they THINK gives them the right to disrupt peoples lives, and burn shit)… Or would YOU argue that they were ALL there in support of Rifleboy… You are WRONG, you and Miner have been on the WRONG side of this shit from day one so give it a rest… Come up with something new or STFU…. All I can say to you and Miner and your other pro Marxist buddies IF you are SO dissatisfied with this country then leave, It’s a big fucking world and about 20% of it is predominantly English speaking.. I’m sure you can find some quiet little Socialist haven to suit your needs, of course there is still some hard core Commie shit out there too if that’s your thing.. Really if the U.S. sucks as bad as you say it does get the fuck out because that little shitbag group of Soyboys and a handful of brainwashed white idiots doing BLMs dirty work will NOT change anything, after all these useless piece of shit Progressive Liberals get voted out this shit will get shut down quick, so if you hate it the way it is you are REALLY gonna hate it when Trump gets reelected and Dems lose the house… Better get that plane ticket early and avoid the rush

      • I’m not seeing this Larry, what’s your source?

        It certainly wouldn’t surprise me since it’s Austin and I’m sure the PA/DA or whateverA is spending thousands of taxpayer dollars trying to find something to make it possible to imprison the driver for defending himself. Self defense is no longer permitted in any blue city.

        • Looked all over, last contact between cops and shooter was reported 19 hours ago when he was questioned and released unless there is something locally that hasn’t made the internet yet (??)

  60. “A protester with a rifle approached the car…” – Austin American-Statesman

    “… Foster because the protester had pointed his rifle toward him.” -Fox News

    *crickets* -MSNBC

    “Mr. Foster was carrying an AK-47 rifle…” -NYT

    “…was carrying an AK-47-style rifle…” -Dallas News

    “…but said he had been seen carrying a rifle.” -BBC

    “…approached the car with an AK-47 assault-style rifle” -CNN

    Anyone else pick up on how the notice how CNN fucked up here? Seems like there’s a pretty big overall narrative changeup here. It’s not assaulty according to most news orgs that normally call a gun like this an “assault weapon” incessantly.

    In fact, searching through these stories CNN is the only one to refer to it with the word “assault”. The other stories don’t even contain the word “assault” in any context.

    Interesting, that.

    • wrong, it was the police who reported it as an assault rifle in the press release:

      “Among the callers to Austin 911 was subject who stated they had just been involved in a shooting and driven away from the scene,” said Austin Police Department Chief Brian Manley at a press conference on Sunday. “The caller stated they had shot someone who had approached the driver’s window of their vehicle and pointed a rifle at them. Witnesses reported a disturbance began when the vehicle started honking its horn as it turned southbound onto Congress from 4th street. The vehicle stopped as there were a large number of people in the roadway. Mr. Foster, who was holding and AK-47 type assault rifle approached the driver side window as other in the crowd began striking the vehicles.”

      • “…as other in the crowd began striking the vehicles.”

        That’s the first time I heard that. It seems like an important point. I’m not surprised since there is video of rioters doing this all over the country. Striking anything isn’t protesting.

        • I’m glad you mentioned “striking the vehicle”.

          It seems some posting here believe striking the vehicle will somehow justify the use of lethal force.

          Fortunately for us, TTAG has posted an article about ‘personal defense‘ that clears this up for us. The article, available on this very website, states clearly:

          “You cannot use deadly force (either your gun or your vehicle itself) to stop people from damaging your car.”

          There’s no way around it, the perpetrator foolishly waited until his traffic light was red, suddenly he gunned the car and made a right on red against the pedestrians who have the right of way. At that moment, he became an aggressor with a lethal weapon who is a clear and present threat to the pedestrians crossing the street.

        • The claim was:

          “CNN is the only one to refer to it with the word “assault”

          When, in fact the police press report characterized the weapon with the word “assault“.

          Many news stories directly quoted the police press report.

          Ergo, the claim “CNN is the only one to refer to it with the word “assault” is proven wrong.

          The OP was attempting to insinuate that CNN was somehow involved in nefarious activities by using the term “assault” when in fact, they were actually just quoting the official police statement.

          You really should put down the crack pipe.

    • “Anyone else pick up on how the notice how CNN fucked up here? Seems like there’s a pretty big overall narrative changeup here. It’s not assaulty according to most news orgs that normally call a gun like this an “assault weapon” incessantly.”

      It could be deliberate.

      They might be changing the narrative in anticipation of Biden winning. If he does, they will make a pivot away from “assualty-things” and go all-in on a semi-automatic ban…

      • This has been going on since the protests started getting violent with the use of guns. The left are carrying guns now after they bought a bunch of them because of the pandemic. So the media has to back off the gun control narratives right now. They can’t call for gun control when NFAC is marching around calling out white supremacist militias and bad cops. The media knows they can make the right argue for gun control and permission slips to exercise the first amendment.

        I have been listening to a bunch of lefties openly stating their strategy to get the right to go against the 1st and 2nd amendment by adopting the use and defense of those rights as they protest against the government. They also said they want to use the state’s rights argument to further expose the right as being totalitarians seeking to “send in the troops.”

        Essentially they are using reverse psychology on the simpletons who claim to be right wingers. They know once Trump is gone they can give the right wing what they have been arguing for since Trump was elected. Heck, they might call it the Patriot Act 2.0.

        The two parties flip every few years so they can push Americans further left and eventually toss the constitution in the trash when very few Americans have any principles left.

        They love to use media to push that programming into the dummies’ heads with their scripted talking points. Go watch all those political social media influencers to see just how scripted everything is. They finally transitioned away from pushing the group think via TV onto the internet instead.

        I notice many of you fall for it because you regurgitate the script almost word for word. For instance, Tucker had a writer who went around the internet stoking the flames of internal destruction of America and improving his manipulation skills of the Republicans for Tucker’s TV script.

        • “They also said they want to use the state’s rights argument to further expose the right as being totalitarians seeking to “send in the troops.”

          Absolutely, the right wing hypocrisy is really thick regarding states rights. Just like before the Civil War, they think states rights will authorize everything from slavery to pollution.

          Trump’s de facto martial law is just the next step in the dictator’s playbook.

      • “Tucker had a writer who went around the internet stoking the flames of internal destruction of America and improving his manipulation skills of the Republicans for Tucker’s TV script.”

        This is a very important incident, this was Tucker‘s chief writer. You people don’t think Tucker Carlson himself comes up with the words that come out of his mouth, do you?

        Tucker is just a right wing mouthpiece, he’s controlled by the writers providing copy for him who are moving their extremist agenda forward. The problem for them is their chief writer got caught disseminating their racist agenda through other outlets.

        • The problem for them is their chief writer got caught disseminating their racist agenda through other outlets

          Oops you must have missed (or conveniently forgotten) that the asshole in question no longer works for Tucker Carlson OR FOX NEWS (hint: they fired his ass) But the headline was NOT Tucker Carlson FIRED head writer, the headline was “Did Tucker Carlson apologize for comments MADE BY HIS HEAD WRITER?” Why should Carlson be expected to grovel for something this ass clown did ANONYMOUSLY on the internet? Who do YOU work for, are they responsible for all the drivel you post on line? But keep on swingin’ you’ll get something right yet… Just trying to help you out… Anyway please provide ALL the evidence you have that Tucker Carlson (who used to work for CNN) is racist, a homophobe, a bigot, a white supremacist, a Nazi sympathizer or ANYTHING detrimental that YOU can come up with.. Carlson has been the most even handed host of ALL hosts on ALL cable networks, he goes after Trump, won’t kiss Fauci’s ass, takes on BLM, Antifa, bad cops, looters, rioters and treats Dems and Reps alike.. The guy had to move because your big buddy “peaceful” protestors went to his home and threatened his family… As usual more half truths, deceit, and more 49r bullshit…

    • @Bob

      Thanks for posting this. The defense is going to claim: “the statute specifies it is not illegal if acting in defense of others. That’s what Richardson was doing, he said”. Somehow I don’t think this applies if those you are protecting are committing an illegal act. For example, I just have to think protecting some guys robbing a bank doesn’t quite qualify for protection under the statute.

      • The protest in Lansing appeared to be one of these impromptu marches in the middle of Michigan Ave that the police allowed to proceed without a permit because they’re afraid of enforcing the law. It was unlawful by definition, and that created this dangerous situation where the side streets were not properly shutdown. It might be good if TTAG can spend some time highlighting some of these issues, such as you can’t block traffic without a permit (Duh!), and the rules of lawful self-defense (see my rant above).

        I wonder if we held a non-permitted 2A march on a major road in Lansing, if the police would give us a partial escort, or would they arrest us all? I guess some animals are more equal that others.

  61. Yesterday and last night some more information has come out on this event.
    Austin Police Department police chief Brian Manley held a press conference.
    According to him, the guy with the AK never shot. the man in the car did shoot the guy with the AK, but there was a third party who also was shooting. Both that shooter, and the man in the car, were both arrested and released yesterday.
    We now know the third-party shooter was shooting at the car. Don’t know if he shot first, or if he shot after the car started to drive away.
    there seem to be several videos, and quite a few eyewitnesses that back up that the dude with the AK did approach the man in the car and pointed the AK at him. Some of the witnesses and at least one of the videos indicate that he actually put the muzzle inside the driver’s open window. It is after that that the driver shot him from inside the car. The drivers in drove a short distance away, pulled over, and called 911. He stated that a man had pointed a rifle at him and that he shot him. He was instructed to wait there, which he did until the police arrived.
    We know nothing about the third-party shooter, other than that he was there, arrested and released.
    there is also enough video and eyewitness testimony now to show that the driver didn’t hit anyone, and did not seem to be threatening to hit anyone.

      • There has been a little more information come out from APD. The third-party shooter apparently shot at the car as it was driving away. That is according to APD.
        That is not really what it looks like on the video. But if that is the case, I find it very strange that this third-party shooter would have been immediately released. It is also a miracle that no one else was shot.
        I wonder if the third party was an off-duty or plain clothes police officer.

        • “I wonder if the third party was an off-duty or plain clothes police officer.”

          Now that’s gonna change the dynamic a bit…

        • In Texas they tend to release the shooter if there is any hint of self defense.

          I know of this one guy that shot a man because they jumped him. They let him go and took his gun from him. They eventually didn’t charge him with a crime but they kept his gun because they have reason to believe the man has schizophrenia.

          Just because they release you doesn’t mean you are not going to get charged. They released Michael Drejka. The DA could be building their case like the DA that charged the McCloskeys.

  62. BRAVO!!!!….TWO BIG THUMBS UP TO THE MAN IN THE CAR!….You did right….not a word from demoRATS about these ass-wipe leftists walking around with ak-47’s, but just let one conservative republican be seen in public with a legal handgun, and the RIOTS and media hypocrisy begins!!……The past few months, the left has proven trump correct on everything he’s ever said and done….I doubt the leftist morons will get the message here, but KEEP AT IT, PATRIOTS….If they won’t act like civilized people, then BLOW THEM BACK TO THE STONE AGE!!!!

    • We certainly do not know if the driver is speaking the truth, police already say they have multiple witness accounts with some of those supporting the driver. We do know the driver made an illegal, agressive turn into a street packed with people, instantly slamming on his brakes and blasting his horn.

      Could be a road rage incident.

      We do not know the dead man’s political party membership if he had one. We do know he was a USAF veteran. There are liberals, conservatives and libertarians who espouse anti-police brutality views. Including right here on TTAG.

      I do think the rifle bearer’s stated reason for going armed was foolish. Carrying for the reason “they won’t allow us to march or protest” when the entire world can plainly see masses of people doing just that very thing, well it does not speak to his elevator reaching the top floor.

      Will be interested to hear what is made of all the different witness statements, the many videos and still photos not yet in public circulation, and the final decisions of coroner and prosecutor. Will it be a “No Bill” on the driver and the concealed carry handgun shooter who fired on him as he fled? Will anyone be charged?

      Just a wait and see.

      • It would be a road rage incident if that car had somewhere to go, but at the point the protestors surrounded and cornered the vehicle that no longer becomes true.

        There is a video which clearly shows the car made a right turn and was blocked. Unlike what the lying MSM is saying, it’s obvious it didn’t try to “drive through the protestors”.

        Had the police been there to direct traffic, this could easily been avoided. But that would go against the narrative of the protest… I blame the mayor.

        • “Had the police been there to direct traffic, this could easily been avoided.”

          We don’t need the cops to direct traffic, there were functional traffic signals there which the driver ignored.

          The video you post clearly shows the driver with a red light suddenly accelerate and turn right across the crosswalk and into the pedestrians who had the right of way on the crosswalk.

          He wasn’t surrounded by pedestrians, he drove into the middle of them crossing the street, threatening them with his 2 ton lethal weapon.

          In the very near future the driver will be charged with homicide.

      • “illegal agrressive turn”
        “slammed on his brakes”

        Pick one. You can’t aggress and stop at the same time. Turning from third onto Congress is not illegal. It’s a two way street.

        • From the video it appears the car turned into the left lane. If it’s a two-way street, he’s left of center.

          He also failed to yield the right of way to the pedestrians who were already in the crosswalk Hey when he made his turn.

          “What is an unmarked crossing?

          Essentially, most every intersection is also considered to represent a crosswalk (even when there are no indicators or painted crosswalk lines). Think of an unmarked crosswalk as an extension of a sidewalk that extends across intersecting roads. Every corner is a crosswalk whether it is pained or not.

          Right-of-way laws in Texas.

          Under Texas law, vehicles are required to yield the right-of-way to pedestrians in a crosswalk, marked OR unmarked, when in the same half of the roadway as the pedestrian (or if a pedestrian is approaching your half of the roadway from the opposite side of the road).”

          I realize most on this list have an unreasoning hatred of anyone protesting for their civil rights (except POTG).

          But the fact is, this driver did violate the traffic signals, violate the crosswalk and endanger the pedestrians. Foster, just like your pal McCloskey, was responding to the threatening actions of the driver.

          When you run a red light and drive down the wrong side of the road into pedestrians on the crosswalk, you have become a deadly threat.

          I think it is clear that in the very near future charges will be issued againstI think it is clear that in the very near future charges will be issued against the the driver.

        • Miner, pay more attention. He is turning right into the right-hand lane from the right-hand Lane. As soon as he encounters pedestrians, he stops. This is easy to see from the video linked above as well as several others.
          you have proven, once again, that you are incapable of recognizing the truth.

        • Jay, under Texas law he made an illegal right turn, he should’ve never advanced 1 inch on that red light because there were pedestrians in the crosswalk who have the right of way. When he forced his way forward breaching the crosswalk and honking his horn, he became a lethal threat to the pedestrians on the street.

          Society has agreed, your freedom to move freely is moderated by the traffic signals. If there’s a red light, you must stop your vehicle and yield the right of way. When he aggressively pulled forward in his right hand turn across the crosswalk, he breached the crosswalk and endangered the pedestrians exercising their right of way.

          “Under Texas law, vehicles are required to yield the right-of-way to pedestrians in a crosswalk, marked OR unmarked, when in the same half of the roadway as the pedestrian (or if a pedestrian is approaching your half of the roadway from the opposite side of the road).”

          And even though folks were striking the vehicle after he made his illegal aggressive entry onto the crosswalk, as the TTAG article on ‘personal defense’ clearly states, one can’t use lethal force on those who damage their vehicle.

        • Are you blind? No, you just can’t recognize the truth. He stopped as soon as he came into the pedestrians. He didn’t run a red light. Multiple videos above show that.
          Not shocked you doubled down on a lie, again. Let’s see if you keep it up.

        • Exactly why I have committed to not engage with the minor anymore. Although you and I may have differing views on occasion (And question each others actual mental capacity) I can always depend on you to remain rational. Something I don’t think Miner could achieve even with chemical intervention. As my brother likes to say “Don’t wrestle with a pig, You’ll get covered in shit and the pig will enjoy it”

        • He’s the one that actually called the police and reported the incident. Didn’t drive very far at all. The police were responding to his call and were on the phone with him until they got there.

      • The man’s Facebook indicates he was a right winger not a commie. He was carrying his gun because the police were constantly declaring protests an unlawful assembly and Austin police were committing acts of terror against protesters. Hence why he said if he was to use it against the police he would be dead. His roommate was arrested for protesting. So he did what every Libertarian would do, he resisted state intimidation by exercising his human rights regardless of the dangers.

        People already forgot what Austin police did to a teen boy standing on the grass watching a protest. Last I read he was clinging to life in the hospital.

        • The amount of bullshit you put into one comment is impressive. BLM protesters have been on Congress avenue every day for the last 60 days. No, they don’t have a permit, but the city council has allowed it and even pulled police officers off of Congress avenue to allow them to protest. That’s why you don’t see cops and barricades at the intersections. Which, of course, are to protect against this very thing. Don’t run your mouth about things you clearly know nothing about.
          Please link is Facebook page and show evidence of him being a “right winger.”

        • show evidence of him being a “right winger.”

          Foster wasn’t shy about sharing that he supported Jo Jorgensen’s presidential campaign. Jorgensen is running as the Libertarian candidate for President. His last public post on Facebook shared a Libertarian quote about not trusting the government. He often talked about how he felt things would improve in the country under a Jorgenson presidency.

        • Again, please link his actual Facebook page, not what you heard someone else say it says.

        • CC is too busy rolling his bullshit into a new ball so the old shit sounds different but still the same old shit… Anyway to be fair this is what I found.. twitter or facecrap or whatever is near the bottom… Sounds like libertarians want to endorse the guy for sainthood…

  63. I hear 5 shots from an AK47 followed by a pistol response.

    Dead guy had the AK.
    Driver had the pistol.

    What’s the issue?

    • What’s the issue?

      apparently you’ve never heard an AK.. Rifleboy never fired a shot, just a poser (WAS)…

      • ..”the AK-47 assault rifle, the preferred weapon of your enemy, and it makes a very distinctive sound when fired at you, so remember it.”

        • Sorry pal I heard my FIRST AK in 1968 at Hue City.. That distinctive cracking sound NEVER leaves your head… OBTW I own two REAL AKs, not some knock off for import crap, had them for 50 years… But hey thanks, I appreciate the lecture.

        • Sorry, thought you would know some quotes from Clint Eastwood’s character Gunnery Sergeant Thomas Highway from Heartbreak Ridge.

  64. Funny how the people peacefully making a point don’t put down their weapons or cede the high ground.

    What they’re doing something else.

  65. I guess he found a pussy that rose to the occasion. Probably the only nob in recent history who had a rifle and lost to a pistol. Pussy 1. Nob 0.

  66. It’s our 2A civil right to open carry long guns. But be smart about it. If you point your gun at someone. A licensed CCW carrier just might blow your head off.

  67. Retired Federal Cop, Retired Military Cop… been there done that. First five are a rifle of at least 30 cal, second set of three is a lighter caliber- I’d bet on 9mm or maybe 357/38 pistol.

    • No sir. First shots are, according to the police, the pistol shooter. This seems to agree with the report from the driver himself. He stated that the man AK pointed the gun at him, he did not say the AK shooter fired.

      • I wonder if the driver was using a shoulder holster? Like the one Don Johnson used in the Miami vice TV show. I think it would be easier and faster to get your gun into action. Instead of having your gun on a gun belt That is now covered by the seat belt in the car you are sitting in.

        • I don’t know, but I personalty have a pocket holster tucked between my seats that holds my pistol while I’m driving just for this type of incident.

        • I’ve begun wearing a shoulder holster for my 1911-clones because of a jacked-up lower back (it takes the weight off my hip) and immediately noticed how much easier it would be to draw in an “Austin-type” situation. The only thing one must get used to is clearing the seatbelt when exiting the vehicle and I highly recommend the shoulder holster. I Open Carry and can tell you one thing there is no ambiguity, everyone knows one is armed, you just can’t miss it. Getting lots of compliments as of late.

        • I love my Falco ROTO-shouder holster ( Ruger American .45) . It carries the pistol vertical so you are not flagging anyone behind you, which also reduces printing by keeping everything under and aligned with your arm. Pop the thumb break and the gun rotates forward about 30 degrees or so for an easy draw out instead of up (I have a bum shoulder so this works well for me). Picked mine up from Craft Holsters.

        • Got a Galco Jackass for my G29 w dual mag holders nice in the winter hard to conceal in a tee-shirt wear with a leather vest when I’m riding, snug fit, thumb snap… rock on

        • I’ve been experimenting with a shoulder holster for my ruger p89. I’m finding the weight shift to the upper body to be a comfortable one.

      • Yeah and I NEVER hear the first shots fired at me either… pissed my pants once I did realize it. Did you listen to the video closely? The first shots have deeper tone that the latter 3, it’s actually a nice (if you can say that given the circumstances) illustration for the difference between long gun and sidearm. If you don’t have a background in firearms go to a range and listen enough, you can tell the difference… I do not know who fired first but it was
        a rifle fired first. Still looks (okay- sounds) like there’s a good chance of a self-defense claim. BTW – Austin PD is a very, very politically correct led department. Not a pejorative statement, just the product of what the city of Austin wants out of it’s police leadership.

        • No sir. Both shooters are in agreement on who fired first. Neither was firing a rifle. No one fired a rifle in this incident.

  68. From my reading, the person with the rifle was an ardent 2A supporter as well as a BLM supporter. His wife is black and unfortunately wheelchair bound. The people around him did not believe he even raised his rifle let alone fire it. This is not an open and closed case. By the way folks, protests are an integral part of 1st Amendmendt rights, so why are so many 2A supporters against the 1A?? Makes no sense to me.

    • protests are an integral part of 1st Amendmendt rights,

      No one here is against 1st Amendment rights… Many do, however find the method problematic.. If the exercise of your right to free speech, assembly, protest becomes a burden on my right to move about freely, to feel safe in my home, to engage in commerce then whose rights are more important? I argue that you CAN assemble/protest without blocking my right of way on a public highway, or burning my business to the ground… BLM, Antifa and their supporters have decided that their rights (real AND perceived) are more important than everyone else rights to go about their daily lives unfettered.. Their actions have weighed heavily upon people who have been locked up for weeks and now just want to get on with their lives… Protest all you want, but if you do it in support of a Marxist organization (BLM) or a Fascist group that ironically calls itself Antifa (whose sole purpose is the destruction of America) you are them and you will not find many Americans in sympathy….

    • Does it make sense to you to bully, intimidate, and attack people? That isn’t exorcising your 1A rights, that’s terrorism. You can see from the dash cam video how the crowd reacts to him blowing his horn. They turn at once and rush toward the car thinking they were going to bully someone. Then they hear the gun and scatter. Did that LARPing fool think he was some sort of enforcer that was going to set that commuter straight? Think how much easier it would have been to just take a couple of steps and let the car pass.

  69. It is amazing to see history repeat itself.

    As I read these responses, it is clear that no one here understands the first amendment and protest.

    But one thing is clear, I know which side of the Edmund Pettus bridge the TTAG fans would be standing on that day in 1965.

    “Led by Rev Hosea Williams and John Lewis, 600 civil rights marchers set out from the Brown Chapel Church, which served as the local headquarters of the civil rights movement, to march to Montgomery, 55 miles away, to protest against the persistent denial of voting rights to African Americans in Selma. They got as far as crossing the Edmund Pettus Bridge when their path was blocked by state troopers, under the command of Sheriff Jim Clark. He told them that the march was illegal and gave them two minutes to disperse.

    After one minute and five seconds, the state troopers assaulted the marchers, using whips, clubs, rubber tubing wrapped in barbed wire and tear gas. The marchers offered no resistance or retaliation and many of them prayed on their knees as blows rained down upon them. Five women were beaten into unconsciousness and 70 of the marchers required hospital treatment, including John Lewis who suffered a fractured skull. Several hundred of the marchers were arrested on what was labelled ‘Bloody Sunday’.“

    May God bless John Lewis, who had more patriotism and courage in his pinky than most of the cosplay armchair commandos here on TTAG, hiding behind their keyboards.

    • As usual, you’re way off base here, living in your own reality. The people commenting here aren’t the ones blocking roads, telling people they can’t pass, and threatening violence or attacking when people dare to pass anyway. Plus, the shooting and death reported here have absolutely nothing to do with race.

    • As I read these responses, it is clear that no one here understands the first amendment and protest

      What a burden it must be to be the only person living today that fully comprehends the Constitution of the United States AND be an expert in every nuance of EVERY state law in EVERY state as well as being blessed with the ability to see into the hearts and minds of every person who ever posted on this site AND still be able to maintain that uncanny ability to perfectly copy and paste articles to fit YOUR warped agenda (you basically just called everyone posting here a racist)… I for one am willing to make that greatest of sacrifices by relieving you of the need to educate me any further and I’m fairly certain I can find a consensus in agreement when I say job well done now go ahead and take that well deserved break…

  70. the cosplay armchair commandos here on TTAG, hiding behind their keyboards.

    You realize of course, that means you as well, right? Kind of like the white broad that wrote the book explaining why ALL white people are racists (I won’t use her name or the title of that piece of garbage, coming to a school near you this Fall), or the white guy on CNN calling ALL white people racist.. When you make a stupid comment about a group of people of which you are a member you are including yourself in that group.. I won’t respond to your description of John Lewis but I seem to have a slightly different recollection of him…

  71. I came here to this article to remind myself of the name of the driver who shot in self-defense, and found it isn’t here at all. So to complete the record: Sgt. Daniel Perry.


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