Austin Motorist Shoots, Kills Protester Carrying a Rifle When Crowd Surrounded His Car [VIDEO]

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Austin march shooting
Courtesy Twitter

An unidentified motorist was in downtown Austin last night at a busy intersection. Unfortunately for him, downtown was also the scene of what the Austin American-Statesman describes as “a protest against police violence.”

Here’s the Statesman’s description of what happened:

The shooting happened about 9:50 p.m. at Fourth Street and Congress Avenue, EMS officials said. Austin police said the male victim was carrying a weapon when he approached a vehicle. The person in the vehicle then shot the man.

According to a witness, the incident began when the driver on Fourth Street honked, turned right and sped down Congress, driving through the crowd. He appeared to hit an orange barrier in the road and came to a stop, said Michael Capochiano, who attended the protest.

“There were people around the car, yelling, and people sounding like they were frightened,” Capochiano said.

A protester with a rifle approached the car, and the driver pointed his gun outside the window, Capochiano said. The driver fired several shots, then sped away, he said.

The man with the rifle “dropped to the ground when he got shot,” Capochiano said.

The protester with the rifle was later pronounced dead at a local hospital.

As the officer in the above video explains, the man in the car was in custody and is cooperating with police. Here’s video of the shooting:

The Statesman’s description exaggerates what happened. The car didn’t “speed down Congress.” It appears the driver pulled only a few feet into the crowd before he was stopped and the marchers approached. You can hear honking. Then, as the crowd gathers around the car, five shots rang out, followed by three more.

The dead man has been identified as Garrett Foster. A site called reports that Foster was seen earlier in the evening on video saying, “the ‘people who hate us’ are ‘too big of p-ssies to actually do anything about it’ when asked why he was carrying a rifle.”

We haven’t been able to locate that video yet.

The driver will certainly be asked why he chose to pull into the crowd and much more about what happened isn’t yet known. Did Foster point his rifle at the car? Were threats made? Is there more, clearer video showing what happened? All of this will be revealed in the coming days.


UPDATE: Here’s video of comments Foster made about carrying a rifle before he was shot and killed.




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    • Once again, the blood is on the mayor’s hands for not doing his job. This keeps happening. It’s almost like it’s intentional.

      • Some LEO friends and I were having a conversation last week about the increasing frequency of protests, and they said their departments are constant alert, and acutely aware that friction is being purposefully fomented by agitators (both low level organizers and high level financiers). The concern is that some metro area at some point will go “hot” in the weeks leading up to the November Election, and certainly afterward no matter who wins the election. In fact, I personally believe we can expect lawsuits up the wazoo from both sides contesting vote counts (anyone here remember the 2000 Bush/Gore fiasco and the ‘hanging chads’?) that will last for weeks until settled by a federal judge. Riots by frustrated leftists will be a certainty.

        Our church security has been indefinitely beefed up. We have upgraded comms and are installing a newer security cam system.

        Our local Neighborhood Watch (of which I’m responsible for my own street) got together for a casual conversation discussing – for the first time ever – how to defend our neighborhood with arms if necessary, due to recent gunfire by interlopers. Something none of us have ever seen here before in our decades of living here.

        Live your life, prepare to defend, and never, ever willingly go to where a bunch of leftist agitators are marching in the streets and clogging traffic.


    • You are exactly right Ed Schrade…these dumb ass scumbags should be shot and killed everytime a driver encounters them, or better yet run over their ignorant asses ….

      • That’s one of the great ironies about these protests (and lib protests in general). More often than not the cops stop people from assaulting and killing the protestors, but the protestors are convinced that the cops are there to oppress them. “Defund the police” indeed. Then you’ll get everything you asked for and everything you deserve.


  1. another room temperature challenge taker fail
    guess he was too big of a p*ssy to shoot straight
    he should have stayed in his mothers basement with his cat

    • He gave an interview yesterday where he inexplicably said he needed the AK for protection, then said he wouldn’t use it against a cop, then said he wouldn’t have to use it against right wing pussies who were too scared to face him.

      Then a ‘right wing pussy’ honked at him, so he ran up to the driver’s door and shot five rounds at the vehicle. Clear cut case of self defense seconds later when the driver drew a handgun and returned three rounds.

        • I’m hesitant to say “yes” but, there was a video making the rounds last night where you could distinctly hear teo different weapons fire, first one than the other.

          Now, caveats: buildings do weird shit to loud sounds in video and you can’t SEE what happens. However, when I first saw it my initial thought was that two people in the car fired because it sure as hell sounds like rifle fire first followed by handgun fire. I’ll post a link to that video when I’m back to something that’s not a phone.

        • Nevermind, the first video here has that same audio. It’s a clip of the longer video I was looking at last night.

        • Watch the above video, listen for the shots, count the seconds between the first five shots and second set of three. Then ask who shot first? The rifleman or the one who got three bullets for his actions.

        • Who shot first? Did the protester fire his rifle at all? Check for gun powder residue.
          Why was he carrying a rifle anyway?
          It will get worse, a lot worse. That is the plan of the LIBERALS.
          Democrat cities burn. Republican cities do not.
          Where would you rather live?

        • The first rounds had the destinct AK 47 sound. I still can’t understand caring an AK to a friendly protest, not unless your looking and hoping for trouble. I’m old and wise and know it is never a good idea to go look for trouble, you might find it. I don’t hunt rattlesnakes either.

      • A few years ago there was a similar episode in NYC. The “outlaw” biker-gang calling itself “Hollywood Stuntz” was in the habit of taking over city street to do “stuntz”. An idiot did a “stopie” in front of an SUV and got bumped then run over as the gang surrounded the SUV. The gang then chased the man and his family until he stopped at an intersection where they attacked and beat the father. The guy was was acquitted on the grounds that he was surrounded by a threatening crowd and was trying to escape.

      • FedUp,

        According to ABC News:

        [Austin Police Chief Brian] Manley said the driver and several witnesses told police Foster approached the driver side window of the vehicle and pointed an assault rifle at the driver.

        The driver said they shot Foster and drove off, police said.

        Manley said the driver called 911 and reported the incident. That person was taken into custody but later released. The driver’s name wasn’t immediately released.

        The second round of shots was fired by protesters who witnessed the shooting, Manley said. The shooter fired at the car while it drove away. That person was also taken into custody but later released, Manley said.

        So there you have it. The first volley of five shots was the driver shooting Foster and the second volley of three (or maybe four) shots was a protester in the crowd shooting at the driver as he/she was driving away.

        According to that report, therefore, Foster never actually fired his AK-47 rifle although he did approach the driver and point his rifle at him/her. If that is true, then this a clear-cut case of justifiable homicide in self-defense for the driver.

    • Garrett had a rifle and lost a gunfight against a guy with a handgun. Garrett was on foot and fired the first shots, at a guy who was trapped in his car. He had a huge advantage, and still lost, because that’s what losers do. What will his mother do with all that space she just gained in the basement?

        • The brass collected at the scene will tell us beyond doubt who fired first, as the strings of shots are both distinct and different in number. If Mr. AK-47 fired first (which seems likely if as the bystanders described, he “dropped to the ground” as soon as the person in the car started shooting) then it will be five 7.62×39 hulls and three pistol caliber rounds.

          I look forward to more facts, footage , and evidence. Wish it was available to to public as soon as the police have it.

        • Look a new user! And he’s asking a question that casts doubt!

          Despite what the media tells people guns don’t go off by themselves. They need a newb to pull the trigger five times before he takes 3 and goes down.

          No respawn in this game.

        • Seems like a pretty good question to ask

          Getting shot doesn’t stop you from shooting back. And witnesses are almost useless. With all the video around it should become very clear what happened if there is a trial.

        • @ROLCON, er, PavePusher: I understand clicking “play” on the video in this article is difficult, so allow me to describe said video. One car honk followed by 5 rifles shots, a slight lull followed by 3 pistol shots and a quick follow-up of a 6th rifle shot.

        • Rusty Shackelford,

          I am not convinced that there was a sixth shot — here is why:

          After the first volley of five shots in quick succession, the videographer ducked toward the ground and cover behind a brick column. As he regained his composure and reoriented himself, he was clunking his phone on stuff. (You can hear the low-frequency muffled impact/vibration sounds in the audio.) That is important for the following reason. All modern devices have an integral feature for audio called automatic gain control — devices try to “even” the sound volume such that quiet sounds are not too quiet and loud sounds are not too loud/distorted. Clunking his phone would invoke this automatic gain control to reduce the recording level. Since devices stop their automatic gain control pretty fast — within about 0.5 to 1.0 seconds, I believe this suddenly made the echo of the last of the three shot volley suddenly get loud. It would be very easy to mistake that for yet one last gunshot.

          To summarize: I believe the videographer clunked his phone which caused his phone to automatically reduce the audio level. And his phone recovered to “normal” audio level at the very end of the last gunshot — just in time for the immediate echo of that last gunshot to suddenly get relatively loud compared to the volume level of the last three gunshots. In fact it was loud enough that it sounded like yet one additional/last gunshot.

        • I remember when Obama issued an order to Our Military in Combat Situations to “Not shoot until you are shot at”! I wonder how many of our Heroes were wounded or killed because we had an Asshole In Chief?.?

          When someone points a gun at you, you must assume they will shoot you! Better to Shoot First and Answer Questions Later!

          • Rifleboy NEVER fired a shot but he did present a threat by pointing the rifle at the driver while the car was being assailed by ay an angry mob.. Funny thing, the trolls want to argue that the McCloskey’s were threatening an angry mob who had just tore down a gate and illegally entered a private property, but find it perfectly FINE that Rifleboy was pointing his gun at a citizen who had EVERY LEGAL RIGHT to be where he was….

        • ….except the silly-ass comments made by the guy who got shot prior to the event will factor into it…..

  2. Sounds like some radical left wing protest from what I can gather. When a crowd of people, one of whom is armed, approaches a car, I can see how somebody might feel threatened. I want to wait for more details before making my final judgement, but if this was what it looks like then it is kinda hard to blame the driver. Sooner or later the people are gonna have to stand up to this mob.

    • Except he drove into the protestors. Clear as day.

      This “radical left wing mob” stuff is such bullshit. You’re getting played.

      • Stop blocking traffic it’s illegal! Read the freakin traffic book! Don’t approach people in their cars. There are a going to be more people being shot if you don’t stop jacking with people. People are getting tired of the crap.

      • No JSLED, YOU are trying to play us! It won’t work. You might have better luck on a snowflake blog somewhere.

        People are getting tired of these bullshit claims of “peaceful protest” There are certainly some protestors who are not violent but they are intentionally protecting those who are.

        Point a weapon, throw a frozen bottle of water, a full soda can, or try to use one of those aerial mortars that you bought at a fireworks stand as a hand grenade, and you will assume a significant risk of probable lethal retaliation. If you find your self standing next to someone doing those things you may end up an unintended casualty of the behavior you enable.

      • Yeah, I guess the crowd chanting “Antifa” (which you can hear on the video) as they illegally block traffic on a major thoroughfare is just a figment of my imagination. Or are you saying Antifa isn’t a far left movement?

        We’ll need to see what the evidence is, but if the crowd did in fact surround the car and the rifle-toting mob member then pointed his weapon toward the driver, it would appear to be a lawful use of deadly force under Texas law.

        Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

        • “We’ll need to see what the evidence is, but if the crowd did in fact surround the car and the rifle-toting mob member then pointed his weapon toward the driver, it would appear to be a lawful use of deadly force under Texas law.”

          Pretty much the same in Florida. Your vehicle is treated the same as your residence, defense-wise.

          “Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.”

          And he won the ‘Grand Prize’.

          It will be interesting to see the ‘spin’ that will be applied on this one by the usual suspects…

        • If the rifle was in the hands as opposed to being slung and he was approaching the car, in that environment, that is a threatening posture. It doesn’t matter if he pointed it. He’s already brandishing. Get the hell out, shoot him or run him over. And at that point, anyone else who tries to stop you.

        • LKB,

          My concern is when mobs surround cars without pointing a firearm at, trying to stab, or trying to bludgeon the vehicle occupants. In such a scenario the mob absolutely has the ability to instantly maim/murder the vehicle occupants. And the mob has falsely imprisoned the vehicle occupants which is a crime and clearly indicates the mob’s malicious intentions for the vehicle occupants. Is that sufficient cause to justify application of deadly force?

          Consider a woman walking down the street. A crowd of 30 raucous men with melee weapons surrounds her with the clear intent of imprisoning her against her will and the men begin expressing violent contempt for her. Does she have to wait until they put hands on her or strike her before she can legally respond with deadly force?

          As much as I hate to see anyone have to apply deadly force, I don’t see how the victim has any choice in the matter when the mob has clearly expressed their intent to harm the victim. The only uncertainty is how far the mob will go. And why should good people have to wait until the mob starts bludgeoning, stabbing, or shooting them to repel the mob?

          Clarification: I am NOT condoning that anyone apply deadly force to a mob that is passing by without impeding your ability to continue on your way. I am deeply concerned about raucous mobs that illegally surround someone and start harassing that someone.

          Disclaimer: I am not an attorney and the above is not legal counsel.

        • uncommon_sense –

          Pounding on the vehicle *itself* probably won’t meet the standard.

          If glass breaks, that *might* be justified, if someone follows-up by reaching inside the vehicle.

          NOTE – I hope I *never* need to find out first-hand…

        • LKB – How does the ‘Austin political factor’ play into this?

          Can the local prosecutor with a hard-on for gun control make it a hell experience for the driver?

        • Geoff:

          Possibly, but if as some are claiming soyboy fired first, I really doubt it.

          While the Austin politicians are about on par with those in Seattle, Portland, SF, etc., we have a GOP governor, AG, and both houses of the state legislature, and they have repeatedly shown that they will step in and neuter Austin when it gets too crazy.

          Again, we need to wait for the facts to come out, but *if* they are as the currently appear I don’t see a case being made, and if the DA tried the grandstand for the cameras we may well see Gov. Abbott step in.

        • If people are pounding on your car they can be slashing your tires. You wouldn’t know it. A mob pounding on your car is clearly aggressive. Would the Mayor DE BLaaahsio’s security forces or those of any Governor allow a mob to surround and start pounding on their car? No, that simply wouldn’t happen. The driver would get the hell out of there and take anybody stuck on the bumper for a ride.

      • He was trying to drive down the street. He even honked. They wouldn’t get out of the way and aren’t supposed to be i the street, anyway. Let this be a–hard learned–lesson to them. People are getting fed up with this B.S.

        • This reply is actually to uncommon sense
          The basics of self-defense laws are the same in all 50 states.
          Once you have satisfied the five requirements of self defense (imminence, innocence, Reasonableness, avoidance and proportionality) you are justified in using deadly force.
          Most states remove the requirement for avoidance with stand your ground laws.
          The lady in your example doesn’t have to wait to be struck, but the attack has to be “ imminent”.
          Just like the man in the car doesn’t have to wait for the AK to go off.
          Once it it brandished, then pointed, you are gods to go.

      • Never mind the bling. There are 2 players. Player 1 is a cornered target in a vehicle. Player 2 is mobile with a rifle. If Player 2 approached Player 1 with the muzzle of his rifle pointed towards Player 1 that justifies Player 1 use of deadly force.
        If Player 2 had his rifle slinged over his back that would not be the time to use deadly force.
        Disclaimer…This is a speculation based on an educated guess. Dirty diaper democRats and others prone to stupidity should never approach anyone with a brick, bat, knife, firearm or say or do anything that could be hazardous to their health. Always Read and Follow Label Warnings.

      • No, he was sitting there honking at the ‘protesters’ so they came running to attack him, plain as day.

        • Ain’t it a “B” when Forrest messes up a protest, street party, summer of love 2020 style, F the USA and all those that made it the only place in the world that is tolerant to their BS and whacks a loud mouthed POS…… Run Forrest run..
          If they leave New Jack City and bring their Marxist , communist , we deserve free stuff, where my reparations at arse’s to Mainsteet USA, they will be meet with a wall of Atomic number 82 of various calibers.

          • number 82 of various calibers.

            I use SOME #82, but I use a lot more #29….. and in some instances’ #82 shrouded with #29

      • Look who is back from the left wing mob training camp. Haven’t seen jsled around here in a while.

      • You have NO right to infringe on another person’s right.

        Your right to “protest” ends where my right to freely move starts. You have NO legal authority to block anyone from doing anything.

        I’ll withhold my personal judgement until details are provide, but ordinarily you don’t have a right to aim and shoot a gun at or around someone in a way that a reasonable person would view as threatening.

        You can try to justify this fuckery all you want. But at the end of the day, the only question is how willful your ignorance is. Go be a sophist elsewhere.

      • No, he didn’t. The driver honked his horn because he wanted to get through, and Garrett tried to kill him for it. In the video, you can hear Garrett yell “everyone back up” before he opens fire on the car. Then the 3 pistol shots as he dies for his stupidity. Good shoot! I hope they give the driver a medal for making his city a safer place.

      • What the hell are you supposed to do when the rioters block the streets and approach your car threatening.

        • That would be a tactical choice depending on the conditions. I would think that attempting a u-turn would make the car and it’s occupants more vulnerable.

      • The problem with the bulk of the comments,”yeah kill the bastard” is much to early to rush to judgement the facts are the facts but they will have to be gotten before it can be decided who is in the right and vice versa. I am pretty sure there will be more vids from different angles taken that will tell the story. If you were in a situation similar to this would you want everyone to yell kill em before the justification is revealed? What baffles me about this whole screwed up mess is that when trump people came in that is when it got much more violent with many more people in attendance, I thought their mandate was to only protect Federal properties?

        • That is not when it got more violent. It got more violent on day one when Antifa showed up at protests. The right has been comatose in comparison.

        • “when trump people came in that is when it got much more violent”

          Really? Are you trying to rewrite history already or is your attention span really that short?

        • It is entirely possible that the media began reporting on the violence more regularly once federal agencies were involved in order to paint things in a more negative light for Trump. Similar to the way that people protesting lockdowns were the spawn of Satan(especially the ones carrying guns), until a couple weeks later when the BLM Antifa protests happened and they were portrayed as Angels from on high(especially the ones carrying guns). Funny how what is reported changes based on who is involved on each side of the event…

      • Hey kids….newsflash! What goes on in your own head doesn’t necessarily equate to facts! These are not peaceful protests! Brandishing a gun, in a threatening manner is actually bad for ones health! If the protester, with the rifle, did fire first, why did he not understand the concept of ‘gun-control’, as in IDENTIFY YOUR TARGET and AIM at the target? Pointing a gun, in the general direction of your target and thinking you will accomplish something is flawed thinking which can get you dead! Hollyweird’s use of guns, in movies and such has very little to do with reality and if that’s where your knowledge of guns come from, then you shouldn’t own much less carry guns. Their use has lasting consequences! This dude sounds like a future recipient of a Darwin Award! Way to go CHAMP!

        • “Brandishing a gun, in a threatening manner is actually bad for ones health!”

          Well, it was just fine at the Bundy ranch when multiple individuals were pointing their weapons at both local and federal LEOs.

          Of course, every single armed individual at welfare queen Bundy’s ranch was white, that’s probably why there was no consequence for their brandishing and pointing firearms at others.

          Remember the snipers on the bridge?

        • The individual who was shot was Caucasian, but the majority of protesters were minorities and the specific reason they were protesting was because of excessive force by police in their interactions with minorities, especially blacks.

          Trumps attorney general, Bill Barr, said “I do think it is a widespread phenomenon the African-American males, in particular, are treated with extra suspicion and maybe not give the benefit of the doubt.”

          The protesters have a valid concern regarding this unfair treatment, and dissent against the government is one of the most patriotic actions an American can take.

          Hey, given the audio recording of the shots fired, it’s a distinct possibility that the nut job with the AK 47 instigated the gun play. But it’s best to see how this actually shakes out once more evidence is collected.

          You know, I have seen pictures of this individual with his wife, a black female paraplegic in a wheelchair. It’s certainly possible that if he driver revved his engine he could’ve felt that his wife in the wheelchair was in danger and may have just fired warning shots. He was within 3 feet of the car, if he actually fired his weapon intending to hit the car it would’ve been impossible to miss.

          So I am beginning to doubt that he actually wanted to shoot the car, we know he was an Air Force veteran so he may have had some weapons training, how could he miss unless he was just firing warning shots.

          And then the driver rolls down the window, produces his weapon, and kills him.

        • @Ned

          Minor doesn’t understand the concept of cause and effect. Facts confuse him.

        • Warning shots are patently illegal in many parts of the US. Warning shots in a dense urban environment are potentially lethal, highly irresponsible, and will result in you going to jail. To say nothing of the fact that he was already willfully breaking the law, helping instigate a riot along with a domestic terror group and holding people prisoner against their will. He was a dangerous fool, as are all the useful idiots who attend the Burn Loot and Murder festivals thrown by our very own domestic terror organization, Antifa. The “peaceful protestors” are nothing but human shields for the ones performing assault, arson, and murder. He is now sporting new ventilation holes and on a slab in the morgue. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. After Secoria Turner no one should be thinking twice about defending themselves from a mob of violent terrorists. Antifa and BLM have burnt up what little benefit of the doubt they had with the average person.

          You want to protest? Get a permit, do it peacefully and lawfully. Don’t block traffic, vandalize or loot.
          People show up to try and be violent and commit felonies? Do what the Gun Owners of the US did at their rally in Richmond – disown the malcontents, tell them to fork off and point them out to police.
          If the rally turns violent? Go home. If you stay you are choosing to be a human shield for those committing crime, and you are accessory to everything they do – in which case you deserve to be pepper sprayed, cuffed, stuffed, and jailed.

          The average american is beginning to realize that nothing will placate the mob, and that the mob can and will murder ordinary people who have nothing to do with them for the crime of being caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.

          I have zero sympathy for this nut job, or for any of these morons.

      • jsled lies, “Except he drove into the protestors. Clear as day.
        This “radical left wing mob” stuff is such bullshit. You’re getting played.”
        jsled continues lying below, “He drove into the crowd. He wasn’t “surrounded”. Christ.”

        You do know we can watch the video ourselves right? He did not drive into anyone, liar. He did find his way blocked during a late night unmarked protest march. It’s why most protests should be in parks or use traffic control/detours/signage if in the streets. Some one tried turning, found idiots in the street, And then he, horror upon horror, honked.

        Glad idiot AK boy got his Darwin Award, not happy how idiots like you will use it to push for overreaching gun control like all the socialists do.

      • Good lord, what a mindless idiot you are. You want to see who is getting played, check the mirror.

      • He drove down a public street. Folks that had no permit to do so blocked his travel path. The guy in the car was the victim. He simply defended himself.

      • “Clear as day”? How about you explain what this clown was doing in the street downtown at midnight with a mask and a gun? After that, quote the law which allows you to fire on someone who is driving a car in the road you are wandering in like a suicidal fool?

      • No, we are not being ‘played.’

        The difference in perception between you and us is that we’re not drinking used bong water.

      • Another example of how when someone stands up to them these “peaceful protesters” they fold like a tent. If they had any character or skills they’d be contributing to society instead of tearing down work by their betters.

      • Watching the video it looks like he was there first and they walked around him and then in front of him to keep him out of the intersection. They should have let him go on instead of surrounding him. Signal light stopped him, protestors marched around him got in front of him and were about to give him some grief when dummy shoots off his AK and gets himself shot. If you don’t like this country please get the hell out of here because there are a bunch of us who love this country.

      • So a mob of antifa/BLM protesters, one or more of whom are armed, can take ownership of a public street? Seems to me if a bunch of people are standing in a public street and vehicle honks it’s horn letting them know it needs to get by, the polite thing to do is to move aside and let pass.

      • I assume you had another name before you were banned from the site for being an idiot. Guess what you are still an idiot. go out and play little boy and allow the adults to talk esnibly

        • talk esnibly

          What the HELL is “ESNIBLY” searched languages All over the world and I can’t find anything that comes close…. (kidding)

      • Baghdad Bob is that you? “There are no Antifa in Seattle or Portland”… the city burns in the background.

        There sure are very few black people protesting the mistreatment of black people. It’s mostly white people.

  3. Approaching someone with a gun and you aren’t the police is a good way to find out who is and isn’t a pussy….

    • “the ‘people who hate us’ are ‘too big of p-ssies to actually do anything about it’ ”

      Then why do you need a rifle again? That doesn’t even make sense, unless you were planning on intimidating a bunch of so-called p-ssies.

    • As soon as he blows his horn, people from the march turn around and head for his car. You can see that on the video. They thought they had some fresh meat to bully.

    • Drove up to the crowd, not through it. The driver honked his horn for people to get out of the way and it hurt everyone’s feelings so they all rushed to his vehicle.

      Foster (who was bragging about people who oppose them won’t fight back) with AK opens fire 5 times (you cannot mistake rifle fire) at driver.
      Few seconds later, the 3 small caliber gunshots rang out. Foster gets taken out.

      But you knew all this already. You know it but won’t accept it, so being disingenuous is your only retort.
      Just stop bruh.

      • Lance may be correct, those first five rounds sound like AK. There will probably be more video from different angles available, that will provide more information about the incident.
        There isn’t enough information yet to draw a valid conclusion about the cause.

      • I believe Lance is indeed correct.

        Two distinctly different sounds. One 5 shot burst and one 3 shot burst. They are not from the same firearm in my opinion.

        • Lance is absolutely correct, and the police report will back it up. You can even hear Foster yelling before he opens fire, “everyone back up”.

    • If they were all around the car at that point and the video certainly appears to show that, the driver absolutely was surrounded. If a member of the crowd approached him with an unslung rifle THAT is a threat.

    • Can’t you get it through your head that ‘protesting’ on a street is a bad idea. Surrounding a vehicle isn’t very bright either.

      • And approaching the vehicle with a rifle in your hands pretty much forces the driver to fulfill the OODA Loop.

    • He was exercising his right to travel freely, unimpeded when a terrorist forced him to exercise his 2nd Amendment rights.

    • So what? They rushed him, an idiot pointed an AKM at him. Self defense. Pretty straight forward, troll.

  4. ok

    Question for BLM:
    Tell us WHAT cop killed WHAT black ANYONE?

    Because I’m not seeing it. What am I missing here? This looks to me like too many armed fools running on high emotion. I don’t see anything here that has any indication of race at all.

    • If Black lives really mattered to Black Lives Matter, they would be in Chicago and every other inner-city stopping the Black on Black violence. Thousands of Black are killed each year by other Blacks. Its the most dangerous threat to a black person today. Last year nine ‘unarmed’ Black men were killed by the police. Review them for yourselves, seven were suicide by cop.

      What happened to George Floyd looks wrong from the video they released so far. After I see the rest, I will gladly hang the cops myself if they were wrong. But I doubt these riots are really about George’s death while in custody. And someone should recall any mayor or governor who lets his crap continue.

      • George Floyd is supposed to demonstrate “systemic racism” or some shit. Guys were fired before sunset, now facing trial for murder. Folks, no bullshit here, that does NOT show “systemic racism”. Quite the opposite.

        • George Floyd is supposed to demonstrate “systemic racism” or some shit.

          You sure about that name? Chuck Schumer called him Floyd Taylor and Pelosi called him George Gobel or some such shit… Phukin Libtards don’t care, that guy was just an excuse to TRY to make Trump look bad… And 3….2….1 cue the trolls.

      • Why don’t you see BLM ever protesting outside abortion clinics. Black babies don’t matter?

        • Just a total coincidence. /s
          Like all the prior lockdowns and face mask rules we’ve never had over the years in largely Democratic-run states when people caught nasty colds or the flu. The economic ruin, the urban protests, the BS “black” marches tied to DNC money laundering … it’s all a rigged show for the stupid and slow who enjoy the gas lighting BS the media is feeding them.
          At some point the provocations will go too far. A lot of people will get hurt simply so certain people can maintain jobs and power.

  5. It sounds like a good shoot. Criminal rioters have no business blocking traffic and then some dimwit approaches a vehicle with a rifle attempting to assault or intimidate? Always conceal carry, never pull your weapon until it is go time / in defense of your life.

  6. “…reports that Foster was seen earlier in the evening on video saying, “the ‘people who hate us’ are ‘too big of p-ssies to actually do anything about it’ when asked why he was carrying a rifle.””

    The reported ‘victim’ may not be a victim. If I’m stopped from proceeding on my way and an agitated crowd surrounds me and I see someone with a rifle approach me…

    They could genuinely be in fear of their safety and respond appropriately.

    So it seems to me…

    • It sounds to me like ‘MAGA Man’ took care of business the old-fashioned-way.

      And you’re all butt-hurt over it. Suck on it, long and *hard*.

      *snicker* 😉

      • “ Suck on it, long and *hard*.“

        Bro, I’m flattered, but I don’t swing that way. As you know, you’llhave a lot more success propositioning truckers at rest stops.

        • “Bro, I’m flattered, but I don’t swing that way.”

          Nearly every comment you make here you sexualize.

          Just another gay in denial… 😉

        • …and you embrace it fully, seeing as you’re asking dudes to ‘suck it hard’ 🤣.

  7. if the cops did not have the road blocked then it was an open rd to drive on and he did not run over protesters but they were enough around him he had to stop and then an idiot with a gun started towards him he was right to be scared for his life and shoot to protect his life

    • Dead dude even said in the prior interview that they weren’t allowed to protest in the streets.

  8. Poor poor sht for brains protester assuming people are cowering in fear of him….Bad Assumption.

      • Deborah has bigger balls than you will ever have, and is more woman than you’ll ever get.

        Give it up, loser, you’ll never get her into bed.

        Go wank in your basement 😉

        • Yeah, go hook up with some antifa coke whore slut with prison tattoos and a couple of nose rings.

  9. I can think of few things more threatening than finding yourself on a highway, road or urban street, surrounded by an angry threatening crowd Who will not allow you to proceed about your business and deliberately block your way out.

      • You, most of us,and according to recent reports, a couple more thousand people every day.

      • Yeah, my car gun is meatier than my edc. If I’d hit him 3 times with my car gun, he’d be missing a lot of extremities.

    • I suspect a bunch of the people participating in these protests haven’t the faintest idea who Reginald Denny is, why he became famous, and how many people of the slightly older generation are determined to not end up like him.

  10. Austin Motorist Shoots, Kills Terrorist Carrying a Rifle When Terrorists Surrounded His Car

    • @ CHARLES B.: Occam’s Razor prevails. Best explanation yet of what happened. Hat tip!

  11. this guy had the rifle and wanted to act ‘tough guy’ and got shot…..and was part of BLM

    I don’t see a downside on this, the car guy will get off with self defense when the video shows and you can hear them BEATING on his car…he sees gun and goes for the defense move before LARPing boy can fire.

    then add the rifle BLMer has a nice tweet video of him acting all tough guy BEFORE the event!

    • “I don’t see a downside on this, the car guy will get off with self defense when the video shows and you can hear them BEATING on his car…”

      It took place in *Austin*, the Leftist home base in the great state of Texas.

      The prosecutor there can make him take a very expensive ride, even if he beats the rap…

  12. Well, it looks like the shoe has dropped. Expect more of the same in the near future. After the kids joy riding in the CHOP were shot (1 dead) and the video of the protesting thug shooting the driver of the white SUV in Provo, Utah. people realize the threat is genuine. I don’t live or work anywhere near any of this madness. But I can tell you if I was trapped by a crowd surrounding my vehicle with no exit other than over the protesters and someone is obviously approaching me with “HANDS ON” a firearm (other than LE) I’m shooting them before they get a shot off at me.

    • I used to live in Provo and I didn’t think I lived anywhere near that kind of madness either at the time. That was years ago, and things do change—but it does go to show that people can bring the madness to you at any time. Stay sharp.

  13. Good shoot!

    I hope more of these wannabe commie revolutionaries start carrying guns.

    • Careful what you wish for. Personally hoping this tamps down the behavior for a bit but probably too much funding and motivation for it to stop just yet.

    • You can’t see the shooting, but you can hear all the shots. The first 4 shots definitely sound more like a rifle than a handgun, the 3 follow up shots (reportedly from the driver) and quieter and higher pitched, like a handgun. Then one final loud (rifle?) shot after that. So this version of events seems likely.

      • Fun Gunner,

        I am not convinced that the audio is a reliable indicator. The videographer was pointing his video recorder (probably a smart phone) at the car for the first volley of five shots and thus his microphone was aimed at the car. After that first volley of five shots, the videographer ducks down and by the time he records the last volley of three shots, it doesn’t seem like his phone is pointing toward the car any more. That alone could cause the audio level of the last volley of three shots to be significantly quieter and sound different (due to recording different frequencies at different levels due to uneven reflections).

        If AK-47 man did shoot those first five shots and police were able to secure the scene right away, there will be five 7.62 x 39mm casings on the ground which will absolutely prove or disprove what happened. Similarly, if police find eight handgun casings on the ground and/or in the vehicle that match the driver’s handgun caliber and expended capacity, that will absolutely prove or disprove what happened.

        • “ “due to recording different frequencies at different levels due to uneven reflections”

          That certainly is a possibility. However, in my experience on a city street the majority of reflected sound is coming from the buildings and the direction of the microphone doesn’t really affect the amplitude of the recorded sound.

        • Last I saw an hour ago, the only release from the police seem to be based on “witness” accounts, and did not mention the original shots at all. And directionality does not change the tone and length of the blast reflected off of the buildings. A 7.62 recorded from 5 feet away or 500 feet over the hill carries the same distinct audio signature, which is what is heard in the video before the gunshots.

        • “If AK-47 man did shoot those first five shots and police were able to secure the scene right away, there will be five 7.62 x 39mm casings on the ground which will absolutely prove or disprove what happened.”

          No guarantee either way, the large crowd walking around contaminates the evidence. Besides, some idiot may have picked up a 7.62×39 shell case as a twisted ‘souvenir’.

          The lack of found shells doesn’t mean they weren’t fired…

      • The video showing the shooting has been deleted, because it didn’t show what the rioters want you to see.
        The fact that the rioters aren’t posting full video all over Twitter is pretty solid proof that Garrett needed to be dead.

        Ever watch a livestream of Portland rioters doing riot stuff, then somebody, often a NLG green hat, starts yelling ‘turn off your cameras, delete the video’?

    • Fun Gunner,

      Any chance the driver fired the first five shots (which would sound relatively loud since the videographer’s recording microphone was aimed at the car) and then AK-47 man, on the ground due to taking handgun runs, manages to fire off three shots before going unconscious?

      After the first volley of five shots, the videographer was behind cover likely not pointing his microphone toward the car which would significantly reduce the recorded loudness of off-axis audio originating from the direction of the car. And if AK-47 man was on the ground as well when he fired off three rounds, that could easily sound much different and quieter on the audio (especially if his rifle barrel was aimed away from the videographer) as well.

      This could also explain how so much time elapsed between the first volley of five shots and that last volley of three shots. (AK-47 man falls to ground, struggles to unstrap AK-47 from shoulder and point toward car, and pulls trigger three times before going unconscious — which could easily take the five seconds or so that elapsed in the video recording.)

      I am also thinking about the relatively long delay (five seconds) between the first volley and the second volley. If you are in your car and someone starts shooting at you, I have to believe that the natural, first, immediate reaction of 99.9% of the population would be to step on the gas pedal and try to drive away. The car did not appear to immediately do that. So the driver just stays there for five seconds while drawing his/her handgun and aiming to start shooting? And meanwhile AK-47 man stops shooting and just stands there? Why? If AK-47 man decided to start shooting at the car, why stop at just five pulls of the trigger?

      And then you can see people start moving away from the car a few seconds before there are any gunshots and you can hear someone (apparently on a bull horn) order the crowd, “Everybody back up!” about one second before the first shot. Did the crowd and the person on the bull horn see AK-47 man approaching with rifle in hand? Did they see the driver draw a handgun and start pointing it?

      Hopefully, concrete evidence (most likely the number and caliber of shell casings on scene) will definitively tell the story.

      • Long delay could have been driver unholstering while wearing a seatbelt and rolling down the window.

      • No, that was Foster yelling “everyone back up” so that he wouldn’t shoot his fellow protestors as he opened fire on the car. He attempted to murder the driver and got what he deserved. Good shoot.

        • I meant the delay between the initial series of shots and the subsequent series. My read was rifle shoots first and pistol responds 3-5 seconds later.

        • Dan,

          How do you know it was Foster telling everyone to back up?

          Whoever told everyone to back up, it sure sounded like they were talking through a bull horn or public address system of some sort. Even if Foster was doing that, how did he let go of the bull horn or microphone and start shooting in 1/2 second — which is the approximate elapsed time between the word, “up,” and the first gunshot?

          I am not saying that anyone was in the right or wrong: I am simply trying to piece together what happened with certainty — which may not be possible with the limited evidence that we have before us.

      • Unless RifleBoy just intended to shoot holes in the car how the hell could he miss the driver, if the driver was the actual target, at that range with a rifle? No matter now, that’s one out of the equation. Next!!

        • Rifle boy was there with his quadriplegic wife in a wheelchair, he may have thought they were about to drive over her and fired warning shots. Then, the driver rolls down his window and produces his firearm and shoots rifle boy.

          He was less than 10 feet from the car, if he intended to hit the car or the occupants there would be no way to miss it that range.

          • he may have thought they were about to drive over her

            The car is in the street… STOPPED… Rifleboy just thought he’d prove his theory about ALL those pussys not doing anything.. and what kind of MORON fires an AK five times without shooting at a specific target, there were hundreds (thousands?) of people in the streets and if Mr. Roomtemp fired into the air he’s fortunate no one else was hit… Contrary to popular belief a bullet fired into the air returns to earth with sufficient velocity to penetrate a human skull…. His “famous last words” are destined for greatness.. Or at least remembered in perpetuity by ALL us pussys….

  14. good call on the audio (5 apparent rifle shots then a break then 3 pistol shots). must acknowledge however that the video source clearly relocates in between the shots so maybe judging by loudness isn’t accurate? Who knows

    really curious to hear what actually happened (if it ever comes out).

    • I agree. My judgement was based on pitch and report of the two series of shots, both of which are distinctively different from rifle to pistol.
      There is another rifle shot after the 3 pistol shots, in my opinion.

  15. If you and a bunch of other people approach a car and someone has a gun it is an implied threat. A few weeks ago a woman with a child was surrounded by protestors and one had a gun, when she called 911 she was told she was on her own. Some would rather be judged by twelve than carried by six.

    • Really. In that situation, 911 operator tells me I’m on my own, 911 tape will record my first shot.

  16. play stupid games in the street, win stupid prizes.. where’s he gonna be buried so I can piss on his grave..

  17. To those that blame the driver – – I am reminded of the drunk 18 year old girl, in suggestive clothing, in the “bad” part of town, and bad things happen to her. And when you point out that of course, nobody deserves that, but what the hell did you think would happen when you got drunk, flashed your skin, and instead of staying home, went to the slum to do it all, your told your a sexist pig and she can do what she wants…. Yea, all true, but if she had not done those things, she would not be in the hospital. By the same token, if you don’t want to get shot, don’t go up a a random car with an AK47, blcck that car in, and scream at it as part of a mob. Its MUCH safer to get a picket sign and stand outside city hall, and say yes sir no sir, than risk that some “p****” wont do anything about you pointing an AK 47 at them in a unruly mob

  18. The left wants an escalation in violence. Mr. AK-47 may have fired first, missed, and the driver subsequently dropped him with three shots. Citizens are starting to realize that the “authorities” have abandoned them to the leftist mob. Citizens are under ZERO obligation to surrender, kneel, be abused, violated, and or murdered by these low grade Maoists.

  19. Being swarmed in your car is really no different than being swarmed outside of your car. The act of having your egress blocked by an overwhelming force is most certainly life threatening fully warranting flooring it or shooting your way out.

    These sorts of “protest” tactics are assaults pure and simple.

    • Exactly so.

      “Swarmed”, “your egress blocked”, “overwhelming force” are assaults, one or in combination. You don’t have to wait to get hit, or shot at, to be at risk. When the swarm demonstrates or threatens explicitly, all the more cause to believe them. Once yr swarmed, yr ripe to get brained from behind – ask Andy Ngo. Then get beat w “just signs” from all sides once yr down.

      Like with the suburban lawyers who did not fire, putting them at risk is the assult: changes the calculus. A swarm already breeching physical decorum is a different level of risk than one guy n just words. Putting yr target at disadvantage *is* assault.

    • Possible correction: Where we all thought we heard rifle fire 5x followed by pistol fire from inside car 3x, the news is now reporting driver shooting 5x followed by a ‘peaceful protester’ firing 3x from a distance. That matches up with a ‘peaceful medic’ claiming that he fired the final shots.

      If that’s true, what we have is a driver honking at a mob, the mob surrounding his car, one member of the mob approaching very close to the driver’s door brandishing (not merely carrying) an AK, and the driver perceiving that as a valid threat and dealing with the perceived threat. For circumstantial evidence, we have the threat’s recorded interviews which sounds like he wants to shoot somebody but doesn’t quite say it straight out, his social media posts saying cops should be blinded by lasers because they’re cops, etc, etc.

      • So are you trying to tell us that the pistol fired from within the care was substantially louder than the rifle fired outside the car. Nice try though.

        • No, the claim is 5 shots from handgun at rifle boy, and then 3rd party fires shots at fleeing car. That seems stupid with all the people surrounding the car, but it might be true.

  20. Don’t blame the driver these vile animals are not NOT protestors they are paid violent criminals and allowed by democratic communist party this needs to be put down immediately and these politicians arrested for allowing such behavior in America done with this blm antifa both are terrorist must be put down immediately and these other protest should be shut down as well, it is spreading this virus much less it over done the cop is going to prison so it done. These colored people if so unhappy pack them up and their families send them to Africa or wherever their ancestors came from, revoked citizenship never allowed back, all about destroying America and our freedoms.
    And arrest all those behind this soros obama democratics communist cease all assets, prosecute, if not jailed for natural life then Deported revoked citizenship banned from all of America and territories

  21. “….the male victim was carrying a weapon when he approached a vehicle.”

    WRONG, morons. The actual ‘victim’ was in his vehicle. The burn-loot-murder perpetrator threatened the VICTIM, who then defended himself.


  22. When more info comes out later, things may look differently, but for right now ….

    The sound is very clear, a series of rifle shots, a pause, a second series of pistol shots. They sound like two very different guns and we know the about to be dead guy carries an AK.

    Whatever the driver was up to that video does not show him doing anything threatening to anybody. If the about to be DRT rifle bearer fired on him, like it sounds may be the reality here, the driver is justified in shooting back.

    About the dead guy’s earlier interview, he talks about not being allowed to protest and march. But he’s right there, protesting and marching. Masses of people are right there doing the same thing all around him. Nobody is stopping him from protesting and marching.

    What a dumb ass….

    It ain’t looking good for the rifle guy being the “victim” in this thing, more like his fantasy met up with a Defensive Gun Use Reality.

    • enuf AKA shorty…Your contribution to Gun Rights is lint licking democRat Gun Control Zealots. Your POTUS bashing while everyone else pulls the wagon confirms it. Enjoy the guns and ammo you purchased off the backs of voters who got DJT elected POTUS and continue to see that DJT is reelected with ZERO help from slanderous, libelous, self serving, politically inept, history illiterate gun talking twerps like you. Now gfy.