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“Can I get your commitment that if you’re confirmed, you will in fact look into this matter and refer it for prosecution if you find that Hunter Biden violated a law?” [Senator Tom] Cotton pressed [ATF Director nominee David] Chipman.

“Senator, what I will assure you is that if ATF director, I will ensure that all violations of law are investigated and referred,” Chipman replied, again evading the Hunter Biden inquiry. “I’m not sure that it has not been investigated.” …

“If the facts are as clear-cut as they appear to be based on Mr. Biden’s own admission, I would expect to see criminal charges forthcoming,” Cotton said after questioning Chipman. “But I would say that when a case is as high-profile as this, if there is not an answer for the American people and public, it severely undermines the confidence in our gun laws, as well as the ATF and the Department of Justice, if there are not criminal consequences.”

— Kylee Zempel in Biden’s ATF Director Refuses To Say If Hunter Biden Should Be Prosecuted For Illegal Gun Purchase

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  1. If this exact same thing were Trumps son instead of Biden’s, you could bet he is there for the expressed purpose of making sure he’s thrown under the prison for it.

    It’s bad if this person does it
    It’s ok is if that person does it

    • Trumps sons are trash, just like the father.

      Biden (who I voted for) has a wonderful son, you just want Trump back again.

      • Apparently you’re smoking the same shit Biden was smoking.
        Since you voted for biden, how them gas and lumber prices treating you there? But hey at least no more mean tweets. Who gives a fuck if the nation burns. The kids can deal with it later.

        • Gas and lumber prices are the result of printing money from thin air. 1) Get used to it, and 2) keep your powder dry.

        • Pete, apparently Enuf merely has lower “Son Standards” than everyone else on here. Like OBummer would be proud to have the “Trayvon Martin failure” for his son.

        • After all Hunter Biden is the smartest person I know, says dad, Must be true, cause he ain’t in jail yet and probably never will be.

      • I think that voting for Biden is as lucid an act as Biden is lucid at this press conferences, which is to say you have a brain fog.

      • Which part of Hunter Biden’s conduct do you find MOST “wonderful”:

        – smoking crack with hookers?
        – banging his brother’s widow less than a year after his brother’s death?
        – knocking up a stripper, denying his child, and fighting child support?
        – illegally buying a firearm, then letting his squeeze “dispose” of it in a public trash can near a school?
        – using his daddy’s political clout to acquire high-paid “jobs”, for which he is COMPLETELY unqualified?
        – paying off his daddy under the table for getting him those jobs?

        Oh, and which of Trump’s sons did those things, or any of them, and when?

        Just wonderin’, is all. Inquiring minds want to know.

        You’re a really poor clown of a troll. Sounds like some s*** Minor IQ would throw out there.

        • BRAVO!!! BRAVO!!!! BRAVO!!!! Standing “O” for LampofDiogenes. Well played….. Dang the truth smarts…. Deafening sound of ENUF sucking wind…. 🙂 🙂 🙂

        • StLPro2A,

          Well, thank you for that pat on the back, good sir. Tip your waiter, try the fish; I’m here all week.

    • Prndll,

      “It’s bad if this person does it. It’s ok … if that person does it.”

      That is the EXACT mindset of the Progressive Left.

      To the Progressive Left, everything boils down to emotion and strengthening group cohesion. If something “feels” good or strengthens group cohesion, then by definition it is “good”. If an “outsider” does the exact same thing, it is “bad”.

      Notice, under that standard, that nothing is objectively, eternally, and truly right or wrong. Rather, everything is subjective/relative to the identity of the actor and the identity of the recipient of the actor’s action.

      • Remember…girls are good,boys are bad? Nowadays “there’s no difference” between the sexes.

    • Because Hunter Biden is part of the nomemklatura, translated as new ruling class. It would not be proper for the agents of oppression to proceed against their betters. That is saved for those who serve.

  2. Hope be is confirmed. What else will spur people in red states to organize for nullification? And nullification with teeth. Meeting force with force.

      • D, that’s the thing, we don’t have to fight a steal. We stick to our jurisdictions. We become dead weight. The only obstacles are apathy and the threat of the feds not giving out welfare. They do that, we stop paying taxes accordingly. It’s simple and effective. But so far, only the pot heads have implemented it.

        • The pot heads? No, it is the people making money off of medical cannabis. There were millions that have used it, to no ill effects, so many were ready to say, “let’s give it a try”. You have a harmless relaxing drug, that doesn’t harm the user and may provide some relief from their ailments.
          You can bet that the people that make money off of legal marijuana are not pot heads.

  3. One would think with this idiot’s attitude he couldn’t wait to go after Hunter Biden as the evidence will make for one of the easiest prosecution cases ever. By the way it currently appears he’ll let the statute of limitations run out before there’s ever an indictment written.

    If it was me or some others on here we would already have a BOP number.

    • This jackbooted thug is already well trained by the Marxist Left. That’s why they want him in the first place.

  4. Is this the best you’ve got?

    Didn’t President Donald Trump’s attorney general William Barr investigate Hunter Biden and the ‘fake news’ laptop thoroughly? And after a full year with the evidence, no indictments or charges filed?

    Why didn’t Tucker Carlson or Sean Hannity release all of the emails they claim showed Hunter Biden’s crimes? Is Tucker Carlson part of the Marxist antifa conspiracy, hilarious!

    Rudy Giuliani also claimed he had the emails, when will he release these emails… Or is he also a part of the lizard people conspiracy as well?

    • Please understand that most people on this site, particularly regular ‘contributors’ like Michael A. Cronagle and GTG PR, are uneducated dullards who aren’t particularly popular with the fairer sex.

    • Admitted to lying on the 4473 form, threw gunm in trash, and did not hide evidence on his laptop. ??? Uh okay.


      • Did not admit to lying under oath on his 4473 form.

        Throwing a gun into the trash is not a crime.

        There is no evidence there is even a laptop, much less than it belongs to Hunter Biden, much less that they are authentic emails with incriminating information.

        Rumor, innuendo and conspiracy theories do not a successful prosecution make.

        Again, why haven’t Tucker Carlson or Sean Hannity released these so-called ‘incriminating emails’?

        After a full year with the so-called ‘evidence’, why hasn’t the justice department file charges against anyone related to this ‘laptop’?

        Meanwhile, back in reality land, federal criminal investigations of both Donald Trump and his personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, are proceeding forward with a grand jury impaneled and witnesses called.

        And Ivanka Trump has been questioned for her role in financial fraud activities by the Trump organization, Ivanka will look so cute in her orange jumpsuit lounging in the day room.

        • “Reckless endangerment is a start”

          You mean when republican Vice President Dick Cheney got drunk and shot the fella in the face with a shotgun?

          Yes, I’d say that was reckless endangerment, along with 4 or 5 other hunting law violations as well.

          So how did the ATF’s prosecution of republican Vice President Dick Cheney go?

          What, you say there wasn’t a prosecution of Republican Dick Cheney for reckless endangerment?

        • Your arms gotta be jacked from hauling them goalposts. That being said that corporofacist should have been locked up as well and your question regarding charges was adequately answered.

        • Dick Cheney?

          I went back to Dick Cheney?

          WTF is wrong with me? (Other than I am a complete moron)

          Serious question.

        • Minor IQ, that’s a bomfozzlingly stupid comment, even for you!

          “Did not admit to lying under oath on his 4473 form.”

          The numerous pictures online of Hunter smoking crack, his admissions IN HIS BOOK of his drug addictions, etc., would tend to make that a STUPID statement. If you accurately answer that question on the 4473, you are AUTOMATICALLY disqualified – and he was approved, so he LIED on his 4473. Q.E.D.

          “Throwing a gun into the trash is not a crime.”

          The trash was adjacent to a school. Bringing a gun NEAR a school is a federal crime. Don’t know the “safe storage” laws, if any, in that jurisdiction, but it would violate just about any of those, if there are any. It is also so inherently stupid I couldn’t even imagine YOU doing it . . . and my expectations of you are absurdly low.

          Bill Barr was, indeed, selected by Trump . . . as were so many others that distinguished themselves by their willingness to backstab for their own gain. That he didn’t take any action, during his remaining few months, means diddly squat. That Senile Joe’s DoJ hasn’t acted means even less.

          Did you get into Hunter’s crack stash???

  5. No , Chipman said he’d go after Hunter if given the order.
    He’ll take his BATFE after any ” civilian” possible criminal ‘citizens’ if given the order.
    Anyway that’s what I’m reading between the lines.

  6. Do we have any actual information on what type of gun that the San Jose shooter was using? The lack of a photo-op provokes suspicions that it was a politically correct shotgun that people associate with hunting wrascally wabbits and screwy ducks.

    • If it was an AR15 or similar it news of that specifically would be all around the world by now. It will be interesting to learn what he used and to note the amount of time those specifics came out. Since he was white his photo was shown in record time.

      • Yes, it’s amazing the difference in news coverage between this and the New Jersey incident, isn’t it ? And still no pics of the “weapon or weapons used” , how long does it take these guys to find the parts to manufacture a “ghost gun” to parade in front of the news cameras… we’re they at a different planned op when this unscheduled event took place? Oh and Elmer Fudd is a snot nosed , crybaby rayciss who’s illigimate child looks just like Jim Crow… sorry, I think Debbie is on vacation today. And now, blathering drivel from Miner in 3, 2, 1 ….

        • Sorry.
          When Blacks who are only one-eigth of the US population commit over half the homicides and almost 2/3s of the gun homicides, anyone who has even half a brain should understand that they are the problem, not guns.

        • Sorry, E.F., I forgot to add ” // sarc” to the broken record portion of my response. And I agree with your math.

      • It was reported that he used semi auto pistols and had eleven magazines on him. That’s why there is silence on the gun used as it does not fit the weapon of war narrative.

    • He would have some other schmuck take the fall, so it looks like he’s doing something.

  7. I don’t like Chipman or either Biden, and I don’t like ATF’s usurpation of legislative authority. I appreciate the good Senator seizing an opportunity to score some political points, but that’s all it was.

    ATF actively regulates the licensed (and unlicensed) gun business. It has earned the righteous anger of the shooting community for its brutality during (very rare) incidents when various groups made business-size blips on the Federal radar.

    On the other hand, it is about as likely to go after you or me for individual infractions as the EPA is to hunt us down for burn barrels, DOT for speeding, or USDA for keeping a cow in the backyard. What part of that is bad?

    • I suppose you own a .22 Marlin 66 and that’s it?
      Of course the ATF will come after each and everyone they can when the order comes down.
      If theBiden was hotdogging trash barrels and cows itd be the same thing.

      • I own enough – less than I used to, because I sold most of the Fudd stuff in the last year. I once (youthful misunderstanding) owned something I shouldn’t; ATF declined to get involved (as they always do). Regardless of department or who’s in office, Feds go after big fish. Ruby Ridge and Waco showed how awful it can be when non-dealers appear as big fish; they are also very rare exceptions showing how far [beyond fudging a 4473 or trashing a pistol] one has to go to create that impression.

        • I think the atf will work with the cops and pull sting operations . I was going to compare it with drugs and dea however that’s usually handled
          by the states bureau of investigation The assualt weapon ban, imo, would be pursued harder then the drugs however. The ATF would have advisors, just like every other War
          That’s if theBiden gets his ways.

        • Possum,
          No argument there: the future for gun owners could be awful in so many ways, regardless of what level of gov’t does the admin’s bidding.

          My point was that his waffling answer was unsurprising for an appointee at that level, even if you ratcheted up a few notches. Imagine grilling an AG or Secretary of Transportation about a “connected” bozo who tore through a school zone drunk at 80mph, or even hit-and-runned a kid. It would be unseemly to say “With all due respect, Senator, individual drunk drivers are not in my wheelhouse.” It would also be the absolute truth – and Constitutionally much better than a promise to take a Federal Department a mile outside its swimlane after one little criminal (crack smoker, employer of an illegal-immigrant housekeeper, even vehicular homicide) – no matter what a POS he is.

    • You seem to forget or gloss over the ATF’s role in Operation Linebacker, which was reactivated and expanded to Operation Fast and Furious. You know, that gun running scheme that resulted in the ATF gun walking rifles and weapons to know Cartel traffickers that have resulted in numerous crimes in Mexico, the death of a Border Patrol Agent, and linked to two rifles used in the Paris 2015 terrorist attack.

      • Not forgetting a thing. Definitely a shit-show, but it in no way contradicts my assertion that ATF’s focus is on the gun trade and big fish (like Cartels).

  8. Chipman should be in prison for the rest of his life for his actions and lies at Waco, he is a murderer

    • So should Dementia Joe for his dealings in China and Ukraine. So should Hillary, and Bill, and Barry Obama. And Holder, and Reid, and …

      The list of leftwing criminals could go on for pages and pages, and all are protected by their fellow party members.

      This is a post-Constitutional America.

  9. Rules for thee but not for me. Remember that whole virtual signaling cancerous viral movement a couple years back after a mass shooting, people started to post videos of themselves ‘destroying’ their own AR rifles *to do their part in the battle against the pandemic of assault weapon violence*? People were hacking up their barrels in their backyards and turning them into illegal SBRs. ATF was not interested and said the intent was good lol.

  10. I’ve contacted my U.S. Senators soliciting their opposition to Chipan’s confirmation. Have you?

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