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Well worth it.


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    • “My luck she would be a cop.”

      An ATF agent on a sting operation…

  1. “I never had sex with that woman” William Clinton.

    Also why a stainless steel monocore or baffles are entirely worth the extra ounce of weight…ultrasonic cleaner for the win!

    • “I never had sex with that woman” William Clinton.
      “But I wanted to”, Robin Williams.

      • To be clear, Robin Williams said “but I wanted to”, in a tv movie when he played William Clinton.

    • But it’s nearly impossible to do unless your cleaner in on your NFA trust…

      • Not if you sit there and supervise… which I kinda thought was the point of hiring an attractive “escort”.

        • True dat.

          Well, it would add a plesant dimension to the request for a “Half-and-half”…

    • “You all have such dirty minds.”

      I’ll have you know I’m a “Dirty Old Man in Training” (DOMIT)…

      • When asked by a female reporter as to him being a Dirty Old Man. Redd Foxx replied: I’m a dirty old man and I’ll be a dirty old man until I’m a dead old man.

    • So- what’s your point? We’re probably also all old white males, too… 😉

  2. That Chipman guy.
    Well trained soldier. When asked to define assault weapons he threw it back on Congress to define. Hes not going to make a move unless ordered to do so,CYA, and as he eluded too, once given that order he would carry out his mission with great fervor.

    • Yep, he has wet dreams of being a part of what he imagines of as the “cold dead hands” raids. He longs to be the chief of the jack booted thugs.

  3. I came back to this thread because just today, for the first time ever, there were ads on Yahoo news for SOLVENT TRAPS. They come premarked for the places where you are supposed to drill, and are threaded the same as for the barrel on my ARs. I seem to recall, though, that the ATF was busting people who bought these things for constructive possession of a silencer. Entrapment anyone?

    • “Entrapment anyone?”

      Well, only for those in Cali, NY State, NJ, and a few others.

      All others, E-file a Form 1 and taste the freedom… 🙂

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