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“It made no sense to us either, it was just what we were ordered to do, and every time we questioned that order there was punitive action.” Those were the words of ATF agent and whistleblower John Dodson before the House Oversight Committee last month, talking about the ATF brain trust’s Fast and Furious gun distribution program. “I believe that these firearms will continue to turn up at crime scenes on both sides of the border for years to come,” testified Agent Peter Forcelli. He wasn’t just whistling Dixie…

Phoenix’s has found at least four instances in which Fast and Furious guns – intentionally allowed to walk away from straw purchasers – have turned up Phoenix area crime scenes, all of them drug-related.

Which was the whole point of the ATF’s little gambol. Allow more guns in the hands of violent criminals via buyers they knew were straw purchasers. Intentionally. When “illegal assault weapons” were then traced back to US gun stores, call for stricter gun laws and a long gun registry for weapons sold in the border states. The thin edge of the wedge. As it were.

They weren’t counting on quite this much exposure, though. These probably won’t be the last guns on the US side of the border traced back to F&F. And not just in drug busts, but most likely in the occasional murder as well.

The ATF refused’s request for comment. Because the matter is under investigation.

Today’s the Friday before a long national holiday weekend. A traditionally primo time to dump embarrassing information on an otherwise distracted public. Keep your eyes on the news this afternoon. You may see something interesting.


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  1. Great post! I only wish that reporter had cornered a few local police chiefs or sheriffs in some of the areas where the ATF-blessed firearms showed up in. It has come full circle, the only more glaring indictment would be for one of those weapons to be used to assassinate a politician or celebrity, then the threat against “more important people” would have el Presidente crying to the moon.

  2. Were these guns “walked” into Mexico and then somehow “walked” back? Does the Iron Trickle flow in both directions? Does Pinocchio have a wooden ass? Stay tuned for more crack reporting from the MSM.

    • Maybe the ATF’s boy had a bit more enterprise going on that they failed to detect? Or maybe some confidential informant crossed them?

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