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“I think human history shows that evil people use whatever resources are available to do awful things. There’s enough information available in a Google search to plan ways to kill hundreds or thousands of people at a time, but we can’t ban knowledge.” – The Firearms Policy Coalition’s Brandon Combs in ‘You can do this with anything’: Santa Fe shooting suspect’s choice of guns complicates debate over assault rifles [via]

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    • Have a GG2 on order. More than happy to “donate” to the cause. Bought it specifically to piss off Mike Madigan.

  1. Yes you can do this with anything. That’s the reason a ban won’t work. Even if you could, if you take away the guns, there is still a crazy person that wants to kill everybody. It’s just a tool. You have to fix the person.

  2. You can do it with communism (in fact, abortion has killed more people than communism AND THE MFn POS (D) have tried to turn ABORTION INTO A PERPETUAL MOTION MACHINE, communism has starved more people to death, than have ever been killed in all of the wars this planet has seen, AND THE MFn POS (D) have tried to turn communism INTO A PERPETUAL MOTION MACHINE), and the POS (D) have been trying to cram all of that down your throat for more than 100 years.

    I think we all know that the MFn evil POS (D) are the problem [all of them, even their stupid evil POS voters (including the dead ones)].
    The PROBLEM doesn’t get to define the problem.
    The problem doesn’t get to offer the solutions.

    • Communism, and all of its Offspring- socialism, Marxism, and progressivism; are essentially a sado-masochistic type relationship. You have the authoritarian type, the dominatrix, that wants to control and abuse their slave, then you have the slave, that voluntarily wants to be controlled and abused.

      Now the sado-masochistic relationship generally is more consciously aware of their internal needs and drives to control and to be controlled and ultimately to abuse and be abused. But the same internal drives are in the subconscious of those who are attracted to communism and all of it’s iterations.

      This is why, in the end, there’s so much blood and death and tyranny as the end result of the practice of these systems of belief in the real world.

      The most obvious form that people talk about as in being socialists/progressives, ultimately need to be pitied because their internal drives are ultimately a very twisted, unhealthy and depraved way of interacting with the world.

      • Your point is clearly illustrated in the nauseating wetdream of the progs in the last week for the wedding of the “royals” in the Once Great United Kingdom. The progs to love them some overlord/masters and all their “classes”.

        • So true. The fascination that progressives, especially the Elites, for the pure authoritarian types in communism such a Stalin, Mao, and Castro, as well as the Royals in England, show this need for control and to be controlled. This need for control of others, and the need of others to be controlled, it’s really based in self-loathing, and self-hatred.

          This can be seen in the way that so many progressives express this this in their projection of that self-hatred and self-loathing towards those they look at as challenging their belief system, the conservatives, that represent self responsibility, self-empowerment and ultimately, self-love.

  3. The reason that their idea that the school shootings are continuing because gun control hasn’t gone far enough is flawed. The liberals and a large part of society have removed God and now we have generations that believe that revenge is the solution to everything. No moral compass is there to dissuade this type of behavior. When some one does these shooting it’s the guns, and insanity. Evil is never a reality, never recognized. A problem cannot be solved with faulty reasoning.

    • But, but, but murder is illegal and all we have to do now is improve the law by making guns illegal too AND THEN the world will be more perfecter!! /sarc/

  4. I get it that ten teens were killed this past Friday and that’s a tragedy. Let’s do something effective about it. While we’re at it, though, let’s acknowledge that although TEN teens were murdered at school in Santa Fe, on that day, an average of ELEVEN teens are killed EVERY day as a result of texting while driving.

    A Santa Fe a day, and more, but nobody demands a minimum purchase age of 21 for cell phones? Nobody proposes teens be allowed only mimimally featured phones? Certainly nobody calls for an outright ban on phones? Curious, that.

    Why not? Well, the phones are fun and they’re a hobby of the kids, but ultimately they’re just a tool. It’s the teens’ illegal misconduct with them that introduces danger, not the phone itself. Really, the phones are just there as a safety device in case of emergency.

    Oh, really? Is that the standard we can all agree on? Let’s resume the gun discussion on that basis then.

    And while you think about that, think about this: on top of the TEN kids killed ONE day in Santa Fe and the ELEVEN kids killed EVERY day from texting while driving, another TWELVE teens commit suicide EVERY day. If it’s straight body counts that matter, then we should focus more on targeted interventions where they can help individuals, and less on mass knee jerk reactions that only make more victims.

    • “But phones and cars aren’t designed to kill!” …… which makes phones and cars more dangerous than guns…. It lulls people in to complacency and they behave irresponsibly. The fact that more people are killed ACCIDENTALLY by kids using cars and phones than INTENTIONALLY by kids using guns is telling.

      • I hear you. That people will resort to semantics when teenage bodies are on the slab blows my mind, too. I get what they’re saying. Intentionally ≠ accidentally. Unfortunately, the irreducible fact is that dead = dead. The immutabilty of math remains unmoved and unimpressed by gun grabbers’ word games.

    • PROVE that ____ teens die texting per day. Yes one more MSM/progs meme of the age. PERHAPS they are just inexperienced (crummy) drivers and today more are driving on busy/overloaded highways (due to 30mil illegals).

      You and take ANYTHING the MSM/progs says is true. You’ll do better assuming everything said is a lie.

      • “PROVE that ____ teens die texting per day.”

        More and more traffic investigative agencies are now pulling cell phone records as a matter of routine in traffic accident cases.

        The data is already starting to stack up. I fully expect the insurance companies to push for laws requiring mandatory phone records in vehicle accident cases. The data so far indicates texting while driving is roughly as lethal as drunk driving…

        • And signal jammers as standard equipment in cars like seat belts. I am old enough to remember when seat belts were an option.

    • Maybe there needs to be a choice, cell phone OR car just like guns OR alcohol (assuming you will be drinking enough to possibly be impaired).

      Taking the cell phone? No car. Taking the car? No cell phone.

  5. I would posit that greek punk DID attempt to use homemade bombs. And it’s reported he had a vehicle so he could have easily mowed down his fellow teens. Just ask ISIS

  6. Greed, envy, jalousie and hate in an over populated world full of conveniences.Availability of weapons have nothing to do with it. Cutting it down even further the problem is knowledge. My opinion anyway.

    • Ironicatbest, you are right about greed, envy, jealousy and hate. Or sin as the Bible calls it. Where I beg to differ is the overpopulation addition to your statement. That is a myth I believe. There may be too much concentration of people in cities but not everywhere.
      People per square mile:
      U.S. – 85
      India – 943
      China – 373
      England – 660
      S. Korea – 961
      N. Korea – 528
      The apparent “overpopulation” problem is more of a religion and political problem. Good religion and good political system = prosperity. Bad religion and bad political system = misery. You can also match up countries by their GDP/person and see the disparity. Most of the prosperous countries have a Christian-Judeo ethic. The miserable ones have some form of absolute tyranny. Just something to think about. Cordially yours.

      • I’d like it better if there were 6 people per scare mile in the U.S. though. …..Normally I don’t drag religion in the mix, but yeah, the Bible is my foundation

  7. What the DemoCommie Libtards really want is to declare everyone “Guilty till Proven Innocent”. Remove the US Constitution/Bill of Rights and re-imagine it…Like SCJ Ruth Gisnberg stated about how America’s constitutional just plain sucks and needs to be replaced with something like the South African ” Bill of Human Rights”. Which of course has no 2nd Amendment. *(Which she gloated about.)* But provides for guarantees of only basic human needs by the government. And of course, Only the government and it’s agencies get to “Keep and Bear arms, and do all the HEAVY thinking…” That’s the DNC future utopia…Where the unwashed masses, stay the unwashed masses….

  8. Human inventiveness coupled with a vast accumulation of knowledge and unfettered by strong morality enables even the most average Human intellect to commit terrible atrocities.

    There is a hypothesis in Human archaeology that it was the adoption of the most primitive tools ( a handily shaped rock, a discarded bone, a length of straight tree branch, etc.) that stimulated Human evolution and development. Humans invented the concept of a spear hundreds of thousands of years ago, then the atlatl to enable more power and distance. The Chinese invented a repeating crossbow thousands of years ago.

    Human inventiveness is the source of that vast accumulation of knowledge Brandon Combs alludes to. Even in Draconian anti-gun California, as soon as the jacktards in Sacramento pass new anti semi-automatic modern sporting rifle restrictions, and before Governor Moonbeam’s ink is dry on the paper, new modifications are on the market to make AR 15’s “California Compliant”.

    If the definition of a “mass shooting” is “four or more people are killed or injured by gunfire” (FBI), then a mass killing would be four or more people killed or injured by almost any other means. The list of things to be “outlawed” then becomes absurdly extensive.

    The Left refuses to recognize that the only thing that will stop these “school shootings” is effectively securing all school campuses to be defensible against the widest possible types of attack. We can only use Human ingenuity and accumulated knowledge to defend against aggression created by Human ingenuity and accumulated knowledge. This denial of plain truth is not just stupidity. It is deliberate, planned and intentional. Conclude from that what you must….

  9. Entire cities were massacred before the first gun was invented. Evil is evil regardless of technology. All you do by banning weapons is make it easier for the evil to kill the non evil.

    Socialism/communism/fascism are the one and the same. They are the great evil of our age. Why leave them the only guns?

  10. They said it about the atomic bomb… the genie is out of the bottle and you can’t put it back in.

    Right now, this moment, in mountain villages in Afghanistan they are making AKs, 1911s, B40 rockets, mortars, and the ammo for them (and others), by hand. One weapon at a time, using hand drills and files. They may not be as pretty as the factory versions, but they still kill people.

    Only the progressives would believe that they can mandate such knowledge be forgotten and make it so.

    At this point in history, they apparently can not see that a bunch of criminals in England are still armed with guns; that people are still being robbed at gun point, and now knives are problematic. That a Muslim is mayor of London and has begun a policy of confiscating knives. What’s next? sharpened No 2 pencils?

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