Reinoehl shooting portland antifa
Officials work at the area late Thursday, Sept. 3, 2020, in Lacey Wash., where a man suspected of fatally shooting a supporter of a right-wing group in Portland, Ore., the week before was killed as investigators moved in to arrest him. Michael Reinoehl, 48, was killed as a federal task force attempted to apprehend him in Lacey, a senior Justice Department official said. Reinoehl was the prime suspect in the killing of 39-year-old Aaron “Jay” Danielson, who was shot in the chest Saturday night, the official said. (AP Photo/Ted Warren)
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If you thought the situation in Portland was bad already, it’s about to get a lot worse. Following the killing of Aaron “Jay” Danielson after a pro-Trump rally rolled through the city on August 29, an avowed Antifa supporter, Michael Forest Reinoehl, was identified as the prime suspect. In a interview published yesterday, Reinoehl appeared to confess to the shooting, claiming that he shot Danielson in self-defense after Danielson pulled a knife.

“You know, lots of lawyers suggest that I shouldn’t even be saying anything, but I feel it’s important that the world at least gets a little bit of what’s really going on,” Reinoehl said. “I had no choice. I mean, I, I had a choice. I could have sat there and watched them kill a friend of mine of color. But I wasn’t going to do that.”

Yesterday afternoon, federal authorities located Reinoehl in Lacy, Washington. As they tried to arrest him under a warrant issued yesterday, Reinoehl was shot and killed when, they say, he pulled a gun.

Fromt the AP:

The man, Michael Forest Reinoehl, 48, was killed as a federal task force attempted to apprehend him in Lacey, Washington, about 120 miles (193 kilometers) north of Portland. Reinoehl was the prime suspect in the killing of 39-year-old Aaron “Jay” Danielson, who was shot in the chest Saturday night, a senior Justice Department official told The Associated Press.

Federal agents from the FBI and the U.S. Marshals Service had located Reinoehl on Thursday after a warrant was issued for his arrest. During the encounter, Reinoehl was shot by a law enforcement officer who was working on the federal task force, the official said. The official could not discuss the matter publicly and spoke to the AP on condition of anonymity.

The official said Reinoehl had pulled a gun during the encounter. The U.S. Marshals Service said initial reports indicate the suspect produced a firearm.

Michael Forest Reinoehl crime scene investigation
A Washington State Patrol Crime Lab worker looks at evidence markers in the early morning hours of Friday, Sept. 4, 2020, in Lacey, Wash. at the scene where Michael Reinoehl was killed Thursday night as investigators moved in to arrest him. Reinoehl had been suspected of fatally shooting a supporter of a right-wing group in Portland, Oregon, last week after a caravan of Donald Trump backers rode through downtown Portland. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

According the the New York Times’ report of the shooting, a neighbor confirms that Reinoehl was armed as the FBI and Marshals moved in.

Chad Smith, 29, who lives next door to the apartment where the shooting occurred, said he was standing outside at about 6:45 p.m. when he saw two S.U.V.s race toward the complex. He heard about a minute and a half of gunshots, he said, then saw a man walking backward next to a white pickup truck, holding what appeared to be a gun, and officers firing in his direction.


Michael Forest Reinoehl antifa daughter
Michael Reinoehl is seen with his daughter during a protest in front of Mayor Ted Wheeler’s residence Friday, Aug. 28, 2020, in Portland, Ore. Reinoehl, suspected of fatally shooting a supporter of a right-wing group in Portland last week, was killed Thursday, Sept. 3, as investigators moved in to arrest him, a senior Justice Department official told The Associated Press. (Beth Nakamura/The Oregonian via AP)

According to a number of social media posts, Reinoehl associated himself with the violent Antifa mobs that have laid siege to Portland for the last three months. He had been arrested and charged with a number of crimes recently, including illegal possession of a firearm. He was arrested on July 5 for possession of a loaded gun in a public place, interfering with police, and resisting arrest in another Portland “protest,” but charges were dropped.

According to the AP, he was shot in another Portland altercation in late July.

Reinoehl had described himself in a social media post as “100% ANTIFA,” suggested the tactics of counter-protesters amounted to “warfare,” and had been shot at one protest and cited for having a gun at another. …

On July 26, Reinoehl was shot near his elbow after he got involved in a scuffle between an armed white man and a group of young people of color. The man who was carrying the gun, Aaron Scott Collins, told The Oregonian/OregonLive that he and a friend had just left a bar when they saw the group harassing an older Black man. His friend began filming them with a phone, and the group confronted them, calling them Nazis, he said.

Reinoehl later that day spoke to an AP videographer. His arm was wrapped in a bloody bandage; he said he was on his way to meet protest medics so they could change it.

He said he didn’t know what had started the altercation between Collins and the group, but that several people had decided to intervene when they saw Collins fighting with minors.

“As soon as the adults jumped in, he pulled out a gun,” Reinoehl said. “I jumped in there and pulled the gun away from people’s heads, avoided being shot in the stomach and I got shot in the arm.”

Reinoehl also was wanted on a warrant out of Baker County in Eastern Oregon, where court records show he skipped a hearing related to a June case in which he has been charged with driving under the influence of controlled substances, reckless driving, reckless endangerment and unlawful possession of a firearm.

Police said he drove on an interstate at up to 111 mph (179 kph), with his daughter in the car, while racing his 17-year-old son, who was in a different vehicle.

Now Reinoehl has become an official Antifa martyr. The response by the Antifa forces who have been rioting in Portland over the last three months is only likely to escalate as a result of Reinoehl’s death. Will that be enough for Portland’s hapless Mayor Ted Wheeler and Oregon Governor Kate Brown to ask for federal assistance in restoring peace to the City of Roses? Don’t count on it.


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      • true. he was such a POS his own family disowned him because he was a druggie and stealing from his ill mother. Everything he said in that video is a lie too. He shot a gun and ran away like the coward he was. then was so innocent he got in a shootout with police. What a loser.

        • IT appears the deceased placed a proven time and time again deranged marxist ideology above his own ill mother. Just what someone who is ill needs…A self-serving deranged marxist pos running around in the streets making matters worse for his own ill mother and now along with being ill she has the endure his legacy and demise. But that is to be expected coming from a jackazz who stands alongside bullies, looters and arsonists.

          Where is this America hating kind of sht coming from? Look no further than the democRat Party. A party that owns the legacy of slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, the KKK, lynching, Eugenics, Gun Control and other race based atrocities can now add Antifa sickos to the list…What Filth.

    • They’re not just going to stop at one. The feds will track down all these antifa brown shirts. One by one. Even if by some wild chance biden gets the whitehouse the round up and elimination of antifa will continue. To Trump they are criminals. To the dems they are useful idiots. Like the viet cong the commies will have to get rid of them.

      • Well, it’s about time for the cops to act. Antifa and BLM are just names for a revolutionary-socialist movement that is aimed at destroying America’s social institutions as a precursor to remaking our society into something completely alien to our traditions. They’ve been around for quite awhile, certainly since the 60’s, so none of this is in any way new. Since they’ve obviously been transporting violence across state lines, I’d think some pretty serious RICO charges are about to start hitting quite a lot of Antifa and BLM “activists” —and their backers. But if the cops don’t act we’re all going to be in a world of hurt.

        • After nearly 3 generations, they are losing patience. Even when holding all the best cards with control of media, education, federal agencies, and even high level politicians, which sets them up for the long game, the young hotheads are losing patience and want THEIR revolution NOW!

      • “They’re not just going to stop at one. The feds will track down all these antifa brown shirts. One by one.”

        I’m just not seeing the Leftists going after those fuckwits. Those are are their disposable ‘Shock Troops’, their ‘Freedom Fighters’ (gag). They keep the fires (literal) of change alive.

        Example – Why wasn’t he picked up the day after?

        • With Trump in the white house the feds will not be leftist. Declare antifa a terrorist .org, which it is, and turn the federales loose on them.

    • Agree shoot every last one none left alive they are Terrorist and Traitors don’t belong in America anyone against our Constitution as Written need eradicated that includes politicians judges police military officials that don’t honor support America’s Constitution is a Traitor never was allowed then these democratics communist sneaked around till they could get control, but most of Americans woke up with the traitor obama, that’s why Trump won we hoped he would take these traitors out but looks like he can’t and those hired to do it are bought off or threatened instead of coming forward with these criminals they bow

  1. You can tell the morals of a group by who their heroes are. In the case of BLM and antifa, it is cop killers, serial sex abusers, and, as in this case, repeat criminal offenders. Any person of good morals or faith in God should be speaking out against these groups.

      • They are operating in same moral vacuum as previous socialists and Communists.

        “I have legalized robbery and called it belief,
        I run with the money and hid like a thief,
        Rewritten history with my armies and my crooks,
        Invented memories and did burn all the books”
        (Dire Straits, Brothers in Arms)

    • They’re just try to make their case and convince people.

      By blocking traffic, beating on people’s cars, destroying and defacing public and private property, mobbing residential neighborhoods at 3 AM with bullhorns and screaming in people’s faces at sidewalk cafes to raise their hand and utter a name, as was required under the Third Reich.

      Way to get buy-in.

      • He was totally Communist and totally Antifa.
        That Communist fist logo dates back to at least the 1930s if not earlier.

        A warrant was issued. Oh, yeah, under what authority?
        None of the articles I’ve seen say what he was charged with or by whom.
        Was it a state warrant from the ‘rioting is not a crime’ county DA?
        Was it a state warrant from the AG’s office?
        Was it a federal warrant?
        A federal task force could be used to apprehend in all three cases, once the suspect flees across state lines.

        The bad news is there’s zero chance of him weakening and telling authorities who his accomplices/co-conspirators were. So the authorities are gladly going with ‘lone gunman, we solved the crime and apprehended the culprit in five days, hurray for us’.

        • I too think taking him alive would have been much more useful. He is an asset to Antifa dead and would have been a liability alive in custody. I am not criticizing the deputies for shooting him just wishing they could have captured him alive.

        • “We will learn more from his phone than from him”

          Not if his phone is an iPhone that’s locked. Antifa tends to take OPSEC seriously, more seriously than we do.

          Still, his cellphone provider records could be valuable, but if he communicated with some type of a ‘Black Phone’ encrypted app they may not find anything valuable…

        • My understanding is the warrant was federal, for murder, served by FBI and Fed. Marshals, who killed the dumbass. What in the world are you guys talking about?

        • LarryinTX most if not all the vests one can read in the video say Sheriff and the guy filming it said he saw “sheriffs” first. That is confusing, I suppose, if it was actually the FBI or Marshals that shot him. I don’t know how multi-agency get togethers like that go.

        • Vic,

          The USMS does not have enough officers to serve every applicable warrant. They have letters of understanding with many State and local LEA’s (Law Enforcement Agencies) for those officers to act as US Marshals in certain circumstances. This appears to have been a State, County, Local corroboration in serving the felony warrant on a fugitive AntiFa wanted for murder.

          The Never Trumpers will blame President Trump no matter of the who, what, when, where and why of the warrant served on the deceased POS…because it suits their emotional needs and political agenda.

        • Like “Commander Red” who curled up into a fetal position and started crying when arrested for carrying a prohibited weapon (flamethrower).

        • commander red, like the bulk of the brown shirts serving antifa, was already convicted and on probation when he was arrested.

          Like their forbears, the ss, antifa relies on criminals to fill their ranks.

      • “They really liquidated him.”

        Well, de-liquidated him (exsanguination), anyways…

        *snicker* 🙂

  2. Things aren’t going to get worse. Antifa won’t fight unless they can find someone alone and unarmed. They are looking to bully, they’re not looking for a fight. Except maybe a couple dumb asses that will use a skate board to attack a man with a rifle. But they aren’t around long so…

    • Joseph,

      I had the same thought.

      I can also picture their more devoted and radical elements of their “movement” going nuts and trying to escalate.

      I personally put the odds at 50:50 whether they quiet down or escalate.

      • It appears pantifa membership is declining. They would be even more stupid than they already are to attempt to revenge the bloody demise of who clearly appears to be a coward and murderer..
        Pantifa lost the popularity contest a long time ago. They are nothing more than the brown shirt military wing of the marxist based Unfortunately for the marxist BLM supporting NFL, NBA et al they don’t know the difference between marxism and a box of popcorn.

        TRUMP/PENCE 2020.

        • I was thinking last night that it’s time for some creative hacker to hack into the various playoff games and substitute the anthem for the People’s Republic of China for the Star Spangled Banner. Let’s see the commie-loving ball players take a knee for their real masters!

        • “It appears pantifa membership is declining.”

          If Trump wins, they are going to lose their (tiny) minds with rage.

          I predict membership will rise in frustration…

    • Downunder local ANTIFA chapters tried to arrange rallies to protest at gun shows. Their presence was such that it was never mentioned by the show organizers and those I know who attended.

  3. When you do CPR compression on someone you filled with little holes you ain’t saving them.
    That’s media pacification and not medicine

  4. Screw the high road; I’m glad he’s dead, and I hope his last moments of life were filled with terror and agony of the sort that he can now look forward to for all eternity as he burns in Hell.

  5. Martyr? He should be a warning to his fellow commie punks.
    If Antifa wants to double down on defending a murderer, it will make it much easier to start killing the rest of them.

    • Not a single person cares this punk is dead. He thinks he was a hero for the antifa losers but not a single one of them will care he’s dead.

      Getting in a shootout with the Marshals pretty much kills his claims of self defense when he murdered someone. He died a coward, a loser of society and the country is better with him room temperature.

  6. couple dumb asses that will use a skate board to attack a man with a rifle.

    ONLY, if they think the guy is already down and vulnerable… Anyway that dude was walking dead already, he was not going to get away with it and nobody is buying the self defense crap.. Somebody pointed out a target and he went straight after the guy pulled the gun on the fly shot him and ran…

    • Sadly, some people are totally buying the self defense narrative. Most of those people don’t have a clue about the laws dictating the use of lethal force in self defense and claim what Reinoehl did was the same as what Rittenhouse did.

      There are lots of idiots out there.

      • The only proof I need is what my heart tells me! You conse2vA-nuts always trust your lying eyes rather than what us, the Democrats, your betters, tell you to believe. You always talk about your facts, and your evidence, and your witnesses, and your unbiased camera footage! BAH!! Robin D’Angello told me the other day that because you’re all white, you’re all unconsciously biased. And, Joe Biden told me: if you’re black and you’re voting Trump, then you ain’t black….. which means you’re Chinese or Mexican er something…. because all black people are the same, er something…. I don’t know, Joe kind of rambled about Mexicans and Chinese being diverse and black people all being the same…. but I digeess: Like my good friend AOC says: being morally correct is more important that being factually/technically correct….. And you people say we don’t have any morals? HA!!!

        Eric Swalwell 2020

  7. Scum of the earth…no great loss. It seems the I-5 corridor is the home territory of these commie losers. It is coming up on deer hunting season, why not increase the bag limit? Say one deer and an added commie bastard on the side. Antifa’s claim to be saving black peoples lives is a cover for looting, killing and arson. Sounds like domestic terrorism to me.

  8. The times I’ve encountered U.S. marshals they’ve been courteous and nice guys. However I seriously doubt any of them would be intimidated when threatened by some numbnuts. Especially when they have the support of their boss.

  9. Nice photo of “daddy and daughter”.
    She has an aluminum baseball bat propped on her shoulder for yet another “mostly peaceful” protest.

    Is she off to college on a softball scholarship? Just finished a game where the “Streetwise” team was playing?

  10. I am personally surprised that federal prosecutors moved so quickly on this. And what would the federal charge be, a “hate” crime?

  11. I just watched the video linked in this article and there are definitely Sheriff deputies on seen. Obviously, that means the local Sheriff was involved. And yet the official stories and news releases do not mention the local Sheriff being involved, only federal agents. Not sure if there is any significance in that.

      • He took his 11 yo daughter to a “mostly peaceful” protest and let her carry his baseball bat…how noble of him.

        Hoping that the 18 yo son and 11 yo daughter get the professional help they are going to need to get over their Dad’s obsession and the realization that he was a (non-convicted) murderer for his cause.

        Side note: the Aussies still have gun shows? Didn’t realize that. Would a Browning magazine fed (10 round), T-Bolt rifle in .22 LR be legal in Australia?

        • Gun shows are still on until COVID put a hold on them. I’ll admit to not going for years.

          Rimfire rifles are category A, so up to a 20 round magazine is legal, at least in NSW. My recently purchased Ruger Precision Rimfire was supplied with a 15 round (BX-15) magazine. As far as I’ve been able to find, there is no limit of category B center fire repeaters, but the capacity in on the registration form.

        • Thank you for indulging my curiosity. Glad to see that gun shows and rimfires are alive and well downunder.

      • sitting here in sheattle and watching the local marxist outlet try to justify what this cockroach did, the locals have refused to condemn this bunch of communist garbage. all of the television in Seattle are very pro Biden/marxist.if this didn’t lead to the next revolution will be a surprise to all the real American is time for all GOOD AMERICANS TO OPEN YOUR EYES AND VOTE THESE FOOLS THAT RUN THE STATES OF OREGON/WASHINGTON/CALIFORNICA OUT…MAGA-AGAIN

  12. I noted the large number of empty cartridge cases and became concerned that this might have been a bit of overkill. Then I read that witnesses described hearing a protracted gun battle. Federal LEOs are not always great marksman, but they aren’t that bad. The perpetrator was shooting at law enforcement for a protracted time. It will be interesting to find out what type of forearm he was armed with and how many rounds he fired.

    The conflict with ANTIFA is going to escalate, but things aren’t going to get worse. The gloves just came of. It is now open season on ANTIFA. If ANTIFA escalates, private citizens will effectively be issued hunting licenses. This is going to be even more fun than hunting those wascilly wabbits.

      • While President Trump has eased environmental restrictions, the EPA might still have a problem with the lead content. We don’t want to endanger the wildlife.

      • “How much is needed to throw him in the ditch?”

        The Possum doesn’t want that rancid scum in his ditch…

        • Bet the wild boars would clean him up, they got iron glad digestive systems even for a rancid pile of flesh like this.

        • @ Not Larry

          They don’t even have to be feral for that. Next house down the way from my grandparent’s, a widower tending to her pigs was eaten by them when my Mother was but a young teenager. Story was still making the rounds by the time I was old enough to understand a couple of decades later. I’ll defer to The Man They Call Jane…

          “I ain’t gonna be et!”

        • 9. 20-30 years ago I saw an article in some safety magazine. Said that domestic pigs killed more people every year than dogs. Having started life on a farm I believe it.

        • @JWM

          Not surprised at all. The amount of ferals & wild I’ve encountered, there’s zero doubt in my mind as to the veracity.

    • “He had been arrested and charged with a number of crimes recently, including illegal possession of a firearm.”

      “…fired “40 or 50” rounds from an assault rifle at cops before he was shot to death…”

      It’s almost like criminals don’t care about the law. Did this nut support gun control Joe?

    • Why do you think mislabeling, belittling and insulting your allies is a good idea? Are you trying to get all of the libertarians who voted for Trump last time to not vote for him this time? It sems like the goal of your lies is to drive libertarians away from conservatives and republicans. Seems to me you are just a Biden/Harris troll trying to divide us.

      • “Why do you think mislabeling, belittling and insulting your allies is a good idea?”

        If’n you doan gots ideological purity, you ain’t gots nuthin’.

      • For decades Libertarians have been called “republicans who just want to smoke dope”. How true this is, is up to the individual to determine. Based on their own research. But it’s a fact there have been people calling themselves “Libertarian Socialists”. For years now. When I bring this up on TTAG. I’m told its not true. Libertarians are some of the biggest deniers of facts.

        Number 2 is the second amendment. Not the drug legalization amendment. As long as I can shoot drug addicts, who rob, rape, steal, break into and or vandalize private property, You can legalize drugs. But Libertarians don’t support shooting these criminals.

        And they don’t support shooting looters or arsonists.

        • Well, there’s libertarians and then there’s libertarians. It’s a very mixed bag these days.

          All of the small-L libertarians I know of are basically constitutionalists with an extra helping of live-and-let-live and a disdain for big government (and that includes the corporate giants). Many of them were part of the Tea Party, trying to push the Republican party back toward sanity. They’re all about voluntarism, non-aggression, and private property — and they’re loaded for bear, ready to defend everything they have, because they know it takes two parties to keep the peace but only one to break it.

          There are also plenty of so-called libertarians who fit your negative description to a T (ancaps, drug-addled statists, big-L party members, socialist hippies, etc.), but not I prefer not to hang out with idiots.

      • Nah. Chris has a point. He’s just a bit overbroad in the way he states it.

        The Libertarianism I was introduced to just 15 or so years ago is far different than what many Libertarians today espouse and what the party “stands for”.

        There used to be a fair number of Libertarians who were Classical Liberals or Civil Libertarians but in the past decade or so the party has been overrun by AnCaps, AnComs, open boarders nutbars and Leftists who fled the Democratic Party but didn’t want to join the Greens, Socialists or Communist Party USA.

        Just talk to a bunch of self-identified Libertarians today and say “End the Fed!” and they’ll look at you like you just started speaking in tongues.

        Most people claiming “Libertarian” today, well at least most I run into, don’t know what that means. They’re mostly some flavor of Anarchist or basically a commie rather than a small government person.

        The whole “Libertarians” want to make the US into Somolia” thing basically became a self-fulfilling prophecy.

        • I had and great deal of respect for Harry Brown, Nancy Lord and Andre Marrou. They really did believe in small government. And they did support drug legalization. But they also said no government money for you. No government $$$ to pay for your drug rehab. No government $$$ for your health care since you destroyed your own health. And as far as I know, they really did support the 1st amendment. Not just for the anti war and pro abortion crowd.

          But those days of the Libertarian Party are long gone. If anyone wants to know what Libertarians use to be like? Then look up the interviews, that I saw on CCN back in the day. That was long before Fox News was created. The Larry King Live archive is a great place to start.

          Unfortunately for the LP, Andre Marrou and later William Weld both had “morality issues”. That hurt the LP in the long term.

        • My big brother answered my question “What’s a libertarian?”, over 50 years ago, with “They believe the government should defend our shores, build our roads, and stay the hell out of our lives.” I still consider myself that kind of libertarian, but today they also have to add gun control, communism, and more free stuff than anyone else, just out of control.

        • That’s my sort of libertarian too. The Founders original concept, pure Constitutionalist, meaning damned well the way it was written to the letter, esp. the “All men are created equal” part. Although that’s one I’d very much like to see amended to ‘people’.

          Not that we could trust any amendment action in the modern context, mind you.

        • Libertarian is a word that Milton Friedman used to describe hayek and his circle. Hayek never used the term.

    • “This emphasis on the importance of private property is part of what makes the “boogaloo” “very much an extreme right libertarian ideology”, Newhouse said.”

      Protecting private property is an extreme ideology?

      • Anything in opposition to communism is now labeled an extreme ideology.

        There are videos of the guys defending businesses in Kenosha and the “mostly peaceful protesters” are yelling “We paid for all this. They bought this with money they stole from us.” Very reminiscent of Obama’s “You didn’t build this” statement.

        Note how Patriot Prayer and Proud Boys, groups formed to protect real peaceful protesters from Antifa before BLM even existed, are always labeled “right wing extremist” while Antifa/BLM are labeled “mostly peaceful anti racism”

        • “You cant rely on the police” “You are on your own”

          It seems a lot of people say this, but really don’t believe it. Patriot Prayer or the Proud Boys or some conservatives really to believe this. Local government ordering the police to stand down is not new. It happened in the 1950’s. Civil right workers were attacked and some were murdered. And the local cops did nothing to stop it or investigate.

          That is why the Christian group called, “The Deacons For Self Defense and Justice” was formed.
          They had gun fights with the Klan and police. But they don’t teach that in history books.
          I guess its those “right wingers” at it again???

  13. After his confession to VICE News, maybe he decided suicide by cop was better than being taken alive. Too bad. It would have been nice to have had the opportunity to use his confession and interrogation answers to propagandize against ANTIFA/BLM so that people better understand why Americans should oppose these Marxist insurrectionists. Now, he will likely be declared a Martyr for the Left and other people will be injured and killed to deify his Martyrdom. It will be interesting to see what cities explode in violence tonight, also sad and disturbing.

    • Who would have carried the message to the masses? Certainly not the democrat owned MSM. The only way his capture would have been a net positive is if the DOJ kept the investigation in house rather then handing if off to the FBI. The interrogation alone would have at least netted the people who helped him from the shooting until he was caught. Now it is a moot point.

      • I am guessing Fox News, One America, and Breitbart would have carried any subsequent news to the masses on the Right. ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, NYT, et al would have hidden it from the masses on the Left, or spun it to blame Trump and the Right. But look for some among ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, NYT, et al to play the Martyr card to appease ANTIFA/BLM and their George Soros/Chinese Communist overlords and gain whatever useful Leftist propaganda they can squeeze from it. They will follow Joe Biden’s claim, “we choose truth over facts” because their truth is what the Left says it is. To those of us who choose facts to determine what the truth might be, truth will change as more facts are found and verified. Now that the self-confessed killer is dead the Left will manufacture whatever truth is useful to their narrative and that will embolden others to follow this useful Moron’s lead. It might seem moot to you, but it will not be moot to the next unarmed person killed in the street because their truth is not the next killer’s truth.

    • I tend to agree. Although the world is a better place without this murderous slime running about, The manner of his death will only inflame more of his comrades to seek out their own martyrdom for the cause. His capture (alive) would have better served us all in the long run. Here’s to hoping there is copious body cam video evidence to prove he opened fire first. (not that it will change the atifa narrative any)

  14. It is safe to conclude the middle aged pantifa perp did not shoot the Trump/America Supporter in self defense. Individuals who have no choice but to shoot in self defense do not avoid or confront law enforcement, they comply with law enforcement.
    Chances are good the deceased was and I mean was a ranking member of pantifa.

    • Cases in point;

      Rittenhouse went straight to police with his hands up and there are tons of videos of it. Police sent him away. His being a fugitive from justice was nothing more than going home after he literally couldn’t get arrested in that town.

      Reinoehl fled immediately, was apparently hid and supported by someone, was armed by someone with a weapon he clearly did not have when he shot the Patriot Prayer guy, and then shot at police when they caught up with him.

      • Y’know, transferring a firearm to someone without a background check is illegal in Washington state.

        Will be interesting to see if they run the SN on that rifle and charge the owner of record if it hasn’t been reported stolen.

  15. From a left leaning site commentor

    “I just finished watching the Vice interview with Reinoehl. He seemed kind of wound a bit tight, but he claimed he felt he was defending his friend. The Patriot Prayer guy who got shot did make a move just like he was going for a gun before he was shot. My attorney partner (who has done criminal defense) thought manslaughter would have been appropriate for Reinhoehl.

    I live near Vancouver, WA (just across the border from Oregon in Washington). On Friday I ran into some of these same people in the Vancouver suburb of Camas. They were holding a “blue lives matter” protest with a much smaller impromptu BLM protest on one corner. I’m pretty sure I recognized some of the same trucks in the videos on Saturday.

    I was picking up dinner from a local restaurant. I called my partner while I was waiting and told her it felt like a Klan rally. It felt like the blue lives people were looking for an excuse to start violence. I saw at least one AR-15 and a lot of camo. I got the heck out of there as quickly as possible.

    I’ve also seen guys with guns and body armor hanging out in front of the gun store in town. The gun store also has giant Trump and Culp for governor signs up.

    I have zero concern that left wing protesters are going to invade my suburb, but I am very concerned about the right wing militias who are clearly out there and seem to be looking for an excuse to play with their toys.”

    The two factions no longer inhabit the same reality folks. Major media and social media rage bait are keeping it that way.

    • We have not inhabited the same reality in decades. Theirs just keeps moving farther and farther away.

      Fortunately, a lot of normie libs and dems recently got a wake up call when they found out buying a gun wasn’t easier than buying a book or computer.

      I think to stave off election fraud concerns and make sure only those in contact with reality vote, every voter should have to fill out a 4473 and pass a NICS check prior to voting. NJ and IL and NY should require Voter ID cards with the same requirements and timelines as their FOID or similar cards. California voters should have a 10 day waiting period after their NICS check. Pennsylvania voters should have to pass PICS as well as NICS check.

      • Sounds like a good plan to me. If it’s necessary for guns, it should be necessary for voting, which is a lot more dangerous in the long run.

        • “If it’s necessary for guns, it should be necessary for voting, which is a lot more dangerous in the long run.”

          No, no, no. Voting is a superior right; there can be no restrictions. The Second Amendment is for olden days, when people had to hunt for food, or starve. Everyone needs to vote, no one needs a gun in modern times and life. It’s just plain ol’ common sense that everyone knows. Guns kill people, and votes save lives. Votes can make guns illegal everywhere, saving coutless lives. That is why voting is more important than self-defense, or fighting a tyranny that has never appeared. Everyone who lives here should be allowed to vote. Not everyone who lives here should have a gun. C’mon man. You always ask a hostile question.

        • No, you have it all wrong. Voting for Trump is literally an act of violence. We need voter background checks, training requirements, licensing, and mandatory liability insurance NOW.

  16. >>“I had no choice. I mean, I, I had a choice. I could have sat there and watched them kill a friend of mine of color. But I wasn’t going to do that.”

    Wasn’t there video of him casually strolling up to an unsuspecting Jay and putting two rounds into his chest with no provocation, warning or any direct prior interaction?

    Like, I could buy a self-defense claim if the evidence supported it (i.e. wasn’t unmitigated bullshit), but this is something new.

    Makes me wonder if there are those that come up with their fantasies to justify their bullshit actions in their heads, and if they actually believe it so they can sleep at night. Stunted emotional individuals lie to themselves on a constant basis, because living in a constant state of hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance makes you question your paradigm.

    And it’s easier to adhere to the ideologies of your social “group”, even if their actions often contradict their words, than it is to grow up, question things and realize that it’s mature for a person to evaluate themselves and change as you learn new (validated) information. But they won’t do this, it’s easier to live in a fantasy so they can continue feeling like they “belong” to something, even if that something is complete and utter bullshit.

    • It could be self-delusion or it could be a strategy to garner support.

      Look at how the Left took to the socials over Kenosha. If that was your *news source* then you would *know* that Kyle is a *Nazi* gunning down *innocent protestors* without provocation.

      “All we got to do is tell the story right”

      • “His victim was armed only with a skateboard.”

        They lie by telling the truth.

        It’s the Texas Sharpshooter technique. Tried and true in media, marketing, and (to repeat myself) propaganda. It is literally true that the dead guy was armed only with a skateboard…but it’s not what you really need to know. Just look at the bullseye we’ve drawn around this pretty little group, and never you mind about all the other inconvenient holes peppered around the broad side of that barn.

        • But, but, Kyle was armed with only an AR and one mag, skateboard idiot had unlimited ammo. A lifetime supply, in fact.

        • “A lifetime supply, in fact.”

          Thankfully, when the poor choice was made, measured in short seconds…

          *snicker* 😉

        • Well, to be fair, he was probably rocking Destructo trucks thing… so he deserved to get shot just for that.

    • LOL. That’s exactly the first thing that popped in my head after reading the title.
      For new gunowners: make sure you have body armor and communications in place. A few online authorized armor distributors have plates in stock (I.e. opticsplanet, lapolicegear) Forget trying the manufacture directly (I.e. spartan armor or AR500) unless you can wait 2-4 months or longer. If you want is sooner and have deep pockets, there’s DFNDR. If your desperate and on a budget there’ Scorpion Tactical (do some research on this one).
      As for comms, walkie-talkies, CB, ham radios are widely available.

  17. The article about this in the Apple News feed on my phone, unlike the NYPost article, fails to mention that he got into a shoot out with the sheriff’s deputies and further that he was armed with an AR.

    • Just watched a video posted on Facebook “detailing” the “shooting of the suspect”
      .. the cops saw him walking to a vehicle and then the police opened fire into the car, the suspect ran and was shot by the officers. No mention he was armed, No mention he was firing on the police, Just cops shooting and the guy trying to run away before getting shot. An awful lot of “DETAILS” missing from the video.

  18. “WARNING: Some may find footage disturbing”

    A dead antifuk? I found the footage uplifting. Does that make me a bad person?

    • Nope. I was hoping for some woeful moans like the pedo in Wisconsin. That might make me a bad person though.

  19. “The response by the Antifa forces who have been rioting in Portland over the last three months is only likely to escalate as a result of Reinoehl’s death…”

    Will it? Kenosha calmed down when a few punks got put in the ground.

  20. “Every time I see a big truck with a flag, I think they are coming for me.”
    Talk about out of reality–sounds to me like some one is paranoid!


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