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Alex Yablon is a former writer at Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun agitprop generation station, The Trace. In the Slate piece quote below, he indulges in a little wish-fulfilment fantasizing about what a post-NRA gun rights landscape might look like if the New York AG succeeds in taking the gun rights giant down.

Even the ACLU concedes that full dissolution of the NRA would be wrong and highly unlikely. And Yablon concludes that any successor organization to rise from the NRA’s ashes would likely be far more doctrinaire in its support of the Second Amendment than the NRA ever was.

If [New York Attorney General Letitia] James succeeds [in dissolving the National Rifle Association], the court will direct her to find other groups who could take control of the NRA’s infrastructure, which could restart a national gun rights advocacy group. She would be bound by law to solely consider whether successor groups share the NRA’s values and are free from any taint of corruption. “The groups would have to be absolutely squeaky clean, but they could have really aggressive Second Amendment politics,” [New York Council of Nonprofits attorney Michael] West said.

Though the NRA has defined the national gun rights movement for decades, it is by no means the only player on the scene. Rivals have grown in prominence in recent years. And many of the lesser-known groups are in fact much more extreme in their pro-gun stances, and closer to the far-right fringe.

Take Gun Owners of America, a smaller but still very influential group that bills itself as “the only no-compromise gun lobby in Washington,” in implicit rebuke to the more mainstream NRA. GOA arguably tanked the post–Sandy Hook Manchin-Toomey gun reform bill that the NRA was initially prepared to accept. Its former executive director, Larry Pratt, isn’t shy about cozying up to militias and white power groups. Yet there’s no evidence the group is involved in any financial shenanigans, so GOA could credibly claim to be an inheritor to the NRA.

Or look to the states, where most gun policy is actually made: Though the NRA is the only group with the muscle to regularly shape federal gun policy, independent local groups frequently take a larger role in state policy fights. “Even before the NRA’s recent troubles, it was state groups that filed lawsuits challenging gun laws, even without the support of the NRA,” said Robert Spitzer, a political scientist at SUNY Cortland who studies the gun rights movement. As the NRA has been sidelined by the investigation and other financial crises, Spitzer noted that “many of these state groups have picked up the slack.” State gun groups can turn out huge numbers of supporters. For instance, when Democrats retook Virginia’s Legislature after the most recent elections and promised to vote on a slate of gun control measures, it was the Virginia Citizens Defense League—not the NRA, which stayed away—that organized a massive rally outside the state capitol, which attracted scores of militias and other armed far-right extremists, some from out of state. The effort successfully stopped Democratic majorities from passing an assault weapons ban.

Longtime NRA power brokers untouched by the scandal could also simply start new groups. Chris Cox was the NRA’s former top lobbyist and was seen for years as Wayne LaPierre’s likely successor. He was forced to resign in June 2019 after LaPierre accused him of using the allegations of corruption to push out the elder leader. “Cox is someone who could be well positioned to create a more reputable, reliable gun rights organization,” said West. Cox could incorporate a new nonprofit, presumably in a solidly red state with friendlier oversight. He’d already have the relationships with Republican legislators that a new gun rights group would need.


– Alex Yablon in Get Ready for a Feeding Frenzy Over the NRA’s Corpse

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  1. What’s that? Unintended consequences are a thing? I thought we were pretending that there weren’t any of those any more.

      • Off topic, but how long has TTAG been uploading content that cannot be commented on? I only noticed yesterday when I saw the space age Kimber, but Then I noticed a few others….

        • They have done it occasionally for some time now. Generally they are sponsored posts (aka advertisements) where they know that we will make fun of the product being advertised. Advertisers don’t like to pay to be made fun of.

          This practice is annoying but also reasonable and understandable.

        • It’s a setting on the TTAG admin side. A few times, such “sponsored content” allowed comments, but after a few hours were updated to remove them and disallow.

          Dan has to pay the bills so we can continue coming here.

          • “Dan has to pay the bills so we can continue coming here.”

            Well, that’s bogus. Information should be free, longs to be free! We shouldn’t pay for anything (that’s not an online purchase) on the internet. Information knows no boundaries, it should float free, like the air. All the news that’s fit to print. Viva Che! Viva Max! Viva….oooppss. Hold on; dropped my martini. BRB

      • When will Gun Control racists and nazis make up their minds? Started off with pompous fear mongering blowbag threats to abolish the NRA. Now it’s fear the NRA may become more pro gun than ever as if it was were only 60% pro gun. It’s nothing more than the usual suspects trying to make themselves look important. Note: Gun Control is an agenda that is rooted in racism and genocide.

        Any NRA Member who is not a cut and run wimpy fair weather friend knows there are two groups that comprise the NRA like there were 2 magazine publications catering to each group.
        On one hand you had the huntin’ group that believe if you can’t get it done with Ten you can get it done. Ten means the maximum ammo capacity one should have. The other group are the target shooters, self defense no BS group.
        Gun Control racists and nazis sensed weakness in the mostly gullible politically inept huntin’ group and convinced them to sing along in two part harmony, “No One Needs An Assault Rifle,” For awhile this worked and it was huntin’ VS militias. It slowly came to a stop when the huntin’ group found out that the sensible Gun Control racists and nazis they were singing along with had labeled their beloved huntin’ rifles and shotguns as Sniper Rifles and Riot Guns. So the huntin’ crowd slowly sobered up and today you have more and more people not falling for the divisive Assault Weapon trick designed to divide and conquer.

        Right now if you want to send bullies, looters, arsonists and Gun Control racists and nazis a clear no BS message…Simply get off your behind, stand up for America and come hell and high water vote…

        TRUMP/PENCE 2020.

        • NegotiatingRightsAway was never even 60% pro gun.
          NotRealActivists supported
          FOPA with Hughes
          a whole crap load of state level infringements

          They don’t show up to law suits until it looks like a win.

          They don’t show up to state level legislative battles until it is a win and it’s time for pictures.

          With friends like them, who needs enemas.

        • Oh, and I think the shift in gun culture is not due to any epiphany among Fudds. It is due to a mix of the spread of defensive carry, the US government training shitloads of suckers with AR platform weapons due to never ending conflict in the sandbox, and a lot of the most serious Fudds aging into dementia and dying off naturally.

  2. Sorry, Murdercrats. You’ve lost the ‘gun control’ issue.
    All that remains is a lot of statist smoke & noise.

  3. Watch out for a Trojan horse candidate sent in by the anti gun crowd. First they create a vacuum, then they fill it.

    • “Watch out for a Trojan horse candidate sent in by the anti gun crowd.”

      A valid concern.

      I don’t think it will get that far. The members will be heard. If it does, I’ll start worrying. Let’s see what plays out…

  4. “She would be bound by law to solely consider whether successor groups share the NRA’s values and are free from any taint of corruption.”

    And then she’d choose Everytown for Gun Safety, or some other antithetical group, because the Dems stopped caring about the law – except when it suits them – a long time ago.

    No matter. I’ve already joined the second amendment foundation, GOA, my state’s group, etc.

    • I agree. She’d make the case that Everytown is the best “Gun Safety Organization” to take it’s place. Her arguments wouldn’t even pretend to be rational.

    • *facepalms straight through face to the back of one’s neck*

      NRA pro-2nd, yeah obviously… Once we discount the raft of anti-law they’ve engineered & supported, that is. I mean, ESAD NY & James, but the NRA is nothing less than a Quisling amidst.

      Here’s to 1/2 hoping the dissolution happens to get the NRA boot off our necks, and half again wishing the courts slam NY & Letita. I’m torn.

      • I’m going to clarify because it reads as though I’m disagreeing. No, I emphatically support your position.

  5. What void? The NRA and the Second Amendment Foundation are in this fight, and in Washington doing it and winning……

  6. The civilian disarmament industry should be careful what it wishes for it just may get it.
    As it’s a fair guess that a plurality of Negotiating Rights away’s memembers are much more serious of the 2 nd. amendment and it’s restoration and protection.
    “Shall Not Be Infringed” !

  7. Regardless of any national lobbying groups, I’ve passed the point of return. I won’t give up a single firearm, round of ammo or magazine that I currently own. Period.

  8. Yep…remember the uncivil war started because southerners hated Lincoln. We got a helluva lot more to to go all insurection for NOW. I’d happily rejoin a righteous NRA!

    • I’m hesitant about RMGO as of late. Dudley released a video showing his new EO, and the dude “found out a month ago” (he’s been with the org for 3 years) that putting a very grip on a pistol is a crime. Not the dude I want running stuff, since he obviously doesn’t know federal law, let alone state.

      • “Dudley released a video showing his new EO, and the dude “found out a month ago” (he’s been with the org for 3 years) that putting a very grip on a pistol is a crime. Not the dude I want running stuff, since he obviously doesn’t know federal law, let alone state.”

        Seems like a natural choice for the NY AG to make.

  9. Doesn’t matter if the NRA leave today. Millions of people that never joined the NRA or any other gun rights group will vote their guns every election.

    Somebody will step in to fill the void left by NRA. Somebody that may be better, more effective at channeling the energies of the 75-80% of Americans that own guns.

  10. I don’t think we need the NRA to get people to vote gun rights thus year. What we do need are local regional groups to attack the state and local restrictions that defy Heller. We also need orgs that spend more on the battles of gun laws than suits and airplane rides.

    The NRA should decentralise into regional branches. As for dissolution that’s a bridge way too far and the AG of NY will lose on that one. But if it gets WLP and friends out I might actually thank her for it. We the members can build better organisations and even rebuild the NRA.

  11. There needs to be a louder voice from NRA membership to oust WLP. We need an internal insurrection. That POS needs to go ASAP!
    -NRA Patron Lifer

  12. The Eastern Libs are constantly trying to label gun owners as white power/,supremest. It was the Southern Democrats who wanted to restrict gun ownership to their race. The DEms own this crap. They are the original good ole boy club. Today’s gun owners need to band together without splintering into groups of activities. Don’t let the DEms split gun owners into groups. Stay focused and fill your vehicles seats with Trump voters come Nov. 3rd…

  13. Gun Owners of America sounds more scary then National Rifle Association. What if all I have is a shotgunm or pistul, why would I give money to rifle.

  14. This is still very early in the process, but some thought needs to go into how to re-structure the organization so that the situation we have now never gets to this point again in the future.

    There has to be some consideration for the possibility of paid ‘evil members’ attempting an internal takeover. Perhaps a combination of years of membership when voting on board members? I’m just spit-balling here…

    • “There has to be some consideration for the possibility of paid ‘evil members’ attempting an internal takeover. ”

      Good idea, but as proven out, sometimes the cure is worse than the disease.

  15. Here’s hoping so. I’d like to see a nice Pro-2A group for that crosses all States and is for personal cannons and gunships, we can call it the Continental Army.

  16. We need Trump because we need more true constitutionist judges on SCOUS. Also as soon as he wins, and he will, we need to find his successor for 2024 because the left will try harder than ever to gain control of what they don’t burn down.

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