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In Texas, it’s a pretty safe bet that a higher percentage of potential crime victims own a gun. Or ten. The heavily tattooed Carlos Garcia, aged 36, learned that the hard way police say.

They found him about a hundred yards from a house where he had tried force his way into a bedroom occupied by a scared mother who was protecting her children. It’s unknown what he intended to do once inside. Whatever he had in mind, he counted on her inability to protect herself and her children.

He counted wrong.

The woman warned him that she had called police and that she had a gun. She told him to leave. It was a textbook response to an active home intrusion.

Mr. Garcia didn’t listen.

When he continued his efforts to recreate the famous scene from The Shining, she let him have one through the door.

Bingo. Mr. Garcia then decided his role playing as the Big Bad Wolf had failed and he promptly retreated, leaving a helpful trail of blood for police to follow.

After treatment of his wound, he’s now a guest in the Hidalgo County lockup.

From CBS 4/Valley Central . . .

Hidalgo County deputies say a man was arrested after breaking into a home Tuesday night and attempting to get into a woman’s bedroom where she was hiding with her children.

The woman, however, had a gun, the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office said.

Identified by law enforcement, Carlos Garcia, 36, was found by deputies in an open field with a gunshot wound. He was medically cleared and then arrested on a charge of burglary of a habitation with intent, the sheriff’s office said.

At about 9:13 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 25, deputies and deputy constables responded to a emergency call about a burglary of a home in progress in rural Edinburg.

Upon arrival to the home, deputies talked with the homeowner, who told authorities that man had broken into their home through the garage. The homeowner said the man tried to get into the bedroom where she and her children had locked themselves to hide from the intruder.

“The homeowner warned Garcia that the police had been called and she had a gun,” the sheriff’s office stated. “When Garcia refused to leave and continued to try to get into the bedroom, the homeowner shot once through the door.”

Keep your doors locked and your garage door down. Doing so prevents uninvited critters like mice and ethically- and morally-challenged two-legged varmints from infiltrating your residence.

As for the unidentified homeowner, she earns our “Defensive Gun Use of the Day” title.  Good work. We hope she and her children recover from the experience as quickly and completely as possible.

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      • Story does not mention what the mom shot off. Perhaps he no longer needs a jock.

        “text book” would not be ONE round (unaimed) at the SOB.

        What is the SOBs country of origin?

    • Hiding the identity of criminals is a priority with the Libertarians Liberals and the Left. They may not all support forcing the public to wear masks. But they do certainly support requiring the police to turn off their badge cameras. So the criminal Acts of lawbreakers cannot be recorded. This helps to keep the prison and jail population down. Because they believe there are too many people being locked up in the United States.

    • Used to deploy my old MCU-2\P from my 1st round in service where masks were required, just for reaction kicks. And there were many.

      Then freaked them all out when questioned telling them the truth about their face diapers incapability of stopping the Rona. n95 or higher if you want any real protection from the Wu Dang Flu.

  1. So, next question, how long before he’s out on bail? And if he’s convicted, how long before he’s out on good behavior / own recognizance / early-release program / *?

  2. At night, trespassing and breaking and entering in Texas may carry the death penalty. All legal. You have to be extra special stupid to break into a home in Texas, especially at night.

  3. “In Texas, it’s a pretty safe bet that a higher percentage of potential crime victims own a gun. Or ten.”

    Actually it’s not a safe bet. Percentage of population, Texas is nowhere close to the top for gun ownership. People think it’s the wild west here. It’s not. Maine has a higher percentage of gun owners, again going by percentage of population. So does Oregon. Wisconsin. Indiana. Half the country ranks higher than Texas.

    • TBF, the number of Yankees and Californians moving to Texas has diluted gun ownership numbers. It’s why Texas cities have high crime rates compared to suburbs and rural areas.

      • You might be surprised to learn how many Californians own multiple firearms. If you have nothing, a firearm might seem like a expensive toy you do not need. Many people have firearms, even those who don’t fire them, because they were handed down in the family or they bought them at a time they felt endangered, even those who are anti gun for the masses.
        The feeling of “Guns for me, but not for Thee” is very strong, people feel they are responsible and other people might not be.

  4. “The homeowner warned Garcia that the police had been called and she had a gun,” the sheriff’s office stated. “When Garcia refused to leave and continued to try to get into the bedroom, the homeowner shot once through the door.”

    how it’s done.

    “He Didn’t Listen.”

    frequently they don’t. be ready.

    • “the homeowner shot once through the door.”

      how it’s done.“

      That’s pretty much exactly Joe Biden’s advice…

      • No that’s not correct. Joe Biden said to fire a shotgun into the air in order to frighten away criminals. As if discharging a firearm into the air to frighten someone away is a good idea.
        A warning shot???

  5. Movie Trivia: The hysterical screaming of Shelley Duvall in the bathroom in the ‘Here’s Johnny’ scene in the move “The Shining” was voiced by her voice stand in Miner49er.


  6. This is what I’d like clarified. Nancy Pelosi’s wife was assaulted. Agg battery with a deadly weapon. Agg battery with great bodily harm in Florida. Along with armed burglary of an occupied dwelling, kidnapping to facilitate a felony, false imprisonment and whatever else a creative writer can come up with. Now, I said that to ask this. Wasn’t Mr. Pelosi’s husband at the forefront of the charge to defund LEO and release the poor unfortunate without bond? Then why is her wife’s assailant being held without bond?

    • Because some pigs are more equal than others. And if you mess with those chosen to rule, the heavy end of the system will descend on you.

    • The attack upon Nancy Pelosi’s “husband” serves to illustrate why firearms are needed by the law abiding.

      Its not saying that if hubby had a gun he would not have been harmed, that’s a favored and false argument of anti-gun that one is not safer because they have a gun and to back that up they produce ‘research’ that is junk science calling it ‘creditable’ because its done by some university or noted researcher or someone with a ‘doctor’ in their title when in reality its biased because they deliberately did not include or excluded or created data. The actual facts and actual science based research show otherwise, because over 7,000 times daily (and increasing) across the country having a firearm and employing DGU keeps law abiding people from being harmed by the criminal acts of others and that is simply fact that can not be overcome with over 2,000,000 witnesses and case facts annually.

      • I wonder why the security camera footage hasn’t been released??? And I wonder why the police badge cam footage, of the police inside the Pelosi’s home, hasn’t been released???

  7. I hate to say it will be interesting to see how the courts handle this one. I hope they are not going to let this guy go with a slap on the wrist.

    • “I hope they are not going to let this guy go with a slap on the wrist.”

      Zero chance of that happening.

      Look how they responded to a riot on Jan. 6, 2001…

      • “Look how they responded to a riot on Jan. 6, 2001… “

        There was no riot after the 2000 election, once the Supreme Court ruled Al Gore gracefully conceded the election.

        Unlike Donald Trump in 2021, who ignored the lawful conclusions of over 60 Different Court venues, and incited his followers to “march to the capital” and “fight like hell”.

        • Like bidens anti maga American speeches? Any of AOC’s speeches?

          But you have to earn your 30 pieces of silver. miner.

        • You forgot about the riot that occurred during the inaugural of President Donald Trump. The fiery Holocaust that destroyed private businesses. Causing tens of thousands of dollars in damage. And the arrests of dozens of people.
          And of course the Local District Attorney dismissed all of the charges. And no one was ever held accountable for the damage the rioters caused.

          It was an example of things to come years later. When there were several fiery Holocausts in major cities across the United States. Innocent people were murdered where they stood. And if anyone was ever arrested??? The charges were dropped by The Local DA’s.

          Local DA’s paid for by George Soros.

  8. We hope she and her children recover from the experience as quickly and completely as possible.

    Disclaimer: I am not being snotty.

    I believe there is a fair chance that she and/or her children will never quite fully recover–emotionally that is. Having a man who broke into your home and was then trying to break through your bedroom door after you told him to leave is a terrifying experience. That isn’t something that you just sweep under the run and go back about your merry life two days later.

    • I bet it would be easier to get over if you have the proper counseling and reinforcement from friends and family. And you look at the situation pragmatically. If someone forces their way into your home whatever happens to them is their own fault.

  9. I am wondering if I would have done anything differently in her situation–realizing of course that the event happened super fast and that we cannot “Monday morning quarterback” her actions.

    If this home invader broke-in forcefully and suddenly–and then proceeded to try and break through my bedroom door AFTER I tell the invader that police are on the way and I am armed: would I only shoot once through the door or multiple times? Would I wait until he broke through the bedroom door? I don’t know for sure.

    Once he is through the bedroom door and can see me, if he has a firearm he can start shooting. No bueno. And even if he has a melee weapon instead of a firearm, he only has to go about 10 feet–which he could cover in about 1/2 second–to be within range to strike me with his melee weapon. Also no bueno.

    I think I would shoot through the door as well, and probably shoot three or four times and then re-evaluate.

    • This is why you have a shotgun next to your bed. Coming through your bedroom door puts him at knife fight ranges.

      I have a handgun. But it is a backup to my 12 ga. in the house.

      • Agree.

        And I am liking the idea of a 20 gauge shotgun loaded with 5/8-ounce slugs in close proximity to my bedroom.

    • “This is why you have a shotgun… “

      “I think I would shoot through the door as well,”

      It is interesting to note that y’all would follow Joe Biden’s advice to the letter, bravo!

  10. I left the garage door open about 6 inches one time to allow the odor from pain to clear.
    About 2 in the morning I started hearing loud crashing sounds coming from the garage.
    Getting up I went out and turned on the light and watched a possum slowly walking down a shelf and cans and jars crashing to the floor.

    I opened the garage door and attempted to get it to flee but it just hissed and continued so I held a broom up and it grabbed on. I then walked it outside and shook it off into the creek.

    If that was you Possum sorry but you smelled and looked like you needed a bath.

    • I get possums taking shelter in my roof space. I have to use expanding foam sealant to block up holes.

      And my dog has killed at least two. I toss the bodies into the garbage.

      • Ours actually should be Irish since they are technically called Opossums.
        Seldom hear them called that.

        Was surprised when I looked at the difference that yours was named after ours. Brits thought they looked similar.

  11. I, for one, would have done things a little differently. I would have waited until he came through the door in order to ensure I could put ten or so rounds center-of-mass. Maybe even shoot until slide lock if I had had the prescience to grab the extra magazine along with my Beretta.

    • I look forward to affirmative action going down in flames. But I do not look forward to the flames that will be started by the Liberals and the Left. Nor do I look forward to the law-abiding who will have to shoot the Liberals and the Left dead on site. As they riot. And as the local police are ordered to stand down and do nothing.


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