Actually here. Tons of colors and styles. You know you want one . . .


  1. Robert – cafepress is damn expensive. You should team up with – they keep their tshirts in the 13-20 range and sell a ton. In fact, I own 7 different ones myself. 🙂

    • I will second that comment. Given that the T-Shirts run more than what we sell for fund raising for the legal fund in CT and my local club as well local forum, there must be a cheaper alternative. The T-Shirt and long sleeve shirt are $3 difference?

  2. I’d appreciate some more subtle designs that won’t provoke conflict if I wear them in public. See I can wear an AR safety, AK bolt, or Tula Arsenal logo graphic on my t-shirt and to the general populace it just looks like some obscure company logo but other “People of the Gun” will get the suggestion that I support the Second Amendment. I appreciate people who are willing to stir the pot and take the heat by wearing these in a gun-hating-zone, but if I wear a “Free New York” shirt with a pair of now-illegal ARs on it or an NRA hat people will literally walk over to me on the subway as I’m quietly reading Hatcher’s Notebook and spit on me. I’ll be happy to move to a pro-freedom, pro-self-reliance state as soon as I can locate a job, but for now I’m living in an anti-freedom state and I’d rather not provoke the ignorant and irrational loathing of my neighbors. I’m more than willing to have conversations, volunteer my time and money, and vote, but I won’t bring over anyone to my side by wearing a t-shirt and it puts me in an uncomfortable position if not outright at risk.


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