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“A military-grade weapon on the streets of Chicago is simply unacceptable. This kind of shocks the consciousness just like the other high-profile incidents that happen across this country.” – Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy in Chicago police search for suspects in shooting that hurt 13 [at]

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  1. When will the IDIOTS realize AR-15 is NOT a Military grade weapon.
    It DOES NOT have select Fire capability, it is a semi automanic rifle,,

      • Well, I for one agree with the good police chief. Weapons of war have no place on the streets of Chicago.
        The police should set a good example and turn their AR’s, 40 mm grenade launchers (for breaching and gas canister launching of course), and all their high speed tactical gear (we can go aheadand include the armored vehicles too!).

      • Using fact just confuses and angers these people. It’s not their fault, they run on emotion only, all liberals do that.

        • Frankly, I would consider AR’s military worthy. Giggle switch or not I’d take it to battle without hesitation. That being said I say let em out on the streets, when has following anyone’s advice from Chicago proven to be a good idea. Once constitutional carry passes I could see a massive crime (not to mention corruption) drop if all the citizens had AR’s over their shoulders. Chicago IS a war zone, so why not have a weapon of war to protect yourself?

    • They already know. They know most of the public doesn’t know so they lie to stir up fear among us. It’s what pos rabble rousers do.

    • Since these scum believe only the police / military (in their minds they’re the same) should have guns, they consider ANY firearm to be a “military grade weapon”.

    • When will YOU realize that these idiots KNOW that. This is agenda driven propaganda being delivered to the low information voter. Delivering a message of truth to the low information voter is the only way to stop these “idiots”

    • I thought they were talking about a “police style” shot gun; “A weapon of war not suitable for the streets”. (sarcasm)

    • The rifle used in the last big Chicago shooting supposedly was a 7.62 x 39. They weren’t talking about ARs in this press conference.

    • Yes, an AR-15 is “military grade.”

      It’s fast, accurate, well-built and save for one li’l “feature” is pretty much the same as its military cousin.

      So’s a 1911, a Makarov or an M1 carbine.

      And lastly, there’s nothing wrong with “military grade” or “law enforcement style” weapons in our hands and on the street.

    • If everyone in Chicago were cut from the same cloth as McCarthy, the city would be more dangerous than it is now. His past is riddled with barfights, road rage incidents, drunken shooting sprees, abuse of power, threats and brandishing weapons.Talk about a ticking timebomb.

  2. A mother with a 3 year old out at 10:15PM, no problem. Another gang shooting where no one can identify the gang or the shooters or the vehicle they drove, no problem. Lets lead with the weapon…..

      • “Political tags — such as royalist, communist, democrat, populist, fascist, liberal, conservative, and so forth — are never basic criteria. The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire. The former are idealists acting from highest motives for the greatest good of the greatest number. The latter are surly curmudgeons, suspicious and lacking in altruism. But they are more comfortable neighbors than the other sort.”

        —Robert A. Heinlein

        • R.A.H.; one of the best writers of personal liberty, freedom and fighting for what is right, in a very entertaining and thought provoking manner.

          “Starship Troopers” and “The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress”, two of his best; along with his Lazarus Long series.

        • Heinlein started out as a Wilson Light Democrat, believe it or not. His first novel “For We The Living” is an interesting difference to his later Libertarian works. I still recommend “Beyond This Horizon”, in addition to those others mentioned just above, where he discusses in more detail the concept of armed citizenry and the willingness, even the social requirement, for an armed citizen to challenge evildoers.

        • The correct title is “For Us the Living”. I ahve not read it but have read most of the rest of Heinlein and love his work. Farnham’s Freehold remains one of my all-time favorites that I read again every few years. Whenever I read it I learn more.

        • The Moon is a Harsh Mistress is my all time favorite book. “There is no worse tyranny than to force a man to pay for what he does not want merely because you think it would be good for him.”

  3. I don’t think it was really a “high-power” centerfire rifle. 1. No deaths, only two injuries were critical. I would hope our military has better weapons than that. 2. Reports of the rifles used in the Boston bombing, Navy Yard, were vastly exaggerated. If they don’t have surveillance video, and no gun, how exactly DO they know anything about anything at this point?

    • Aren’t semiautomatic .22 rifles such as the Ruger 10/22 considered “assault weapons” under one of the laws about to be adopted by California?

    • A shotgun was an AR at the Navy Yard. They really do not care about the facts. It is all about the emotional spin. they do not want people to actually think, just to react

    • A quote in the Chicago Tribune mentioned that “7.62” shell casings were recovered at the scene.

      I can’t see an AK-style or even a Krinky pistol being an instrument of choice for a drive by but that’s what they claimed. Gang banging and carrying illegally is all about concealment – who the hell uses a rifle or a rifle-based pistol for something like this?

      Maybe the recovered casings were 7.62 X 25 pistol casings but seriously, who would even have that caliber weapon on the west side let alone use it as a gang banger?

      • Remember you are dealing with the media and anti-gun politicians. If they don’t simply have the caliber wrong (see- “Navy Yard Killer had AR-Shotgun”), then they are lying about it.

  4. I seriously think all these people get a little slip of paper in the morning with a list of words to use. What military weapon got used? Unidentified pistols wielded by 2 dreadlock sporting gang bangers? Just saying the script over and over trying to make the unwords into truth.

  5. I’m really not that impressed with military grade. I prefer guns that exceed mil-spec like my Ruger SR-556 or my friends POF 415. Although I must confess that I do get stuck with mil-spec on a pretty regular basis. Some guns and gear that the military uses are very good, but I’ve never considered the Colt AR to possess magical powers. There are better platforms, receivers, and barrels in the civilian market that far exceed mil-spec / military grade.

    I’d much rather fly first class or business class than on a mil-spec C130. If my wife cooked mil-spec food I wouldn’t have married her. I’m sitting next to an old de-milled M16A1 (semi auto only) as I write this. I can think of several AR’s that are more reliable and accurate than that gun.

    On a side note, the comments below the linked article are encouraging. McCarthy is clearly incompetent from the perspective of anyone with a triple-digit IQ. The whole “lax gun laws in other places” schtick is pathetic. There’s always a place where cash talks, it’s called the Black Market.

    • “On a side note, the comments below the linked article are encouraging. McCarthy is clearly incompetent from the perspective of anyone with a triple-digit IQ.”
      He’s incompetent to anyone with a pulse.

  6. Not to quibble with the gun-grabbing scum, but the phrase is “shocks the conscience.”

    It’s a term of art in civil rights litigation and criminal sentencing trials.

  7. Here’s a challenge: try to think of any firearm appropriate for self-defense that this fool wouldn’t describe as a “military-grade weapon”, while bearing in mind that the US military has, in just the last 100 years, issued guns such as .38 special revolvers, 12 Ga. pump shotguns, and .30-06 bolt action rifles.

    • Exactly, just about every firearm in existence is or was “military grade” at one time or another. If we start falling for the “military grade” deception we have lost the argument and all guns.

      • And that is why they use the term. It is from the same playbook of the control freaks that gave us “Saturday Night Special”, “Assault Weapon”, “Plastic Pistol”, “Cop-Killer Bullets”, etc. They are trying to find an emotionally-laden term that will resonate with the stupid segment of the population, hoping to support their agenda.

  8. I was listening to a report on this earlier, and it drives me up the damn wall.

    Chicago doesn’t have a gun problem, they have a gang problem. The killings there will continue until that problem is solved.

    They have no idea who the shooter is, or what kind of gun was used, yet they blame it on “military-style” guns.

    It’s just more politicians covering for their incompetence by blaming anything other than their own failed policies.

  9. I actually agree with him. Having military-grade weapons on our streets is unacceptable. Now, if CPD would kindly get rid of all the military-grade weapons that I saw them touting around when Chicago hosted the NATO summit last year, that would be nice.

  10. I think we should have military grade weapons ( mortars, rockets, machine guns ) to overthrow the socialist strongholds of Chicago abs California.

  11. The quote sums up gun grabber thinking perfectly “Having people shot at 12:30 at night in a city park can be prevented by the police if we clear that park,” McCarthy said in reference to the shooting of 5-year-old Jaden Donald in Cooper Park early Friday. Way to address the root of the problem there, Chief.

  12. I’m beginning to think the gun used was a 10-22 with a BX-25 magazine. Chicago PD wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

  13. What @ the SCOTUS ruling Miller v US that said if a weapon was not of the type the US Military would use, then it was not acceptable for civilians to own it?

    Am I missing something?

  14. More “pearls of wisdom” from the Streetlight Assassin. If you were to walk up to him and look into his eyes, do you know what you would see?
    The back of his skull.

  15. Hey BOZOS at the police dept,conceal carry and open carry are here to stay.YOU LOST the Supreme Court Battle.SO military style weapons as YOU idiots call them ,are also here to stay! You’ve been stepping al over your citizens rights for so long you are beside yourself So put up and shut up,no one wants to hear a winning Loser!

  16. Military grade weapons are not on the streets. They are in the homes of citizens. How many assault rifles were used to rob that convenient store? I thought the police’s job was to enforce the law and therefore reduce overall crime – not address the “feelings” of certain classes.

  17. Most political and social leaders haven’t the awareness, guts, and morals to address the core reasons for the violence. They need to deflect criticism away from themselves. Just imagine an urban politician of a modern blue-leaning big city stating the facts of how fatherless families are a primary reason for huge numbers of kids becoming violent criminals.

    • Exactly this^ fatherless fams being promoted by statist govt programs that provide liberal financial incentives, both via welfare programs and lucrative divorce windfall profiteering, under color of laws passes by liberal lawmakers encouraging women to stay single or to get divorced. Or get married&divorced multiple times for the profitability of the practice, children and fathers and social stability be damned. Fatherless families = more profit for mothers and their lawyers.

    • I always thought that the Chicago police hats looked like something 1940-era taxi drivers wore. Totally unprofessional, with that stupid checkerboard pattern on it.

  18. From the byline:

    “(Additional reporting by Tom Brown, Sharon Bernstein, Edith Honan and David Bailey; Writing by Nick Carey; Editing by Greg McCune, Krista Hughes and David Gregorio)”

    When one adds Ms. Young, it took 6 writers and three editors to assemble this. Assuming 4 year journalism degrees all around, that’s a combined THIRTY SIX YEARS of post-secondary education.

    And this is the best they can do? What misfocussed twaddle. No wonder newspapers are dying.

  19. “A military-grade weapon on the streets of Chicago is simply unacceptable …”

    There is nothing wrong with a person simply possessing any firearm on the streets of Chicago. If a person uses that firearm or anything else (sticks, rocks, knives, swords, firearms, molotov c0cktails, etc.) to harm innocent citizens, that is unacceptable.

  20. Always annoys me when I see this “military grade” BS. It annoys me because the 2nd amendment is about military grade weapons. Not hunting, plinking, collecting, but keeping the U.S. public ready for combat. The entire concept of liberty at the time was that the government would only exist at the desire of the people. Such a thing is IMPOSSIBLE if the government is better armed and trained than its citizenship.

    • If there is ANYWHERE in America where the citizens have need to be prepared for combat it is the streets of Chicago. In any sane society the police of a city like this would be begging for armed civilian volunteers to help them stop the crime and gang violence.

      It will be very interesting to see once whatever concealed carry law they have cobbled together goes into effect what the difference in reported crime is in those cities immediately adjacent to Chicago as compared to those neighborhoods just across the street in the city proper.

      I think we will begin to see every person who is physically and financially able fleeing the city and the same thing happening there as happened in Detroit. You would think the big corporate interests heavily invested in the center of the city would see the huge risk and use their resources to effect a radically change before it is too late, but I won’t hold my breath.

      • I think that’s where the us vs them mentality comes in with the police. Unless you know them personally, the police aren’t your friend. And even if you do, be very mindful of what you do and say around them.
        The common mentality of many of the police I’ve observed is that they are protecting society from itself. While some seem to appreciate good people with firearms, I guess they encounter too many unsavory people and become jaded too.

  21. “Chicago having the highest murder rate in the US and the most counter-intuitive and counter productive gun control laws is simply unacceptable. This kind of shocks the consciousness just like the other high-profile incidents that happen across this country.”

    Fixed that for you. You’re welcome. You know what I find unacceptable on Chicago (or any) streets? Criminals. Until they are off the streets, I believe I am free to carry whatever the hell I deem necessary to protect my own life. Thank you very much.

    “A military-grade weapon on the streets of Chicago is simply unacceptable …”

    So, are you saying the US Military is unwelcome on your streets if they are using or carrying military gear? What gear does your inept police force use again? Oh.

  22. A gun is a gun. In the hands of a soldier, any gun can be a weapon of war. In the hands of a law-abiding civilian, any gun can be a weapon of self-defense. Talk of “military-grade” is essentially meaningless in this context and only serves to distract from the real issues in those ‘hoods and to pursue the mayor’s anti-gun agenda.

  23. F-ing ignorant moron.. I suppose every Glock, 1911 etc, etc is “military-grade” too since they are used by the military.

  24. That city is run by gangsters. I am not talking about the gangsters doing drive bys. I am talking about the ellected gangsters. For this guy to say such a thing, when Chicago is the pinnicle of gun control already, is a testement to the people of that city who vote for a guy like Rham and his thugs. This is perhaps how they want to live.

  25. An insane police chief and a megalomaniac for a mayor is simply unacceptable. Voting to return these nitwits to power is also simply unacceptable. So, Chicago, do something to change the trajectory of your city or prepare for a lot more burials. And stop pretending to be shocked. It’s simply unacceptable and it makes all of you look stupid.

    • Ralph, I think it’s time we accept that Chicagoans are pretty damned satisfied with their rulers. The place makes me highly uncomfortable, even in the train station. I’ve never been happier to get out of a city in my life.

    • There is a lot I love about Chicago. (Though not the train stations, WB, there’s not much to love there…) The neighborhoods on the north side and downtown are a world away from the stuff you see on the evening news. The bad areas of the city may as well be in Iraq.

      My sense is most Chicagoans are pretty satisfied with their leaders, most of them (though not so much the mayor, since he’s been rocking the boat with unpopular changes).

      Most people I know here are solidly anti-gun. They are also liberal and vote Democratic, and are idealistic to the point of being naive, especially when it comes to violence and gun control. That’s a bit easier when they really don’t have to worry about violence day-to-day. As the violence spills into the nicer areas, which has started to happen here and there, it’ll be interesting to see how my idealistic friends handle that.

  26. Others have pointed it out but I can’t help repeating the theme. Every article I could find speculated about the type of weapon involved (apparently an AK-47 or copy per witnesses and retrieved casings) but not about the shooters or their motives.

    Consider this; If some one called you right now and said your friend/family member had been shot, would you ask what sort of gun was used or who did it and why? How far down the list would the type of gun be?

    It takes a certain kind of sickness to be focused on what kind of gun rather than what kind of person did such a thing. Blaming guns wont solve anything but figuring out who’s doing all the shooting and why they do it could restore order to the streets.

  27. How bout we focus on the causes of the violence? You know the broken mental health system, the failing public school system, the decline of society, the large number of folks living below the poverty line, the fatherless families, and the ILLEGAL firearms.

  28. Sure McCarthy, deflect and avoid any criticism of the poor job you’re doing as Chief of Police. Avoid any scrutiny of the failed social policies of the entrenched and corrupt Democatic party that has ruled Chicago for decades.

  29. Military grade weapons are simply unacceptable… the hands of the cops. Us civilians use semiauto, so who you talking about, you stupid, commie rat.


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