Armed Georgia Man Stops Knife Attack That Wounded Three Women in Suburban Atlanta

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“He stopped the threat. He did shoot the suspect.” Those are the words of Union City, Georgia Police Captain Prentice Brooks summarizing what happened over the weekend when Josh Dobbs saw a man stabbing a woman outside his home.

“I just couldn’t sit there and watch and hear what was going on,” Josh Dobbs told FOX 5’s Kim Leoffler.

Dobbs said he just jumped into action when he heard what he correctly assumed were a woman’s screams coming from the Hidden Lake Apartments.

The unidentified suspect had already stabbed two women and was in the process of slicing up a third when Dobbs shot him. That stopped the attack and the attacker later assumed ambient temperature at a local hospital.

“We actually commend him for what he did and stepping up,” the captain added.

As do we. For the record, that was one of over 1.6 million defensive gun uses that take place in America every single year. Robberies, rapes, assaults and murders prevented by…you guessed it…civilians with guns.

We’re constantly informed by people who are firmly convinced of their own intellectual and moral superiority that law-abiding people don’t need and shouldn’t own firearms. The fact that there are people who defend themselves and others — much like Josh Dobbs did — more than 4,000 times a day is completely lost on them.

Fortunately the opinions of these self-appointed betters are wholly irrelevant. The ink they spill denigrating law-abiding people who choose to own guns is nothing more than mental masturbation.

In the mean time, they’re losing the argument as more of their fellow Americans look around and decide that owning the means to defend themselves and their families is an entirely rational choice. The three women who were attacked in Georgia — and the Union City Police Department — couldn’t be happier that people like Josh Dobbs ignore people like David Frum with extreme prejudice.

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  1. Instead of pulling his phone out to record the crime, a forcible felony, he took direct action and ended the crime.

    There will be those who fault him. I am not one of them.

    • Gosh golly did the neighbor have a concealed carry permit, mandated 8 hour training and approved storage to possess a firearm? Such lame brain qualifiers usually precede defense incidents like they really mean a damned thing when the sht hits the fan.

        • Neither did the 1775 Patriots who had no license or permit to RKBA or to revolt.
          Hmmm, I wonder when that right of the 1775 Patriots, stopped working?
          But know, that the US Supreme Court in South Vs Maryland, 59 US 396 (1855) ruled in only 7 pages, that no one has standing to sue law enforcement officials should a person be a crime victim which the law could not or would not stop from occurring.
          So as law enforcement is not obligated to protect anyone, then no person can be denied reasonable means of protecting themselves from crime as an inclusive of RKBA.
          When a right is affirmed, this is not the limit but the start.
          The constitutional exercise of an inalienable right, is eternal and absolute.

    • I hope ll his pals, whom I suspect are much like this guy, learn about how and why his core temperature has fallen so low and will remain, or even get lower as he is lowered.

      When such dirtbags pause a moment and consider some of their companions who longer are or ever could be again and their present condition, perhaps some MIGHT have a thought that they mey go and spend a LOT of time with their pals. None of them will have issues with LOW temperatures, ever.

      Some are likely to realise things are “too hot” in places like Georgia and shuffle off to Buffalo or perhaps Noo Yawk where their chances of getting properly treated are far lower. But even in those places where plain folks can’t caarry their own tools lawfully there will be some packing anyway.. an “untraceable iron….. and when they’ve sent the next clown to go join this guy they’ll just toss the gun on top of his hulk and walk on. Same end result.

  2. There are ~1,400 criminal knife attacks upon victims daily across the U.S., inflicting serious bodily harm or death. That’s ~500,000 knife attack victims annually. Up until October 2022 it was ~1,300 daily.

    • .40 I’ve seen a couple of knife attacks. Bad ones. I’d rather be shot. At least if it were a handgun. Now a centerfire rifle? With SP ammunition? No thank you very much.

      • I’ve spoken with a few people who have gotten shot by a handgun AND deeply stabbed/deeply sliced.
        Given a choice between the two, consensus of preference was 100% for getting shot.

        • Getting shot doesn’t hurt for a minute and before that it’s a burning sensation, like getting stung by a big wasp. Getting stabbed hurts immediately but isn’t as intense as being shot when the pain kicks in. Avoid both if able.

    • I agree with both of you, knife attacks can be a lot worse than getting shot. We know a woman who was attacked with a knife, the two had raped her repeatedly and then started carving on her. They thought they had killed her and left, but someone found her in time and got help so she ended up living if you call living in a psychiatric care facility missing some body pieces living. We visit her.

      these were the two that tried to abduct my wife to do the same thing. I shot both, killed one and the other is paralyzed for life. they had done this to three women before they tried to get my wife, each victim it got worse graduating to intent to murder on the third (the woman I related above).

      We visit her and bring her things she needs. Each time she asks me if I will make sure they don’t come back. I tell her I’ll take care of it and not to worry. She asks me to make sure they suffer.

  3. Just for the record. David Frum who was born and raised in Canada. For quite a while called himself a Libertarian. I don’t know if he still does that or not. He kept his Canadian citizenship while he worked in the bush administration. And attacked Patrick Buchanan because Buchanan was against the Gulf war.

    Also former Massachusetts governor William Weld a Republican. Also called himself a Libertarian. And ran for the vice president position in the libertarian party.

    When all of his anti-civil rights history. Something that he never regretted. And yet the Libertarians still accepted him. Because he supported making drugs legal. And yes I understand that many people have walked away from the libertarian party. But I am very suspicious of people who accepted him in the first place.

  4. The 21 foot rule only applies if the guy with the knife is paying attention. If they’re too busy attacking another person. The good guy with a gun can just blast them.



  6. Yep Dacian the MARXIST “BRITISH SUBJECT” is now crying that one of his “MASTERS” foot soldiers was killed…

    And a woman was saved!!!

  7. Why not just sequester Frum and all the other anti-gunners in a certain compound and let them battle it out. And NO, they can not request assistance from the authorities. They have to rely upon their own wits and whatever they came prepared with. How’s that for an option?? Only half serious.

  8. We’re constantly informed by people who are firmly convinced of their own intellectual and moral superiority that law-abiding people don’t need and shouldn’t own firearms.

    [4,000 righteous self-defense events with a firearm every] day is completely lost on them.

    The utility of firearms for self-defense is fully evident to, and most definitely NOT lost on, the Ruling Class. So then why does the Ruling Class oppose firearm ownership? To simply humiliate the Working Class. Relatively minor humiliation is taking money (both directly and indirectly) from the Working Class. Medium humiliation is $exually assaulting the Working Class. Maximum humiliation is denying effective self-defense and ultimately life to the Working Class.

    Stop ascribing incompetence or misguided objectives to all of the pain and suffering that the Ruling Class unleashes on the Working Class. The Ruling Class is evil and delights in humiliating the Working Class and causing pain and suffering. The humiliation, pain, and suffering that the Ruling Class imparts to the Working Class is intentional. Update your knowledge-base and planning accordingly.


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