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  1. Gun Guy, Hi Capacity: The largest capacity magazine ever manufactured for the firearm in question. (100 rnds, hi-cap tommy gun. 10 rnds, hi-cap SMLE. etc.)

    Random dude, Hi capacity: More that I think it should have but, I don’t really know.

    Politician guy (with a tiny bit of knowlege), Hi capacity: 30, or 15, or 10, or whatever they said was bad, I can’t remember because I’m a stupid.

    Apparently, Most folk: Oh, holy Sh!t, the guy told me that some guns hold eleventy twelve boolits and Ima skeerd so 1, no, maybe 2, help, Ima hide unda the bed.

    • a semi pistol with a “high-cap mag” was once a rarity…and viewed with a raised eyebrow…remember “Serpico”?….now it’s the norm…and the cops don’t hesitate to use all of them…

    • Whoa…
      Just saw the “edit” option appear for the first time in the years I’ve been commenting here…

      • Whut do you use to comment Haz? Always shown up on my smartphones. I used it earlier today. Oh a lot of the old geezers say “clip”. …

        • A lot of old geezers do say “clip” and, my instinct for respect of my elders almost always prevents me from correcting them. There are a handful, however, who push it and need a bit of a snap from the younger generation. Never sure if I’m in the right. Hmm.

          (FWIW, all you youngbloods out there, I am what you would consider to be catastrophically old but I am still young enough that some of the really old (and estimable) old men are still older, wiser and, to be honest, better in some regards than we are. cheers grandpa, thanks for … everything)

        • MyName. I wanna see the blood test before you call me grandpa. If you pass, welcome to the fambly.

          Can you let me hold 20 til my ssi check gets here? 🙂

        • as in “banana clip”?…a term once used for the M-1/M-2 carbine…and useful when dealing with hordes of chinese

    • Damn Phil, That’s Goodm cheese bro! and if somebody kicks in ma door I can disable them with dat cheeze Log! Sucka’s HUGE! helps make like 5K cheeze-Booga’s! hafta cut ‘er in 1/2 to close da dor!

    • For right now in Illinois I had to go from a 9mm that had a 16 round magazine to a .40 that has a 15 round magazine. I’m used to both as my EDC but the 9mm was more comfortable to carry.

      • My X5 was factory supplied with 4 mags that extend below grip!!! Its standard factory supplied capacity

  2. When man-portable laser weaponry arrives, will citizen-disarmists demand limits to battery capacity available to people not employed by the government?

  3. We citizens will never have a lazer weapon unless we steal it or build one ourselves. And just to throw a monkey wrench in the works our Supreme Court has the weapons in common use to fck us over with.
    Even SCOTUS cant get , The Right To Bear Arms Shall Not Be Infringed correct.
    It’s all bs anyway, bullet proof vest that can stop just about anything, conventional gunms are only going to be useful against citizens in the future. And that’s not why the Second Amendment was written. It was a hedge against a tyrannical government or aggressors to Our country.
    The way I read the 2A is we the people should be better armed then any country on earth.
    Assualt weapons, big deal, yes they are assualt weapons and they use very high capacity magazines, because We The People have a Right to be better armed then the standing army,which by the way is illegal, but I guess Uncle Sam will always make sure there is a War going on somewhere. After all War is Americas biggest export, it’s what keeps this country running.
    Nope, cant make or export toilet paper but we can damn sure make and export bombs.

  4. Anything above a single shot black powder rifle, or handgun from the 18th century, is High Capacity to these weirdos.

    • You forgot about the Girardoni rifle. Designed and adopted in 1780 and carried by Lewis and Clark on their 1804 expedition. It could be loaded with up to 22 separate .46 caliber round balls and fired individually in under 60 seconds.

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