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Thousands of Americans shop online marketplaces like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace every day. Unfortunately, a few listings have armed robbers trolling for potential victims, posing either as sellers or buyers. In Baton Rouge, one woman wanted to sell an XBox on Facebook Marketplace. In doing so, she almost lost her life to an armed robber.

Fortunately her case has a happy ending. Despite the Facebook Marketplace armed robber’s efforts to not only rob her, but kill her, she fought back and survived without physical injury.

The seller produced her own firearm and shot back at the robber, sending him fleeing…while leaking. Baton Rouge police found her robber, Dane Johnson, aged 20, at a local hospital. While he failed his effort to win the room temperature challenge, he succeeded in catching charges for armed robbery and attempted murder.

From The Advocate:

A man who robbed and shot at a woman who was selling him an Xbox fled and was arrested after she managed to wound him with her own gun, Baton Rouge police say.

Police issued an arrest warrant for 20-year-old Dane Johnson on Sept. 29, the day after the shooting. He was booked Wednesday evening on counts of attempted murder and armed robbery…

The victim told police Johnson contacted her earlier that afternoon to buy an Xbox she listed on Facebook Marketplace. He agreed to meet at her apartment when Johnson got off of work later that evening. 

When Johnson arrived at the apartment, he approached the victim and held a black pistol to her head, the affidavit said. The victim dropped the gaming console and fled to her car. Johnson picked up the Xbox and began shooting at the victim. 

The victim was able to get her hands on her own pistol, fire several shots at Johnson, then flee to her car and call police.

Armed robberies are not unusual during internet-arranged meetups for pricey or high demand items. In fact, a dear friend of mine told me how he nearly got himself killed trying to save a few bucks buying a used iPhone for his wife for Christmas.

XBox controller

The moral of the story: do some research and arrange to meet in a public location whenever possible. Also, bring your gun and maybe some friends with guns, just to be sure.

As for Johnson’s victim: we hereby bestow our Defensive Gun Use of the Day on her for her courageous response to a life-threatening attack.

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  1. Cool😎Why oh why don’t seller’s meet up at a po-leece station? We just had our annual giant garage sale. I was armed the whole time. Go & do likewise!

    • Yup. In my county the sheriff stations encourage and even have parking spaces reserved for face to face craigslist/facebook transactions. In any case – don’t ever do the transaction at your own home like this woman did. Even if you don’t get robbed that day they know where you live so they can rob you later.

  2. Life is surprisingly cheap to some people. I can’t think of a number that would encourage me to kill or risk getting killed for.

    • Well, you probably had parents who chose to actually RAISE their children.
      LBJ created a way for horrible parents to let the streets raise their children. These street raised children place NO value on human life.

      Dribble cup Joe continues this proud democrapic tradition by leaving our southern border wide open. A significant portion coming in place no value on human life other then their own.

      • The democrats of 50-30 years ago wanted the borders closed. There is even video of Feinstein and Pelosi wanting better border security. This is a relativity new idea in Democratic policies.

        • Any intelligent JFK democratic has long ago left that party.
          I was talking about how Joe’s open border policies continue the LBJ tradition of our country being filled with people who have little regard for the lives of others.

        • rt – nope – those dems were the ones that ‘promised’ Reagan that they would ‘secure’ the southern border in exchange for him granting amnesty to 3.5 million illegals already in OUR country. They never had any intention to do even the least bit of ‘securing’ squd border.

    • Shire-man,

      “I can’t think of a number that would encourage me to kill or risk getting killed for.”

      Are we talking about dollars or the number of would-be dead criminals (including corrupt politicians)?


  3. In the words of Jesus

    “if thou not havest gun, sell Xbox and buyeth one.”

    (ok, maybe Jesus didn’t say that 😁)

    • Actually,

      “He said, ‘This is different. Get ready for trouble. Look to what you’ll need; there are difficult times ahead. Pawn your coat and get a sword. What was written in Scripture, ‘He was lumped in with the criminals,’ gets its final meaning in me. Everything written about me is now coming to a conclusion.’”
      ‭‭Luke‬ ‭22:36-37‬ ‭MSG‬‬

    • you have the principle intended to be conveyed down well. But your phoney “bible talk” doesn’t pass muster. Plain english works fine….

  4. My local PD suggests that these types of transactions should occur in the parking lot of the cop shop, which is monitored all the time and well lit at night.

      • Hmm, don’t think they’d get too excited at the sight of a 3 dollar spice masher…unless they know you to have used ‘em in a meth operation…

      • I got all excited over nothing. I read it as mortar and pedestal. I thought it was a complete mortar with baseplate.

    • “….monitored all the time and well lit at night.” Between donuts, cops can see that you have been shot, are bleeding all over their parking lot, don’t have to go far to draw your chalk outline. When seconds are critical, cops have only have a donut to finish first. LEOs have no duty to protect. You are on your own…your own first responder. Never, ever plan for a fair encounter. Take a couple overwatch buddies, spread them out…not bunched, not arriving with you, not apparent being with you, with tactical positioning from potential perp.

    • except my stupid town built a nw VERY dear cop shop with automatic gates closing up the sally portsm and no car park. On street parking is dicey.
      Very open and public car park, perhaps inside the lobby of your bank….. drop the money right into yur account there, and leave with an empty money poke.

  5. Way too many scumbags around and it’s going to take a toll on private selling. I made the choice to take the hit on the difference between trade and retail value and let the dealer have my car although I know I could have sold it easily myself for more. Two days later a story appears in the paper about an attempted carjacking during a test drive for a private sale.

    • added bonus/push for trade=in in my state is the sales tax robery on the purchased car is reduced by the value of the trade-in care aggreed upon. So the price of the purchased car drops by quite a bit, epending on the trade in value. ANYTHING to reduce the thievery by the gummit.

  6. Sounds like she had to run under fire to fetch her weapon and if so that could be because the armed guard protected democRat Gov. of LA vetoed a bill for Concealed Carry.

    From XBox to hospital to jail to court to prison…enjoy it you pos.

  7. “The victim dropped the gaming console and fled to her car. Johnson picked up the Xbox and began shooting at the victim.”

    Now wait a cottin’ pickin’ darn minute! How is that possible? Some people keep telling us that victims will be fine if they are submissive and comply with an armed criminal.

    Oh wait, I get it now: the woman left the Xbox with the criminal and ran away–that was her mistake (running away) and why the criminal shot at her multiple times.

    I guess those people are right: we should be submissive and comply with armed criminals. Thankfully, such behavior will not encourage and embolden armed robbers to increase the frequency of their attacks. Bonus: those armed robbers will be so happy with compliant victims and their score that they will have no inkling to rape such a passive and compliant victim.


    • He was “trigger” by her racist attempt to flee.

      Dumbass chick. Fakebook guy she plans to meet AT HER HOME after DARK.

    • /begin_reality_point
      that’s the old school criminal where you might be ok if you comply.

      Over 80% of the criminals now are the newer generation and their motto is basically “shoot them anyway”.


      But lets wait, dacien will be along shortly to tell us all how its impossible for this to have happened and how the victim should be dead and how the criminal would not have shot at the victim if she had complied and how a gun somehow magically appears in the bad guy hand like he didn’t bring one intending to use it … and a bunch of other fairy tales he has concocted from bogus biased research he can’t understand to begin with.

    • Dead men tell no tales. Dontchya know, a dirtbag willing to shoot at a victim would not hesitate to kill her just because” he doan wan nobuddy tellin hudunnit. Well,, that one backfired on HIM, and good on her for doing her bit. One dirtbag at lleast has something to think about while he is chained to that hospitalbed for a while, Hope his damage is substantial, keeping him there for a good long while.
      This one turned out relatively well, considering how it broke. SHE is ighty lucky he’s a punk and a rotten shot.

  8. Around here, all the graphics card scalpers who are hoarding $499 products and reselling them at $2000 refuse to meet anywhere except at police station parking lots. Lol. Don’t be greedy and you don’t have a reason to worry about angry folks.

    • madam moron…Should those who sell graphics cards have gotten angry at consumers who paid little to nothing when supply met demand Yes or No?

      • Debbie W. summed it up with “madam moron”!
        I suppose M P Harris thinks a lower price or even free would have prevented the buyer from exposing and or using his gun. Why do you think the buyer had his gun exposed?
        Why did he hold it to her head?

  9. What I want to know is – How long is she banned from FB for having a firearm during a transaction originating from FBMP?

  10. “police found her robber, Dane Johnson”

    Really, the biggest surprise here is the robber had a completely normal name. I can’t find a mugshot anywhere, which suggests he’s black.

    • “Armed robberies are not unusual. Robberies without arms are.”

      OK, there’s a joke in this some place, maybe: Think of all the things ya gotta do with your hands in a robbery, no arms then no hands.


  11. There was a woman from our area that we knew. She allowed a young man to come to her apartment to look at a refrigerator that she was selling. They argued, then he beat her to death. When I met people that I sold items to, I was armed. When I dated online before I got married, I was always armed because you don’t know if you are being set up to be robbed or worse. Maybe because I had law enforcement training I was more cautious.


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