Detroit Shootings
Detroit Police and investigators look over a shooting scene on Pennington Drive, north of Seven Mile Road, Sunday, Aug. 28, 2022. Four people were shot, with three fatalities, by a person who appeared to be firing at people randomly over a roughly 2 1/2-hour period Sunday morning in Detroit, police said. (Jose Juarez/Special to Detroit News via AP)
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Don’t look now, but yet another armed citizen has stopped a spree killer. This defensive gun use took place in Detroit after three people had been killed and another wounded.

Dontae Ramon Smith, 19 years old, began shooting people apparently at random. After shooting and wounding a fourth, an 76-year-old man along with his dog (both survived), an un-named neighbor opened fire on Smith, stopping the attack and causing Smith to flee.

The killer was later arrested and is due to be arraigned today on a range of charges including three counts of murder.

From the AP . . .

A young man suspected of randomly killing three people on Detroit streets fled when an armed bystander saw him shoot a fourth person and responded with his own gunfire, witnesses told a TV station.

“He scattered like a jack rabbit,” Wallace Pleasant told WXYZ-TV.

Three people were killed over roughly two hours early Sunday. The 19-year-old suspect remained in custody Tuesday while police and prosecutors prepared to file charges Wednesday.

The suspect shot a fourth person, an 76-year-old man who was walking his dog, according to police. He survived.

Kaia Maxey-Gholson told the TV station that she witnessed another man fire shots in an attempt to stop the suspect.

She said she believes the suspect would have kept shooting the elderly man “like he did the other victims that morning.”

Police spokesman Rudy Harper confirmed the account Tuesday.

WXYZ didn’t identify the man who intervened but quoted him as saying the suspect “saw my weapon and he went from predator to prey.”

The suspect was arrested hours later at his home.

Two of the three people who were killed Sunday were identified as Jesse James Hawkins, 28, and Lari Brisco, 43, according to friends and the medical examiner’s office.

Yet another case of an attacker who was stopped by a good guy with a gun. We know this kind of news is terribly inconvenient for those who toil away in the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex, but we just don’t give a damn.

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  1. “saw my weapon and he went from predator to prey.”

    and that’s the way it should be.

    • the more complete statement was …

      “He saw my weapon and he went from predator to prey. He had that look of shock,”

      I know the look he’s talking about, have seen it on their faces myself.

    • “and that’s the way it should be.”

      No, the thug should’ve been shot dead.

      In big cities like this he’ll likely be let out with no bail after he heals up. Hate to be this way, but it seems to be the only real path to justice in many instances.

    • Three people were killed over roughly two hours early Sunday

      Q1) So have so many people fled Detroit for their lives that it took the shooter two hours to find 3 people?
      Q2) Uhhhh…where was LEO during 2 hours?

      • “Q2) Uhhhh…where was LEO during 2 hours?”

        What shooting are you talking about?

        ‘Snitches get stitches’, etc…

  2. Now I’m confused. Lil’d always says this NEVER happens.

    He also claims my yet to be 21yo son didn’t detain a pair of armed intruders for LEOs to eventually show up and arrest. Had to use an AR-10 because he wasn’t old enough to purchase a handgun.

  3. Why are we just hearing of this? Maybe he obtained his weapon illegally, was stopped by legally armed citizen. Wasn’t one of the government plants to show why they need our weapons. Right is Wrong, Wrong is Right. Grooming our children, changing their gender is Right, trying to stop it is Wrong. Murdering your baby is Right. Repent, turn away from your sin. His coming is closer and closer.

    • Correct, byt speculating on how soon He is coming back is not profitable. He has been “coming soon” for two thousand years now. No matter… people like this one will get their due even if they leave this old planet long before Jesus does return. His judgement is sure and certain. Murder WILL get one in a heap of pain and suffering for a VERY long time. far longer than we’ve been expecting His return.

  4. Like Eric Wright once observed ‘pulled out the Jammie and like a mirage sissy a$$ punk got out of Dodge’

  5. A “spree” shooter in Detroit as opposed to a mass shooting because this occurred over two hours. Suspect killed three citizens. Wounded a fourth. A 76 year old man walking his dog. Suspect also shot the dog. An armed citizen who witnessed this fired upon the suspect. The suspect fled the scene. Suspect later arrested. All I know. Good for the Good Guy with the Gun!

    • Sorry guys. That was not meant to be a comment on the post. Though I did enjoy it. I was trying to talk to Mike, thought I was sending Casey a text about the post and watching some guys in Texas shooting pigs from a bird. It’s a busy day.

    • It will still count as a “mass shooting” by certain organization’s definitions; it will be considered a continuous event. And it will add to their count, so they’ll force it to fit their definition.

      There’s one every day, ya know. “Rivers of blood and carnage in Capitalvania.”

    • “mass pubilc shooting” is FOUR or more dead. Wounded does not count. Per FBI methods. So this one will NOT be listed as a mass public shooting. The time over which it happened is not an issue. Had the fourth gunshot victim died it WOULD be a “mass public shooting”.. So one less of those to count.

      My main concern is WILL the murderer actually be prosecuted, or will he get out on bail,rethink his methods, and go pull another one this time scoring FOUR before he quits.

      the death penalty MUST be restored for those who murder in cold blood. Firing squad (let them chew on some of their own medicine, and KNOW it is coming soon…) no hood, face the line, standing straight up and watching. Multiple rounds per shooter, videotape the whole thing, and have it availble somehow to show to dirtbags being incarcerated for lesser offenses, just to help them make an informed decision on the matter of whether they should murder…….. KNOWING theyWILL face the bullets of seven or so with rifles who will NOT miss, or hesitate, may help them make in informed decision to pick another past time.

      • So you want to split hairs? Ok, I can play that game.

        There’s a difference between “mass shooting” and “mass killing.” The definition of “mass shooting” varies depending on which agency defines the term.

        *A crowdsourced data site cited by CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Economist, the BBC, etc., Mass Shooting Tracker, defines a mass shooting as any incident in which four or more people are shot, whether injured or killed.

        *Mother Jones defines a mass shooting as an indiscriminate rampage in a public place, resulting in three or more victims killed by the attacker, excluding gang violence, armed robbery, and attacks by unidentified perpetrators.

        *Crime violence research group Gun Violence Archive, whose research is used by major American media outlets, defines mass shooting as having a “minimum of four victims shot, either injured or killed, not including any shooter who may also have been killed or injured in the incident,” differentiating between mass shooting and mass murder and not counting shooters as victims.

        I await your apology.

  6. Why do people read and believe this stuff?

    Only government can protect the people at large. As a beneficiary of the US government, part of the bargain is that sometimes you take one for the team; police can’t be everywhere, at once. Individuals cannot be allowed to be judge, jury and executioner. Dying for your nation while awaiting protection is just part of the cost of freedom.

    • on which planet to YOU live? Surely not this one.

      The same God who made each of is, giving us the breath of life, aldo gave us the RIGHT and yes, even obligation, to defend that life against predators like this creep.

      Your claim that “only government” can protect us is utterly false on its face.If that were so, then incidents like this would NEVER happen. they DO happen, though, simply BECAUSE government are NOT capable of protecting us all everywhere all the time. They can barely protect a few “important” folk. the fact that a number of Chief Executive Officers have actually BEEN assassinated most of them in public spaces, proves government are NOT capable of protecting us. Nor is it amongst their assigned tasks.
      Protecing our RIGHTS, yes, and they do a miserable job of that when they on rare occasions, try to do that.

      Not their bailiwick. Remember, the “security of a free state” is dependent upon an ARMED and TRAINED citizenry. READ your Constitution again Yuo missed something.

      • “on which planet to YOU live? Surely not this one.”

        May I respectfully recommend you stand up, then re-read my submission; it seems to have passed completely over your head.

        (I admit that the term “beneficiary of the US government” surprisingly didn’t get any reaction, by anyone)

      • “…can protect the people at large.”

        “…can protect us…”

        Tionico, those are two different groups (collective and individual, or abstract and concrete), and Sam is poking at the leftists here. Perhaps at certain others as well, but primarily at the leftists.

        “(I admit that the term “beneficiary of the US government” surprisingly didn’t get any reaction, by anyone)”

        It wasn’t entirely wasted.

  7. Notice how all the police in the city instantly appeared to stop the shooter – or so anti-gun thinks happens when you call 911 for such.

    Once again, the police are not going to be there to help you when something criminally violent happens as they are reactive after the fact. You need to be your own first responder, or at least have a neighbor who can be your first responder, prepared to counter that criminal deadly force with defensive gun use.


  9. And dacian the Dunderhead says that people who encounter mass shooters don’t have a chance to stop the massacres. How many other anti-gun radicals fall in this category?

    • most of them encountered by a defender are stopped by the defender before they begin by the defender brandishing and being ready to engage when the shooter appears or starts showing intent, no shots fired and the bad guy runs off. Never makes the news though (well very rarely), no blood and carnage. Defenders actually fire less then 5% of the time.

  10. Of all the major metro areas in the United States, I have to think that a violent criminal attacker faces the greatest odds of righteous armed self-defense in Detroit, Michigan.

    Of course the previous Detroit Police Chief of many years (James Craig who encouraged citizens to obtain concealed carry licenses and carry in public) is probably somewhat responsible for that.

    • Errr, you should come to Houston then, cause it happens here ALOT. It only rarely makes the news outside of Houston.

  11. Now this is what it’s all about. It would be great if everyone had the Marksmanship of the good guy with a gun, at the Greenwood Mall in Indiana. Even though this good guy in Detroit missed. His counter-attack forced the murderer to break off and run away. Saving lives.

    I think, I might be wrong, but statistics show that a good guy civilian with a gun never shoots the wrong person. The same cannot be said for the representatives of the government, called police officers. They shoot the innocent and the guilty all the time.

    “Stopping An Active Shooter Without Being Identified As The Bad Guy (Last Resort Firearms Training)” video 6 min long

  12. 2.
    “Is Your Carry Gun Adequate To Stop An Active Killer? (Last Resort Firearms Training)” video 9 min long

    • “Is Your Carry Gun Adequate To Stop An Active Killer? (Last Resort Firearms Training)”

      It’s not about the gun, it’s about the skills of the shooter…

  13. 3.
    “Individual Action To Stop Active Killers (Last Resort Firearms Training)” video video 9 min long

  14. 4.

    “Overcoming Common Objections To Arming School Staff (Last Resort Firearms Training)” video 12 min long

    • btw
      At time stamp 5 min, there are 16 examples of a good guy civilian with a gun, stopping a mass murderer. No police. Not ex military.

      • “Has a good guy with a gun civilian, ever shot the wrong person in an active shooter situation???”

        NO, time stamp. 8:25.

  15. I wonder if Dontae Ramon Smith had the legal rights/permits to own/carry the gun he tried to murder people with? I also wonder if parents ever fkn consider the ramifications of giving their kids names that practically ensure their membership in the diminished mentality punk/gang club?

  16. Of course the Far Right overlook the most important question. How did the nut case get his gun?? Probably an unvetted second hand sale.

    • Say, asshole, do you know how to do an internet search?

      Why don’t you locate a source that states how this 19-year-old mentally-ill person obtained the 9mm handgun that he used? I’ve searched numerous news outlets and none have that information. So are all news outlets “Far Right?”

      Then you can explain how this underage, illegal weapon user would have been stopped if only he had subjected himself to a background check, you putz.

    • @dacian

      “Of course the Far Right overlook the most important question. How did the nut case get his gun?? Probably an unvetted second hand sale.”

      How do people get used or new cars they drive to cause accidents and run others over like over 2,000,000 times annually (collectively, seriously injured and killed)? Probably an unvetted first hand or second hand sale.

      There is absolutely zero, nothing, for vetting the background integrity eligibility of a person buying a car first or second hand yet after a ‘check the boxes’ type of ‘license procedure’, or showing a drivers license (usually for someone else helping them), and plunking down some money for insurance (sometimes) and over 18,000 (collectively) drug addicts/delers, DUI offenders, convicted felons, pedophiles, rapists, domestic abusers, get on the roads daily with these ‘new’ cars across the US without any background check at all and they drive those cars to their next ‘crime scene’ or stalking and the next and the next and the next .

  17. @Mr. Lucky September
    “My old gang drove Yugos. We had to have push by shootings.”

    Chuckle. Thanx, but…

    You had a car, probably with air conditioning. My gang had to push Radio Flyer wagons, year ’round. And wherever we wanted to go, it was uphill both ways.

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