California Man is Wounded While Shooting and Killing an Early Morning Home Invader

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California legislators are working hard to double the tax on firearms and ammunition. When they couldn’t get the support they need (!) for the bill, they amended it to exclude long guns sold to anyone with a hunting license (read the bill here). Expect it to pass, resulting in fewer Californians able to afford the price of a gun, ammo, and the most effective means of armed self-defense.

One Californian who’s very happy he was able to afford a gat and some ammo is in a hospital recovering from a gunshot wound. He caught that bullet exchanging gunfire with a home invader as he tried to break into his apartment.

From . . .

The victim alerted police to a burglary in progress, then called back to indicate gunshots had been exchanged.

Responding Riverside police officers found the resident suffering from a gunshot wound to the leg. He was taken to a hospital with an injury that was not life-threatening.

A search of the area resulted in the discovery of a wrecked car nearby with a badly leaking would-be home invader inside. His two accomplices had scampered off into the night. Twenty-year-old Denzeal Young was transported to a hospital where he later assumed ambient temperature.

In the KTLA news report above, an un-named talking head — presumably a Riverside Police detecive —  had this to say about citizens defending themselves with firearms against violent attackers . . .

Anybody who has a firearm should make themself an expert in everything about that firearm. We don’t want people just to go out and buy a gun and think that now they can defend themselves. 

Yeah… f@ck that. Everyone should have good working knowledge of their firearms as well as basic gun safety. That goes without saying (even though we just said it).

But the Second Amendment doesn’t have a proficiency clause. Anyone who’s legally able to own a gun has the right to buy one and use it as and when they must to defend themselves and their loved ones. Even if they’re a rank beginner and are only “expert” enough to know what end the bullet comes out and where the trigger is.

If that disappoints the Riverside Police Department, then that’s too damned bad.


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  1. Anybody who has a car should make themself an expert in everything about that car. We don’t want people just to go out and buy a car and think that now they can drive themselves.

    Anybody who has a computer should make themself an expert in everything about that computer. We don’t want people just to go out and buy a computer and think that now they can write themselves.

    • The Germans used to make you take the driving part of the the with three police officers in the car to watch you. You also had to be able to change a tire while they watched. Probably other stuff too. I’m sure the Karens would scream about that, even though driving is a privilege (cause they say it is), unlike walking, riding a bike or horse.

    • Draven,
      That was good sarcasm and I enjoyed your comment.

      I would also like to say that if a person buys a revolver, and puts a laser on it, and he needs no further training at all.

      It is the ultimate point and click interface, laser shows where the bullet hole is going to appear.

      It could not Be more simple

  2. So the .357/9mm/45ACP/10mm/.40/.44 long gun needs fodder. Or even .380 High Point carbine for those without a real handgun.

    Komifornian legislators are so stupid.

    • Naw. If this was ‘Flrida Man’ the homeowner would have shot himself in the foot and the home invader would have cut his own jugular breaking glass to get in. Both would have bled out before the first responders remembered how to put their vehicles in ‘D’. 😉

    • Play stupid games, win stupid prizes…… Come on down, Denzeal… Oh, God love, Denzeal, he can’t. Denzwal done be winnin’ stupid prize. Next contestant……

  3. You”re welcome detective. Citizen did your job when seconds were all he had, and you were minutes away…..probably stuffing your pie hole with donuts.

  4. The detective fails to comprehend that:

    If he has responded while the crime was in progress and he had to use his weapon he would be on unpaid leave waiting for the oversight board to make a decision of legitimate use of force after they figure out if there were going to be mostly peaceful riots and arson.

    The homeowner saved him from making the same decision and the detectives pension is still safe.

    • I want to see HIS shooting record. A few years ago it was being reported that in for-real shootings, police hit their intended target with about 30% of the shots they fired. If that’s acceptable “proficiency”, we’re ALL expert marksmen. Otherwise: pot, meet kettle.

      • Was at a public shooting range once (you had to buy a permit or have a hunting license) and the guy next to me had a ‘U.S. MARSHALL’ shirt on. He emptied a box of 50 cartridges at the target 10 yards away; not ONE hit where it needed to be. He got pissed off and said that he did not have time to get the gun fixed before he had to qualify in 2 weeks. Then he blurted out ‘you try it’. Had never even handled his make/model of gun before and I emptied the mag all into the vital zone. Then he said ;it isn’t the gun is it?’ I said no and proceeded to show him how to shoot it and hitting the vital zone after my lesson. Was one of a few times someone said to me ‘here you try it’ after squandering a box of ammo. One guy said ‘you’re putting a bullet into a bullet hole’. I said ‘so’.

  5. Sounds like a poll tax kind of lawsuit to me.
    Why is it ok for the gov any gov to charge a tax/fee to exercise your inalienable right?
    How about a tax to attend church? Nope no taxes on church. How about pay a fee and we won’t search your house? Pay a tax to remain silent?
    The time for silence is well past over. 2A supporters need to speak up and be heard. I say it all the time to anyone listening. Our government is corrupt, has been for years.

  6. “We don’t want people to go out and buy a gun . . .”

    This guy just doesn’t get it. We don’t CARE what you people want. The Second Amendment was written so that we don’t HAVE to care what you people want.

  7. Yeah. It ain’t rocket science or hacky sack.

    Most individuals do okay using any gun to defend themselves.

    I’m sure leaky Denzeal doesn’t want to people to go out and buy a gun either.

    California cops seem to have a vested interest in thuggery running rampant.

    • My aunt & cousins used to live in Riverside,Commiefornia. Not now. They all moved to Texas or Oklahoma(or passed away). Yeah about this cop giving advice. What a maroon!

    • By the time you buy stamps and tags hunting licenses are well over $100. And the people at the Fur and Feathers Department (used to be Fish and Game) are scratching their heads wondering how to get people to buy more licenses. They still are on a calendar year despite the advice of several different paid “experts” who told them to go on an as-issued yearly basis. So if you buy a hunting license in April for spring turkey hunting with your son or daughter in June that license is as good as last year’s newspaper. Same with fishing. Buy a license in December to go crabbing with your kids, come January 1 it’s scrapbook time for that license. And fishing licenses are out of sight price-wise also.

  8. “We don’t want people just to go out and buy a gun and think that now they can defend themselves.”

    Right. Because cops are the only ones who are qualified to own guns. And to perfect their ninja skills, they practice shooting hostages, bystanders and family pets.

  9. Doubling the tax?

    Hello, lawsuit time.

    Can you say “poll tax”? I knew you could!

    If anything, we need to push for making guns and ammo tax-free, nation-wide.

    (But we’ll need to fund that Pittman tax somehow…)

  10. CA finally lost a congressional seat. They finally had to admit their census has been “flat” since 2017 and they finally admit to having lost 250k people from their yearly “growth”! That is no small number. For a state that has ALWAYS been in the green to finally admit their shit policies have ruined such a beautiful state and nobody wants to live there anymore. Ask any Californian… ANY. At some point the idiots might have said “well, you can leave if you want but I love it here” and now they are looking around and finding themselves alone. It’s finally making rounds all over the internet. Nobody can deny that people are actively leaving CA – people from ALL backgrounds. If CA keeps this up, that loss in growth will soon become a total loss in population and when that happens we can all laugh loud as fuck with our arms extended and our fingers pointed and shout “I told you so”. Because it will happen. It’s happened to numerous states already. Cities feel it first – like San Diego and San Francisco (arguably already worse than Detroit or Chi).

    • Try renting a one-way U-haul in Kally. They are not available at any price unless it is just in-state. U-haul to Phoenix? Sorry. Not available. You can get moving companies to move you and you can get those units you pack yourself and the company hauls them to your destination still but I don’t know how long those units will be available.

  11. In my going-on-40 years adult experience with firearms, I have been on ranges with a large number of current and former LEO’s.

    I can count on one hand, with my thumb amputated from that hand, how many current and former LEO’s were actual ‘experts’ with firearms.

    On the other hand (ie, LEO’s who were not ‘experts’) I can recall the range officer of Washoe County, Nevada (who was a county employee), throwing LEO’s from Reno PD off the range for safety violations. They thought he couldn’t do that, because they were cops. A couple of calls on the radio to dispatch disabused the LEO’s as to who could and could not throw people off the range.

  12. It does not say a WORKING KNOWLEDGE it say’s BECOME AN EXPERT If you cannot tell the difference between WORKING knowledge which means you know how to load the thing[ hopefully] and you know how to ‘work’ it which means you [probably] know how to pull the bloody trigger. I peresoanlly consider thatv even before you can apply for any kind of FiREARMS license you should be required to attend a GOVERMENT licensed firearms course a that apply’s to whichever firearm you intend to purchase or use and a similarly licensed refresher course every year with a pass rate as regards SAFETY ISSUES of 100%. That’s what’s required by the Services and other professional bodies.

    Why not include periodic self funded PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSESSMENTS at the same time. That is after all what the gun owning community is suggesting for kids’s that may behave out of the ordinary is it not?
    Who’s going to pay for all this?
    Why the whole of the gun owning trading and manufacturing community that’s who. Shouldn’t cost bmuch more that, say, a couple of $US billion a year and they spend more than that already on LOBBYING.

    • Ah yes, the usual communist loving dribble from ol’ Albert (aka Dacien). The government knows all, is the father everyone needs to guide and direct their thoughts and speech. As Mussolini (Italian communist who split off and invented the alt-left system of Fascism) said “the state must prevent the citizen from having too much freedom and cause harm to themselves” (or such). I already know from reading his previous nonsense that he is totally unaware that criminals do not buy their guns like honest people. They get them off the street from someone who stole it. And that if the stats from the five worst Dem run cities with major black problems were excluded, the US homicide rate would be #153 in the world rather than #3. All black thugs doing the shooting (usually against other blacks), or good guys shooting back.

  13. Has anybody ever determined what Bertie’s job was with the RAF? You know they have Remington Raiders in the RAF just like even the SEALS have Remington Raiders. We also called them clerks and jerks. They have guys whose MOS is rubbish collector and guys who’s MOS is dustbin monitor.



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