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Press release from The Texas Firearms Festival

Person or persons unknown have defaced an Austin-area billboard for the Texas Firearms Festival, scheduled for November 14 and 15. The vandals obscured some of the text on the sign on East 11th St. It now reads “Texas Fear Festival.” The show’s organizers are amused but not amazed at the transformation . . .

“Just in time for Halloween!” Festival organizer Lee Johnson says. “We sincerely hope that the people responsible will contact us for free tickets to the Texas Firearms Festival, although they’ll have to provide proof that they’re responsible for this act of vandalism, which we may be tempted to turn over to the Austin police. You know; as a matter of civic duty.”

Johnson points out that the Texas Firearms Festival is nothing to be afraid of. “While the anti-gunners who defaced our sign believe in gun-free zones, we reckon the Texas Firearms Festival at Best of the West Shooting Sports – an open carry event with 3000 people enjoying 40 live-fire demonstration positions – will be one of the safest places in Texas come November 14 and 15.”

What’s more, “Gun owners don’t live in fear. Why would they? They’re armed in their own defense.” As for the Texas Firearms Festival’s modified sign, Johnson is a believer in the idea that there’s no such thing as bad publicity. “The only thing that frightens me is what I’m going to tell people when tickets sell out.”


Help prove the vandals wrong and scare Lee! Click here and buy your tickets to the Texas Firearms Festival, November 14 and 15 at Best of the West Shooting Sports in Liberty Hill (just NW of Austin).

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  1. Naw, man. It’s a promo for our zombie theme shootout on the range.

    That’s how you have to spin it.

    • I will be highly disappointed if they do NOT have a zombie themed shoot in order to take advantage of this. ANNOUNCE THIS NOW PLEASE!

  2. Just to have “something for everyone” I think someone should tell them to make the target end of the live fire areas “gun free zones”
    Now even the ballistically challenged have an ideal place to practice their hide and wimper strategy in their gun free zone while being comforted by the sonic booms zipping overhead.

  3. I once had to haul a bucket of paint to the top of a water tower to defend my sister’s honor, but that there looks kinda dangerous.

    Glad no one got hurt. Sort of.

  4. Meanwhile, every child in America is oogling over the cover of the latest call of duty game in the electronics aisle at walmart. But at least these limp wristed slacktivists got their uber hip ironic messaging out there. I’m sure a number of rednecks will see this and rethink their lives /sarc. By the way… I wasn’t even considering going to the “Texas Firearms Festival,” and I’m a quick drive away. Rename it the “Texas Fear Festival” and I might want to take the kids.

  5. What do we have to fear? We’re the ones with the guns. It seems to me they’re the ones who fear the infinitesimally small chance (even much less likely than being struck by lightening) of ending up a victim in a mass shooting.

    Instead of redirecting their efforts to something actually productive they chose to vandalize a billboard. How telling.

  6. Pretty funny actually.

    If the vandal had been hurt, would he have counted as a victim of gun violence?

  7. I’ll give ’em points for creativity. That’s a hell of a lot more cleverness than most antis can muster. Their usual tactic would be to scream and cry to some government authority to try to get the billboard taken down.

    • Its probably because these vandals were likely college professors from a local campus, or some such, hehe.

  8. Bought a ticket even though I most definitely wont be going (NYC resident). I suppose they can thank the vandals for the extra money. If they run out of tickets i’ll just give it away on some random gun forum I suppose.

  9. Any news is good news in the world of promotion. It will most probably bring more attention, news flashes, etc. and it could serve as something of a honeypot by repairing the message and catching them in the act when they try to remedy the offense.

  10. At least at one point today this was on the front page of the Austin American Statesman’s website, they even included links to website for tickets. You guys got some pretty good prime time free advertising out of this.

  11. Aw, but that’s clever. Like some college pranking. Pro’s and anti’s are opposing college teams. The pro’s should sneak into an anti’s protest with their IWB’s, then surreptitiously expose them and get some pictures of themselves mingling with their CCL’s and then scarper. The pics could be posted here and then we wait for the next round of tomfoolery.

  12. Rules for Social Justice Warriors

    (from SJWs Always Lie by Vox Day)

    Rule #3: SJWs always project

    They are projecting their “fear” psychologically and now literally onto that billboard.

  13. Halloween themed vandalism? How cute-yeah I can see this backfiring on the “brave” anti-gunners…

    • Yeah.
      That picture of an AR15 could have come to life and shot them while they were painting the sign.

    • Yeah my first read made me think along the lines of Fing up your ears which is even accurate if one lacks sufficient hearing protection while enjoying a wide variety of sweet shooting time.

  14. Here’s what we did when we faced repeated vandalism of our Guns Save Life highway signs.

    We set up a double-decker set of signs, leaving the vandalized signs up, and adding a second set of signs reading:


    We left that up for about six months.

    It marked the end of sign vandalism for five plus years.


  15. Seems like a misguided message. Gun owners typically don’t exhibit an abundance of fear. They typically excel a bit more in the courage department than antis. After all, gun owners have embraced that their safety is their own responsibility, decided to prepare for the possible, and the prudence to do so. Antis rely on what? Nothing at all. They are helpless and decided to be so. Are they going to wait 15min for the cops to arrive? Yep. They are determined to embrace victimhood.

    Regarding the sign, I do have to admit, I like their spirit. Why havent we done anything like this?

    • I think the fear they are addressing is their own irrational fear of firearms. Surprised they found the courage to climb up there and deface the sign.

  16. Just a sign we need stronger laws on vandalism and tighter background checks on the purchasing of paint.

    • Don’t forget to ban paint cans with a capacity of more than six ounces, and those evil pistol grip attachments. For the children.

    • Ban paint rollers! Register your brushes. Brushes 0.5″ in diameter require no additional regulation.

  17. I don’t remember seeing anyone afraid at last year’s event. I’m guessing the vandal wasn’t there.

    Any chance of a little local news coverage of the vandalism? Nah, didn’t think so.

  18. Good response. Can’t imagine another event where I would feel safer attending. Going into a gun free zone, I feel like I’m walking around with a target on my back.

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