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To say that conservative Roseberg Oregon wasn’t receptive to President Obama’s post-Umpqua Community College mass shooting visit would be like saying that The Campaign to Stop Gun Violence isn’t very happy about open carry (which was in evidence in Roseburg this afternoon). And so both the White House and mainstream media downplayed his visit. The ever-faithful told readers . . .

The visit, which lasted a few hours, was added to a West Coast fundraising trip in the days immediately after the shooting. Obama was already scheduled to appear in Seattle, a short flight from Roseburg, on Friday night.

Yeah, sure. Anyway, the Prez who promised to do something about “gun violence” – talk about it – didn’t give a public speech in Roseberg. Instead, the CIC read the following remarks to the press and selected community members . . .

I’m going to be very brief here. I just want to first of all say thank you to Mayor Rich. I want to thank Governor Brown. Most importantly, I want to thank the entire community and the entire state of Oregon for coming together at this terrible time to support the families . . .

I just had a chance to talk to them. Obviously, in moments like these, words aren’t going to bring their loved ones back. But the one thing that they shared is how much they appreciate the entire UCC community coming together, how much they appreciate all their neighbors, all their friends, and people all across the country who offered to help (and) sent their thoughts and their prayers.

And what I just told the mayor is that if there’s anything we can do at the federal level to help the community heal from this loss, obviously we’re going to be there. And I know that flying out here with some of the members of the Oregon delegation, they feel the same way. And the governor obviously has been paying a lot of attention to how we can be most helpful to the families.

There are going to be, I think, moments as we go forward where we’re going to have to come together and figure out how do we stop things like this from happening.

“Obviously, in moments like these, words aren’t going to bring their loved ones back.”

I’ve got some very strong feelings about this because when you talk to these families, you’re reminded that this could be happening to your child, or your mom, or your dad, or your relative or your friend.

So we’re going to have to come together as a country to see how we can prevent these issues from taking place. But today it’s about the families, their grief and the love we feel for them. They surely do appreciate all the support they have received.

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  1. Did anyone see any mention of the reception he got from the residents? I got home too late and missed the national propaganda arms “newscasts”.

    • Well if nothing else it’s making front page news over here near Portland. So the media wasn’t able to completely suppressing the story.

  2. Platitudes with no cognitive content.

    Of course he didn’t write it, his handlers did, and put it in front of him. That’s how it works: the people who know what politicians “should” say are no good at being politicians, so they get to tell the politicians what to say, and the politicians have their brains focused on fundraising, so they need someone to tell them what to say.

  3. I heard a radio report that said “thousands” of protesters greeted him (sounds like a bit of a stretch to me). Read a couple of reports that said “hundreds” of protesters showed up (sounds more like it; still impressive). I’m just hoping Mr and Mrs America catch on that the “news” outlets are going to be bombing the airwaves with every story about every shooting even remotely connected to anything that can be called a “school” or a “campus” that they can dig up.

    • First report I saw on MSM claimed about sixty. They then raised it to hundreds. A local paper is now saying at least 2400. Photos look like there are at least that many. And remember the sources of the photos- the MSM If there is any faking going on, they are trying to make it look like there are fewer people than there really were

      • Saw a report this AM from AP or some such, put the number at 300. Got a link to the local news? Not that they are any less left-biased, but they have to be careful reporting local stuff because their local “customers” can easily see if they are playing fast and loose with the facts.

  4. Um. Did shit-midas actually say “Obviously, in moments like these, words aren’t going to bring their loved ones back.” twice?

    • Because he got owned by the pro-liberty, pro-constitution folks and his previous pro-confiscation, pro-tyranny speech had to get scrapped. Lol. Chalk one up for average Americans.

    • If nothing else, his handlers seem to have received the message loud and clear that the people of Roseburg were not interested in his co-opting this tragedy to advance his political agenda. That speech is a textbook example of “walking on eggshells”.

  5. Guy is a complete joke and any citizens worth their salt know it. He steps away from his boot lickers and quickly leaves his comfort zone. Go back to your throne barcky! Go back to tweets, recognizing dead celebrities, admitting no guilt (ever), running the media, selling nuclear weapons to enemies, and flat out disrespecting the Constitution and soldiers.

    Your lucky the wild west doesn’t get to decide your fate.

  6. What a life though huh. Flying around and a tricked out 747, Sikorsky’s and tank limo’s. Secret service detail in tow and Osprey air support. Get anything you want to eat in a hot second, well, get anything you want in a hot second. I bet he could just decide to go out and loose some rounds off of a GAU-8, just because. Blow off some steam after a hard day of nation steerage. Politicians, all of them, are such mud.

  7. We now can look past the obvious and perhaps embrace how great an opportunity it was for that community to show Obama that even after tragedy, they DON’T embrace his ideology and that his smoke and mirrors dog and pony show was transparent and unwelcome.

    Obamas not used to that happening to him and I’m pleased his tired old rhetoric and common scheme of showing up at the location of tragedies to politicize and further his cause got kicked in the nuts.

    Essentially they told him to kick rocks. How beautiful is that?

  8. I wish Portland, Eugene, and Ashland could be walled off into their own miserable city states of progressive failure. It would make Oregon a lot better and then businesses might want to move in. The idiots in Eugene try to run any company that wants to move there off and they were even so stupid that they pushed the main hospital for the region over into Springfield. Even the National Guard built their new armory in Springfield which I found really funny. Eugene is not business friendly, unless you have something to do with the University of Oregon.

  9. Ol’ Barry is out of touch.
    He should have shown more respect. Wish he never been president. He talks out his backside, towing a communistic Far liberal leftist wild line.
    My thoughts an prayers are with those in Oregon and for those who suffer after whats occurred.

  10. This bullshit takes precedent over the tragedy in the Carolina’s from the storm. They boiled bush because he didn’t stop by New Orleans and say hi.

    • At thus point there seems to be no complaints on how the Feds are handling SC flooding….was a different story in LA….

      • But Bush used his evil republican weather control devices to CAUSE Katrina. And CAUSE all the dumbshits to stand there until it made landfall even with 9 days advance notice. It’s Bush’s fault. Because racism. And ammosexuals.

  11. So where was Barry when soldiers were murdered by an actual muslim terrorist? Anyone? Oh wait he ain’t gonna’ rag on his own …

  12. Stick a fork in it. This country is done and no longer worthy of its history. When a President thinks there’s s solution to a madman that does not champion citizens lawful self defense using a firearm in public. We’re sliding the slope…head first.

  13. The last I have read is that in response to this shooting, Obonzo is going to issue an Executive Order stating that any private seller who sells more than 100 used guns per year will have to get an FFL.
    This will definitely fix all of the gun violence problems.
    Yes we can!
    I am ready for Hitlery!

  14. Syria and Iraq are really going swell for US interests, so we might as well focus on Roseburg.
    Afghanistan is all ducky swimmy as well.
    We need a discussion about guns!

  15. “……..added to a West Coast fundraising trip….” What is this POS still fundraising for? Hate doesn’t come close to the feelings I have for such a worthless Anti-American such as him…….and no, it’s not because he is black.

  16. Two quotes from the WaPo story tell you what this visit was all about:

    “The visit, which lasted a few hours, was added to a West Coast fundraising trip in the days immediately after the shooting. Obama was already scheduled to appear in Seattle,…” “Last week, Obama vowed to “politicize” the gun issue and press for change.”

    Two priorities for Obama: raise money and dance on the graves of the victims. Anyone else notice that he never seems to visit the grieving families of the weekly mass killings of black men, by black men, in Chicago, DC, NYC, and other Democrat-controlled cities? Guess those black lives DON’T matter.

  17. Pardon my tinfoil-hat, but did he happen to mention that Spencer Stone (one of the Americans who stopped the French train shooting) was supposed to be on campus the day of the shooting, having recently enrolled in classes there, but having accepted an offer to appear on Dancing With The Stars was absent, only to be knifed in the street days after the shooting? Just wondering.

  18. On the return trip Obama is scheduled to stop in Chicago to meet with the victim families of gang violence and talk about the impact of drugs, gangs, and single parent families in poverty…said no one ever.

  19. I loved it when the protest organizer told Obama to “Go to hell” at the end of his interview with one of the local TV stations. Epic!

  20. Who is he fund raising for? Shouldn’t he be at the White house ending the double standards by putting the DC politicians on Obamacare and SS? Isn’t Gov Brown in California? Mr President if you want to do something at the Federal how about applying your oath to defend the Constitution by prosecuting all the DC politicians that have violated their oaths.
    No double standards put the DC politicians on Obamacare and SS.Thanks for your support and vote. I am a veteran and I know I am the best choice. Pass the word.

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